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The American economy is 70% retail driven    10/18/21  (1)
New video of 1/6 insurrection shows Cops waving traitors into Capitol    10/18/21  (16)
Dominos Pizza CEO: “We need more illegal immigrant workers”    10/18/21  (25)
an alien world consisting solely of Asian valley girls & golden retrievers    10/18/21  (11)
BOOM what’s your Halloween costume this year    10/18/21  (3)
insightful video of Yaseen Eldik (YLS admin who tramples free speech)    10/18/21  (2)
Single guy making 250K a year, my life is boring but very secure    10/18/21  (75)
hello sir, welcome to jollibee, sir    10/18/21  (1)
YLS wants to kill 2L b/c he said "trap house," is in Federalist Society    10/18/21  (87)
Only 1 more month til Thanksgiving second-cousin threading. Pretty excited    10/18/21  (9)
I honestly don't understand the opposition to the vaccine    10/18/21  (72)
CIA | Ice Wall | Interdimentional Demons | George Soros | NWO    10/18/21  (5)
What is your opener on dating apps?    10/18/21  (44)
Japanese anime based on Camp of the Saints: “Camp of the Sheepdogs” (link):    10/18/21  (7)
becomingly increasingly convinced elites are working w/ aliens    10/18/21  (25)
flat Asian women with very stinky vaginas    10/18/21  (6)
Virginia Democrats are already fortifying the Governor election    10/18/21  (10)
The Yankee Stadium Insurrection was a May 2021 attempted coup that occurred duri    10/18/21  (29)
What are some things that you painfully "tried to like"    10/18/21  (75)
Walk around house in tank top and mesh shorts. CR?    10/18/21  (2)
BOM, remember when things could be chill and fun? So serious now.    10/18/21  (2)
Chicago Mayor: Chicago PD is INCITING AN INSURRECTION by REFUSING VAXXES    10/18/21  (10)
A civilization based on the parable of the Scorpion & the Frog, if u can keep it    10/18/21  (9)
an alien world consisting solely of golden retrievers, patio swings & oak trees    10/18/21  (67)
Libs running fearmongering pieces about GOP making Trump Speaker in 2022    10/18/21  (30)
Bari Weiss embarrasses Brian Stelter on his own show (link)    10/18/21  (19)
'They start calling you Hitler': Why Disneyland has some of the most toxic fans    10/18/21  (4)
Xo doesn't always get at the full reality of things    10/18/21  (5)
Your disappointed father, trying to use chopsticks at your wedding reception    10/18/21  (286)
Rate this quote by a doctor after Colin Powell died despite being vaxxed    10/18/21  (5)
"I just feel like you're not truly committed to 1488," laments ur Filipina wife    10/18/21  (61)
luis is 1/4th Latinx    10/18/21  (1)
just sitting here in a diaper hbu    10/18/21  (3)
Rajiv Bhullar Chandreskar giving TED talk on the glory of 1488    10/18/21  (5)
an Asian Grace/how sweet the sound/that saved a wretch like me    10/18/21  (21)
american-born azn chick in tight fitting blouse & high heels w dyed blonde hair    10/18/21  (16)
Single guy making 55K a year, life is boring and not secure but could be worse    10/18/21  (4)
Lmfao check out this biographical entry for Colin Powell    10/18/21  (10)
Is the internet turning out to be a net-negative overall?    10/18/21  (4)
Sopranos spin-off idea: "Sopranos: What-If?"    10/18/21  (13)
How do we shut down the internet permanently?    10/18/21  (1)
Life is super simple ..why complain?    10/18/21  (3)
It's all out there..you've allowed others to rig the game and ENSLAVE you    10/18/21  (1)
Are we inundated with too much information?    10/18/21  (2)
Like other historical figures, we should judge Powell against his contemporaries    10/18/21  (4)
It's 1996. You're playing Super Mario RPG. Faint smell of dinner cooking.    10/18/21  (29)
penismom    10/18/21  (1)
the average american has no understanding whatsoever of inflation    10/18/21  (1)
how many of you go to the gym on a regular basis?    10/18/21  (75)
Your grandson is playing GTA V. Faint smell of penismom cooking bugs on the s    10/18/21  (1)
can't remember, why did p0astradamus get a rep as "p0astraGORGEOUS”?    10/18/21  (4)
Halford launches new fast casual dining concept in midtown MFH (link)    10/18/21  (3)
2nd cousin: I hate the movie hidden figures. Shrew gf: I’m triggered    10/18/21  (17)
"and he called me his "Aryan chink slut" while he was pulling my h- hi who just    10/18/21  (9)
just so everyone’s aware, i’m gay    10/18/21  (10)
Was Super Mario RPG for the N64 good?    10/18/21  (30)
2nd cousin: Wait for me :-) Shrew gf: Downlow BIPOCs created society!    10/18/21  (32)
"Culture" from 1997-2001 was so fucking terrible-remember that "swing dance" era    10/18/21  (25)
Foreign nationals from unapologetic ethnostates accusing u of "xenophobia"    10/18/21  (38)
everyone gets to play "Batman" at some point in acting career whos next:    10/18/21  (1)
Searching Blackpink just now cured my homosexuality - holy SHIT    10/18/21  (8)
65 minutes until a Job Interview. Tips?    10/18/21  (27)
"Thoughtful moderates" snarling, gnashing teeth @ anyone 2 right of Saul Alinsky    10/18/21  (25)
Blackpink’s Rosé speaks out on Golden Retriever Futurism (link)    10/18/21  (3)
Is Doug Funny Gen X? Discuss.    10/18/21  (15)
exeunt after tether scam implodes: "i choose to live my life as a cayman"    10/18/21  (8)
i thouight the new Batman trailer was pretty 175 tbqh    10/18/21  (10)
take a pic of ur dick & post it in this thread    10/18/21  (15)
RIP Colin Powell. Probably last universally respected office holder in America.    10/18/21  (92)
Devout Christian AZNs are too gorgeous for words    10/18/21  (17)
The Subtle White Supremacy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull (NYT)    10/18/21  (3)
Come ITT and I will give you a genuine compliment    10/18/21  (106)
Foreigners are amazed by American Halloween.    10/18/21  (2)
feeling pretty sad about the fate of the Aurochs today    10/18/21  (1)
“Where words fail, music speaks.”    10/18/21  (7)
anyone else love all the UI upgrades rach made recently?    10/18/21  (2)
“Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers.”    10/18/21  (6)
sexy cute guys messaging you on Grindr    10/18/21  (7)
Have you ever actually tried to dance like no one is watching?    10/18/21  (1)
is it a "Holocaust" when the Orkin man sprays underneath my house?    10/18/21  (1)
Mondays right? haha    10/18/21  (3)
Consuela's Daddy/Ayahuasca/GodPill lmfao    10/18/21  (2)
saw a golden retriever w/an ESL Azn GF hiking    10/18/21  (2)
lol @ no one talking about Consuela taking a Roosh and goign god pill lmao    10/18/21  (3)
"And when I can swim no longer... I shall sink with my nose to the sunrise.”    10/18/21  (2)
Has anyone ever met an Asian with a strong regional American accent?    10/18/21  (33)
Dennis Prager 🦠 POZZED 🦠    10/18/21  (2)
It's underrated how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is and how libs ruined it    10/18/21  (42)
ITT: I act out an entire performance of PIPPIN for you    10/18/21  (1)
You're trapped in antifa riot. A Lincoln MKZ pulls up - "Get in, man"    10/18/21  (12)
Russia has more military power than China?    10/18/21  (4)
Love is more than inclusion. Excluding foxes from henhouses = act of love    10/18/21  (9)
There is nothing more hateful than frogs avoiding scorpion stingers    10/18/21  (6)
Would you bang this angry pissed-off based spicy Latina    10/18/21  (10)
everyone is at least a little bit gay. This is the truth. And it's okay.    10/18/21  (2)
Insane how all 30yo+ white women get those Sith Emperor creases on their face    10/18/21  (28)
"It's self-cleaning!", she insisted as cheese and fish fumes filled the room    10/18/21  (27)
TMF Bond to Q: This Aston Martin doesn't have enough ground clearance    10/18/21  (17)
People who think FTM is the next SOL, explain how    10/18/21  (12)
How did Japan become so gorgeous?    10/18/21  (14)
Kurt "Cuttingtable" Russell, Stefanie "Quiet" Joosten reunion c. Aslan's Country    10/18/21  (11)
Wow! That tasty stock is great!    10/18/21  (4)
Haha sorry we don’t answer phones bc of Covid haha email us!    10/18/21  (1)
Libs loved WV’s senate over representation back when it took power from the So    10/18/21  (1)
Still kind of reeling from my ayahuasca experience.    10/18/21  (1)
rate this ass (pic)    10/18/21  (2)
haha whoa there champ    10/18/21  (6)
I hate "working out" more than anything on Earth    10/18/21  (62)
BASED China forces (((Apple))) to remove KORAN APP from the App store    10/18/21  (5)
Woe unto the statesman whose arguments for entering a war    10/18/21  (2)
xo is the hottest digital discussion board for bald autistic lawyers    10/18/21  (1)
Backpage founders won mistrial, are kicking AUSA ass    10/18/21  (1)
LinkedIn leaves China over censorship    10/18/21  (6)
Most wins ever by CFB team Michigan at 970 Nebraska has 908    10/18/21  (11)
"our" "elites" are so evil it's mind blowing    10/18/21  (3)
I get it. He drives a Lincoln. What?    10/18/21  (1)
TMF Bond had a lot of growth btwn License to Comply and Tomorrow Never Complies    10/18/21  (18)
ITT poast a pic that describes how xo makes u feel    10/18/21  (37)
good social hobbies for fat guy that don't involve booze or drugs?    10/18/21  (8)
Honestly I think a lot of you guys aren’t focusing on mind-muscle connection    10/18/21  (6)
I got a full segment of spoken word slam poetry in that HIV PreP commercial    10/18/21  (1)
could someone just float me 5 ETH?    10/18/21  (7)
Lol you got vaccinated for NOTHING    10/18/21  (2)
Asian pussy thread    10/18/21  (7)
can't remember, why did postradamus get a rep as "postradumbass"?    10/18/21  (1)
You can have a great time hanging around community colleges    10/18/21  (3)
Cons: Procreate through hetero sex.__Libs: By molesting / brainwashing kids.    10/18/21  (2)
The client lost the bid, and you’re fired    10/18/21  (1)
Redditors discuss whether $200k in LA is "rich"    10/18/21  (102)
"Graphene's real strength lies in its spider-like ability to harness the powe    10/18/21  (6)
golden retriever puppies for $3550 (financing available!)    10/18/21  (9)
Want to put baby in woman where to look?    10/18/21  (11)
so was Powell vaxxed? media seems to be dancing around issue    10/18/21  (7)
Gourdgeous season    10/18/21  (2)
best cfb coach other than saban?    10/18/21  (3)
Bruce Wayne Did Nothing Wrong    10/18/21  (1)
My search for a Car has been enervating and demoralizing    10/18/21  (17)
So when are biglaw salaries going up again?    10/18/21  (17)
So graphene oxide builds "alternative radio-controlled neural system"?    10/18/21  (19)
Solzhenitsyn: line between good and jewish cuts through every human heart    10/18/21  (2)
Being on welfare cr outcome ?    10/18/21  (3)
rank the LA beach cities    10/18/21  (76)
Should have fucked off all of child hood dropped out at 16 went to college    10/18/21  (1)
is it true that gays have to wear diapers bc anal sex destroys their assholes?    10/18/21  (4)
"Thethe Apple producth are tho great, what an ecothythtem!"    10/18/21  (2)
Dick Van Dyke killing it at 95 u:poast    10/18/21  (1)
The Last Duel is Me-Too trash    10/18/21  (9)
ricky making out w a mannish crossfit chick, stops, exhales cigarette smoke    10/18/21  (5)

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