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UMC libs “think” they will always be exempt from lib dysfunction    10/20/21  (3)
if you need anything in 2022+ you should probably buy it now    10/20/21  (2)
COVID šŸ¦  reinfections likely within one or two years, models propose    10/20/21  (10)
j shad, if you're reading this, give me a signal -- something, anything    10/20/21  (5)
what was some dumb GC bs you were impressed with when young and stupid    10/20/21  (1)
Rate my home office    10/20/21  (33)
what are some good podcasts for smart people    10/20/21  (43)
lol magnesium shortage will shut down entire Car industry    10/20/21  (9)
I am the very model of a modern female admiral    10/20/21  (18)
WaPo: Don't whine about shortages. Lower your expectations, rubes! (link)    10/20/21  (31)
New app allows third world immigrants to stand in the breadlines for you    10/20/21  (10)
Moses: out of Egypt; MLK: led his people into sacred cow welfare sinecures    10/20/21  (5)
I see no reason why SOL can't go to $10k by eoy.    10/20/21  (11)
Teens really don't like FB    10/20/21  (4)
OldHLSDude - you are retired right? What's your posting setup like?    10/20/21  (25)
ur wife squinting as "race realism golden retriever" autofills in internet brows    10/20/21  (12)
do u personally think chandler & kenny have had sex w each other?    10/20/21  (5)
Lol at the Braves just lol    10/20/21  (2)
lol the "first woman" is a man    10/20/21  (4)
Kidnappers in Haiti Demand $17 Million to Free Missionary Group    10/20/21  (25)
your crush messaging that she thinks your AIM away message is sooo funny :)    10/20/21  (2)
What MLK, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Had In Common (every TedTalk)    10/20/21  (4)
"with coke, all things are possible" (lamarcus tp w Bluetooth headset in HS gym)    10/19/21  (24)
lolling @ middlebrow nonsense like "Ted Talks"    10/19/21  (1)
Help me name my Chinese PI firm (CSLG)    10/19/21  (108)
Are highest rated/most viewed pornstars representative of what people like?    10/19/21  (1)
Libs for your own sanity please do not click on this    10/19/21  (7)
History is made: first ever female 4-star admiral pinned today!    10/19/21  (77)
Blacks on LinkedIn getting 5000 likes for modest achievement    10/19/21  (19)
Reminder: CSLG got Mexican URM status during law school admissions    10/19/21  (3)
Libs last ditch Covid argument is that unvaxxed "are killing them"    10/19/21  (7)
Federal Judge: “Fuck you chinks and your numbers and analysis”    10/19/21  (103)
Rudolph spent all day spamming about Colin Powell w alts    10/19/21  (18)
Oh gimme the BeefBoy and free my soul...    10/19/21  (511)
Can you do downward dog with your heels completely flat?    10/19/21  (7)
how often do you just break down & cry?    10/19/21  (9)
Nigga Actor Claims Niggas Taught China Math and Buddha is African    10/19/21  (7)
Kenny: runs our XO firm with 4 staff and 300 cases You: Post (CSLG)    10/19/21  (41)
hopefully this lib insanity just ends suddenly like 1600s witchcraft hysteria    10/19/21  (3)
I remember talking to high school girlfriends for hours on the phone    10/19/21  (53)
How often does your wife/gf give you just a blowjob (no sex)?    10/19/21  (2)
Best perk of being an injury lawyer... free adjustments (CSLG)    10/19/21  (46)
Better Call Saul is now better than Breaking Bad, CR?    10/19/21  (24)
"The new normal," neighed the purple haired otherkin who identified as a unicorn    10/19/21  (1)
Most memorable little league sports moment?    10/19/21  (3)
Biden promotes new four star general (pic)    10/19/21  (7)
Could you get 1 MLB out?    10/19/21  (6)
Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    10/19/21  (413)
Are Canadians still going berserk over "mass graves"?    10/19/21  (11)
LJL that many "First women" in history will be a man in a dress    10/19/21  (3)
boggles the mind how many people, institutions still act like masks do anything    10/19/21  (9)
so basically i'm effortlessly better than rsf at everything he attempts?    10/19/21  (13)
“London Breed” sounds like a cow or type of steak    10/19/21  (4)
Most hardcore leftist site tries to reason why vaccines by Pharma cartel = good    10/19/21  (1)
I'm going to ride this bitch out    10/19/21  (1)
Warren Zevon on Letterman before as he knew death was near:    10/19/21  (1)
haha wow    10/19/21  (1)
nobody loves you and you will die alone    10/19/21  (16)
What happens when someone "slides into your DMs?" What does this mean?    10/19/21  (7)
lib's insane antics are becoming crazier and crazier    10/19/21  (2)
Shadow inflation: The weight of a Tinder 5.5 has risen 20% in last 6 months    10/19/21  (5)
Porn stars are more prestigious than lawyers or scholars    10/19/21  (4)
gonna move to Wyoming and become a sheriff like guy in Netflix show    10/19/21  (9)
Should I buy a duplex and live in one of the units (househacking)?    10/19/21  (27)
Many Jews are good people    10/19/21  (4)
Emilio gazing out Shinkansen window while I play Pro Yakyu on PC Engine GT    10/19/21  (2)
In-N-Out blasts S.F. over vaccine mandate shutdown: 'We refuse to become the vac    10/19/21  (33)
cslg have you thought about doing vicp cases? comp is $500 an hour paid by HHS    10/19/21  (3)
Tucker's segment tonight went into the War on Noticing    10/19/21  (5)
$2mil NW in mid 30s CR?    10/19/21  (19)
Can't get ready for Church until Nippon Professional Baseball rates this picture    10/19/21  (8)
So COVID cases are finally going down because we lifted all restrictions?    10/19/21  (14)
podcast idea - gassy brunch shrews drink wine and dish dirt - "Cask Mandate"    10/19/21  (1)
hypothetically, what would happen if military disobeyed trump nuke launch order?    10/19/21  (1)
whok how has the Dallas Mavericks' off season been?    10/19/21  (1)
any STEAKNUTS been to el capricho?    10/19/21  (1)
Racism declared a New York City public health crisis. (link)    10/19/21  (4)
"covid" is insane magical thinking flame    10/19/21  (1)
Where are blacks in Portland or Seattle doing the increase in shootings?    10/19/21  (5)
lib "media" really doubling down on shortages being "our" fault    10/19/21  (4)
Dubs beating Lakers tonight would offset MLB playoff loss    10/19/21  (1)
I would try the CSLG route if I already had independent wealth to fall back on    10/19/21  (11)
Niggers rape white woman on Philly train; nig bystanders filmed it for WorldStar    10/19/21  (40)
Fully vaxxed nba sideline reporter social distancing from vaxxed coach    10/19/21  (9)
I remember taking lots of highschool gfs to see the mass graves, they loved it    10/19/21  (1)
reminder the 6 ft thing was just made up, masks do next to nothing    10/19/21  (1)
I went to T8 law school. Likely have higher IQ than 85% of xo. Especially the 4c    10/19/21  (9)
Kamala's husband is a "Gorgeous Rat" according to poll of BYU cheerleaders (link    10/19/21  (18)
getting this poster just to piss off millennials    10/19/21  (6)
'The Americans' TV series but it's Jews pretending to be white    10/19/21  (8)
Fauci is obviously descended from (((conversos))) aka a Gorgeous Rat    10/19/21  (4)
hey stalin just a heads up: i'm going to destroy you like i destroyed RSF    10/19/21  (21)
Colonels in Biden's Army (link)    10/19/21  (1)
What happened to Biden promising rapid tests? Their out of stock everywhere    10/19/21  (5)
Coming home in the 90s and checking the answering machine, tp    10/19/21  (55)
ricky saw my texts to sharklasers and threw out all of my turtlenecks (luis)    10/19/21  (8)
rate this asian girl’s tattoo:    10/19/21  (6)
crypto is just gambling. i backtested options combos and found ones with 80%    10/19/21  (17)
Do you fight with siblings / family about fraudvirus?    10/19/21  (2)
benzo openly weeping during the gasoline fight scene in zoolander    10/19/21  (5)
Rednecks in the 90s: "UN wants to take over". You: "lol, stupid rednecks"    10/19/21  (31)
whonoke    10/19/21  (2)
whonoke    10/19/21  (3)
A serious country would attack time travel to the 90s like space travel    10/19/21  (2)
90s lib: "All people are equal" 21 lib "All whites are evil"    10/19/21  (2)
“Fight Song” plays as USPO walks into 3L OCI    10/19/21  (3)
Men and women are distinct and complementary - we are not blank slates    10/19/21  (36)
should i get this poster    10/19/21  (1)
How do you feel about jokes?    10/19/21  (1)
Colon Towel    10/19/21  (4)
my back is killing me    10/19/21  (1)
it's insane none of "our" "elites" are angry w China    10/19/21  (2)
rate this guy's workout (video)    10/19/21  (1)
FYI in quotemo circles I am kind of a big deal    10/19/21  (1)
PSA: Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond    10/19/21  (15)
Chandler: 100k/month income You: Post (CSLG)    10/19/21  (27)
“Classical liberalism” was a huge mistake.    10/19/21  (13)
Rate this WGWAG OnlyFans couple    10/19/21  (1)
Is there any argument that the vaccine isn’t going to keep creating more virul    10/19/21  (3)
Is going to Hawaii for first time dumb during WuhanFlu? Is shit lame    10/19/21  (5)
rsf/upset jew adjusting yarmulkes(bald spot concealers),calling each other kikes    10/19/21  (1)
NYT: NYC investment banker calls homeless man a bum, is charged with HATE CRIME    10/19/21  (1)
Can’t imagine encouraging my kids to go to law school.    10/19/21  (2)
Neil Cavuto has COVID-19 šŸ¦     10/19/21  (1)
is benzo our only poster with IQ sub-100?    10/19/21  (33)
ben simmons is such a BABY and BITCH, I'm no longer capitalizing his name.    10/19/21  (6)
oops did UTSA šŸ¦Roadrunners crash NCAA's precious T25 beepbeep    10/19/21  (6)
free nexplanon everywhere could eradicate abortion, but no it's too practical    10/19/21  (8)
Cancel Culture Isn't the Problem. OK Culture Is    10/19/21  (7)
"write like nobody's reading." rsf: "i think i can manage that"    10/19/21  (13)
Dread running. Do 1 mile/wk on treadmill @ 6min pace. If I just do 7min, will th    10/19/21  (27)
200K USD. How to invest if single?    10/19/21  (33)
13 Marines died recently in the last days of an ending war    10/19/21  (13)
Run 1/8th of a mile per week at about a 30s pace. Dread it. Tips to improve?    10/19/21  (2)
Why is anti-white venom never “racist”?    10/19/21  (47)
Hampton Inn biscuits 'n gravy tp    10/19/21  (3)
I like this Girls Do Porn episode - nsfw    10/19/21  (4)
Marsha Blackburn looks like she just got fucked in the shower    10/19/21  (6)
There is nothing more hateful than frogs avoiding scorpion stingers    10/19/21  (7)
Biden, sharp as ever! (October 19, 2021 edition)(particularly good one)    10/19/21  (6)
my law firm wants me to plan something special for our associates    10/19/21  (27)
Cop SHOT IN THE FACE in the upscale Ranch Triangle area of Chicago:    10/19/21  (4)
Biz idea: movie theater playing nothing but Mel Gibson movies    10/19/21  (6)
Have any of you dated a drunkard? Tell your stories ITT    10/19/21  (24)
if/when China has a massive crisis, they will start a war. hth    10/19/21  (23)
Say hypothetically your firm is merging w another larger firm and    10/19/21  (6)
jokingly asked the pharmacist for 50 plan b pills    10/19/21  (1)

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