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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Hey dumbs/poors/Proles nothing just "happens" it's all planned    06/28/22  (1)
(((they))) don't want you to remember Wendy's had a salad and potato bar    06/28/22  (11)
Lol that dumbs/poors/Proles don't realize movie+sport fraud is a distraction    06/28/22  (1)
Was 1999 the peak of western civilization?    06/28/22  (12)
Remember when at least half this place was virusbad    06/28/22  (23)
During "covid"? This was all planned fraud obviously    06/28/22  (3)
Joe Burrow dons the pussy hat    06/28/22  (21)
46 people found DEAD in Texas    06/28/22  (25)
pretty sure i just got “the talk” as a partner    06/28/22  (60)
Rate these robot dogs doing pushups    06/28/22  (1)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/28/22  (167)
Anyone have a link to any of Benzos crimes or rap sheet?    06/28/22  (6)
Zero chance a conservative can get elected in 20 yrs in light of Roe cr?    06/28/22  (1)
I gots ta get laid, but yo I ain't been spayed, hence dat why I needs Roe v Wade    06/28/22  (3)
How easy to be a “carnivore” nutrition bro retard on YouTube?    06/28/22  (10)
MY WFH EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2023!!!!!!!!!    06/28/22  (18)
In the ocean we will wade, the sun will not fade, they can't forbade Roe v Wade    06/28/22  (2)
Is HVAC forced to leave TX now that abortion is illegal?    06/28/22  (3)
ITT post random 180 places you've come across on road trips in the western us    06/28/22  (14)
CSLG - class action the CA AG's fuck up re: gun data dump?    06/28/22  (14)
so TRUMP is responsible for finally getting Roe overturned - 180 fucklibs    06/28/22  (26)
You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.    06/28/22  (1)
Bill Clinton kinda comes across as a dick in all the Hillary meltdown stories    06/28/22  (218)
Is Sakkari on PEDs or just hi-T?    06/28/22  (2)
Damn it feels good to be Of Counsel    06/28/22  (4)
Hillary Clinton: Clarence Thomas is an angry black guy.    06/28/22  (24)
Beavis & Butthead learn white privilege    06/28/22  (58)
I'm pro-choice but abortion is a sad, somber thing. Modern libs celebrate it    06/28/22  (84)
My goodness there are a lot of Of Counsels here    06/28/22  (2)
Libs can’t find another Obama-esque candidate anywhere in their bullpen?    06/28/22  (23)
Wife is 2 weeks pregnant. We are going to abort tomorrow as a “fuck you”    06/28/22  (57)
12 years a counsel    06/28/22  (11)
11th year biglaw snr associate watching 12 Years a Slave    06/28/22  (40)
National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman's poem about Roe v Wade (link)    06/28/22  (30)
T/F with no EU support the US could occupy and control all of Ukraine in <8 week    06/28/22  (24)
Sorry I was late getting to the board this morning    06/28/22  (11)
RSF: "Have I missed it? Have I missed closing argument?"    06/28/22  (66)
Hillary caught lying again    06/28/22  (2)
TommyT decided to spend his life paying fishpussy Viet whores instead of finding    06/28/22  (1)
which celebrity voice should i imagine reading your poasts aloud?    06/28/22  (20)
GDPR has been a disaster for the Internet. Fuck EU bureaucratic scum.    06/28/22  (1)
New Epic Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza Spotted At Papa John’s    06/28/22  (2)
Dark-skinned Indians have the best of both Worlds. Black masculinity and white    06/28/22  (11)
libs cant find a picture of pregnant michelle obama?    06/28/22  (6)
Lib here. I could see myself voting for DeSantis if he rejects Trumpism    06/28/22  (8)
What’s the official top 10 ranking of the national parks?    06/28/22  (35)
This new Beavis and Butt-Head is best movie in past decade    06/28/22  (6)
Anyone still doubt that and others will be indicted for election interference?    06/28/22  (1)
Still feel like you have no purpose, seeing shit, going crazy, etc?    06/28/22  (6)
Episode 2 of "Loving Virginia" Ginni Thomas discovers sit down PizzaHut in Ashbu    06/28/22  (1)
So Michelle was born Michael Obama, the product of a human/chimp experiment ?    06/28/22  (82)
Episode 1 of "Loving Virginia" Ginni Thomas has trouble fitting in w/ NOVA crowd    06/28/22  (1)
at the THOMAS EDISON SERVICE AREA taking a shit & q's (TSINAH)    06/28/22  (3)
I read all xo posts in a Marilyn Monroe voice    06/28/22  (1)
Re tax cuts, if everyone gets a raise, then no one gets a raise    06/28/22  (1)
i read all XO poasts in a "Professor John Frink" voice    06/28/22  (22)
Good news Trumpmos: Qanon is back after a 2-year hiatus    06/28/22  (10)
Redline attached. This read like a rush job. Let's talk Monday about this.    06/28/22  (31)
"Receding Hairline" to the tune of "Sweet Caroline"    06/28/22  (12)
"send nudes ho" gjr "my pussy is wet but i have a bf haha txt me l8r :)"    06/28/22  (96)
Clarence Thomas and Ginni Thomas star in new reality show "Loving Virginia"    06/28/22  (12)
What is the PEAK ACHIEVEMENT for a regular member of various professions?    06/28/22  (9)
Trumpmos: “we’re pro life!” *murders 48 migrants in Texas truck*    06/28/22  (18)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/28/22  (224)
hey libs do you understand correlation? correlate Trump +7 in IA bitch    06/28/22  (16)
AA/preferential hiring is single biggest nuke Scotus could land on libs    06/28/22  (79)
App date ordered 2x food I did, boxed half of it and ordered $9 croissant to go    06/28/22  (188)
rate michigan    06/28/22  (3)
🔫California AG release names, DOBs and addresses of all CCW holders 🔫    06/28/22  (36)
Just watched 25 hours of CLE vids in under an hour lol    06/28/22  (1)
Rate the physique on this sickly looking Russian w 7 mil followers    06/28/22  (11)
Why is drakemallard constantly linking to right wing grifters    06/28/22  (23)
Fuck I missed my weekly Westlaw training. Will I get fired?    06/28/22  (1)
Why do libs get so angry they can’t murder innocent babies?    06/28/22  (8)
5 weeks of snake diet starts now    06/28/22  (47)
Fatal flaw in RSF: too fat to take off his shirt at the beach    06/28/22  (14)
End of WFH: OnlyFans Summons Content Creators Back to Company Offices (WSJ)    06/28/22  (1)
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, Mrs. Clinton    06/28/22  (1)
white women w/ 1000 yard SSRI stare    06/28/22  (7)
Chinese protesting outside failing bank had their Covid status changed to RED    06/28/22  (4)
Should I cheatmo on wife with 20 yo stunner?    06/28/22  (49)
If you are smart, you will make it either way, if you are not, you will screw up    06/28/22  (1)
tommy T rate this race traitor indian bitch    06/28/22  (4)
Alien travels 500b light years, arrives at Earth, sees Indians fucking lizards    06/28/22  (4)
NYT: Indian CEOs Flocking to Komodo Islands    06/28/22  (4)
Age of Ems of counsel running at 10x speed, turned off when no deal is on    06/28/22  (1)
58% of Americans are paycheck-to-paycheck    06/28/22  (25)
5 weeks of receptive anal homosexual intercourse diet starts now    06/28/22  (1)
Amy Coney Barrett announces she's adopting 5 not aborted black babies (link)    06/28/22  (2)
5 weeks of Snake Assombo diet starts now    06/28/22  (3)
craigslist buyers might actually be flakier than app girls; close call at least    06/28/22  (2)
Why did Hillary refuse to go to "Wisconsin" ?    06/28/22  (25)
movie scene featuring JOHNSMEYER    06/28/22  (16)
ITT you recommend a vinyl record and I buy it    06/28/22  (18)
Colonel Chet Muscles has also been demoted to Lt. Col. Chet Muscles    06/28/22  (32)
gunneratttt so what did you end up doing with the ex's mattress    06/28/22  (14)
Rate these faggot Hahols running for their lives    06/28/22  (3)
5th decade of cum diet starts now (dupa)    06/28/22  (1)
Frightened for my Black and GLBTQ friends when June ends    06/28/22  (1)
GOP politicians are near universally radio silent on abortion decision    06/28/22  (2)
SUBWAY SHOT DEAD: "Dat's too much mayo!"    06/28/22  (15)
"The Crown" must be so emasculating for Prince Charles    06/28/22  (32)
A jock and cowgod in the locker room (pic)    06/28/22  (1)
The new Leqvio ad hits too close to home, bros    06/28/22  (2)
Is shitlib shitborg getting paid for its dimwitted abortions spam here?    06/28/22  (1)
Abortion debate separates men who can get laid from incels    06/28/22  (44)
Taking classes at a community college to earn landscape architect certification    06/28/22  (2)
The way people dress at grad school/law graduation is fuckin humiliating    06/28/22  (5)
oatmeal, flax, walnuts, avocado, beans, soy milk, berries    06/28/22  (5)
Dobbs: a case of "be careful what you autistically wish for"    06/28/22  (1)
'Pro-Life' Trumpmos: "I wanted dead niggers, but not like this. Not by Science."    06/28/22  (2)
Wait, how many slags out there are popping a Plan B basically every month?    06/28/22  (1)
4,000 women have died this week already bc they couldn't get abortions.    06/28/22  (5)
Board incels: women should stop getting fucked. 1yr later: why can't I get laid?    06/28/22  (2)
i'm of counsel. should i cheat on my wife with a law firm 7 of counsel?    06/28/22  (4)
"Goddamnit LtDan! When I'm wearing this uniform you call me COLONEL CHET MUSCLES    06/28/22  (75)
guy from Yonkers moved next door, won't stop talking abt how great 'Yonkers' was    06/28/22  (5)
Uvalde mall cops gangstalking parent who saved her own kids from shooter (articl    06/28/22  (7)
Trump/DeSantis is a lame choice. we need a new outsider candidate    06/28/22  (2)
Clarence Thomas divorce reality show sequel: "DAT TOO MUCH MAYO"    06/28/22  (1)
if you want a vision of American future, picture Haitians vandalizing a windmill    06/28/22  (6)
ITT: We document stupid fucking faggots who ruin pure lines of blank bumps    06/28/22  (9)
Racemixing takes over the NBA (video):    06/28/22  (3)
XO is a bunch of miserable Indians and Jews telling you the USA is done    06/28/22  (6)
Twist: Justice Ginsburg Was Not 100% Supportive of Roe v. Wade Ruling    06/28/22  (2)
Clarence Thomas for 2024    06/28/22  (3)
Rate the satanic SSRI eyes on this white woman getting abortion (Frontline)    06/28/22  (9)
Subscription services latest jewry: horizontal integration    06/28/22  (3)
More prestigious: Persian or Indian food?    06/28/22  (3)
There are people on this board who defended lockdowns and masks    06/28/22  (41)
"Yes, we're all nazis" said the Indian man with framed picture of golden retriev    06/28/22  (5)
RATE my view RIGHT THIS SECOND (RSF)    06/28/22  (49)
still have not met anyone who actually had 'covid'    06/28/22  (3)
Politics are pretty worthless if they can just rename a cold and steal elections    06/28/22  (1)
Evan39 - if you work deli, be careful about mayo volume on blk ppl's sandwiches    06/28/22  (2)
cliffs on whether Gorsuch or Soto got the facts right/wrong in prayer case?    06/28/22  (18)
52nd ranked player gets 2 consecutive centre court matches #tennis    06/28/22  (1)
Remember birdshits your ancestors came from INDIA    06/28/22  (28)
handsome indian dude, an intellectual, great bod, has short temper but loves wit    06/28/22  (2)
Give a mix of things to watch for next 14 days straight    06/28/22  (7)
India's MANGO crop down 70% YOY; TT's juice shop bankrupt before it started    06/28/22  (2)
gorgeous stem indians come itt    06/28/22  (6)
Why did RSF go to such awful undergrad/law school despite his privilege? dumb?    06/28/22  (34)
I really owe my confidence and self-respect as an Indian Man to TT Bhai    06/28/22  (2)
Rank these countries for Indian single male:    06/28/22  (2)
Today in LOL Black Women: Lil Kim    06/28/22  (1)
A deranged indian midget named “Prateek” shrieking @ you about American valu    06/28/22  (23)
Any bros here wipe their asses "under the bridge"?    06/28/22  (1)
Jerry Seinfeld created a show in his own name stating himself as a chad    06/28/22  (5)
Indian man fatally shot in the head while driving home from airport in Maryland    06/28/22  (1)

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