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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
At what price point do you consider selling some/all of your SOL?    10/25/21  (3)
WaPo: Parents claim they have the right to shape school curriculum. They don't    10/25/21  (37)
GJR really needs to change her moniker to cock cage    10/25/21  (5)
Women Getting KO'd    10/25/21  (1)
Rate my room (GJR)    10/25/21  (157)
I originally thought septic queer was wrong for attacking OldHLSDude, not now    10/25/21  (4)
Elites watch middle class from afar from mansion windows & clench teeth    10/25/21  (3)
Wife got new AGC in house job (CSLG)    10/25/21  (60)
Is XO in favor of closed-off galley kitchens, or just anti totally open concept?    10/25/21  (4)
Watched that Dune movie. Never reading a Dune book or watching any Dune media    10/25/21  (5)
Russian, Chinese Warships Hold First Joint Patrols in the Pacific    10/25/21  (1)
Halo Xbox 360 games will go offline in Jan 2022.    10/25/21  (2)
Getting capped by Boss Baby is peak experience    10/25/21  (3)
Mike Fart gets a big boner when I rip a stinker in his face.    10/25/21  (23)
The Kravitz Haderach would have the power to meld rock, blues, funk, jazz, R&B    10/25/21  (1)
OldHLSDude’s approach to life: prestige first, family second    10/25/21  (8)
OldHLSDude is one of those evil boomers that helped ruin the country by working    10/25/21  (3)
Just sold ~10% of my SAMO    10/25/21  (3)
His name was boner police but SHE enforced the anti-boner rules    10/25/21  (3)
"My lord, House Atreides is done." "No... they are DUNE." *soyface* TO BE CONTIN    10/25/21  (2)
Rate Jaime Lee Curtis’ “daughter”    10/25/21  (26)
LJL at $8/gal for gas in CA    10/25/21  (22)
After a couple months on keto a piece of bread is like a delicacy    10/25/21  (2)
Urbanite shrews walking their pet sandworms at dog park    10/25/21  (1)
Trump just doubled his net worth. Hurr durr what a shitty businessman!!    10/25/21  (8)
Bide to angry voter: "Who told you that? Mike Fart?"    10/25/21  (154)
Sell ARKW/ARKK now or wait until it gets a little higher    10/25/21  (8)
Try to find a photo of pregnant Michelle Obama    10/25/21  (45)
Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard College cert petition    10/25/21  (5)
Poast the year you realized the FBI are not the good guys    10/25/21  (12)
Alec Baldwin taking time "to re-center himself" after his personal tragedy    10/25/21  (24)
TODAY IN TOTALLY NORMAL AND OKAY GAY BEHAVIOR (truckercumdump)    10/25/21  (31)
Never really "got" Momma's Family as a kid. Seemed like bunch of retards.    10/25/21  (16)
so UNC over ND, Florida over Georgia, Texas Tech over OU, & Tulane over Cincy?    10/25/21  (3)
this "tranny" stuff is some unholy insanity    10/25/21  (17)
Sol Starr: underrated character    10/25/21  (1)
30 Transgenders under 30 (Forbes)    10/25/21  (47)
high IQ Anime dub enjoyer destroys subcels with a single tweet    10/25/21  (3)
Penn Jillette converts to wokism after dotter Moxie Crimefighter goes tranny    10/25/21  (18)
SOL going to 300 this week    10/25/21  (10)
TODAY IN TOTALLY NORMAL AND OKAY GAY BEHAVIOR (shitseller)    10/25/21  (13)
ITT i rate you as a mental illness & prescribe a drug cocktail    10/25/21  (45)
Tommy Turdskin ARKK missed profit watch    10/25/21  (12)
the return of crypto will have nocoiners reeling & flapping arms in blind panic    10/25/21  (53)
remember: covid waits for you to finish eating    10/25/21  (1)
But but but they told me AVAX was better!    10/25/21  (1)
you all bought samo/sol shitcoins when I said to buy avax and ftm    10/25/21  (4)
Americans may freeze to death this winter due to global energy shortage    10/25/21  (30)
quickthinking SEC "hero intern" adds "-San Antonio" to UT offer letter    10/25/21  (2)
If Exeunt's SOL predictions are right, the price can still 100x from here    10/25/21  (82)
🚨🚨🚨SOL ATH🚨🚨🚨    10/25/21  (426)
UT-Austin board members vote to disband UTSA football team    10/25/21  (2)
real talk, annoyed I missed out on the crypto run    10/25/21  (29)
Do any heterosexual people actually have anal sex    10/25/21  (14)
Microsoft’s big October release is Age of Empires?    10/25/21  (7)
Modern “liberals” are like Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s N    10/25/21  (1)
internet forum intelligentsia are collectively the kwisatz haderach    10/25/21  (3)
PROLE TELL: Picking a bank because you get $ two days before payday    10/25/21  (7)
Best part of crypto ripping: ARE Reptile seething with rage    10/25/21  (4)
Elitephenotypes.com    10/25/21  (1)
I need to do more things.    10/25/21  (1)
your diffuse thinning is so hot    10/25/21  (1)
People think the cities will starve during collapse but it might be opposite    10/25/21  (3)
Xo is full religious now ?    10/25/21  (46)
scholarship hows it going man    10/25/21  (5)
Trump DeSantis 24' beats Buttigeig Ocasio-Cortez    10/25/21  (6)
Under 40 year old millionaire club    10/25/21  (62)
Women take huge L as female gorilla must twerk to get laid (link)    10/25/21  (1)
Can someone explain this inflation example?    10/25/21  (3)
One question on DUNE (2021) why did they pronounce Harkonnen in a new way?    10/25/21  (5)
that bitch had one job, that was to make sure the gun wasn't loaded and she coul    10/25/21  (3)
Giant sandworm on the other side of the street mouthing to u "flee the cities"    10/25/21  (10)
ESPN is panicking about 8-0 UTSA and calling "emergency meetings    10/25/21  (5)
I dont think retail will come flooding into crypto this time    10/25/21  (11)
I keep forgetting there was an Indian guy in Sum 41    10/25/21  (13)
Age of Esquires M&A expansion pack finally released    10/25/21  (6)
Fucking crazy how government allows blatant conflict of interests    10/25/21  (5)
Someone please wake me up from this nightmare    10/25/21  (1)
can't stop laughing at this Big Iron Alec Baldwin edit    10/25/21  (4)
If you havent already figured it out: Pete Buttigieg will be President of the US    10/25/21  (9)
is death penalty worth the cost?    10/25/21  (92)
XPeng to mass produce flying cars by 2024 priced at $157,000 (link)    10/25/21  (1)
Zero deaths from Hurricane Katrina    10/25/21  (16)
I love Asian pussy and Asian pussy loves me.    10/25/21  (4)
Garland: FBI “Closely monitoring” Kyle Larson situation and “prepared to a    10/25/21  (2)
I am the very model of a modern female admiral    10/25/21  (94)
just find myself agreeing with everyhing that mcdonalds employee posts    10/25/21  (3)
Center Hall Colonial homes are 180. These "open concept" new builds are garbage.    10/25/21  (17)
new Dune movie was completely forgettable. Not very good imo    10/25/21  (14)
Interview with 7 people this week - run away and hide?    10/25/21  (1)
I have a craving for attention from internet males. Only XO can satisfy it    10/25/21  (1)
I got caught up in work like an addiction    10/25/21  (4)
The UK is much whiter than the US    10/25/21  (40)
The Last Duel is Me-Too trash    10/25/21  (11)
whats the truth on "blacks created rock and roll"?    10/25/21  (38)
Nocoiner: “you’re a bag holder!” *hobo bag full of dirty underwear falls o    10/25/21  (3)
Shitlib Kike Insane Indian Cricket Team takes a knee to support NiggaLivesMatter    10/25/21  (21)
Welcome back to the PodhoretzCast. Up next: our greatest ally's greatest hits    10/25/21  (2)
Crowd of self-styled Subra-maniacs going wild for indian lawyers on TikTok (vid)    10/25/21  (3)
History is made: first ever female 4-star admiral pinned today!    10/25/21  (89)
I need to invest in my IRA. What should I invest in.    10/25/21  (9)
being gay can be a full-time job    10/25/21  (3)
Facebook IPO likely to mark the end of the current tech bubble    10/25/21  (38)
BTC BTC BTC    10/25/21  (22)
Oh look, Kamala tp is spending another drunken weekend bitching about CSLG    10/25/21  (27)
Saw a half run over cat getting eaten alive by a fox. It voted for that.    10/25/21  (3)
holy shit Ricky outted (pic)    10/25/21  (7)
Oh I’m afraid the Kappa variant will be quite operational when yr booster arri    10/25/21  (8)
tongue-in-cheek good-natured absurdist anti-joke about fellow poaster tp    10/25/21  (4)
Crypt Keeper sending Alec Baldwin his SCREAMplay    10/25/21  (4)
Chani being a mulatto kind of spoils Dune    10/25/21  (13)
The Great Circle Jerk of Life    10/25/21  (4)
A RICKY MOON MOON NOW    10/25/21  (3)
Baldwin to armorer: “Who told you you could work with men.”    10/25/21  (3)
18% of Harvard UG is black. in meritocracy it would be under 1% lol    10/25/21  (3)
*GJR eagerly opening mouth for a sweaty NIGGER to shit in*    10/25/21  (3)
Hilarous that SAMO never got above 1 cent even with SOL mooning    10/25/21  (23)
what are the chances SOL goes at least 5X over the next 2 years?    10/25/21  (4)
most big firms are very similar to bottom of ‘attack on titan’ lore iceberg    10/25/21  (4)
im leaving the moment Japan reopens student visas    10/25/21  (4)
Really did not like that Dune movie    10/25/21  (3)
New Dune is 180    10/25/21  (74)
Reminder: Anthony Zappin runs the TBF account, not “Claire”    10/25/21  (60)
Soaking inside an Asian pussy    10/25/21  (6)
The fact an abject retard like whokebe is anti-crypto should be all u need to in    10/25/21  (14)
If you had one month to travel USA in 1850, where would you go?    10/25/21  (1)
🀭🀭🀭 Paymos πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£    10/25/21  (17)
My kids' school still teaches cursive handwriting. How prestigious?    10/25/21  (5)
o im afraid the 2001 creed thanksgiving halftime show will be fully operational    10/25/21  (3)
Jfc rly need some Adderall    10/25/21  (5)
Today in TOTALLY NORMAL and OK gay behavior (ATVpig) (guest post)    10/25/21  (14)
Do nocoiners understand the gravity of their situation    10/25/21  (47)
Today in TOTALLY NORMAL AND OKAY gay behavior (PoPperPIG)    10/25/21  (20)
TODAY IN TOTALLY NORMAL AND OKAY GAY BEHAVIOR (nycCulturepig)    10/25/21  (31)
Today in TOTALLY NORMAL AND OKAY GAY BEHAVIOR (TruckerPig)    10/25/21  (26)
I forced my bf to get the vax and he now admits it was dumb to worry about it    10/25/21  (6)
Today in totally NORMAL and Healthy gay behavior (doctorPiG)    10/25/21  (18)
Today in TOTALLY NORMAL AN OKAY GAY BEHAVIOR (chempig)    10/25/21  (10)
The Debate Over a Jefferson Statue Is Missing Some Surprising History    10/25/21  (3)
flipping thru chatroulette. every match is just nude luis jacking off.    10/25/21  (1)
Haunted House room with just luis chilling in jeans, eating chia yogurt    10/25/21  (5)
If Rudolph died, would it be 180, or 180 billion?    10/25/21  (11)
Libs eventually will tear down statues of Jefferson and Washington    10/25/21  (9)
Libs irate, as Sinema forces them to raise taxes on actual billionaires (WSJ)    10/25/21  (6)
Tits make different milk for boy tots & girl tots. GC doesn’t care. (Link)    10/25/21  (3)

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