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Bro that owns 2nd home in Uvalde TX taking ?    05/24/22  (8)
Any XO approved solutions to school shootings?    05/24/22  (134)
George Takei: I'm more of a MAN than Tucker Carlson    05/24/22  (14)
CR to just wfh from some flophouse on the blackrock plantation?    05/24/22  (5)
TOP GUN: Maverick was fucking GREAT    05/24/22  (12)
Golden Retriever Puppy Friend Saying I Love You (pic)    05/24/22  (3)
pedude, I got a vasectomy. you can rawdog me now.    05/24/22  (7)
Every NBA game is a blowout now lol    05/24/22  (3)
What red state area is CR for home prices?    05/24/22  (13)
Marjorie Taylor Greene wins reelection and George P Bush loses    05/24/22  (4)
i think Dark Energy is the most important scientific discovery of our time    05/24/22  (2)
Why didn’t scholars of olde write treatises complaining about phenotype?    05/24/22  (46)
i'd spend 10s of dollars on superchats on cslg's youtube livestream    05/24/22  (1)
Do skinny/fit girls prefer small dicks?    05/24/22  (27)
The San Diego Zoo was 180 today (TSINAH)    05/24/22  (30)
and now for the jew's next trick...    05/24/22  (2)
Do I have a bad attitude? Someone accused me today of being negative.    05/24/22  (6)
Today's shooting totally validates TT and libs today    05/24/22  (14)
Shamelessly soliciting things to listen to    05/24/22  (21)
Better to have a dozen school shootings than a single Drag Queen Story Hour    05/24/22  (2)
NBA betting king giving advice for Mavs GSW Game 4. Go all in on Mavs today    05/24/22  (3)
I don't even go outside anymore. Fucking hate this god damn country    05/24/22  (4)
It's Sick but today is a YUUUGE political win for libs    05/24/22  (10)
Turn to your right. Turn to your left.    05/24/22  (2)
Is there a bigger prole tell than “gun ownership”?    05/24/22  (79)
what do hedge fund managers who blow up their funds do after?    05/24/22  (33)
Lesser-known market bubbles that are primed to burst?    05/24/22  (45)
Wow, Uvalde County is MAGA Country.    05/24/22  (2)
Taylor Lorenz trying to police journalism again (link)    05/24/22  (1)
New text-to-image network from Google beats DALL-E    05/24/22  (9)
Lol, Mavs soundly beating shitlib Warriors, game stopped because of "roof leak"    05/24/22  (5)
Kraftwerk - Tour de France (Etape 1).ngr    05/24/22  (3)
WHY did tsinah represent his gf was an 8.5 then allow her to be photographed    05/24/22  (67)
Stunning new Bangladeshi porn star Numi Zarah.    05/24/22  (5)
Do your impression of exeunt in a bear market    05/24/22  (4)
a crazy catlady pussy for every incel    05/24/22  (5)
Classics has been skinsuited for years and years    05/24/22  (35)
I'm in Dallas - it's a complete shithole    05/24/22  (73)
Whok Beterbiev JSJ odds are insane    05/24/22  (26)
I have WAY fewer disciples than box or nutella imho    05/24/22  (21)
How much wealth is realistic to achieve as a lawyer?    05/24/22  (7)
This shooting is shitlib shitborg's last stand before November.    05/24/22  (1)
“Gimme back my birthright you little shit!” *Esau chases Jacob down stairs*    05/24/22  (5)
If "Ramos Salvador" is an illegal, we won't here anymore about this    05/24/22  (24)
XO not taking small children being murdered today shows it's all over    05/24/22  (4)
Shitlib shitborg is sure excited today.    05/24/22  (1)
should i go to law school to try to find a wife    05/24/22  (1)
"The Great Escape" except Gentiles fleeing kike sim nightmare    05/24/22  (16)
It is impossible to get pussy in this economy    05/24/22  (2)
10.1k Right-wing & libertarian men, we hate you.    05/24/22  (9)
They let a freaky 18yo man in ti murder small children and staff?    05/24/22  (3)
btw just in case you haven't noticed FLW's new moniker is Pentti Linkola    05/24/22  (1)
saw an up close pic of a vag and nearly puked    05/24/22  (2)
Friend got gas for $3.84 in bumblefuck america today    05/24/22  (12)
Simp tell: looking at girls on IG    05/24/22  (14)
Paying for TSINAH to do a fitness boot camp (CSLG)    05/24/22  (12)
My hot organic gf jumped in the hippo exhibit at the SD zoo (pic)    05/24/22  (1)
no point in castrating BOOM because he's already confined to a wheelchair    05/24/22  (1)
🥂 🅝🅘🅖🅖🅔🅡 🦍🍗🇮🇱🍉    05/24/22  (11)
EPAH has a tiny dick lmao    05/24/22  (6)
How did libs whip up slick memes& slogans so fast after this latest shooting    05/24/22  (2)
World War 1 - Summary/Timeline on a Map (vid)    05/24/22  (4)
****OFFICIAL BETTER CALL SAUL S607 DISCUSSION****    05/24/22  (118)
TSINAH serious Q: can u see ur penis without moving your belly?    05/24/22  (1)
Explain what a legit hot girl gets out of doing porn    05/24/22  (38)
neoliberal feudalism / consuela is an absolute moron    05/24/22  (10)
America is vile shit..    05/24/22  (9)
"Dentistry" is a WHOLESALE FRAUD being perpetuated on the American public    05/24/22  (5)
Is there a bigger prole tell than “eating out”?    05/24/22  (1)
They legalized rape.    05/24/22  (1)
Shortmos, here's a 180 lifehack: buy a California King and turn it SIDEWAYS    05/24/22  (15)
Parents of these kids have to give dna samples to ID them    05/24/22  (9)
Wendy’s training video from the 80s holy shit    05/24/22  (6)
Who is the fraud that is stalking me any saying evil hurtful things? Anyone know    05/24/22  (1)
True or False: running a mile and walking a mile burns the same calories    05/24/22  (52)
Do you know about Gabby Petito connection to Sandy Hook?    05/24/22  (36)
Burger king coupon 3 whoppers 3 cheeseburgers 3 fries 3 drinks $12.99    05/24/22  (20)
US House voted 420-1 to condem antisemitism...XO Thomas Massie    05/24/22  (38)
Check out this spider dood I just rescued    05/24/22  (11)
am i really below average to you guys or are people just being mean?    05/24/22  (262)
When TSINAH's gf dumps his pathetic ass I'm gonna laugh so hard    05/24/22  (1)
After Campus Uproar, Princeton Proposes to Fire Tenured Professor    05/24/22  (39)
LJL @ how DUMB xo posters are for believing the Petito/Sandy Hook conspiracy    05/24/22  (1)
The Taliban should start exporting trad wives    05/24/22  (13)
I have chills abs feel them creepy erie chills about this shooting today    05/24/22  (2)
Domingo Hernandez from Uvalde getting into Harvard with 2.7    05/24/22  (1)
Boomer cop reading Garfield book in school library as your kids die    05/24/22  (32)
This dead fucking fraud shooter killer shot his grandmother and a federal agent    05/24/22  (1)
The authorities come when it's too late..very sad    05/24/22  (1)
Boom: what worries you the most?    05/24/22  (2)
IG of the girl the shooter messaged before the shooting    05/24/22  (18)
Is Biden the most 120 POTUS since Carter?    05/24/22  (64)
Gabby Petito in Uvalde High Memorial video    05/24/22  (5)
Bboom shut the fuck up you weird faggot before i rape you    05/24/22  (13)
Davíd Hoggzalez recounting gunman's rampage to Univision reporter in broken spa    05/24/22  (3)
lost $69k on SIMPcoin    05/24/22  (1)
hey neoliberal consuelaism - shut the fuck up with your bad Russia takes    05/24/22  (7)
So this is the deadliest female spree killer in history, right?    05/24/22  (1)
200 zillion bamboo ballots for China found in 7th Cyber Ninjas recount (link)    05/24/22  (3)
CONservative scum, where in Constitution is Semiautomatic rifle enumerated right    05/24/22  (1)
the entire amber herd/johnny depp trial seems like a satanic ritual    05/24/22  (4)
If u judge a movie by its rabid fans u should be repulsed by Star Wars    05/24/22  (1)
She's Not Yours. Don't SIMP.    05/24/22  (1)
Caesar dressing is just ranch with anchovies    05/24/22  (29)
I think I’m going to die of a brain aneurism tonight    05/24/22  (3)
did boom start a nootropic regimen    05/24/22  (2)
Could you live off $100K? Be honest    05/24/22  (40)
Who texted Indian Bronson?    05/24/22  (10)
2018: Sergio Ramos 2022: Salvador Ramos    05/24/22  (1)
If the name is Ramos, libs will "vamos!"    05/24/22  (15)
i love start wars because they call God "the force" haha    05/24/22  (2)
What was the worst sport injury you saw when you played K-12 sports?    05/24/22  (12)
Just had my heart broken by a girl I *thought* liked me    05/24/22  (3)
for the last time if you have to complain about delivery fees, you shouldnt be o    05/24/22  (1)
(namefagging) down 300% since that thread    05/24/22  (6)
provocatively bald    05/24/22  (4)
Libs will lose their shit when NY concealed carry ban gets overturned this summe    05/24/22  (1)
xo Daily Mail: Heroic CPB officer rushed to scene & shot spic shooter    05/24/22  (1)
Can you imagine how cringe George Carlin would be if he was still around today    05/24/22  (48)
Okay to wear a Paddy Pimblett haircut in BigLaw?    05/24/22  (6)
ITT: i ask for your honest opinion then tell you why your opinion is wrong :))))    05/24/22  (1)
Every sports team has a designated tard/terminal cancer/downs fan now    05/24/22  (1)
The bible is a metaphor ya dingus    05/24/22  (1)
Can you guess what city had the highest murder rate in the world in 2017?    05/24/22  (19)
18 children killed in latest shooting (link)    05/24/22  (2)
Is being called "Jackie" really that traumatizing?    05/24/22  (17)
cslg: when are you going to become a legal commentary youtuber?    05/24/22  (7)
which are the BEST firearms to stockpile pre-ban?    05/24/22  (3)
Biden says US would DIE FOR TAIWAN if China invaded    05/24/22  (77)
Creampie nutella, have her push out the cum & eat it, while her husband watches    05/24/22  (10)
RATE the high-powered women of Akin Gump    05/24/22  (10)
Decades-old video games that were really never surpassed    05/24/22  (219)
radical feminist loves dolling herself up for her boyfriend    05/24/22  (3)
Pizza delivery charges are insane now.    05/24/22  (66)
how old were these "keeds"    05/24/22  (1)
Rate this ugly female getting roasted by Redditors    05/24/22  (2)
Just like the shitskin trannies they had on the Mayflower    05/24/22  (2)
Turns out there's no secret to life except utter gay boring shit constantly    05/24/22  (4)
Not a lawyer - does "shall not be infringed" have any "wiggle room"?    05/24/22  (4)
Everybody Loves Ramos    05/24/22  (2)
I would like to have sex with nutella    05/24/22  (15)
GGG opens up as a 3:1 underdog against Saul Canelo Alvarez    05/24/22  (1)
Large Dairy Queen Mint Oreo Blizzard has 2700 calories    05/24/22  (4)
LJL Trump's GA candidates doing worse than RSF on the LSAT    05/24/22  (1)
DAILY REMINDER: TSINAH is fat and disgusting    05/24/22  (8)
Not a pot head but local dispensary has online ordering and delivery    05/24/22  (6)
Boom lets just chill out and wear maternity bras    05/24/22  (2)
Just bought another Glock 19. Fuck you Libs    05/24/22  (9)

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