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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
you cant even buy a day's worth of groceries for less than $100 anymore    10/25/21  (38)
Still not over how terrible the Sopranos movie was.    10/25/21  (7)
WaPo: Parents claim they have the right to shape school curriculum. They don't    10/25/21  (59)
What is the probability that GJR is trying to communicate with BP's CIA Handler?    10/25/21  (1)
seems like alec baldwin would have more liability as a producer than actor, no?    10/25/21  (1)
can capitalism survive "at will" employment    10/25/21  (17)
"news" is completely useless now, it's all written for boomer lib women    10/25/21  (1)
$CYN 😳 πŸ‘€    10/25/21  (15)
What is the probability that GJR is trying to communicate with BP's parents?    10/25/21  (5)
Alec Baldwin was practicing a cross-draw when he accidentally killed cinematogra    10/25/21  (5)
Hilarious there are 57 Indiana cases that come up for benzo's name    10/25/21  (3)
whats the truth on "blacks created rock and roll"?    10/25/21  (39)
fat, old, alone, move back home cr friends?    10/25/21  (2)
ESPN threatens to "ruin the lives" of employees who mention 8-0 UTSA    10/25/21  (24)
In MFH, even short guys with hot chicks    10/25/21  (5)
idaho has a 7% income tax    10/25/21  (6)
Disney raises ticket prices 8%, parking prices 20%    10/25/21  (9)
new Dune movie was completely forgettable. Not very good imo    10/25/21  (17)
US Natural Gas prices surge as concerns increase over lack of supply    10/25/21  (7)
🚨 XO HAS BEEN COMPROMISED 🚨    10/25/21  (16)
Revolver article on FBI concealing involvement of their assets on 1/6    10/25/21  (8)
Policy debate nerd saw liberalism for what it is back in HS, now it's mainstream    10/25/21  (21)
Do any heterosexual people actually have anal sex    10/25/21  (33)
have been a hermit past two years, what's happened    10/25/21  (9)
I turned $50 of $SAMO into $700. I'll be back the next cycle. Have fun, friends.    10/25/21  (51)
How to live hatefully evil but put on act like you're just stupid?    10/25/21  (1)
Buck "Big Diaper" Paulette    10/25/21  (2)
Fertilizer prices have increased 65% in a month. Enjoy your food inflation    10/25/21  (20)
You can get Harvard degrees do as you please enjoy life    10/25/21  (11)
High efficiency washing machines are SPS    10/25/21  (4)
Official SOL vs AVAX vs FTM thread    10/25/21  (47)
AOC: “almost 10 people died” on 1/6.    10/25/21  (3)
Hey Globe-mos, heres some free money if you can prove the earth is round lmao    10/25/21  (1)
really need a trusted friend to talk to on phone. tsinah u around?    10/25/21  (1)
Sim glitch: 500 people get shot in las vegas and nobody remembers    10/25/21  (32)
Watched Flat Earth Documentary. Earth May Not Be Flat, But We're Being Lied To    10/25/21  (34)
Oumuamua’s sonar signal “probably echoes from earth”    10/25/21  (1)
is nyuug flame? he's bragging about selling SAMO before it mooned    10/25/21  (3)
Companies that hire people but say you cannot take vacation the first year    10/25/21  (39)
At a fairly fancy “resort town” in Florida. Almost no tattoos anywhere    10/25/21  (11)
Rate this dancing Mexican    10/25/21  (7)
On day 3 of NO DRINK. Confirmed: weed > alcohol    10/25/21  (28)
“Eat the Bugs” Was a Right Wing Meme — Till This National Grocer    10/25/21  (1)
LOL my health insurance premium just went up 12%    10/25/21  (6)
Rate my room (GJR)    10/25/21  (166)
Gamefaqs discusses: Should people Stand for the Pledge Of Allegiance?    10/25/21  (1)
How to take your own dick out of your mouth & get some fucking work done?    10/25/21  (2)
How to commit hate crimes every day still act like the good guys?    10/25/21  (1)
Revolver article on FBI concealing involvement of their assets on 1/6    10/25/21  (0)
Mars Perseverance rover tweets support for Black Trans Lives Matter    10/25/21  (2)
Insane how quickly we went from the 1990s to the end of America    10/25/21  (2)
OldHLSDude has no pictures of his sons in his office, just prestigious diplomas    10/25/21  (2)
Reminder that the Fed Reserve doesnt see inflation bc new iPad = faster than old    10/25/21  (57)
Does anyone else remember the Danny Phantom obsessed mass shooter    10/25/21  (9)
high IQ Anime dub enjoyer destroys subcels with a single tweet    10/25/21  (11)
Libs: No Inflation! -> Transitory Inflation! -> Inflation is good, here’s why    10/25/21  (2)
SOL INVICTUS    10/25/21  (48)
these yuppie lib parents are sick and insane    10/25/21  (1)
Rating you as creepy homoerotic dreams Doobs had about twist    10/25/21  (72)
Reminder: GJR eats human shit    10/25/21  (1)
*doobs startling the shit out of the IT clown in the sewer*    10/25/21  (151)
Hypo: $50 billion but you have to get plastic surgery to look like a dog    10/25/21  (13)
boner police is 180    10/25/21  (1)
Up 600k from crypto in the past year. Taking ?s about crypto + race relations    10/25/21  (1)
Rate this FUCKING CHAD abortion troll vs. Dallas city council    10/25/21  (39)
Age of Esquires M&A expansion pack finally released    10/25/21  (11)
I’ve been holding an isometric kegel for the last 4 hours    10/25/21  (2)
How to victimize people and pretend they are the criminals?    10/25/21  (2)
How to fuck up constantly for years and still pretend we're not retards?    10/25/21  (1)
How to pretend we're law enforcement but just fuck around do nothing?    10/25/21  (1)
ASPIE | FEMALE | CRYPTO | PUMO    10/25/21  (6)
How to steal from employers (American public) & do jack shit still get paid?    10/25/21  (1)
Longhorn Network aired 8 Italian funerals today    10/25/21  (26)
Longhorn Network loses $10M per year for ESPN    10/25/21  (25)
Longhorn Network viewer numbers remain steady despite statewide blackout (link)    10/25/21  (23)
ESPN+ subscription: with longhorn network $4.99/mo; without $7.99    10/25/21  (19)
Biden's America - forced to eat $45 soy burgers served by trannies    10/25/21  (4)
2022: World dead of virus. ESPN still autopaying $15M for Longhorn Network    10/25/21  (31)
Biden Needs to Diversify the Fed’s Leadership    10/25/21  (6)
It's becoming dangerous NOT to invest in cryptocurrencies    10/25/21  (1)
GJR: honest question for you    10/25/21  (12)
Whirlpool coming out with appliances as a Service, or "AaaS"    10/25/21  (1)
Corporate exec comments on increasing inflation:    10/25/21  (98)
πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€SOL ATH IMMINENT ALL HANDS BRACE FOR IMPACTπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€    10/25/21  (19)
JMU to Sun Belt    10/25/21  (1)
LJL at $8/gal for gas in CA    10/25/21  (28)
your diffuse thinning is so hot    10/25/21  (3)
Ground Beef costs $9.99 a pound but at least iPad prices are down    10/25/21  (1)
Penn Jillette converts to wokism after dotter Moxie Crimefighter goes tranny    10/25/21  (25)
FL would be better with Seminole indians scalping people than having blacks    10/25/21  (8)
these people are really losing their minds over this trans insanity    10/25/21  (1)
My gf broke up with me to get other D-D-D-DIck    10/25/21  (2)
1 "dr visit" more dangerous in usa than injecting crack straight into eyeballs    10/25/21  (3)
Wife got new AGC in house job (CSLG)    10/25/21  (66)
Oskar Schindler watching the SOL chart: “I could have bought more”    10/25/21  (24)
How to hide income in LLC to get Medicaid?    10/25/21  (5)
Around 1 in 25 girls at Georgia State signed up for Seeking Arrangement    10/25/21  (18)
what's wrong with Biden    10/25/21  (7)
Indian, US troops play rugby and kabaddi during military exercise in Alaska    10/25/21  (1)
Return of the Queen at Huawei HQ    10/25/21  (2)
Men are basically children their whole lives    10/25/21  (25)
I cannot believe that the NYT has 100% ignored Loudoun County Rape Coverup    10/25/21  (8)
Texas circumventing border patrol and just jailing illegals    10/25/21  (1)
"Abortion is murder!" screamed the Theocrat as hordes of libs overtake society    10/25/21  (14)
πŸ”« Democrat Alec Baldwin shot a woman dead on set, thought real gun was prop    10/25/21  (137)
Trump just doubled his net worth. Hurr durr what a shitty businessman!!    10/25/21  (14)
Center Hall Colonial homes are 180. These "open concept" new builds are garbage.    10/25/21  (19)
Today's Google doodle on Claude Cahun    10/25/21  (1)
scholarship hows it going man    10/25/21  (6)
Is XO in favor of closed-off galley kitchens, or just anti totally open concept?    10/25/21  (11)
Aspie female crypto pumo is right about my need for a new MOMMY    10/25/21  (1)
🌴crypto Island crypto Island I'm jus tryin to make it on da crypto island🌴    10/25/21  (11)
the titanic never sank it was the olympic    10/25/21  (5)
Ricky & luis run a dog grooming business in visalia    10/25/21  (11)
New Dune is 180    10/25/21  (78)
lol at going to see the "Kraken" at "Climate Pledge Arena"    10/25/21  (3)
Societal decay is everywhere    10/25/21  (7)
Is it the dream of a lot of trashy jersey skanks to be a MADE GUY'S goomah?    10/25/21  (1)
Halo Xbox 360 games will go offline in Jan 2022.    10/25/21  (3)
BREAKING: $96 Walmart suit have arrive! (Pic)    10/25/21  (59)
internet forum intelligentsia are collectively the kwisatz haderach    10/25/21  (4)
Bitcoin will be $500,000 by end of 2023    10/25/21  (2)
“Yay! Here’s my student loan payment! Yayyyyy! I like paying!”    10/25/21  (1)
is death penalty worth the cost?    10/25/21  (93)
First Saudi coronavirus case confirmed - it's been real, brehs (Sickly)    10/25/21  (159)
I have poison ivy.    10/25/21  (12)
OldHLSDude is one of those evil boomers that helped ruin the country by working    10/25/21  (5)
Microsoft reveals new campaign trailer for ‘Halo Infinite’ with open-ended a    10/25/21  (1)
Americans may freeze to death this winter due to global energy shortage    10/25/21  (31)
XPeng to mass produce flying cars by 2024 priced at $157,000 (link)    10/25/21  (2)
Watched that Dune movie. Never reading a Dune book or watching any Dune media    10/25/21  (8)
Finally beat Contra Alien Wars (SNES)    10/25/21  (4)
$UBT mooning!    10/25/21  (20)
Michael Bisping fought for years with only one good eye (link)    10/25/21  (2)
At what price point do you consider selling some/all of your SOL?    10/25/21  (9)
OldHLSDude is one of those boomers that wears an HLS hat everywhere he goes    10/25/21  (1)
Just sold ~10% of my SAMO    10/25/21  (7)
"My lord, House Atreides is done." "No... they are DUNE." *soyface* TO BE CONTIN    10/25/21  (3)
🚨🚨🚨SOL ATH🚨🚨🚨    10/25/21  (427)
Just your average, razor thing margin of victory.    10/25/21  (1)
Brown Sabbath - Migrant Caravan.mp3    10/25/21  (4)
Hey that movie was supposed to be abour Iraq, right? That's the high IQ take?    10/25/21  (1)
GJR really needs to change her moniker to cock cage    10/25/21  (5)
Women Getting KO'd    10/25/21  (1)
I originally thought septic queer was wrong for attacking OldHLSDude, not now    10/25/21  (4)
Elites watch middle class from afar from mansion windows & clench teeth    10/25/21  (3)
Russian, Chinese Warships Hold First Joint Patrols in the Pacific    10/25/21  (1)
Getting capped by Boss Baby is peak experience    10/25/21  (3)
Mike Fart gets a big boner when I rip a stinker in his face.    10/25/21  (23)
The Kravitz Haderach would have the power to meld rock, blues, funk, jazz, R&B    10/25/21  (1)

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