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will libs go to war with Russia?    12/01/21  (2)
Trans woman smashes swimming records    12/01/21  (16)
High school shooter identified , pic itt    12/01/21  (23)
Was this police shooting justified or no? (video)    12/01/21  (60)
Feels like it's almost time for SOL to moon 🚀    12/01/21  (1)
Australia Plans Enormous Fines, INCARCERRATION For Vaccine Refusers    12/01/21  (3)
Mississippi woman gets life for 2oz of pot during traffic stop    12/01/21  (108)
Secular Jews tend to believe flyover whites are Nazis.    12/01/21  (76)
Some Twitter accounts I think worth following (NSAM 57)    12/01/21  (18)
S&P 500 has doubled in 5 years Dec 2016-Dec 2021    12/01/21  (30)
Getting my booster shot today    12/01/21  (82)
Good news of the day: Antifa tranny kills itself    12/01/21  (1)
a day in the life of Elizabeth Holmes    12/01/21  (4)
Hard times create strong men and fertile women    12/01/21  (8)
Ethan Crumbley's tight little asshole feeling the first, second third black cock    12/01/21  (1)
I'm starting to get concerned that there was no significant voter fraud.    12/01/21  (12)
Billie Eilish is a loser fraud 🤥 should he in gutter not have $ on shit drugs    12/01/21  (7)
U of Minnesota tells faggot Foo Fighters to fuck off    12/01/21  (12)
Has someone helped benzo yet? I'd kick in a Sol with proof of bonding him out    12/01/21  (19)
Lmao @ this tweet shitting on SOL    12/01/21  (31)
i could've sworn Biden came in 4th in Iowa, 5th in NH why is he potus    12/01/21  (4)
Buffett indicator is getting kooky    12/01/21  (20)
LOL WTF, left the house DOW+300, come back -200    12/01/21  (13)
Peterman is the Bill Brassky of xo    12/01/21  (1)
How unsafe is Mexico City    12/01/21  (43)
Why did stocks crash after being up big today?    12/01/21  (16)
benzo: Now, liberty, in case you've forgotten, is the soul's right to breathe    12/01/21  (5)
How far can they go w "far right Nazis think that" before majority of people say    12/01/21  (2)
RATE this picture I took of NYC while flying today (RSF)    12/01/21  (3)
According to XO, Peterman was a retarded loser who would never be succesful?    12/01/21  (22)
Whok couldnt be trusted with his own health. Patients should trust him w theirs?    12/01/21  (3)
Atlanta seeing record crime, elects "defund the police" lib as mayor    12/01/21  (14)
i’ve made so much money because of covid-19    12/01/21  (10)
Stacey Abrams is going to win AGAIN    12/01/21  (1)
Spaceporn calling on your office phone: “Squanch ME, nigga! Squanch ME, nigga!    12/01/21  (22)
Costco and Sam's aren't cheap and are scams unless. You have 13+ kids    12/01/21  (5)
Looks like “winter vagina” is another vaccine side effect (link)    12/01/21  (7)
For Biden’s next trick, the stock market will implode    12/01/21  (23)
Rate the holiday card from my pornstar intern (CSLG)    12/01/21  (16)
Are parents aware that this sort of thing is being posted on TikTok?    12/01/21  (20)
"It's just the flu" people were right    12/01/21  (5)
NYC Azns swoon as DeBlasio calls them "White Adjacent" to trick them 4 school bu    12/01/21  (12)
RSF do you ever feel youre a foreign interloper in Paris    12/01/21  (2)
Reminder: addy is poison!    12/01/21  (28)
Stocks are down again- can they DO that?    12/01/21  (3)
Cathie Wood just destroyed Michael Burry    12/01/21  (37)
So many fake 🤥 numbers all this so called wealth 🤑 is made up lie    12/01/21  (2)
honoria is the worst poster on the bort    12/01/21  (41)
All these billionaires are claiming way more wealth 🤑 than they really have    12/01/21  (1)
Is there any fucking evidence OMICRON is a big deal    12/01/21  (13)
Making $850k this year just doing sales (peterman)    12/01/21  (131)
To unfuck America, conservatives should consider approaching foreign govts    12/01/21  (34)
Biden whispering “some might call these reporters enemies of the people    12/01/21  (1)
WH Leak: Kamala shouting "That is NOT my job" heard from Oval Office (link)    12/01/21  (2)
Bitcoin is such fraud 🤥    12/01/21  (2)
We are just 9 variants away from the Omega    12/01/21  (1)
I don't think people have a clue why they're even wearing masks ljl    12/01/21  (2)
All police shootings are justifiable homicides    12/01/21  (1)
Can you lead? Ill be driving so will listen in and comment when needed    12/01/21  (7)
What percentage of Ashkenazi are olive skin vs completely white    12/01/21  (14)
PLTR and ARKK deep discounts!    12/01/21  (5)
ARKK to change ticker to LOL    12/01/21  (17)
"Don't worry about him. My past is my past. I used to have a summer vagina."    12/01/21  (1)
The masks these people are wearing are not effective    12/01/21  (1)
I can't. My winter vagina    12/01/21  (2)
Just ate a 180 winter vagina    12/01/21  (1)
I stand with the loot crews against corporate fascism    12/01/21  (1)
California loot crews now invading private residences    12/01/21  (124)
Wild classroom video of Michigan school shooting (vid)    12/01/21  (6)
PRO-TIP: J&J vaccine is not 'better'. It infects cells with DNA instead of mRNA.    12/01/21  (24)
big mac + mcchicken = $1.29    12/01/21  (15)
IS THIS THE CRASH    12/01/21  (1)
oh wow another 4 hour joe rogan deep dive into ivermectin    12/01/21  (1)
This graphic sums up everything Biden gave up to the Taliban (link)    12/01/21  (4)
Can some explain to me why we are still fighting over abortion?    12/01/21  (33)
Do Jewish chicks all get more jewish looking when they hit like 30 or something?    12/01/21  (18)
The Curious Case of Kurt Mitman (Karlstack)    12/01/21  (2)
Can't believe how many of you are religious. Some faggot in the sky? Seriously?    12/01/21  (42)
Sooo war with Russia over Ukraine is imminent?    12/01/21  (9)
NYT : first US omicron covid case found in a vaxmo    12/01/21  (2)
Would you enjoy this sex party ?    12/01/21  (9)
Fun fact: German men always pee sitting down.    12/01/21  (39)
Biden says the variants will help curb inflation    12/01/21  (1)
Michael feeding Barack Obama special candy to evolve his views    12/01/21  (1)
What will happen when the hoodrats realize they can do this to people's houses?    12/01/21  (125)
Benzo’s legal team: one guy with clown hair, another with 3-piece & pocketwatc    12/01/21  (20)
How much does a starting non invasive cardiologist make    12/01/21  (1)
Sotomayor actually heard a case about Sbarro (not flame)    12/01/21  (1)
Remember when Obama “evolved” re “gay marriage”?    12/01/21  (10)
Fuck Sandra bullock another piece of shit    12/01/21  (5)
Does Sotomayor know about the Sbarro schtick?    12/01/21  (4)
Just got dinged at job interview, second round.    12/01/21  (10)
it's all make-believe bullshit just do what u want    12/01/21  (1)
Check out new amateur porn website called skinnyfans.com    12/01/21  (8)
are you ready for several weeks of gay christmas monikers?    12/01/21  (9)
Sotomayor embarrassed herself in oral arguments    12/01/21  (19)
TSINAH logging into library computer to call Benzo poor    12/01/21  (22)
just lifted a car battery from some dipshit’s unlocked car    12/01/21  (1)
Looks like Benzo bailed out -- he's no longer listed in custody on VINE    12/01/21  (15)
Adams County ADA Chad Thurston here. Ask me anything    12/01/21  (2)
"Blame your problems on the Mexicans!" cackled the Jewish banker    12/01/21  (26)
Quoth the Gravens: "FOREVER POOR"    12/01/21  (41)
I am a member of Mensa, and I have a skyrocketing IQ.    12/01/21  (10)
"vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiinnnneee" (Jolene)    12/01/21  (3)
Chickfila 12 pack nugget combo now $13.99. WTF    12/01/21  (14)
All these frauds and celebrities are lucky frauds with caked on make up    12/01/21  (6)
ACB torn between desire to vote lib & desire to flood US with future dem voters    12/01/21  (3)
Was Henry VIII a good king?    12/01/21  (16)
meth addicts stole my car battery last night not flame lol, fuck america    12/01/21  (8)
I admit I’m really pissed still at Trump for not building The Wall    12/01/21  (29)
Rate this video from Chinese domestic Tiktok    12/01/21  (10)
I now have a 33in waist    12/01/21  (9)
MEDIA CONTROL is anagram for DELTA OMICRON    12/01/21  (1)
There’s clearly an XO poaster that writes for Succession    12/01/21  (34)
cowshit 11/29 megathread    12/01/21  (10)
anyone buy (not inherit) a ski / lake house in upstate new york / new england?    12/01/21  (6)
You have a $2000 phone and can't figure out how to save money 💰    12/01/21  (13)
Jew here. Ready to answer questions HONESTLY. Ask anything.    12/01/21  (12)
Ugh religion is so stupid brb getting my booster (XO)    12/01/21  (3)
no one would know or care about these "variants" without the media    12/01/21  (7)
I hoap Brandon doubles down on his covid rules    12/01/21  (4)
British man was HUGE 150 years ago, king of the Earth and all upon it    12/01/21  (1)
Is Montreal the undisputed "best" North American City?    12/01/21  (45)
Will Britons ever be SLAVES?    12/01/21  (6)
Why do lib women think they will have to wear old-timey pilgrim dresses if Roe v    12/01/21  (21)
Biden to announce all travelers to US must test and quarantine regardless of vax    12/01/21  (27)
GameFAQs has meltdown over Candace Owens saying blacks are most murderous group    12/01/21  (1)
Drop your dental insurance in America they demand cash now    12/01/21  (1)
very sad (or sick!) to see shitlib women furiously masturbate to Handmaid's Tale    12/01/21  (78)
Notice how they never talk about Krasner?    12/01/21  (3)
TT discuss BURMA itt    12/01/21  (4)
In my cold dead arm over a stack of bodies of the oppressors    12/01/21  (5)
Jewish Harvard prof: 'Jews must wage constant psych warfare against whites'    12/01/21  (47)
Sotomayor: CASEY WENT THRU EVERY STARE DECISIS FACTOR!!!!!    12/01/21  (3)
but what does the load bearing slash bear    12/01/21  (1)
another day of rooting around in the CODEPEN    12/01/21  (2)
Sitzpinkler crew rolling into parties ten deep, leaving with all the frauleins    12/01/21  (1)
This is it. End of the road. The Depression that should've happened 13 years ago    12/01/21  (21)
Latest Trafalgar poll (10/21/1805) has Nelson's approval at 36%    12/01/21  (2)
Is there seriously no argument for abortion that's even good?    12/01/21  (1)
Fauci: Everyone except illegal aliens need to be tested for COVID upon entry    12/01/21  (5)
I don't feel bad for one of these Hollywood frauds being looted or    12/01/21  (1)
Latest Trafalgar poll (11/30/2021) has Biden's approval at 36%    12/01/21  (25)
the media truly is the enemy of the people    12/01/21  (2)
Reminder that COVID-19 linked to 7 pt drop in IQ (larger than stroke)    12/01/21  (22)
Nig defrauds COVID relief loan programz, buys Lambo, Rolex, strippers    12/01/21  (2)
Moderna CEO: Omicron variant is HIGHLY INFECTIOUS...gonna need a DOUBLE DOSE    12/01/21  (1)
America should be looted and burned to NOTHING it's stolen native land    12/01/21  (5)
Do butt plugs and penis pumps help you with erections ?    12/01/21  (3)
Fuck apple Steve jobs a fucking weirdo dead over 10 years ljl    12/01/21  (4)

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