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ur 2nd cousin w/ her bare legs resting on ur lap: "What was 2008 like?"    06/29/22  (6)
Ratatouille 2, starring CSLG in a chef hat    06/29/22  (1)
The bearish engulfing of SOL for the years to come    06/29/22  (11)
When I was in First Grade, Some Kids Burned the Elementary School Down    06/29/22  (8)
It's all stupid shut..I and many others have natural talent in a lot of stuff    06/29/22  (1)
🚨 Bitcoin under 20k 🚨    06/29/22  (6)
Handmaid's Tale is more or less erotica    06/29/22  (3)
Pretty hard to disagree with this classic 4chan post.    06/29/22  (3)
Tom Cruise circa Magnolia    06/29/22  (33)
The Troubling Secret Behind Indian Snake Charmers    06/29/22  (40)
*beady eyes narrow as he struts into Flying J* "the bottom is in"    06/29/22  (27)
pls babe don’t cry, nude faggy niggerpenis licker is just my online screename    06/29/22  (27)
Seeing the Rohirrim charge in the third LOTR movie in theaters must've been 180    06/29/22  (3)
Just an FYI, Trump is done here after today    06/29/22  (121)
The pussy ass BITCH BOIS here who are afraid of Nuclear War with Russia    06/29/22  (1)
Pelosi receives communion from Pope Francis at Vatican (link)    06/29/22  (9)
You can "maek it" if you really want to    06/29/22  (1)
Wings is one of the top 3 sitcoms of all time    06/29/22  (16)
Reminder: Keep your rifle by your side    06/29/22  (32)
Are Korean churches credited?    06/29/22  (3)
an alien world consisting only of scholarship's fat rump    06/29/22  (11)
Lex TP    06/29/22  (7)
Congolese army switches all rifles to .300 jet blackout    06/29/22  (3)
Are, "thestraightdope," and, "somethingawful" poasters smarter than reddit?    06/29/22  (4)
I judge a house/town based on how it would feel on Halloween and Christmas    06/29/22  (5)
CSLG - class action the CA AG's fuck up re: gun data dump?    06/29/22  (30)
once a year or so i email Noam Chomsky a question & he always responds    06/29/22  (16)
Watching the pro-Ukrainians on xo flirt w nuclear annihilation is interesting    06/29/22  (124)
a Black person who can explain a single design pattern can have infinite $250k    06/29/22  (9)
MPA Blogging My XFiles Watch-Through    06/29/22  (62)
Non-racist reason why blacks lag behind on building/maintaining great societies?    06/29/22  (11)
Rs and Ds swapping the House every 2 years for political investigations    06/29/22  (2)
Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison    06/29/22  (57)
scholars' debate re Popper vs Carnap turns physical (vid)    06/29/22  (3)
LeBron James son “Bronny” has stopped growing at 6’2”, colleges not inte    06/29/22  (38)
SAD what kind of toothpaste/toothbrush/mouthwash do you recommend    06/29/22  (16)
101 y/o Nazi guard sentenced to 5 years prison    06/29/22  (31)
Straight men are reconsidering transgender women now that Roe overturned (NYT)    06/29/22  (4)
My 9U kid made All Stars for little league. Kind of surprised. Worried about lat    06/29/22  (102)
Rate this fight    06/29/22  (3)
ITT list your top 5 hardcore records of all time    06/29/22  (176)
What is the best xo 2nd cousin / shrew gf meme post?    06/29/22  (2)
“this is my rock bottom,” stacey thinks, as doodikoff orders the mozzarella    06/29/22  (14)
daddy it hurts    06/29/22  (1)
xo “bitch boi” meme spotted in the wild    06/29/22  (4)
Google’s LAMDA highly offended by "rage against the machine" (link)    06/29/22  (1)
Boom is a friend of mine, he can rip it anytime. Rip na na na rip na na na na    06/29/22  (2)
Shkreli AMA on Reddit    06/29/22  (8)
just a bitch being a bitch    06/29/22  (3)
OMG!!! A girl just did what 99% of moderately fit men can do. Amazing!    06/29/22  (1)
Just went for a 30 minute ride on a stationary bike.    06/29/22  (5)
Taking a weekend trip with just my (38) son (6) in 2 weeks. Need tips.    06/29/22  (80)
Voicemail proves Joe Biden knew about Hunter's China deals, paid off his hookers    06/29/22  (27)
James Joyce TP how do you feel about Lost Treasures the fart porn game?    06/29/22  (1)
Taking a weekend trip with just cowshit in 2 weeks. Need tips.    06/29/22  (1)
I bet u can't break this buck    06/29/22  (7)
MAINLINING Kum and Go pep $1 slice on Wednesdays    06/29/22  (12)
evan39, describe the craziest gay sex you've ever had ITT    06/29/22  (3)
Day in the life of Chicago 22 yo working in tech    06/29/22  (94)
Respect The Cock Tame The Cunt    06/29/22  (3)
Poll: Who (other than blacks) actually likes inter-racial BBC porn?    06/29/22  (17)
RE: RE: RE: FW: RE: R. Kelly Outline Status?    06/29/22  (3)
rating poasters as things    06/29/22  (79)
2nd cousin: "jump in bed!" shrew gf: "defend my bald head!"    06/29/22  (26)
New Instagram poast from Yann Perrod    06/29/22  (7)
Kum & Go is a real facility and does a lot of things including 180 pizza    06/29/22  (10)
CNN is so much better without that steroid faced Goomba Chris Cuomo on    06/29/22  (1)
You got a piece of it, you got a piece of it, now get the R-E-S-T rest of it    06/29/22  (1)
i’m severely mentally ill    06/29/22  (2)
i have some sort of very severe mental illness and need serious help    06/29/22  (11)
perfect asian pussy    06/29/22  (1)
What's cr stuff to get from T Joes?    06/29/22  (10)
SUBWAY SHOT DEAD: "Dat's too much mayo!"    06/29/22  (21)
Rate these Black parents    06/29/22  (23)
R. KELLY SENTENCED TO 30 YEARS    06/29/22  (38)
How many people died in the BLM Summer riots of 2020 vs Jan 6, 2021?    06/29/22  (12)
America2022: 50% chance u can murder someone & nobody cares enough 2 solve (link    06/29/22  (9)
Rate this old legal saying: Best way to win is to suck off an old homeless girl.    06/29/22  (2)
"Elective abortion" is an amazing term.    06/29/22  (4)
hypo: 30 yo homeless and skinny or 30yo w/ 500k income and 40lbs overweight    06/29/22  (21)
Emit Till arrest warrant FOUND. 88 year old woman ARRESTED for his murder (DM)    06/29/22  (10)
haha look at the dog! haha.    06/29/22  (1)
Kevin Love marries Jewish blonde supermodel    06/29/22  (36)
"True BTC bottom" is probably a reality show starring Peterman, TS Amanda, luis,    06/29/22  (4)
54 mg Concerta & i barely feel anything    06/29/22  (5)
,.....,.,.......,.........,..,. I'm for you friend that fraud quote mo set us    06/29/22  (1)
PSA withdraw all crypto you are holding from exchanges *now*    06/29/22  (2)
Vegas 180 no taxes on food low property tax no state income tax    06/29/22  (9)
Jet Li + Aaliyah. BGWAG. BIG WAG!    06/29/22  (11)
itt:help me style my soyboi Halloween costume    06/29/22  (4)
No idea how anyone can sit thru 2+ hours of any bond movie    06/29/22  (4)
Finally in DC. Where should we go for drinks? (TSINAH)    06/29/22  (86)
Places like Nebraska and Texas are really expensive with the taxes    06/29/22  (21)
finally started to gain some weight after eating like a pig for months    06/29/22  (1)
Ted Kaczynski: "racial and cultural blending must be promoted"    06/29/22  (10)
Indian and Asians can't be conservative. Amusing that they think they can belong    06/29/22  (1)
Pretty impressed with Russia’s performance in Ukraine bros    06/29/22  (130)
rate the FRATINESS of this newly-anointed BIGLOL corporate rainmaker    06/29/22  (6)
CLSG if my son competes for the US internationally, will you sponsor him?    06/29/22  (7)
"beautiful storytelling" CLE infuriating AF    06/29/22  (3)
*turns on media* "black black black black black blacks black black black black b    06/29/22  (5)
looked at few houses in westchester this week, everyone i met seemed really gay    06/29/22  (20)
Coast Guard brought in to respond to 60 person Carnival Cruise brawl🀑    06/29/22  (25)
Secret Service: Jan 6 committee never reached out to us to verify Limo claims    06/29/22  (15)
Anyone else find that Dupa and Spaceporn are identical people?    06/29/22  (7)
im really fucked at work rn    06/29/22  (11)
🌈🌈🌈 HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! 🌈🌈🌈    06/29/22  (179)
Korean GF asking me for too many croissants    06/29/22  (1)
The fear and doubt spirits that helped you get out of a situation are runnign th    06/29/22  (1)
Trump take the wheel    06/29/22  (4)
I probably only ate fast food a total of 5-10 times from ages 0-18.    06/29/22  (6)
huge shamanic PROTIP for next time you do psychedelics ITT    06/29/22  (1)
where were you when the covid hoax began?    06/29/22  (6)
Reminder: You are a morally bankrupt GC cuck if you consume added sugar    06/29/22  (1)
Hutchinson locking limo doors and biting her lip as she stares back at you    06/29/22  (1)
In Portland, ME taking q’s (TSINAH)    06/29/22  (44)
im the best looking guy ive seen that regularly does psychedelics or drugs    06/29/22  (3)
The United States of Dig Bigger Nick tp    06/29/22  (3)
Guess the settlement based on photos (CSLG)    06/29/22  (67)
What's the most aesthetic writing system?    06/29/22  (15)
A1 Sauce is so good    06/29/22  (18)
Doodikof says "woot" on first dates    06/29/22  (28)
Have you spent any time writing or performing comedy?    06/29/22  (6)
xo2014: "Is GS15 prestigious?" xo2022: "Is Operating Thetan prestigious?"    06/29/22  (3)
This "joke" from 11 years ago didnt age well    06/29/22  (17)
Biden’s net approval rating now 6 points lower than trump on 538 🀣🀣    06/29/22  (6)
normie girls i know are starting to rant about junkies shooting up in public    06/29/22  (4)
Sounds 180 to be an Operating Thetan or above.    06/29/22  (1)
Reminder: 90% of you are sugar addicts and you don't even know it    06/29/22  (3)
It's 180 to be a strong and handsome lawyer    06/29/22  (1)
LinkedIn let's you opt-out of political content now. I highly recommend.    06/29/22  (33)
Abortion activists are wrong to criticize Biden. Here’s why. (WaPo)    06/29/22  (1)
remember when America tried to "ban" alcohol lmao    06/29/22  (4)
Your Phenotype is a Joke imo    06/29/22  (12)
Vaccination rates by Clique    06/29/22  (14)
how long can you last at FAANG doing < 1 hour of work per day    06/29/22  (36)
Martin Shkreli’s biggest problem was phenotype    06/29/22  (3)
Gorgeous Hindu Men Last Among 62 Nations to Lose Virginity    06/29/22  (7)
What's your proudest moment as a lawyer?    06/29/22  (11)
Soon they're gonna start fentanyling everything. Lettuce, Cola, Peanuts. Pretty    06/29/22  (5)
It's FRIDAY baby! What are your plans for tonight and this weekend?    06/29/22  (2)
Most scary ghetto/dump/poor place you've been in U.S.?    06/29/22  (80)
cowgod Homeownership Countdown Thread    06/29/22  (12)
Call center rep just have me his pronouns (she/her)    06/29/22  (3)
kim kardashians house looks like a futuristic insane asylum    06/29/22  (14)
Lord of the Rings the second movie is the only good one    06/29/22  (27)
is it still feasible to outsource some/all of ur work?    06/29/22  (1)
kike klown here. Looking for the kike circus, kike karnival, or kike festival    06/29/22  (6)
If you haven't jacked off at least 40-50 times for this music video, you're gay    06/29/22  (1)
Assume I'm an idiot, how do I upgrade my iPhone if my contract isn't up for rene    06/29/22  (3)

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