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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
i have 10s of mentions, about half by box, since i stopped posting a few days ag    05/29/22  (2)
80% return in 2 weeks repeating the same trade 6 times in a row (benzo)    05/29/22  (5)
It’s indisputable that southern whites are genetically inferior    05/29/22  (4)
guy across the bar “is there a reason you keep staring at me?”    05/29/22  (6)
Is there anything more alpha than having a near-fatal asthma attack in public?    05/29/22  (1)
Attack Heli and special forces insertion transport pilots > jet fighter pilots    05/29/22  (8)
Do you think we’re going to see civil armed conflict in the next 5 years?    05/29/22  (23)
Chick-fil-a ad with black adult, white kid who both had heart transplants is 180    05/29/22  (4)
The OFFICIAL Gervonta “Tank” Davis v Rolando “Rolly” Romero thread    05/29/22  (36)
Libs about to get FUCKED from WITHIN    05/29/22  (2)
AZNgirl humping white expat outside TT's juice stand    05/29/22  (4)
Wear pants above, across or below your belly?    05/29/22  (4)
things are better than ever for me    05/29/22  (2)
After great reset people will still need to shit, just without plumbing or water    05/29/22  (3)
New GF says she prefers ANAL. Should I be concerned?    05/29/22  (5)
what's the best laptop on the market nowadays?    05/29/22  (2)
I have no friends    05/29/22  (30)
just took a shroom    05/29/22  (3)
Big money bu$ine$$ just managing what humans force in their slop holes/ shit out    05/29/22  (1)
Fighter pilots (e.g. in real life and "Top Gun") are the pinnacle of Real Americ    05/29/22  (34)
Buttfucking a thick shrew is pretty much the most important thing a male can do    05/29/22  (9)
The thing after Great Reset might actually be really dope if u play ur cards rig    05/29/22  (6)
Rate this chick (pic)    05/29/22  (5)
Why don't we use drones on narco operations in Mexico?    05/29/22  (8)
Macho Man Randy Savage BITTEN by Jake the Snake's KING COBRA (vid)    05/29/22  (27)
What is the most PRESTIGIOUS Whiskey for reasonable price?    05/29/22  (45)
any golden retriever would've rushed in to save those kids    05/29/22  (2)
Whoa Fat Kevin, Ram-a-Lam    05/29/22  (1)
just let me finish taking the tampons out of the ice cream freezer my guy    05/29/22  (6)
are you sure thats whats up there my guy? i told him not to wear one.    05/29/22  (8)
Compiling a list of mass shootings where the FBI was tipped off (or involved)    05/29/22  (53)
what the fuck happened to XO :(    05/29/22  (77)
me & faggy retard 69ing while kenny watches pokemon and cuts his own hair    05/29/22  (1)
Every women is fucking 1-3 men at all times    05/29/22  (49)
How has not one Uvalde cop killed themself yet?    05/29/22  (35)
His Name Was Seth Smith (Karlstack)    05/29/22  (27)
Omg isn't Communism so cool? - some arsehole    05/29/22  (1)
Why is there an androgynous light bearer saying 'do what thou wilt' in NY harbor    05/29/22  (2)
Pittsburgh: home to numerous old money families who want to FUCKLIBS    05/29/22  (1)
Japanese man spends $21,600 on super realistic dog costume so he can be a dog    05/29/22  (29)
Did you know any pretentious pricks in college/LS that got humbled by life?    05/29/22  (46)
Entire U.S. Police Force Flees Country After Hearing Gunman Inside Nation    05/29/22  (1)
Ur son stepping into an Amazon box "Look dad, I'm living like a SOL HODLER!"    05/29/22  (2)
LOL my haters, just lol    05/29/22  (1)
today in "maybe ending the conservatorship was a bad idea":    05/29/22  (7)
XO is an intellectual gladiator arena    05/29/22  (7)
RATE the uvalde swat team    05/29/22  (3)
TX mulls putting trauma surgeons and operation rooms in all k12 schools (link)    05/29/22  (1)
2022 NCAA lacrosse playoffs: six (!) Ivy teams, one ACC team. LJL    05/29/22  (36)
Worst rape scene you've watched on film?    05/29/22  (60)
I am having a really hard time again and fear I'll never maek it :(    05/29/22  (19)
TT you should consider long term care insurance    05/29/22  (8)
lol at playground now just saw blonde toddler girl push asian autistic boy    05/29/22  (10)
When you're BUTTFUCKING a shrew & her shrew gas accidentally goes up ur dickhole    05/29/22  (6)
"UMC" retards will pay big premium just say it has bone marrow or chimichurri on    05/29/22  (2)
If you were a girl, would you ride the cock carousel    05/29/22  (16)
J-E-N-O-V-A from the Final Fantasy VII OST, except it's B-U-T-T-F-U-C-K-I-N-G    05/29/22  (1)
Give up all hope for kids and go on TRT?    05/29/22  (1)
Female incels do actually exist    05/29/22  (10)
i’ve never met a single kid who died in a school shooting    05/29/22  (9)
"And then you fucked my client's thick shrew ass? "Yes." "...Good."    05/29/22  (1)
then use your mouth "diamond hands"    05/29/22  (2)
Jackpot    05/29/22  (1)
mom called me the right honorable lord jizz of cum town again (dupa)    05/29/22  (15)
"That's a flat Asian ass. And I'm going to buttfuck it." "Y-yes handsome"    05/29/22  (1)
EPAH, might have a class action consumer fraud case for you    05/29/22  (3)
"I appreciate your passion, but u can't write ur master's thesis on buttfucking"    05/29/22  (2)
nursing homes just sedate the olds with painkillers until they get too addicted    05/29/22  (1)
Buttfucking was invented in 1865 by Sir Butt Fuckerton in London, England    05/29/22  (2)
"Your honor, this is exhibit A, which shows the plaintiff buttfucking my client"    05/29/22  (1)
Post ITT if you are proud of me.    05/29/22  (13)
bloodacre asking if the cum has microplastics as if anything could stop him from    05/29/22  (3)
don john but its sp putting sp jr into the "my porn" "my ride" categories    05/29/22  (2)
this youtube clip perfectly encapsulates XO humor    05/29/22  (1)
its not catfishing if it has a virtually rejuvenated watermark argued rsfs anus    05/29/22  (2)
Sir, did you just BUTTFUCK my wife? She needs a BUTTFUCKING.    05/29/22  (1)
i want my corpse to be found in a cheerful "welcome to vegas" suitcase (bom)    05/29/22  (2)
*chauvin tackling a fleeing 6 year old for running too fast in the hallway*    05/29/22  (2)
Floyd Mayweather and Paul Pierce named in major crypto scam.    05/29/22  (1)
if youre not working 80hrs/wk ur insane    05/29/22  (2)
Just booked this 180 dinner in Vegas (CSLG)    05/29/22  (48)
black pill links    05/29/22  (1)
cheating fixes all relationship issues    05/29/22  (5)
Chauvin Wouldn’t Hesistate: Ulvalde and the Adverse Selection of Cops (Karlsta    05/28/22  (9)
Being married is so fucking gay Jfc    05/28/22  (8)
Karlstack can you write an article based on my thread abt FBI & mass shootings?    05/28/22  (5)
Fatal flaw in Top Gun 2 beach scene: Zero trashy tats among millennials    05/28/22  (3)
You guys know that 40% of cops are domestic abusers, right?    05/28/22  (30)
Asked Communist friend how he reconciles it w/ governments being untrustworthy    05/28/22  (87)
Really want to get into hunting but I know nobody who does it    05/28/22  (8)
Starting YouTube channel called "I'm fat piece of shit w 6 fig debt" (TSINAH)    05/28/22  (7)
Need Mexican pizza, burrito and tacos right fucking now    05/28/22  (1)
Barber gave me another bowl cut today. Ridicurous! (kenny tp)    05/28/22  (13)
Lmao the Reds OF Pham slapped Joc Pederson pregame bc of Fantasy Football    05/28/22  (11)
HOLY SHIT I'M DRUNK AS FUCK SON    05/28/22  (3)
Daily Reminder: When pizza's on a bagel you can have pizza anytime    05/28/22  (1)
My cat is so Alpha he carries a razor with him    05/28/22  (13)
About to get FUCKED UP at the DISCO club    05/28/22  (1)
Got to see how Chads live life in autopilot today (link)    05/28/22  (14)
Can a person eat enough beans to prevent drowning?    05/28/22  (10)
Have you ever taken a shit on the floor of an apartment you were moving out of?    05/28/22  (15)
lib: "cops sucked ass, guess should have omnipotent state disarm everyone lol!"    05/28/22  (2)
Never heard Tsinah say "Miss Piggy have you ever thought of running away"    05/28/22  (6)
coward cops did the exact opposite of what they were told they should do    05/28/22  (4)
Why are lawyers such disgusting human beings?    05/28/22  (5)
goodfellas copacabana scene, but it's tsinah taking service elevator to his apt    05/28/22  (8)
Putin is dead.    05/28/22  (1)
Several drinks in poasting and having a great time    05/28/22  (29)
*cop shines flashlight on your cum-covered face* "you dick drunk son?"    05/28/22  (178)
Ever take a shit so perfect I grab it with ur bare hand?    05/28/22  (222)
Crypto has really taken a shit this year wow    05/28/22  (15)
Why do people believe Sandy Hook was a fake? Are they insane?    05/28/22  (53)
Rewatched Goodfellas tonight in honor of Ray Liota    05/28/22  (40)
So GOP, party of banning gay sex, now party of do or say anything you want?    05/28/22  (5)
beans are a superfood    05/28/22  (12)
Hollywood shocked Top Gun Maverick doing so well by appealing to older whites    05/28/22  (25)
RSF is basically stalking benzo    05/28/22  (3)
Limp Bizkit - Rolly (Romero)    05/28/22  (1)
Setting the record straight on BlackRock and housing    05/28/22  (22)
Trent Horn and Ari Shaffir team up for an incredible auditory experience    05/28/22  (1)
Starting a BBQ YouTube channel called "Sear Team Six" (TSINAH)    05/28/22  (4)
"Trent Horn" might have the weakest defense of Catholicism currently on computer    05/28/22  (3)
The sandy hook documentary on bitchute is wild.    05/28/22  (12)
RSF/RSF's wife/benzo cuck triangle like in "The Gift"    05/28/22  (1)
"All the kids are brown (alll the kids are brown), and/or fucking gay.."    05/28/22  (102)
Thick chunky jizz is a superfood    05/28/22  (2)
Cops discover tow yard driver flayed open, "had been kept alive for years" (LINK    05/28/22  (1)
Pauper felon benzo: "perfectly reasonable" to pro se and negotiate in open court    05/28/22  (1)
Fuck it im smoking weed tonite    05/28/22  (9)
TBF opens a patisserie, "Eclairs Comfort Her"    05/28/22  (12)
Guess who’s going to jail tonight?    05/28/22  (2)
CSLG what's on the slate for Memorial Day? Are you going to do a cookout?    05/28/22  (5)
DIKES get wrong CUM at CUMBANK. NIGGER pops out.    05/28/22  (269)
Benzo how do you deal with RECTAL BLEEDING?    05/28/22  (6)
Rate this quote from William Cooper on June 28, 2001    05/28/22  (4)
Sex with men for Jesus.    05/28/22  (1)
let's discuss POSITIVE EUGENICS itt:    05/28/22  (13)
George Floyd 2 year anniversary pic a reminder of what we’ve lost (link)    05/28/22  (7)
Shut up Zappin    05/28/22  (1)
Oh I'm sorry, did your little bitch boi brain break?    05/28/22  (1)
Take his rubber off, bro.    05/28/22  (33)
"I don't believe Sandy Hook happened. But I believe everyone on xo is tall" (xo    05/28/22  (1)
Bought a Breville espresso machine on a whim. CR purchase?    05/28/22  (39)
Rate this objective 2 who took do's advice and grew a beard and became a model    05/28/22  (6)
I'm gay    05/28/22  (2)
UCLA 25 Oregon St 22 (baseball)    05/28/22  (3)
Sex With Men.... for Rupees    05/28/22  (8)
I have more tattoos than you have sperm.    05/28/22  (1)
"You don't have a job. That's why youre here [in the middle of the day]"    05/28/22  (2)
holy shit FBI is really getting sloppy with their false flag shootings (LINK)    05/28/22  (12)

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