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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
I'm the guy whose dad passed 1 yr ago. He still communicates with me    09/16/21  (22)
What's the deal with all these brown people on the bridge in Texas?    09/16/21  (1)
wish i could bottle up septic queer's natural scent & sell it as cologne    09/16/21  (1)
Rate this mexican music vid    09/16/21  (4)
If octopuses are so smart how did this one get punked by some dumbass eel?    09/16/21  (3)
rate this massage girl that is NOT AN ESCORT I fucked for $380    09/16/21  (17)
Nicky Minaj Sean Hannity Nationalism    09/16/21  (1)
all cliques agree: comix zone was absurdly overrated.    09/16/21  (2)
cowshit why are so many scumbag games Hard?    09/16/21  (6)
Black nigger tries to run down state troopers with his car (guess race)    09/16/21  (1)
Scumbag player launching scumbag console at wall after losing scumbag game    09/16/21  (1)
Is Sidley Austin in NY a good SA option?    09/16/21  (18)
Jen Psaki forced double anal screaming orgasm    09/16/21  (1)
BREAKING: 12 minute video of Gabby Petito fighting with her boyfriend    09/16/21  (123)
Buddy of mine made up fake snap acct, messaged his wife, immediately got nudes    09/16/21  (32)
someone with a 124+ IQ rank the top 5 Genesis games up to Earthworm Jim    09/16/21  (3)
new TikTok trend: Showoff what you stole from HS or college    09/16/21  (2)
stopped showering regularly since my last relationship    09/16/21  (9)
Forced orgasms    09/16/21  (2)
researchers find amazonian crocodile community with fiat currency economy (link)    09/16/21  (4)
Why did ancient people cultivate worthless crops like lettuce and eggplant?    09/16/21  (45)
PF niggering whok’s email with longwinded Morgellons nonsense    09/16/21  (10)
180 conversation between xo Tucker and xo Adam Carolla    09/16/21  (10)
I’m not going to live very long unless I change everything about my lifestyle    09/16/21  (2)
Movies that did well at box office and nobody understood the plot    09/16/21  (5)
Muscadine Wine arrested    09/16/21  (1)
Chief Justice Roberts pulling down his pants to reveal a Ken mound    09/16/21  (10)
Vectorman had a great soundtrack    09/16/21  (10)
TT photographed in Cambodia    09/16/21  (1)
What Car should I drive (OYT)    09/16/21  (36)
WA Police: Teen only meant to scare jogger when she hit him at 50 mph    09/16/21  (2)
Never played any Castlevania. Seems like an odd series    09/16/21  (8)
spending your finite life reading tt & are reptile debate military strategy tp    09/16/21  (2)
New Mel Gibson fan just dropped    09/16/21  (1)
the sooner benzo & RSF die the better off society will be    09/16/21  (10)
What good Career area could u devote 1000 hours to & get a job in it?    09/16/21  (50)
Whok, I've never dedicated a song to you, heres my first one, son    09/16/21  (14)
how long is this corona bullshit going to last?    09/16/21  (22)
Why does EPAH think that COVID has a 1% death rate    09/16/21  (48)
🐇    09/16/21  (3)
An alternative platform where Trump and Nicki Minaj can tweet    09/16/21  (6)
who else didn’t stop showering with their dads until their 20s?    09/16/21  (3)
Biden’s judicial nomenklatura nominee on “rhetorical advocacy “    09/16/21  (6)
It would be so 180 if Rudolph and Benzo died    09/16/21  (41)
“White Rage and Red Whimpering” by Gen. Milley, a memoir    09/16/21  (6)
I hate the fact that dupa has a wife and 4 kids and I have none    09/16/21  (13)
they found a cure for covid that costs $0.50 so they banned it lmao    09/16/21  (2)
Rate Hulk Hogan saying that Diamond Dallas Page has a "little pee pee" (link)    09/16/21  (24)
You guys who are scared to buy the $150 SOL dip will regret when it's $3000    09/16/21  (11)
Late July 2001: Taliban Foreign Minister Tries to Warn US and UN of Huge Attack    09/16/21  (10)
Jen Psaki facial abuse tape floating around    09/16/21  (1)
what whokebe does in the privacy of Jinx's sex dungeon is his own business    09/16/21  (2)
if u voted for Biden, ur probably going to hell :-[    09/16/21  (3)
Sticky: XO redirect to YouTube of Black National Anthem at noon/midnight    09/16/21  (1)
my name is Psaki, I live on the second floor. I live upstairs from you.    09/16/21  (1)
the van's warped tour is really dark this year    09/16/21  (1)
Van life seems pretty cool. Wish I could do it.    09/16/21  (3)
Pavement - Van Life    09/16/21  (2)
lol in Whok's mind artificially extending the lives of the infirm is more presti    09/16/21  (3)
I've been bullying whokebe for 10+ years. Will I go to hell?    09/16/21  (15)
just do van life and plow all your money into scam coins    09/16/21  (1)
look at the jets on danny dimes    09/16/21  (1)
Nutella licks her fingers; slaps her dripping snatch, screams fuck me TMF    09/16/21  (65)
Does anyone here wear designer sneakers? I'm getting my first pair. Help me pick    09/16/21  (5)
the Turbografx should've come w Bonk's Adventure as the pack in game    09/16/21  (1)
honestly, i don’t think i’m ready for Black October    09/16/21  (1)
Jen Psaki is unattractive    09/16/21  (33)
Jen Psaki tapped for lead in Suzanne Vega biopic    09/16/21  (1)
Any chance the boyfriend didn’t merc van life girl    09/16/21  (15)
straight porn makes absolutely no sense    09/16/21  (1)
Merriam-Webster updates new definition for anti-anusmarblers    09/16/21  (1)
The Australia nuclear submarine deal thing is INSANE    09/16/21  (157)
Don’t post ITT if you haven’t cum in Stalin’s butt    09/16/21  (6)
Lincoln Project roasts Republicans in new ad on Marble hestinacy    09/16/21  (3)
Who's behind all those based DM articles? I bet it's the Royals    09/16/21  (1)
FAA bans drone flights over border showing migrants flooding into country    09/16/21  (11)
Carlos Monza: "Whoah, why'd you have to go there?"    09/16/21  (2)
Dave Smith: "I'm neither for, nor against the whole marble rectum thing. I think    09/16/21  (1)
ITT: List underrated Sega Genesis games that no one ever talks about    09/16/21  (122)
Game Consoles by world leaders    09/16/21  (5)
Black men is good dads...Idris juss bought all da chitlins marbles!!!    09/16/21  (1)
White Supremacist Tucker Carlson live now telling blacks to stop inserting marbl    09/16/21  (1)
Why ya white dorks not like ass marbles????    09/16/21  (1)
"If you don't want a keister marble, you're not black, man!"    09/16/21  (1)
Did dey sing BLACK National Anthem at Nigger Football League tonight?    09/16/21  (3)
A naked Aubrey Plaza emerging from your shower    09/16/21  (55)
Biden: we will replace the puny marbles of shame with huge marbles of pride    09/16/21  (1)
is 'van life' credited?    09/16/21  (1)
Dupa i am outing you in this thread.    09/16/21  (19)
"If you're black, you get a marble up the ass. Never question." - Joe Biden    09/16/21  (2)
Rate this pic of Aubrey Plaza in super skimpy Navajo outfit at Burning Man    09/16/21  (28)
Sega Genesis mini menu music    09/16/21  (2)
Black Ass Marble Anthem Mandatory for Schools (CNN)    09/16/21  (1)
🎶 Gene Roooohh-zeeeen, Gene Roooohhh-zeeeen 🎶    09/16/21  (4)
let’s see nintendo’s mascot slashfic oeuvre    09/16/21  (1)
WTF is a "mandate" in our legal system? Just call it Superconstitutional Decree    09/16/21  (2)
DNC Committee on Buck Marbling    09/16/21  (1)
'Nicky Minaj' story is catnip to FOX News: MUH BASED BLACK FUTURE REPUBLICANS!    09/16/21  (1)
cowgod vs OYT megathread    09/16/21  (23)
Oliver Darcy getting his revenge on the final boss of Altered Beast    09/16/21  (1)
Never met anyone with loving, married parents who had a "Sega Gent"    09/16/21  (6)
"All these niggers need to shove marbles up their asses!" - Lyndon B. Johnson    09/16/21  (4)
"We're the party of telling blacks to shove marbles up their asses"    09/16/21  (1)
Some dickhead kid just threw a sega genesis through my passenger window    09/16/21  (8)
oh wow nice background layer rotation with your mode 7 bro, lol.    09/16/21  (1)
so half the country now live in vans?    09/16/21  (1)
JFC you SOL FOMO moonboys didn’t follow my advice and buy Audius    09/16/21  (5)
Is the Chief Justice a homosexual pedophile?    09/16/21  (3)
Genesis was the first near arcade quality graphics @ home    09/16/21  (10)
Serious Question: Why didn't the SNES have blast processing?    09/16/21  (2)
What if this is a publicity stunt to get attention for van life girl’s blog    09/16/21  (1)
Elite Counties    09/16/21  (1)
what do you like the most about cocks?    09/16/21  (11)
there’s a lot more cum than shit when i shit    09/16/21  (5)
Richard Gere's narration of unabridged Tibetan Book of the Dead    09/16/21  (1)
Aren’t like 90% of niggers going to lose their jobs? They are unvaccinated    09/16/21  (46)
is xo racist?    09/16/21  (1)
PROTIP: Do Dr. Nasser roleplay with your wife/GF    09/16/21  (1)
Online AI: Tell it who you want to draw and it does a portrait    09/16/21  (158)
Nicki Minaj is currently tweeting Tucker clips & calling BS on white supremacy    09/16/21  (118)
you jerks, i got pwn3d    09/16/21  (7)
Will VACCINATION be required to go to work?    09/16/21  (31)
whok, I saw your ebay account selling 1920 beakers in $350 as collection pieces    09/16/21  (6)
Does anyone remember that old duck shooting game where it was projected on wall?    09/16/21  (16)
wtf just came out of my ass? (pic)    09/16/21  (5)
How are people not lynching libs in the street?    09/16/21  (2)
**NEW GAME** Dig through bottom of your laptop bag and poast what you find    09/16/21  (2)
birdshit slore pwned by black israelites (repost) (video)    09/16/21  (1)
I'm bored with Gene Rosen threading. Let's talk about niggers.    09/16/21  (1)
People who will "only live in Fairfield County"    09/16/21  (5)
Any possibility van life girl murder is just a stunt à la balloon boy?    09/16/21  (4)
FEMINIST SJW on FACIAL ABUSE!!!!    09/16/21  (19)
HLS shitlib Bruce Hay gets completely pwned male-feminist-style    09/16/21  (76)
Buddy of mine sucks 400 dicks per month.    09/16/21  (1)
OYT will be voting for Joe Lieberman (Genesis-hater) soon    09/16/21  (8)
Buddy of mine makes $400k,    09/16/21  (7)
Stoked about OYT's new Home    09/16/21  (36)
CIA bringing gig economy to spycraft with new “iSpy” app    09/16/21  (3)
iHop: the new app for digital nomads riding the rails to save money on rent    09/16/21  (2)
Nigger faggot rapper Lil Nas X is ... PREGNANT???    09/16/21  (3)
The Fellowship of the Retriever by JRR “very stable genius!” Tolkien (tp)    09/16/21  (2)
anyone else still use Kazaa for mp3s?    09/16/21  (18)
Heard “Land Down Under” on 80s radio earlier and burst out laughing in the c    09/16/21  (19)
Elvira 40th Anniversary Special announced    09/16/21  (1)
i still talk to my rapist    09/16/21  (6)
ending it all tonight    09/16/21  (1)
I won MYST with NO CHEATS WHATSOEVER. That was probably my peak.    09/16/21  (7)
do Biden's just letting people pour across the border while ur kid wears a mask?    09/16/21  (1)
More deaths from the vax than from COVID in New Zealand lol    09/16/21  (2)
It's weird being both disagreeable and unassertive.    09/16/21  (1)

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