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TSINAH's delusional self-esteem    06/30/22  (27)
Gaddafi kept the head of an enemy in his freezer, had a dungeon    06/30/22  (27)
RATE my dinner tonight (TSINAH)    06/30/22  (23)
Remember the month when Charlie Sheen went crazy?    06/30/22  (19)
Just won the lottery. Wife has terminal cancer    06/30/22  (46)
Why was Gaddafi only a Colonel?    06/30/22  (25)
🚀BREAKING: Biden to send 600 tanks and 500 artillery systems to Ukraine    06/30/22  (31)
In my mid 30s -- I can tell some friends are just waiting for parents to die    06/30/22  (65)
Clarence Thomas: The Covid vaccine is made from aborted fetuses    06/30/22  (37)
What moniker is that child molester NSAM75 posting under now?    06/30/22  (4)
Most prestigious U.S. Western state?    06/30/22  (7)
I might as well just live in FURKING India for a couple years    06/30/22  (78)
putin won't see july    06/30/22  (40)
Trump, the election and Covid completely blew apart notion of media independence    06/30/22  (6)
Niggers in London running around with swords    06/30/22  (11)
Ok, now the Jalen Brunson deal makes sense    06/30/22  (4)
Just swam a mile and feel great    06/30/22  (5)
What do they care more about in BIGLAW: case win % or hours billed?    06/30/22  (3)
I miss his (BP’s) thighs and his whole body 🥰 UNGHH!    06/30/22  (93)
ive killed about 8-9 pitbulls since beginning of covid    06/30/22  (2)
France bans use of 'steak,' 'sausage' to describe vegetarian products    06/30/22  (3)
Fucked up and weird to see adult "sport fans" walking around    06/30/22  (24)
E T E R N A L _ I N T E R G A L A C T I C _ N O W A G    06/30/22  (1)
Then you flew your Learjet up to Nova Scotia To see the total eclipse of the sun    06/30/22  (5)
can't beleve this moniker wasnt taken    06/30/22  (4)
Unbelievable this moniker wasn’t taken    06/30/22  (2)
Why wld anyone sell their Bitcoin when everyone knows it's going to $1 Mill each    06/30/22  (2)
"women" are complete trash & it's about time they all fucked off    06/30/22  (2)
Gen z eats at chain restaurants completely unironically    06/30/22  (27)
Aaliyah -Try Again (Original Video).mp3    06/30/22  (4)
BEWARE of Cultural Marxism masquerading as Christianity    06/30/22  (10)
I miss BP’s MESH SHORTS and his BOI BASKET.    06/30/22  (25)
Most prestigious U.S. Midwest state?    06/30/22  (6)
If you could change just ONE THING about XO what would you change? Discuss    06/30/22  (24)
How are the fruits of your labor? Tasty?    06/30/22  (1)
Did Zurich ever reconcile with his wife?    06/30/22  (57)
Prosecuted for texting prank?    06/30/22  (13)
Is it cheating to use pencil & paper to write out wordle combos?    06/30/22  (3)
GOP literally just has to run someone who's not Trump and they win    06/30/22  (9)
Being sole breadwinner of family with multiple kids has destroyed my bank acct    06/30/22  (3)
“I hope you’re all ready for some gay shit today” (episcopal priest sermon    06/30/22  (38)
Blonde woman goes missing in Toronto. Cops release her photo, ask help (pic)    06/30/22  (7)
Recently Visited a Southern City--Shocked at the Scope of New Development    06/30/22  (23)
I’ve been watching old Mike Tyson fights on YouTube    06/30/22  (4)
ESPN'S Zack Lowe is a FUCKING NERD. How is this dude on tv with that haircut?    06/30/22  (3)
i am transitioning into a beaver & building a beaver dam for myself    06/30/22  (22)
all media was outed as flame over the past 4 years    06/30/22  (4)
Rate this as a trust idea for your kids    06/30/22  (9)
Why are Physicians so intellectually incurious?    06/30/22  (121)
Best place to buy replica Nikes?    06/30/22  (4)
Mount Vernon was 180. Everyone should visit (TSINAH)    06/30/22  (34)
A quarter of Americans open to taking up arms against government, poll says    06/30/22  (3)
Doobs stalked the wrong guy and GOT GOT    06/30/22  (10)
Elmo rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital after myocarditis symptoms (LINK)    06/30/22  (4)
Stop the infighting! Let's work together and go on a tear    06/30/22  (1)
KD is a LIL BITCH! Also, LOL at Ben Simmons. What a piece of shit.    06/30/22  (7)
Dulce et decorum est pro Iudaeus mori    06/30/22  (16)
Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Sings C Is For Cookie    06/30/22  (13)
Rate this fratty bodega bro who just got shitcanned at his job    06/30/22  (62)
Kentaji Jackson being sworn in to SCOTUS right now.    06/30/22  (60)
Idris Elba: "Hol' up, ya honuh" *licks lips* "so you sayin" *slices watermelon*    06/30/22  (153)
ive pocketed at least 100K by billing clients for sales tax in their state    06/30/22  (1)
an alien world consisting only of blue links to xo threads    06/30/22  (2)
Do you like getting bossed around?    06/30/22  (1)
Russians are very sick people    06/30/22  (3)
Darcie Dolce is the hottest jewish porn star in the game    06/30/22  (2)
picture a 5'6 man with a rat face fucking his mystery meat wife to Rammstein    06/30/22  (8)
Bowlcut Turdington    06/30/22  (1)
so lil bowlcut weirdo kenny lost his mind again? lol    06/30/22  (2)
Rode through Careytown on a motorized scooter, was 180 (TSINAH)    06/30/22  (1)
Guy literally costs himself a $173 million contract because of domestic violence    06/30/22  (6)
Apply the 1 of each of the 7 DEADLY SINS to these 7 posters    06/30/22  (2)
What octane gas do you use?    06/30/22  (9)
pls babe don’t cry, nude faggy niggerpenis licker is just my online screename    06/30/22  (29)
Justice John Roberts's bald spot    06/30/22  (2)
I fucking hate this country    06/30/22  (2)
Had to stop off in Charlotte to get new shocks (TSINAH)    06/30/22  (1)
10th Project 636.3 submarine sails for the first time    06/30/22  (1)
The melange of disgusting muds in America is an utter nightmare and it’s only    06/30/22  (1)
Just realized how savagely Laguna cucked Gen. Caraway in FF VIII (summon Cowgod)    06/30/22  (2)
Libs have a peculiar hatred for Clarence Thomas. Why?    06/30/22  (35)
Ukrainians selling painted Russian soldier bodyparts on Etsy (link)    06/30/22  (1)
Russia has withdrawn its troops from Snake Island    06/30/22  (44)
Rate Stefan Djokovic's forehand (pic) #tennis    06/30/22  (1)
need to fuck more of my female married clients    06/30/22  (1)
itt:help me style my soyboi Halloween costume    06/30/22  (6)
looked at few houses in westchester this week, everyone i met seemed really gay    06/30/22  (30)
whats pussy like in Armenia? accessible? easy?    06/30/22  (7)
Would you marry tennis pro Jessica Pegula?    06/30/22  (8)
Oregon and Washington to the Big10, done as soon as tomorrow    06/30/22  (1)
UCLA & USC to Big 10 (Twitter)    06/30/22  (81)
Need to reinvent myself, professionally, and am pretty clueless about what to do    06/30/22  (29)
Rate this crypto story    06/30/22  (1)
where can I donate $$ so "women" get herded onto train cars & crashed into ocean    06/30/22  (1)
Just went to one of the craziest lawyer speeches I’ve ever seen    06/30/22  (6)
as someone who hasn't dated in 15+ years, can't imagine having to rejoin dating    06/30/22  (26)
many small mountain west towns in ID, UT, NV are covered in radioactive fallout    06/30/22  (4)
Xo Jair Bolsonaro    06/30/22  (1)
NYC seems 120 SPS    06/30/22  (1)
MPA Blogging My XFiles Watch-Through    06/30/22  (87)
Sounds like Desantis won't seek an abortion ban in Florida    06/30/22  (44)
Hey fancy lawyers, when the fuck are we going to get a decision on NYSRPA?    06/30/22  (28)
SimCity- or Civ-like game where you deracinate, enslave a nation    06/30/22  (33)
Noam Chomsky just responded to my email    06/30/22  (15)
Do shitlibs hate CT or DT more?    06/30/22  (2)
Anyone else mid-30s but look 23? I get told this all the time    06/30/22  (15)
rate this engaged teen    06/30/22  (7)
11th year associate bragging to summers that he doesnt check email after 10PM    06/30/22  (18)
Pretty sure doobs is using "Reputation Defender" or similar service    06/30/22  (3)
Have you ever done real work w an all male crew    06/30/22  (4)
BOX v Planned Parenthood of Indiana REMANDED in light of DOOBS    06/30/22  (11)
Snake Plissken looking at Seattle: Yeah I’m gonna pass    06/30/22  (15)
The G in G5 stands for Gulfstream    06/30/22  (2)
Everyone should just run up CC's and not worry (TSINAH)    06/30/22  (3)
Why did SCOTUS cuck on immigration? They seemed to be on a roll    06/30/22  (25)
180, Dallas Mavs getting Dragic + both Bodagnovics' this offseason.    06/30/22  (3)
Idea that all tradition and traditional roles are oppressive and bad is absurd    06/30/22  (4)
The Man Show - Episode 75 - Juggy Auditions    06/30/22  (11)
Williams College removes swim requirement because it's racist against blacks    06/30/22  (44)
What are the best legal "highs" right now (Kratom, Phenibut, Delta-8, etc.)?    06/30/22  (28)
KD and KYRIE out of Brooklyn lmao    06/30/22  (43)
noam chomsky looking u up & down in boston steamworks    06/30/22  (2)
TSINAH, objectively speaking, ur worthless, all you've accomplished is obesity    06/30/22  (3)
i am RAPING tik tok algorithm for saas rn    06/30/22  (1)
rate this bitch lighting up my DM's    06/30/22  (9)
*cue The New Pornographers - One Kind of Solomon while Mainlining takes date out    06/30/22  (2)
“Hallstatt plateau” invented to hide that lost tribes are Celts.    06/30/22  (22)
Fomorians in your neighborhood.    06/30/22  (3)
Death, taxes, and stupid fuck Seeking Arrange sluts wanting money for nothing    06/30/22  (2)
Lots of people with just undergrad degrees maek six figs..lawyers, u mad?    06/30/22  (13)
Hottest college girls: ASU, UCF, FSU, USC, Vanderbilt, UMiami    06/30/22  (2)
Finally in DC. Where should we go for drinks? (TSINAH)    06/30/22  (92)
the new pornographers - champions of red wine.mp3    06/30/22  (6)
Based anti-deathshot jew zelenko died from cancer    06/30/22  (1)
Why is oil needed to cook food? Does it just not taste as good without it?    06/30/22  (29)
check out gays against groomers: https://twitter.com/againstgroom
   06/30/22  (4)
Something about girls from Arizona    06/30/22  (4)
Are "women" just physiologically incapable of honor, integrity, selflessness    06/30/22  (3)
left cute kitten alone in room with a women for 5min-->entrails all over walls    06/30/22  (2)
It's odd how much the people in charge hate us    06/30/22  (3)
180 HERO MOD. FUCK PSYCHO KAREN    06/30/22  (31)
Fellow liftmos- convince me not to get a new pair of Nike Romelos    06/30/22  (11)
Doctors went ham on Travis Barker's asshole, nearly killing him (link)    06/30/22  (2)
Just over a week post-op. Very swollen (ONLY come if you want to see my bussy)    06/30/22  (2)
Daily reminder: you're POOR because a bunch of MEAN OL' RICH PEOPLE don't like u    06/30/22  (4)
Russiacucks pretty quiet today    06/30/22  (29)
Is Banco Satander evil?    06/30/22  (4)
Blacks are now yelling “y’all can’t chase him” at Chicago cops    06/30/22  (53)
"Becky, come over now! Rupinder just showed up with his Golden Retriever!"    06/30/22  (5)
an alien world consisting only of harrison barnes posts    06/30/22  (6)

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