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PREDICTION: Russia sinks a US carrier, our response?    01/24/22  (33)
Could this collection of states exist as a country?    01/24/22  (63)
Honestly rooting for Putin at this point. Ukraine to USSR is a win-win.    01/24/22  (11)
hey RSF how long do you think your faggy little "puppy" would last in microwave?    01/24/22  (14)
McKayla Maroney nudes    01/24/22  (43)
fresh juice nationalism    01/24/22  (1)
Bengals take care of PuffBoy Mahomes for the SECOND time and then win SuperBowl    01/24/22  (2)
Can you snort unisom    01/24/22  (2)
MAHOMES GOT GOT ljl at Kansas city frauds    01/24/22  (6)
Dumber WW3 scenario: Ukraine or Taiwan ?    01/24/22  (49)
Just sold ALL my cryptos, including SOLRISE. Bear market CONFIRMED.    01/24/22  (161)
Lol at that fraud Mahomes and Kansas city lose again lol at retarded    01/24/22  (3)
well if you change your mind let me know haha    01/24/22  (6)
Xo Josh Allen pushing Mahomes's shit in on national television    01/24/22  (8)
Patrick Mahomes was a flash in the pan.    01/24/22  (2)
Mahomes is garbage and these contracts are fraud 🤥 fake money    01/24/22  (2)
Merrill Lynch FIRES top 25 producer because of 'racist tirade' (link)    01/24/22  (232)
Jon Jones has two HUGE nig brothers in the NFL holy shit    01/24/22  (2)
You ever see a plane passenger make a stink about being between two fatties?    01/24/22  (17)
Seeking arrangement?    01/24/22  (86)
Billie Eilish nudes    01/24/22  (23)
tmf/dbg explain    01/24/22  (2)
SOLtards, how does it feel to lose 2/3 your life savings in a month?    01/24/22  (3)
German Navy Chief Handsome is racist XO Poaster    01/24/22  (8)
If race is a social construct why is it racist if someone can't see race?    01/24/22  (1)
Having sex with women is gay    01/24/22  (1)
LJL at kikesuela (“neoliberal feudalism”) LARPing as an antivaxxer    01/24/22  (29)
I hope all you cointards commit suicide    01/24/22  (1)
why does consuela think he can successfully get away with tough guy shtick now    01/24/22  (2)
Marin County Cilic vs Canadian Nig Felix is a good match #tennis    01/24/22  (1)
Go ON RECORD, how does Ukraine situation end?    01/24/22  (44)
Is Gronk done here? Sad to see this duo go away.    01/24/22  (1)
eating pussy is the most unnatural thing imaginable-who invented this sick shit?    01/24/22  (91)
how the hell did an objective atrocity like "abortion" ever become accepted    01/24/22  (143)
AP FACT CHECK: Misleading to say Hospitals use race to prioritize treatment    01/24/22  (41)
DIAGNOSIS: xoxohth suffers from mass COINTARDATION    01/24/22  (1)
so exeunt won't admit when he liquidated his SOL position?    01/24/22  (1)
Lol the red wave in this years election is going to be hilarious    01/24/22  (97)
What's the appeal of giving oral to a woman? Srsly.    01/24/22  (13)
If you can find a more fun and hilarious law firm let me know    01/24/22  (10)
Number of childless, never married men and women over 35 rising    01/24/22  (5)
If Biden drops the ball on Ukraine as bad as Afghanistan, America is done here    01/24/22  (8)
Saudi-Thai Blue Diamond Affair    01/24/22  (2)
you smile because you submit as a beta    01/24/22  (2)
hey whok, is Pattaya a beautiful city? What's the best part (exclude gay scene)    01/24/22  (2)
MAhoMes is a pussy Brady will school his ass again    01/24/22  (4)
SOL on sale. 2 for $150    01/24/22  (1)
All Brady does is win..Mahomes is a fluke kicked his ass last super bowl    01/24/22  (3)
ever done paid medical studies for cash?    01/24/22  (4)
SOL $89    01/24/22  (1)
Really grating how this spic I know who went to Harvard Extension claims HUG    01/24/22  (24)
Justice would be Bengals winning superbowl    01/24/22  (1)
should I take nudes?    01/24/22  (6)
JJC hangs "This is SEC Country" sign outside Chicago Accenture cubicle    01/24/22  (21)
Is it possible to have a conventional war without escalating to nuclear war?    01/24/22  (3)
Marshawn Lynch RETIRES top 25 rusher because of 'beast mode' (link)    01/24/22  (1)
2nd grade yearbook photo in Oregon (pic)    01/24/22  (5)
Biden can’t appear to take two foreign policy Ls, so he has to stop Russia?    01/24/22  (1)
Joe Pera Talks With You is a 180 show    01/24/22  (9)
“Joe Pera Talks With You” is the best TV show since the original British Off    01/24/22  (6)
Killing of a Sacred Deer was the most underrated movie of the last few years    01/24/22  (10)
Spoiler alert: in season 2 you find out the blind gf is doobs.    01/24/22  (1)
Danesh: I've identified this man as James Iannazzo of being racist and assaulti    01/24/22  (24)
Imagine licking pussy in the Tinder era. You're eating another man's herpes and    01/24/22  (21)
What net worth at 40 to be considered middle class?    01/24/22  (99)
Peloton (PTON) BANKRUPTCY WATCH    01/23/22  (92)
How many females currently post on xo? and what percent are crazy?    01/23/22  (12)
Los Angles just mandated N-95s for all students    01/23/22  (8)
What's the difference between an N-95 and a KN-95 mask?    01/23/22  (3)
Sick of dealing with wife's 🐦🧠shit    01/23/22  (1)
Haha ohh ur a guy who had his COCK inside my wife before me... Nice to meet u    01/23/22  (1)
Why are cocks so aesthetic and vaginas so ugly?    01/23/22  (1)
Blown out puss, wide open lips, permanently exposed hole    01/23/22  (216)
Aaron Rodgers thought he was going to the Super Bowl but it was just a false poz    01/23/22  (1)
The original Doobs pisswyrm pic    01/23/22  (1)
New NFL overtime rule . . .    01/23/22  (31)
sorry tom    01/23/22  (7)
so how long have you been hairdressing for?    01/23/22  (1)
Rate this naked asian chick having a psychotic breakdown on a car    01/23/22  (13)
I'm transitioning to female (Evan39)    01/23/22  (9)
RATE this painting I made    01/23/22  (1)
"uh no sp its not called splitting the adam" "then explain to john walsh's kid"    01/23/22  (3)
Buffalo Bils have signed Sarah Fuller 3 year/$14m    01/23/22  (1)
Would u rather be obtain knowledge of the Truth or achieve lifelong contentment?    01/23/22  (13)
Understood point. Not all trans women are into men.    01/23/22  (7)
could Russia beat the "US" military in Europe?    01/23/22  (32)
Can't believe I took cold showers based on advice from here    01/23/22  (2)
Not republican, just vaccinated    01/23/22  (1)
Offering to suck any poaster's cock tonight, not flame    01/23/22  (7)
Anyone here still not get COVID somehow?    01/23/22  (30)
Why does FBI care so much about people making illegal copies of pr0n vids? I've    01/23/22  (2)
Palin v. NYT defmation trial starts tomorrow in Mannahatta    01/23/22  (1)
rate this tiktok "lady law professor" and her air travel getup    01/23/22  (4)
"Munich" on Netflix is good so far    01/23/22  (3)
what are some nice southern college towns    01/23/22  (6)
So many gorgeous Asian girls on TikTok    01/23/22  (16)
Girl punches another chick's eyeball out of her head.    01/23/22  (22)
Canadian journo vacays in FL to escape lockdowns, complains about no lockdown    01/23/22  (51)
i remember crying as a kid in Rochester NY, when Cowboys beat Bills in 92    01/23/22  (7)
Emergency meeting of xoxo boxing aficionados re: dupa's absence yesterday    01/23/22  (2)
Alzheimer's wife forgot she was mad at me    01/23/22  (1)
of DC, Baltimore & Philly, which city has most savage brutal nigs?    01/23/22  (4)
guy with Alzheimer's made fun of my mental clarity    01/23/22  (2)
'Yeah, no Peanuts but some Meth is okay' - Birdshit Dad @ Smoothie Shop    01/23/22  (5)
find it deeply erotic how women duped into degrading selves in name of 'feminism    01/23/22  (2)
Reminder: Wag the Dog (1997)    01/23/22  (1)
Do Indians give their kids modest nicknames?    01/23/22  (16)
Nicole Gibbs Retires: Will Attend Law School #tennis #wilbur    01/23/22  (5)
"He's not perfect, but spics shouldn't have put peanuts in the-- who just joined    01/23/22  (2)
Mainlining whats pussy like in PNW?    01/23/22  (6)
Lol at SOL    01/23/22  (3)
Trump begging for applause at Mar-A-Lago Big Brunch (vid)    01/23/22  (2)
Larry Nassar should receive a full pardon    01/23/22  (1)
Lying in bed posting heinous racisms in my boxer shorts for 3 hours    01/23/22  (28)
4 of the Top 10 all time greatest men's tennis players were American. Name them.    01/23/22  (45)
Do I end up on a list if I don't make my CA Elimination of Bias contribution?    01/23/22  (1)
SOL to $80    01/23/22  (2)
lmfao 2022 is 1/2 way over    01/23/22  (2)
Kafka wrote a 60-page letter to his father calling him out as a huge asshole    01/23/22  (4)
Reminder: jjc once NOWAG'd so hard he called in sick to work    01/23/22  (15)
hypo: perfect 10 but she only listens to early 90s Candyman cassettes    01/23/22  (2)
XO Karlstack is going to get Biden's Fed nominee blocked 180    01/23/22  (45)
rate this KEYFOB video I took of an Asian hooker    01/23/22  (72)
a grizzled-looking 40-year-old beachcomber    01/23/22  (1)
ITT: Full text of Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason"    01/23/22  (6)
i come to America, I suck HVAC's dick, i put food on table. what you do? you hit    01/23/22  (2)
told woman at work she was rather 'beat-looking'    01/23/22  (1)
In “Chantilly Lace” what was the Big Bopper’s gf asking him to do? Eat her    01/23/22  (3)
that slight potbelly u had @23, were determined to turned into abs, still there    01/23/22  (3)
For all the mocking jjc gets on here, you have to admit the guy is right about    01/23/22  (40)
smelly, hairy, cellulite shrew butthold groundering your face    01/23/22  (17)
I know somebody here must have buttfucked Clay Aiken in early 2000s    01/23/22  (4)
Spics moved in next door and they are loud as FUCK    01/23/22  (49)
"I have my eye on a few chicks" hissed JJC in night vision goggles    01/23/22  (122)
just put me in the silicon cage already    01/23/22  (1)
lcollins/ - Down for everyone or just me?
   01/23/22  (5)
Ana Armas is insanely 180 in new Bond movie    01/23/22  (7)
a couple years ago, everyone on xoxo had sworn off the NFL    01/23/22  (15)
lol at any college football game being this good    01/23/22  (32)
naked man goes hulk and fights moving car    01/23/22  (1)
There are really 3 types of people    01/23/22  (75)
asians, explain yourselves (video)    01/23/22  (1)
Work at a European firm, AMA    01/23/22  (317)
how is the average single salary income in the U.S. still $60k?    01/23/22  (33)
LOL @ bills fans screaming about the defense coaching. That was on the players    01/23/22  (2)
big covid restrictions protests in Europe again    01/23/22  (5)
'Rupinder' means 'Greatest Beauty'. You are a Rupinder, friend!    01/23/22  (2)
Just got in a fist fight in my building with a nigger    01/23/22  (32)
Do any poasters personally know anyone who got RAVAGED by covid?    01/23/22  (35)
Millie Bobby Brown has already hit the wall ljl    01/23/22  (4)

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