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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Crypto is proving hard work is not the only pathway to success    10/28/21  (3)
Free Florida car renewal: $36. In CA it was like $300 for an old corolla    10/28/21  (4)
How many books have you read so far this year?    10/28/21  (5)
KYLE winning will balance out Chauvin's conviction    10/28/21  (1)
ugrad enrollment down 6.5% from 2019    10/28/21  (4)
post a pic of the vehicle on which you learned to drive stick (pic)    10/28/21  (100)
WTF was RSF thinking with “Flytr LLC”?    10/28/21  (20)
Want to write a long-read: NYC Culture becoming most conformist, obedient in USA    10/28/21  (10)
LOL if you've never fucked a chick named Vanessa, just LOL    10/28/21  (1)
Your white trash mom getting wet AF watching your drunk stepdad scream & abuse u    10/28/21  (3)
Pocahontas situation developing in Canada    10/28/21  (12)
Woah, just got my ZIL out of Huobi    10/28/21  (3)
I hate clickbait - HELP    10/28/21  (2)
homeless golden retriever barking at you in a foreign language    10/28/21  (2)
SAMO is printing money for us    10/28/21  (2)
Libs irate, as Sinema forces them to raise taxes on actual billionaires (WSJ)    10/28/21  (20)
are there writers here still trying to break in through traditional publishers?    10/28/21  (12)
Evan39 can you provide pop up video commentary for this?    10/28/21  (11)
Biden to AOC: "Now you listen to me young lady"    10/28/21  (1)
Rate this lib fantasy comic strip    10/28/21  (15)
Iowa Primary 4th, NH Primary 5th, zero campaigning = somehow "wins" anyway    10/28/21  (11)
dreams are messages from the deep    10/28/21  (20)
whats the truth on "blacks created rock and roll"?    10/28/21  (84)
Which xo female had the best body in her heyday: The Box or Blue Smoke?    10/28/21  (21)
I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings    10/28/21  (2)
Are Libs/Biden voters worried about inflation and supply shortage?    10/28/21  (7)
Wife likes tits and I like ass... can make it hard (CSLG)    10/28/21  (48)
Noooooooo, my Covered Calls!!!!    10/28/21  (5)
USA Today sports columnists trying to erase Atlanta Braves name    10/28/21  (2)
Alexis Rose (Schitt's Creek) is one of the only good female characters on tv    10/28/21  (15)
Who here exercises their right to VOTE?    10/28/21  (1)
"Pool not found" on raydium? How to manually find one?    10/28/21  (3)
why is it so important to libs that other people get these "vaccines"    10/28/21  (12)
'Oh him? He's worth millions." "How?" "Dog turd coins"    10/28/21  (1)
did i dream DNC canceling Iowa primary when Biden was 4th place    10/28/21  (22)
Jfc rly need some Adderall    10/28/21  (8)
remember when libs canceled Iowa primary bc Peking Joe came 5th?    10/28/21  (9)
did i dream that Biden came in 4th in iowa primary then "voting machine problems    10/28/21  (18)
REMINDER: "Christians" voted for a THRICE divorced schmuck who fucked porn stars    10/28/21  (72)
overheard some lib Asian chick talking and it really hit me    10/28/21  (204)
Buried deeply in Democrat bill is $10B to finally get Xbox some games    10/28/21  (2)
crypto twitter worships you for being a girl, it's the opposite of here    10/28/21  (24)
Zurich, why do you fuck trannies?    10/28/21  (1)
90s Militias were last gasp of white male fraternity    10/28/21  (2)
Good morning friends! You are all going to make it!    10/28/21  (5)
xo Kyle Rittenhouse shot man who RAPED FIVE YOUNG BOYS    10/28/21  (23)
Kyle “Putting A .22 In Every Jew” Rittenhouse    10/28/21  (2)
seriously wtf is wrong w "libs"    10/28/21  (1)
lowercase "j" jew    10/28/21  (2)
I want to drop $10,000 USDC into some SHITCOIN like CHEEMS then wank to AZNgirls    10/28/21  (11)
ITT: evidence that box tp's moniker was a description of her body    10/28/21  (12)
still can't believe they want to fire people for not getting the stupid "vaccine    10/28/21  (1)
heard an old Gen-X lady talk about listening to Fleetwood Mac - Rumors in hs    10/28/21  (6)
In easy 165K job, just got offered 245K job w/ 20% bonus    10/28/21  (61)
current battery life on M1 MacBook Air is 19 hours. u mad WinCucks?    10/28/21  (2)
cant fucking stand encountering ppl who are more prestigious than me    10/28/21  (2)
Explain this Melania "rick roll"?    10/28/21  (17)
Lmaoing that Jewdolph went to Temple for university    10/28/21  (1)
how are "cases" still constantly "on the rise"    10/28/21  (16)
Getting close to applying a wrench to my forearm.    10/28/21  (150)
DeVryMastersCandidate in S&C gym, sucking the brotein out of a 10" pussy pounder    10/28/21  (18)
Saw a WGWAG family at the skate park the other day    10/28/21  (1)
Still LOLing that Obama’s mother & grandfather were CIA agents    10/28/21  (9)
I own large beautiful rural properties(Boom)    10/28/21  (12)
How and why did we decide to hack evolution and secure survival for the doomed?    10/28/21  (5)
I hate you all and wish nothing but ill upon you.    10/28/21  (14)
BUST ON ME NIGGA    10/28/21  (1)
You can't trust Melanie but you can trust Melanie to be Melanie    10/28/21  (45)
It has become impossible to buy a home for <$500k in any major metro    10/28/21  (9)
unnamed sources: Kamala calls Joe "Titanic" and Dr. Jill wants to 25th Am Kamala    10/28/21  (5)
You're an idiot for not trusting the ugly, hooknosed experts that hate you.    10/28/21  (9)
rude to decline invitation to a free dinner at 11 Madison Park?    10/28/21  (15)
OK, fine, yeah I'm the guy who's been emailing box tp    10/28/21  (6)
Nicolas Cage CALLED out Gutierrez-Reed on previous movie, walked off set    10/28/21  (142)
Redditors are constantly fucked up on drugs & complaining about having no money    10/28/21  (6)
OYT, when is your going away from LIC party?    10/28/21  (3)
beautiful things make me weep    10/28/21  (1)
US Schoolchildren taken on a field trip to a gay bar    10/28/21  (7)
ICE Agents Committing Suicide after Reviewing SP's "Sticky Rice" files (ABC)    10/28/21  (8)
Libs: Borders = racist! Also libs: You're a traitor to this non-existent country    10/28/21  (10)
An overachievers guide to the Hybrid Work Environment (WSJ)    10/28/21  (4)
One set of footprints: TT, TBF, Claire, & Zappin joining you down on the beach    10/28/21  (25)
smash a glass rod in your cock hole Cr?    10/28/21  (4)
He's Rit-ten. HOUSE. He's mighty mighty. Just blowin pedo brains out.    10/28/21  (11)
Reddit proles ar constantly complaining about their bad credit and renting    10/28/21  (9)
Does Obeezy really "think" he can switch monikers and sound smarter?    10/28/21  (5)
Universal paid Pre-K for 3 and 4 yos - how will this affect parentmos?    10/28/21  (5)
xo has been really good lately    10/28/21  (2)
CHEEMS is SHIBA four months ago hth    10/28/21  (61)
Bump this thread if you're currently GAKKED OUT    10/28/21  (8)
if every black pill prediction is inevitable, what then?    10/28/21  (2)
Yelled "Atreides" in the grocery store, everybody ROARED back    10/28/21  (7)
Those are some life-denying statistics, brother.    10/28/21  (2)
i watched an anime about maids and am now obsessed with them    10/28/21  (4)
I put my vest on, yeah    10/28/21  (11)
O Melanie! Ive stepped into that other world!    10/28/21  (5)
Why is Obeezy spamming again    10/28/21  (1)
🚨 🚨 🚨 AZ AUDIT RESULTS GOING PUBLIC 9/24/21 1 PM 🚨 🚨 🚨    10/28/21  (93)
This wouldn't be happening if there was a Senator Womanchin    10/28/21  (1)
So, 2 to 3 years for the va(xx)ed to die out?    10/28/21  (6)
Libs: you know Trump will be POTUS Jan 20, right?    10/28/21  (23)
🤡 AZ Trumpmo fraudit now delayed bc Cyber Ninjas got "fraud virus" 🤡    10/28/21  (67)
Tens of thousands of executions for treason    10/28/21  (17)
PANIC spreads among libs as realization of what will happen sets in (lsd)    10/28/21  (14)
Let me explain the end game of COVID again to you retards    10/28/21  (223)
If you havent already figured it out: Pete Buttigieg will be President of the US    10/28/21  (27)
It’s over. Biden is done. Book the funeral now.    10/28/21  (17)
Biden's lead: whoops, it's gone!    10/28/21  (78)
Does anyone have a list of TOMMY TURDSKIN MONIKERS?    10/28/21  (280)
sent my ex 708 unreciprocated emails since she last answered 1 on dec 5, 2018    10/28/21  (168)
High school teens give lap dances to faculty and spankings to themselves    10/28/21  (10)
Trade deficit up, no infrastructure, no wall, goldman tax cuts, no carried inter    10/28/21  (26)
AG Barr to investigate Obama Spygate (link)    10/28/21  (171)
Obeezy: Come ITT and tell us the Dem Party doesn't support abolishing prisons    10/28/21  (102)
What percent of Non-Jew White Amerikkkans are "intelligent"?    10/28/21  (15)
Peace in our time: NKorea to dismantle nukes, allow UN inspectors    10/28/21  (77)
Gender is what you identify as, Sex is something Obeezy never had with a girl    10/28/21  (5)
Obeezy sucks    10/28/21  (4)
Why is America the only english-speaking country where "cunt" is controversial?    10/28/21  (4)
Obeezy seems very INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST    10/28/21  (3)
Does Obeezy think we just "forgot" hes a 5'6 objectively ugly failure from a TTT    10/28/21  (19)
ITT: We track OFFICIAL progress of AZ election audit of Maricopa fraud    10/28/21  (38)
Obeezy is on a mad poasting and self-bumping rampage    10/28/21  (3)
Libs, here are the conference links to election SCOTUS cases (lsd)    10/28/21  (14)
It'd be a lot more fun if someone were posting Box's private tantrums    10/28/21  (86)
After AZ audit, everyone will know Trump won the elections.    10/28/21  (62)
Libs almost panicking about the audit(s)    10/28/21  (64)
What will happen when one of the states audits and overturns the election result    10/28/21  (10)
Who’s excited for the ARIZONA AUDIT RESULTS coming THIS WEEKEND    10/28/21  (33)
Lsd why did you stop bleating about the election being overturned?    10/28/21  (33)
There will be a LOT more whistleblowers coming (lsd)    10/28/21  (17)
No AZ audit chatter? Hmph.    10/28/21  (94)
I want to sell my fucking MANGO but I can't, I'm unable to    10/28/21  (12)
Edge Of Tomorrow but it's obeezy trying over and over to make a funny poast    10/28/21  (18)
Post ITT only of you drive a pickup truck.    10/28/21  (58)
Husky on Avax up 200% today but still only 23 million market cap.    10/28/21  (33)
The Astros are still cheating    10/28/21  (2)
NOWAG attacks flight attendant, flight diverted    10/28/21  (2)
need way more fucking and drama to save the board    10/28/21  (1)
Bidens aimless implosion should be proof to board there is no great conspiracy    10/28/21  (34)
The War on Drugs - Change.mp3    10/28/21  (1)
I have a crush on my black friend's wife    10/28/21  (44)
Cosmopolitan article from 2014 explains the female entitlement generation    10/28/21  (1)
Women pretty much lose interest in sex with their partners after one year    10/28/21  (49)
Divorced guy I know has 3 kids who hate him, they're on heavy duty drugs (daily)    10/28/21  (45)
Did Kyle Rittenhouse's shooting have Divine Intervention?    10/28/21  (25)
where in the mother fuck can I get a nintendo switch oled console    10/28/21  (1)
obtaining a goth gf is the only thing Elon Musk has done that i find impressive    10/28/21  (7)
The most prestigious Dune discussion board in the known universe    10/28/21  (5)
Missouri High School Elects Homecoming “Queen” - must see vid    10/28/21  (4)

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