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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
**Official SOL Shitcoin thread - document SOL Shitcoins here plz*    09/22/21  (13)
who’s the smartest poaster?    09/22/21  (15)
The Australia nuclear submarine deal thing is INSANE    09/22/21  (163)
Lmao wait you guys actually bought "Chainlink"? (TBF)    09/22/21  (1)
Gallup: Biden approval drops 14 points from inauguration. Now at 43%    09/22/21  (10)
Is "Succession" worth watching?    09/22/21  (34)
at what point does a government become a "regime"?    09/22/21  (7)
ITT: List your monthly rent OR your mortgage balance    09/22/21  (17)
Ricky recommend me some good music to listen to    09/22/21  (2)
Rate this video of shitlibs repeatedly masking a crying child    09/22/21  (102)
Rate this Bulgarian chick?    09/22/21  (6)
Boom! You're a 19yo German in WWII? U-Boat or Russian Front duty?    09/22/21  (68)
Biden is flying Haitians home without telling them where they are headed    09/22/21  (1)
Expensive Appliances / Range Thread    09/22/21  (21)
Great Australian Revolution is picking up. Nice.    09/22/21  (5)
doobs got a huge $ettlement    09/22/21  (39)
Insane HLS story on twitter    09/22/21  (66)
Can a reasonable lib explain why healthy young ppl should be forced to get vax?    09/22/21  (37)
rate this massage girl that is NOT AN ESCORT I fucked for $380    09/22/21  (42)
Terminator 2 but Sarah Connor is trying to prevent FB, Twitter from existing    09/22/21  (8)
Trump: it was my plan all along to va(xx) all libs. Now this EMP device here    09/22/21  (2)
Reminder: Hitler was 25% Rothschild    09/22/21  (5)
Rating poasters as companions in non-existent AutoAdmit RPG    09/22/21  (65)
Statistically, some # of XOers have died from COVID    09/22/21  (17)
rating poasters as numbers    09/22/21  (1)
Seemed like Covid wasn't a big deal anymore in Jan 2021    09/22/21  (13)
came back to XO after a long hiatus. immediately found a TT thread. smiled insid    09/22/21  (1)
Trump is NOALCOHOL. Is he also NODRUGS?    09/22/21  (30)
Bros, I need a new desk. $3k budget. HELP!    09/22/21  (51)
Formal alliance between China and Russia    09/22/21  (19)
So today the Australian Regine is rubber bulleting everyone    09/22/21  (29)
benzo is one of those retards that has “The School of Hard Knocks” on Linked    09/22/21  (8)
They will leave you suffering and for dead in amerikkka    09/22/21  (1)
Biden: Unvaxxed soldiers should be dishonorably discharged    09/22/21  (1)
Havana Syndrome is fake    09/22/21  (5)
What’s the quote about debating Jews?    09/22/21  (16)
Recommend a Book for Fall 2021    09/22/21  (1)
italians are the missing link from POC to whites    09/22/21  (10)
rate this African American escort for $300/hr (link)    09/22/21  (17)
Why does Parrot still show up as Uknown Token in my Phantom Wallet    09/22/21  (1)
Why do women think BOLT ON tits are attractive?    09/22/21  (16)
Kind of feels like Karen is in a bad mood today    09/22/21  (2)
Better Language to Learn First: Swift or Kotlin?    09/22/21  (11)
GameFAQs Poasting Ideas    09/22/21  (67)
Reuters has officially turned into Vox    09/22/21  (5)
Gamefaqs Ruination    09/22/21  (27)
Why is the M1 so much faster than intel?    09/22/21  (8)
Lol, St. Augustine was living in a hippie commune & got his mistress pregnant    09/22/21  (2)
i will not be satisfied until 100% of tv commercial actors are black    09/22/21  (12)
Anyone else lol when you see the word "SMALL" written in all caps?    09/22/21  (1)
basically if youve ever seen it advertised, its a total ripoff    09/22/21  (1)
Girl I hooked up with finally admitted I was SMALL    09/22/21  (117)
* LOL SOLTARD BITCH BOIS *    09/22/21  (28)
Are there any transactional lawyers who like their job?    09/22/21  (25)
Let me explain the end game of COVID again to you retards    09/22/21  (153)
NGM added to osmosis (cosmos defi platform)    09/22/21  (1)
Wrestlingmos, r u ready for the AEW supercard tonight?    09/22/21  (11)
Do the troops in this photo look "Afghan" to you (NSAM 57)    09/22/21  (50)
Spanish Chad walking your GF to the Hostel bathroom    09/22/21  (15)
Doobs yelling "fuck los Zetas!" as he revs up his motorcycle    09/22/21  (17)
"Yeah, mom. We still poast about doobs," yelled the 40 year old up the stairs    09/22/21  (18)
Fake “vaccines” pushed by fake “president “    09/22/21  (5)
What do they serve at $1000+ plate fund raiser dinners?    09/22/21  (9)
Has anyone identified the mechanism for WHY fatmos die of COVID so easy?    09/22/21  (25)
Friend works for Facebook. He said they've created a "Frankenstein"    09/22/21  (27)
OYT isn't even from "good" CT, to the extent that exists    09/22/21  (29)
blowjob from hot college girl isn't actually "cheating" right    09/22/21  (3)
Movie idea: an old MAGA man finds his long-lost son, who's now an ANTIFA kid    09/22/21  (12)
They Live We Sleep: 2021 COVID Edition - Great Visuals (link)    09/22/21  (2)
I hate the term “underserved communities”    09/22/21  (4)
Peterman spent two weeks in the hospital after his first tire thumper experience    09/22/21  (3)
Biden sending Haitian migrants to Guantanamo Bay (NBC)    09/22/21  (2)
xo’s response to my gay sex thread spam has been neutral-to-positive    09/22/21  (11)
I wish it was acceptable to tag team hookers with your bros    09/22/21  (1)
Vaxx disinformation disinfo (NSAM 57)    09/22/21  (12)
Should I go stay in a hotel and not cum back home to gf tonight ?    09/22/21  (14)
this is afarming forum now    09/22/21  (1)
Pharmacists are literally retarded and sound angry    09/22/21  (23)
Other than SOL, that and where should i be farming/staking rn?    09/22/21  (16)
Haitians and Somalis are basically subhuman    09/22/21  (1)
How is your M1 Poasting Machine working?    09/22/21  (1)
Funny how mark of the beast is coming in same form, scope and time as Bible says    09/22/21  (3)
Was all there could have dropped 2 million in Bitcoin in beginning    09/22/21  (2)
website for finding cheapest new car prices?    09/22/21  (1)
Gabby Petito' s dad mocked Laundrie with nickname : "baldy"    09/22/21  (46)
Rate this redhead high jumper with dick drunk eyes    09/22/21  (10)
Bros, I need a new mask. $30 budget. HELP!    09/22/21  (3)
what is impermanennt loss and how to i avoid it?    09/22/21  (12)
"youre the first bf I have ever had who is SMALL"    09/22/21  (16)
How many of you have successfully gotten out of cities over the past year?    09/22/21  (8)
Buying SOL at $150 is like buying ETH at <$100    09/22/21  (2)
Laundrie has never been anywhere near any swamp    09/22/21  (5)
Bride-to-be spent her planned wedding day on ventilator before dying of COVID    09/22/21  (21)
being a bottom is harder than you think    09/22/21  (1)
acp spreading holiday cheer; u? C+P riders into salee agreement    09/22/21  (10)
I generally use the public gym hair dryers by bending over, opening my anus and    09/22/21  (1)
I sincerely have no idea why this one white chick is getting SO MUCH ATTENTION    09/22/21  (1)
The Median Salary for Dentists is 158K    09/22/21  (56)
NYU tuition + room and board now $76,182 annually    09/22/21  (20)
Why haven’t private liberal arts colleges collapsed yet?    09/22/21  (23)
So do Rothschild conspiracies proliferate just bc they're rich and Jewish?    09/22/21  (106)
the mobile internet is shockingly unusable    09/22/21  (4)
The problem with Bari Weiss    09/22/21  (3)
Next thing to cum out of that lab will be even more dangerous Morgellon's fibres    09/22/21  (1)
A Pandemic of the Incels    09/22/21  (1)
Did anyone ever get their Equifax bucks?    09/22/21  (5)
Bald people are discriminated against worse than any other group    09/22/21  (6)
Ellen Pao: the sexism that led to the Elizabeth Holmes trial    09/22/21  (27)
rambo draped in confederate flag slicing throat of cdc scientist    09/22/21  (33)
why the fuck did UJ come back? i thought he was done with xoxo    09/22/21  (52)
They are making society collapse so they can enslave us    09/22/21  (7)
Susan B Anthony scowls as ur gf listens to another Ted Bundy podcast    09/22/21  (1)
Real talk: if you're a fat ass, go get vaccinated    09/22/21  (2)
I make $400k per annum but am Bald and short (5’9.5”). AMA. (OYT)    09/22/21  (5)
A pandemic of the obese    09/22/21  (13)
You have to be a genuine idiot to get va(xx)ed at this point.    09/22/21  (2)
Could Germany have attacked russia then pulled back?    09/22/21  (6)
Kid Rock made a music video for the National Guard    09/22/21  (2)
Can someone recommend me a Udemy Course to get into Mobile/App Dev?    09/22/21  (6)
smartphones have made zoomer STEM students computer-illiterate:    09/22/21  (12)
Let me explain the danger of COVID again to you retards    09/22/21  (2)
As a proud Gondorian golden retriever, I    09/22/21  (7)
Gondor HR coordinator scheduling u for DIES: Diversity, Inclusion, Eye of Sauron    09/22/21  (11)
Why isn't there a Gondorian Pride month? The anti-Western Tolkienphobia disturbs    09/22/21  (7)
If Rudolph died, I might laugh so hard I'd die laughing myself    09/22/21  (17)
Ricky I just started shaking and convulsing when I realized consuela still posts    09/22/21  (6)
Going to ask paralegal mohammad to join me and wife for mmf fun (CSLG)    09/22/21  (104)
Crazy that crypto made me, an office receptionist, richer than whokebe, a doctor    09/22/21  (9)
Exeunt, what do you spend money/splurge on?    09/22/21  (16)
the world is like a symphony, every strand infused with meaning.    09/22/21  (14)
I can’t believe how much they lied to us about this Covid crap    09/22/21  (5)
Your porn star name is your undergrad mascot and your mom’s maiden name    09/22/21  (33)
fucking love kikes. 180 guys    09/22/21  (7)
EPAH are you still a fatass?    09/22/21  (2)
Hypo: you are suddenly put into Hitler's body in 1938    09/22/21  (2)
My Secret Identity remake but it’s about a 9th grade tranny (link)    09/22/21  (2)
Will VACCINATION be required to go to work?    09/22/21  (62)
I always thought rolexes were much more expensive    09/22/21  (15)
I love u, the most golden of bears. Wait for me. Ur wife, Rachel    09/22/21  (86)
The most golden of bears chick makes me sad after all these years    09/22/21  (1)
Exeunt, what do you spend semen/splooge on?    09/22/21  (4)
Parrot SOL is what crashed the SOL price fyi    09/22/21  (7)
Carmax sold me a car that immediately flooded with water and fucked up all the e    09/22/21  (10)
New rule: if you use the n-word here you will be banned.    09/22/21  (2)
cum is an effective antidepressant    09/22/21  (2)
being raped is a good thing usually    09/22/21  (2)
it took benzo 15 years to save up $4.5k & he lost it all on options    09/22/21  (5)
i have no idea where all this cum came from but honestly i don’t mind    09/22/21  (2)

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