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battle of the bilge: board's shittiest writer? has to be rsf. tbf a close 2nd.    01/26/22  (7)
latest genetic research shows Ashkenazi Jews aren't really jewish    01/26/22  (10)
🚨🚨🚨 Justice Breyer is retiring 🚨🚨🚨    01/26/22  (85)
/r/antiwork is going crazy over their Fox News interview    01/26/22  (72)
Chicks who wear hoodies that cover their short shorts    01/26/22  (15)
To be fair, *writes word salad ESL screed*    01/26/22  (29)
"Time to get the body of my dreams" says the 34 year old balding lawyer    01/26/22  (41)
Alex Berenson now convinced vaccines make you more susceptible to infection    01/26/22  (29)
Lawyers, do you think about/does it bother you how much you are hated?    01/26/22  (9)
I have never lost at wordle—20/20    01/26/22  (2)
Rach pls ban anti-lawyer posting here    01/26/22  (9)
Biden Admin LEAKED Breyer retirement to FORCE HIS HAND    01/26/22  (27)
Look at the minds of libs re: a flagrant shoplifter    01/26/22  (18)
Lawyers should be curb stomped, shot, burned alive and cannibalized on TV    01/26/22  (13)
Is TSINAH the biggest loser in xo history? likely yes    01/26/22  (8)
PREDICT the Menu for Hideki Matsuyama's Masters Champions Dinner #golf    01/26/22  (29)
The board gays (Henry Aaron, pedude, evan39) are really creepy and republican    01/26/22  (25)
Dupa Lipo    01/26/22  (18)
What is your take on the Lib claim that "Billionaires shouldnt exist"    01/26/22  (270)
Lmao at the top post on Reddit this morning    01/26/22  (59)
Finally caught covid 19.    01/26/22  (13)
Blind girl is now blind gf    01/26/22  (391)
Being in the NICU, seeing your newborn with a tube in his throat, is hell    01/26/22  (77)
Then she pulled away and whispered, “do you wanna have sex?”    01/26/22  (4)
doobs: rhymes with boobs, u: poast    01/26/22  (5)
To be honest, Plaintiffs lawyers have made the country objectively worse    01/26/22  (8)
Name one lower form of life than lawyers.    01/26/22  (6)
serious q: why cant trump voters gather in large numbers w/o homicide happening?    01/26/22  (12)
Random men are dming your wife/gf offering to be sugar daddies    01/26/22  (17)
why are trannies so insane    01/26/22  (5)
evan39, do you ever hook up with guys other than Chad?    01/26/22  (1)
6 million a year but you have to fuck a random reddit tranny daily    01/26/22  (1)
liberals win when the only person who gets hard for candy is rsf (tucker carlso    01/26/22  (1)
Haagen Dazs is so far superior to Ben & Jerry’s, not even close    01/26/22  (2)
It's all just atoms floating, spinning vibrating. "you" and nothing else exist.    01/26/22  (1)
blind gf and cane gf fighting over you, ripping each other's clothes off    01/26/22  (1)
Who is the NBAs best player? Jokic, or Doncic?    01/26/22  (2)
Biden: "SCOTUS nominee will be articulate & bright & clean & a nice-looking    01/26/22  (1)
a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation    01/26/22  (2)
Lol at not wearing diapers especially during covid. Enjoy soiled clothes    01/26/22  (6)
ЛОЛ ХАХА    01/26/22  (1)
Still remember watching BLM riots where they attacked a shop owner’s wife    01/26/22  (1)
Where will Djoker and Nadal finish on the list of total titles? #tennis    01/26/22  (45)
US Surgeon General: "Spotify should deplatform Joe Rogan"    01/26/22  (4)
Kamala for SCOTUS, Pete Buttifag becomes VP    01/26/22  (10)
Lol @ Biden    01/26/22  (1)
how many "close" friends of yours actually live in your city?    01/26/22  (23)
Is Zion National Park overrated? Seems like Moab (Canyonlands) is more scenic?    01/26/22  (36)
Video/FAA report of UFO over Atlantic City - wtf    01/26/22  (2)
getting an MRI right now, taking q's (TSINAH)    01/26/22  (9)
Watchmos: is a 45mm case too big?    01/26/22  (30)
Wow the Mandalorian is awful    01/26/22  (27)
TRUMP IS RUNNING BABY (LINK)    01/26/22  (65)
What happens if Jeopardy! tranny beats Ken Jenning's record?    01/26/22  (1)
Hunter Biden went to YLS; Joe should nominate him    01/26/22  (3)
BigTitted Heide Iravani went to YLS; Joe should nominate her    01/26/22  (1)
Can't wait for a Lisa Cook type nominee to the Supreme Court    01/26/22  (1)
Biden nominates Tyler Perry as Madea to SCOTUS    01/26/22  (2)
Why doesn't Biden appoint Kamala to SCOTUS and get her out of his hair    01/26/22  (3)
Rate my teaching evaluations    01/26/22  (9)
Biden’s SCOTUS nominee better be a woman of size and color    01/26/22  (1)
foxnews interviews "benzo" leader of AutoAdmit    01/26/22  (7)
matzo soup is literally balls of bread sitting in hot water    01/26/22  (19)
Khaleesi, you will bear children when the SOL rises in the price    01/26/22  (2)
can't believe i lived 95% of my life thinking space, moon landings, were real    01/26/22  (1)
Where is the Jewish Amazon?    01/26/22  (2)
ITT: picture of a lib utopia (link)    01/26/22  (5)
Holy fucking shit women are stupid and useless lol    01/26/22  (6)
me & luis are going to gentrify stockton    01/26/22  (13)
Black women are fun for the most part    01/26/22  (4)
School held secret "gender identity" meetings w/student. Kid tried to killself    01/26/22  (12)
Ukraine fucked up by giving up its nukes    01/26/22  (1)
reminder: the SEMITIC bagel is just a sad low rent attempt at the ARYAN pretzel    01/26/22  (21)
Breyer's Seat is considered the "Jewish Seat" on the Supreme Court    01/26/22  (14)
/r/antiwork just went private    01/26/22  (15)
How It Feels to Be an Asian Student in an Elite Public School [NYT]    01/26/22  (66)
Latina and mexican ladies will open fertile legs give you all the babies u want    01/26/22  (49)
Mechanics of retail banks creating new money    01/26/22  (10)
Stephen Breyer will be the last white male liberal on SCOTUS.    01/26/22  (8)
Illinois really cold=why?    01/26/22  (3)
I think xo is just a place to vent..you can have a nice cush life if you want    01/26/22  (1)
Everyone is shoplifting and stealing stuff these days    01/26/22  (5)
Seems like every EU country is dropping vax mandates and lockdowns (link)    01/26/22  (1)
Russia should just join NATO and move on and have 180 life    01/26/22  (17)
"FUCK LIIIIIIBS!" *HenryAaron runs to produce aisle, fat security guard chasing*    01/26/22  (29)
Poll: Can we trust the Germans?    01/26/22  (4)
Senate confirms Justice Homogay to the High Court    01/26/22  (14)
tomorrow: your last chance to buy SOL under $250    01/26/22  (66)
What % of XO's hatred of Indians can be attributed to envy? At least 50%?    01/26/22  (2)
wait so r/antiwork is just another tranny board?    01/26/22  (3)
"Of course I trust you. You're a Nigerian prince!" (Lsd)    01/26/22  (8)
There is something Nazi related in Netflix Top 10 every day    01/26/22  (4)
DeSantis is nothing more than an establishment Romney-lite creature    01/26/22  (26)
When these "people" burry their vaxxed kids, will they see the light?    01/26/22  (2)
Three plus articles about urban types murdering whites on daily mail front page    01/26/22  (1)
Psaki: "Biden stands by his promise to nominate a NEGRESS to SCOTUS"    01/26/22  (1)
ive started just ordering things off of the kids menu    01/26/22  (8)
Lsd why are you carefully avoiding all your AZ audit threads?    01/26/22  (42)
Do any mid-IQ gender-confused genetically modified organisms poast here?    01/26/22  (4)
"But I Kraken from there!" Lsd shrieked    01/26/22  (1)
"Fraud vitiates everything" - LSD to the orderly as he finds clozapine in yogurt    01/26/22  (6)
tt going from most hated to most loved just with some mild trump pandering    01/26/22  (2)
Welcome to C.U.M. (Canada, US, Mexico)    01/26/22  (5)
a gallon of milk is actually an obscene amount of milk lol    01/26/22  (19)
watching 'You' (the show), jfc this is awful    01/26/22  (15)
Did Trump have ANY victories in court over election fraud claims?    01/26/22  (27)
About to make some Ragu and cry    01/26/22  (2)
I always thought "This little piggy went to the market" meant it was shopping    01/26/22  (33)
Wordle    01/26/22  (166)
Rate this electoral map (Trump 330-Biden 208)    01/26/22  (29)
do libs ever take breaks in their daily revelry for destruction    01/26/22  (5)
Supreme Court Justice Michelle Obama. Learn to say this name.    01/26/22  (12)
North Korea: We will resume long range missile tests    01/26/22  (11)
TSINAH, life has a restart button. Call 407-BANKRUPT    01/26/22  (3)
New SCOTUS pick citing for every footnote "lived experience" in majority opinion    01/26/22  (5)
Spotify PURGING Joe Rogan's podcasts. 42 Podcasts are now FOREVER GONE    01/26/22  (9)
31 y/o Anti-Vax Retard gives up HEART TRANSPLANT b/c won't get VAX    01/26/22  (120)
Orthodox Church goes full FLW, calls crypto an obvious fraud    01/26/22  (1)
In 2021, Cow goes Moo became self aware    01/26/22  (1)
Prediction: Cuba will launch a Mariel Boatlift during the Ukraine crisis    01/26/22  (1)
James Linsey interview on JRE was enlightening. Then helped kid with social stud    01/26/22  (4)
Federal Reserve DOESN'T RAISE INTEREST RATES. BUY BUY BUY BUY    01/26/22  (9)
What is the appeal of living in Orlando?    01/26/22  (43)
What is Iran going to do if US deploys tens of thousands of troops to Baltics?    01/26/22  (2)
It's the tide. It's the dismal tide. It's not the one thing.    01/26/22  (10)
Biggest victims of the upcoming unrest? Women and girls    01/26/22  (1)
Justice Breyer in better health than Sotomayor    01/26/22  (5)
SCOTUS nominee Kamala Harris?    01/26/22  (2)
Who all lost money on the "nikola" scam    01/26/22  (2)
"Dexter" trivia questions    01/26/22  (18)
How often do you buy a new fridge and dishwasher?    01/26/22  (21)
Navy separates 23 unvaccinated sailors, 5000 still to go    01/26/22  (2)
MY NO VAX COVID SYMPTOMS: fatigue, mild body aches    01/26/22  (1)
Functional antikythera mechanism found in beaver dam    01/26/22  (13)
What is the species of Hispanic trash in Florida?    01/26/22  (4)
Glock 19 a good first gun?    01/26/22  (63)
US women are so fat it’s fucking unacceptable    01/26/22  (20)
Meester Breyer was a good boss, always complimented me on my subs    01/26/22  (1)
Biden pledges to nominate Maxine Waters for SCOTUS (link)    01/26/22  (1)
IT WILL BE KENTAJI    01/26/22  (1)
why are redditors so low iq    01/26/22  (3)
"Pope" Francis: Don't condemn your gay kids    01/26/22  (9)
Obeezy is all like ♥ T R U M P ♥    01/26/22  (1)
Are you lean and mean?    01/26/22  (2)
Biden potentially RENEGING on promise of selecting "STRONG BLACK WOMAN" Justice    01/26/22  (8)
NYC gay pride parade in 2021 was 180. loved the episcopal priest float    01/26/22  (2)
wtf bronson arroyo just made the hall of fame    01/26/22  (4)
Our naval captains run their ships into each other, aviators can’t land planes    01/26/22  (7)

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