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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
% of women you see IRL you actually find sexually attractive?    08/07/22  (20)
if a woman opens a convo in an elevator    08/07/22  (2)
Is it possible to get a hot girl in a big city if you're 5.9.5 and bad phenotype    08/07/22  (21)
Took some TuTu other day, spent all day jerking off    08/07/22  (2)
am i insane or did Biden give everything we had in afghanistan to the taliban    08/07/22  (1)
Video of woman going from fat to muscular    08/07/22  (22)
Just bought my dumb bitch gf plane tickets to move out with her dog back home to    08/07/22  (3)
"He's stabbing me! I'm dead! I'm dead..."    08/07/22  (314)
Am I crazy or is working from home toxic as fuck for most people?    08/07/22  (11)
Ponyboy: nothing gold can stay; Emilio: AHEM    08/07/22  (17)
Me and Emilio playing on 24/7 Wake Island BF1942 server for 12 hours straight    08/07/22  (4)
as hard as it is to fathom, some men sodomize their own wives    08/07/22  (2)
The one issue our country simply cannot overcome    08/07/22  (27)
Statistics about aggressive dog breeds    08/07/22  (22)
planning on fucking my wife tonight, taking tips and questions (zurich)    08/07/22  (7)
Going to need Xo to refer to me as zhe/zher from now on. Otherwise I'm triggered    08/07/22  (1)
What happened to former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold?    08/07/22  (1)
your wife silently cheers for the black widows in her "true crime stories"    08/07/22  (19)
Anyone buying more Coinbase stock to support Nutella?    08/07/22  (2)
do you believe Biden gained 15 approval points over the past two weeks    08/07/22  (21)
My son’s traditional boys summer camp has gone woke    08/07/22  (34)
In a sane world, monuments would be built in Brian Jacques's honor    08/07/22  (27)
What will TT do when USA stomps China in WW3    08/07/22  (1)
'No, YOU'RE the real party of violent criminals!" sneered the retarded lib    08/07/22  (9)
Was Griner any good at basketball?    08/07/22  (4)
Bought COIN at $165 (Nutella)    08/07/22  (142)
i always hear the Zelda secret unlock sound in my head whenever Emilio bumps me    08/07/22  (12)
5 year old son closing on first investment property a week from tomorrow (CSLG)    08/07/22  (57)
Redneck Georgia Trumpmos arrested for creating child porn    08/07/22  (9)
famous phrases made better by adding “my dude” or “my guy”    08/07/22  (110)
LJL Russia ordered a DNA test of Brittney Griner to determine m or f prison    08/07/22  (34)
just belted my real doll in her big fucking mouth    08/07/22  (24)
women, all you have to do is be thin. that's all. that's literally there is.    08/07/22  (7)
society openly sexualizing/molesting kids is a development i did not foresee    08/07/22  (123)
This is actulaly a good reddit repoa - What happens when one company owns dozens    08/07/22  (3)
Paul Krugman pwns inflation truthers.    08/07/22  (64)
A Dating Group is Helping Women dig up dirt on potential dates    08/07/22  (4)
Tea tree body wash has cured my BO (6 figure bartender dude)    08/07/22  (2)
women can’t be given any power. they’re incompetent    08/07/22  (1)
Working 24/7 in ca$ino indu$try i$ where the $ i$ at and cr    08/07/22  (2)
pepito has gorgeous taste in RPGs    08/07/22  (41)
REMINDER: even board Trumpmos think TBF is insane    08/07/22  (13)
Russia to incarcerate Griner in mens' prison following horome level test    08/07/22  (7)
#1 parenting pro tip is limiting screen time as much as possible    08/07/22  (1)
Real talk: everyone in Japan wants to fuck up China's navy ASAP    08/07/22  (9)
COVID is one of the top five causes of child death. I’m relieved my 1-year-old    08/07/22  (4)
CNBC: Birdshit lives in Bangkok for $8,000 a month    08/07/22  (75)
PSA: in 1893 the US had a Vatican City allegedly built in two years    08/07/22  (26)
werewolf literotica | gabapentin | munchausens by proxy    08/07/22  (16)
Wtf just got a quarter in some change with “Wilma Mankiller” on it    08/07/22  (2)
Fuck "teacher$"=outright failure$..don't know anything..    08/07/22  (3)
Teachers are the most entitled job ever and it's not even close    08/07/22  (89)
EPAH did you see Nirvana live    08/07/22  (18)
Krugman: Uhh our bad about saying globalization would be no big deal to US jobs    08/07/22  (44)
I just played a 3 hour game of Monopoly with my kid    08/07/22  (5)
FINAL BIDEN ADMIN OFFER: "Brittney Griner in exchange for Kansas and Ohio."    08/07/22  (12)
“You have 3 wi-“ “I wanna do a horse stance with chandler”    08/07/22  (1)
one time 3 friends and i got in a brawl with like 4 dudes.    08/07/22  (1)
Dog Breeds by Game Console    08/07/22  (3)
Whatever happened to "HATP" and "The Box"?    08/07/22  (4)
Christian High School In Manhattan Hosted Mandatory Drag Show In Place Of Church    08/07/22  (18)
Blueberries are up there with pep and tilapia imo    08/07/22  (1)
is this it    08/07/22  (11)
BOOM, it's time to retire. Someone should end his misery.    08/07/22  (5)
There’s a serial killer in New Mexico targeting Muslim men (link)    08/07/22  (2)
Is Sollet a safe place to keep SAMO or better off on Gemini?    08/07/22  (1)
13% responsible for 80% of    08/07/22  (1)
a pair of law teens cuddled up next to you, whispering in ur ear: "Latham." "And    08/07/22  (1)
im making rice tonight, basmati rice    08/07/22  (15)
Median Net Worth in Haiti is TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. LJL    08/07/22  (15)
Allegation: Latham partner representing Hunter Biden sends drunk screed    08/07/22  (61)
Would $10,000 student debt forgiveness help any of you?    08/07/22  (1)
Mcdonald'$ cheat$ and $cam$! Take$ away all good menu item$!    08/07/22  (4)
Paul Krugman isn't actually that bad of a guy irl    08/07/22  (1)
Paul Krugman VEHEMENTLY AGAINST White Christians having children    08/07/22  (50)
Paul Krugman: who gives a shit about rural America? (Link)    08/07/22  (68)
Assembling my portfolio for the Yale MFA application    08/07/22  (10)
Puppycam Live    08/07/22  (30)
Texas law banning gay adoption goes to SCOTUS, withstands strict scrutiny    08/07/22  (7)
Paul Krugman: Inflation is actually good for low income people    08/07/22  (75)
planning on cucking my husband tonight, taking tips and questions (zurich's wife    08/07/22  (2)
Everything else is worthless if you don’t have health    08/07/22  (3)
Fuck "McDonald'$" now ju$t a $hit overpriced $cam    08/07/22  (1)
Have you ever sat at your dining room table on an idle summer sunday and thought    08/07/22  (22)
Greeley i$ a $ketchy place    08/07/22  (1)
REMINDER: Brilliant XO Pumos truly believe that an unbeatable coalition of    08/07/22  (6)
Video compilation of hot women noticing Chad, strutting by and flaunting bodies    08/07/22  (7)
$upri$ed there aren't more robberie$&murder$ with thi$ $hit "economy"    08/07/22  (5)
How to block XO on my phone ?    08/07/22  (3)
1 million+ SAMO club checking in (CSLG)    08/07/22  (15)
Learning Russian now so I can defect some day if it comes to that    08/07/22  (9)
Spaceporn is an asshole    08/07/22  (4)
weekly xo chat board secret kike meeting    08/07/22  (19)
Weimar II: Electric Boogaloo    08/07/22  (3)
Why tf are Asians not solid republican?    08/07/22  (95)
Literally $hould be no rule$ or law$ if baby killing is ok and cool    08/07/22  (2)
Stefon Diggs actually seems like a CR 180 dood    08/07/22  (1)
Rate: The most XO tweet I've ever seen    08/07/22  (13)
China shows off its new stealth drone    08/07/22  (2)
Hypo: GJR meets man of her dreams, but guy is secretly XO poaster    08/07/22  (3)
Nicokado Avocado becomes morbidly obese for tik tok likes    08/07/22  (5)
the Mormon question    08/07/22  (1)
Moderna releases sexually transmissible COVID vaccine, approved for age 5 and up    08/07/22  (1)
BAM! $25,000 for a 3sum with (present-day) Jane Seymour & Vanna White    08/07/22  (5)
Anybody else giving their kids the covid vaccine?    08/07/22  (21)
Post ITT and I will assign you a wife from Harvard's 2017 women Track roster    08/07/22  (255)
Is there an anime even close as good to Evangelion?    08/07/22  (45)
Former normies, cucks, libertarians, etc. Come ITT to pay your respects    08/07/22  (1)
Hunter Bident spent 200K/month on luxury hotels, dental work, Porche payments    08/07/22  (62)
Black kids almost kill a woman with a shopping cart; only 10% liable ljl    08/07/22  (40)
Rate Russia's answer to James Vasquez    08/07/22  (1)
Post a pic of what you think Cow goes Moo looks like    08/07/22  (46)
EPAH files motion to dismiss the XO lawsuit    08/07/22  (252)
Going to watch Little League World Series regional games this weekend    08/07/22  (24)
Real talk: the US and China are destined to fight to the death    08/07/22  (92)
What did the guy say on Reddit?    08/07/22  (6)
Single, unmarried 39 year old balding lawyers bashing short guys    08/07/22  (17)
Why was it stupid for the shopkeeper to talk on Reddit?    08/07/22  (103)
Idea: compile all your created threads into a book to give to dates    08/07/22  (7)
West: incels, feminism, trannies; Rest of world: having sex constantly    08/07/22  (1)
Guess the Wikipedia (easy)    08/07/22  (7)
Wait, CSLG is now literally baby Goldstein threading?    08/07/22  (1)
I'd get my stomach stapled if i were tsinah    08/07/22  (6)
shaved my head completely bald    08/07/22  (3)
Gay couple put 2 year-old up for adoption. "He was starting to talk" said one fa    08/07/22  (18)
Ukraine now using US HARM missiles - link    08/07/22  (1)
holy shit, just had another microburst headache    08/07/22  (1)
Rate my quickbooks breakdown of attorneys fees this year by month (CSLG)    08/07/22  (28)
FINALLY made it to Soo CR GREECE (RSF)    08/07/22  (17)
What did Alex Jones even say??? Can't find it anywhere.    08/07/22  (1)
Famous Ukranian musician is fighting on the front lines    08/07/22  (5)
Wait a minute- was it known that Brittney Griner is a tranny?    08/07/22  (3)
CSLG is the Zyzz of lawyers    08/07/22  (1)
Vietnam killed 50k chinese troops in 1980. Didn't get nuked or anything.    08/07/22  (4)
Belligerent, war-like Chinese screaming "death to America," rushing to volunteer    08/07/22  (1)
boring OYT paint color selection thread ITT    08/07/22  (2)
Really disappointed in Gen X after watching Netflix Woodstock 99 documentary    08/07/22  (16)
Reminder: the backbone of Iran's air force is the F-14    08/07/22  (1)
Couple force Home Depot laborer to have sex with the wife    08/07/22  (44)
Do people actually have sex 5 years into a marriage (with their spouse)?    08/07/22  (2)
is bloodacre the "tobias funke" of xoxo?    08/07/22  (13)
how can anyone argue Obama was straight after seeing this photo?    08/07/22  (15)
a Transylvanian Jew billionaire has 'concerns' about prosecutors in your country    08/07/22  (6)
Who is trying to destroy America more: libs or cons?    08/07/22  (3)
You could probably charge UMC CrossFit dorks a lot for Siberian labor camp    08/07/22  (1)
Talk me out of moving to Monterey Bay, CA    08/07/22  (48)
RATE this XO’ism out in the world (PIC)    08/07/22  (6)
arbeit big-mac fries    08/07/22  (1)
OYT- are you white? How do you find getting laid at our height?    08/07/22  (44)

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