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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Tried watching “Yellowstone”. Seemed like globohomo boomer slop.    12/08/22  (16)
My wife is an email girl who makes $200k    12/08/22  (11)
Why do proles have ZERO concept of due process?    12/08/22  (11)
"Steer clear of them. They're the email boys and they're not to be trifled with    12/08/22  (14)
Why wasn't Paul Whelan part of Brittney Griner swap?    12/08/22  (32)
Anyone else have a 175 life on paper but you feel 120 all the time?    12/08/22  (1)
If Moscow accepts gold payment for oil gold goes to $4k overnight - Credit Suiss    12/08/22  (8)
What are the most lucrative SALES GIGS    12/08/22  (4)
*quits job on the spot* “WHERE MY CHECK?”    12/08/22  (2)
benzo’s meth habit vs. RSF’s allowance    12/08/22  (31)
ZZZ, you forgot to file your opposition briefs    12/08/22  (20)
"IF WE DON'T GET HIM...THE MYTH SPREADS" ADL on ye    12/08/22  (2)
How can people care so much about politics?    12/08/22  (17)
Movie idea: Neurotic board lib wakes up in the world of a Hallmark movie    12/08/22  (48)
Majority of covid deaths in the US are among the vaccinated (link)    12/08/22  (25)
he was a baker boy, she said "bill me later, goy"    12/08/22  (2)
I would watch Hallmark Christmas movies if they had softcore sex scenes    12/08/22  (6)
Who Will Care for ‘Kinless’ Seniors?    12/08/22  (47)
Bogaerts to Padres    12/08/22  (11)
strategy i talked about in that other thread had a 1 hour return of >100% (benzo    12/08/22  (152)
Hahols execute three of their own for desertion    12/08/22  (1)
the future is femail    12/08/22  (2)
100 In-House Job Apps; <><><>NO OFFERS<><><>    12/08/22  (114)
"No babe. Tommy is my Indian friend who lives in Thailand and luis is Persian    12/08/22  (19)
She’s a tech girl, loves her email    12/08/22  (14)
Karine Jean-Pierre goes full Ron Burgundy, reads wrong canned answer    12/08/22  (6)
Absolutely shocking was libs collectively were able to do to Trump    12/08/22  (24)
Just had a Camp Lejeune cancer death widow call. Ever done one of these cases?    12/08/22  (16)
imagine being a "dad" who can't throw a baseball or football    12/08/22  (9)
I'm not like all those other proles. Houses, jewelry? No way. Options. (Benzo)    12/08/22  (2)
Poland admits 1700 dead Polish soldiers in Ukraine    12/08/22  (1)
ITT we post the view from our “office.” I’ll start (Epah)    12/08/22  (10)
Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani gets 13 years of PRISON    12/08/22  (21)
New Kanye track samples Alex Jones    12/08/22  (4)
walls only work in Israel    12/08/22  (3)
How to improve know what key to play when jamming on Bass Guitar    12/08/22  (26)
Home prices are down in every one of the top 58 metros    12/08/22  (49)
ITT select what sushi to eat off of GJR's naked body    12/08/22  (31)
Russian soldier calls Putin a faggot for not nuking Poland at medal ceremony    12/08/22  (1)
The Griner trade fuckup shows who's a shareblue drone vs actual lib    12/08/22  (15)
Chris Christie’s 25-yo niece flips out on airplane    12/08/22  (34)
"We need to somehow persuade more people that elections are fake." (GOP)    12/08/22  (30)
All it came down to was: die or adapt.    12/08/22  (3)
"not clear how capable the plotters would have been at executing such an attack"    12/08/22  (1)
Guitarfag settles into instrument, nearly begins. "Oh wait, my CAPO..."    12/08/22  (1)
You know what isn’t gay and retarded? Respecting women.    12/08/22  (1)
Awake poasters, should I killself?    12/08/22  (2)
Fucked a 22 yr old Latino boy last night, taking ?s    12/08/22  (10)
biden tells mexico he’ll trade el chapo for ‘any feckless microcelebrity’    12/08/22  (3)
UN General Assembly just voted 149-6 that Israel must give up its nukes    12/08/22  (4)
"I work at a big PE shop" said the Panda Express manager on his first date    12/08/22  (19)
Upset Jew and the tranny post way too fucking much    12/08/22  (4)
Ska music is 180    12/08/22  (3)
Y'ALL means ALL    12/08/22  (1)
Calling boats “she” is gay and retarded    12/08/22  (3)
Everyone I know who got into steroids turned gay    12/08/22  (2)
6th Cir: Depressed lolyer entitled to disability benefits from stress of law    12/08/22  (11)
why is federal tax policy subsidizing the employment of ex-cons?    12/08/22  (2)
Can I assume reptiles are MAF about Brittney Griner release this morning?    12/08/22  (42)
Why do some Star Wars characters have English accents and others American?    12/08/22  (6)
Drake could make a very deep MPM run    12/08/22  (1)
No idea how people “work”    12/08/22  (2)
WORST night you ever had in college?    12/08/22  (54)
lex porn search: quiet midwife with beautiful soul baking pretzels    12/08/22  (31)
Russians slaughter an entire Hahol platoon in 2 minutes    12/08/22  (1)
A man fucked me in the ass and came in my asshole last night and I think he was    12/08/22  (1)
Rite Lite Judah Maccabot 2.0    12/08/22  (4)
Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!    12/08/22  (4)
what percentage of MLS fans can kick a soccer ball farther than 20 yards?    12/08/22  (1)
Our future: Nigeria bans $ withdrawals to force use of digital currency    12/08/22  (31)
50c double cheeseburgers on mcdonalds app today    12/08/22  (7)
Elon Musk turns Twitter into 'hotel' for staff    12/08/22  (17)
PSA: McDonald's is offering 50 cent mcdoubles Thursday/Friday    12/08/22  (8)
"Impressive. Very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's 'Early Life.'"    12/08/22  (4)
Now let's see Paul Allen's diaper.    12/08/22  (72)
Let’s see Paul Allen’s ABC Pants    12/08/22  (3)
Lol that Balwani got sentenced to more prison time than the ringleader, Holmes    12/08/22  (1)
Cars are still expensive due to supply chain issues    12/08/22  (9)
One Relative - 5x Moderna - Liver Cancer, another 5x Moderna - incurable lung di    12/08/22  (4)
let's see Paul Allen's Funko Pop collection    12/08/22  (1)
biglawyer figures out, patents, how to 'reverse grind' teeth.    12/08/22  (4)
DEFINITIVE nine-step guide to peeing in a dress (requires plastic bag)    12/08/22  (4)
Rate this man’s suicide note    12/08/22  (84)
Elite Chicago prep school dean brags about passing out dildos, buttplugs    12/08/22  (46)
chatgpt has been running BOOOOOM account for years    12/08/22  (1)
These are the Salve Regina admits. To you, they're gold, and you dont get them    12/08/22  (5)
Pissed myself in an uber last night    12/08/22  (1)
how do women in dresses pee?    12/08/22  (23)
Charming, renovated Cape Cod within walking distance to two Traders Joe    12/08/22  (4)
how many races throughout history were expelled from countries for coin clipping    12/08/22  (5)
Fucked a White American 8.5 the other night. Barebacked. Taking ?s    12/08/22  (59)
CVS scammed customers who donated to diabetes    12/08/22  (20)
Every day that I don't have an urgent deadline looming is totally wasted    12/08/22  (11)
Do you guys "wash" your rice?    12/08/22  (81)
biglaw burnout can be sudden and complete    12/08/22  (47)
I'd like to thank my attorney with a gift of a vintage watch for around $3k. Any    12/08/22  (12)
Prediction: UFOs will be used as a distraction from audit results (lsd)    12/08/22  (34)
No AZ audit chatter? Hmph.    12/08/22  (130)
Just spent ~$600 on Christmas decorations, taking q's (TSINAH)    12/08/22  (30)
There will be a LOT more whistleblowers coming (lsd)    12/08/22  (71)
Consuela what are your latest theories?    12/08/22  (2)
Attn: biglawyer burnouts: Homesteading plots are still available in Alaska.    12/08/22  (3)
Deadwood most prestigious 1800s Wild West town?    12/08/22  (3)
Who’s excited for the ARIZONA AUDIT RESULTS coming THIS WEEKEND    12/08/22  (58)
It is 1985, you can do one thing: stop Challenger or see Iron Maiden in Long Bea    12/08/22  (59)
🚨 🚨 🚨 AZ AUDIT RESULTS GOING PUBLIC 9/24/21 1 PM 🚨 🚨 🚨    12/08/22  (141)
*TSINAH’s HOG oinking ferociously at repo men*    12/08/22  (27)
RSF DESCRIBE your first class flight to LHR    12/08/22  (19)
Undocumented lawyers taking your desk at biglaw office    12/08/22  (8)
New Justice Kavanaugh immediately in trouble for forcing clerks to elephant walk    12/08/22  (2)
Hypo: Elon Musk hires Bboooooom as Twitter head of content moderation    12/08/22  (12)
About to much on some delicious LEGAL BREAKFAST in 20 mins    12/08/22  (11)
Why is FL with such a shit economy becoming more expensive than CA in parts?    12/08/22  (3)
"Could a bitch boi do this?" I ask Karen as I press up against her in the alley.    12/08/22  (27)
So Biden admin just gave up the LORD OF WAR in exchange for WNBA player?    12/08/22  (1)
You're a bitch boi, and you've gone too far    12/08/22  (1)
How to get through burnout and brain feeling like mush?    12/08/22  (16)
doodikoff is the most down to earth poaster    12/08/22  (46)
Praise the Lord of life, for he has lavished his mercy upon me.    12/08/22  (1)
EPAHs dick is barely even hangin in the pic he posted    12/08/22  (17)
Biden: “Britney Griner represents the best of America”    12/08/22  (8)
xo2022 areas of expertise: BIGLAW burnout, rent evasion, wet wipes    12/08/22  (6)
Griner traded for Victor Bout, other dude left hanging    12/08/22  (17)
Long, lavish 80's/early-90's synthpop songs    12/08/22  (9)
Goddamn GOP is so fucking retarded    12/08/22  (84)
American Girl Doll: hey girls get puberty blockers but don't tell mom or dad    12/08/22  (118)
LJL @ coders creating a tool (GPT3) that will replace millions of coders.    12/08/22  (41)
Anything more intimidating than a black man calling you "playboy"?    12/08/22  (18)
and he complained on the internet for the remainder of his life, to no avail    12/08/22  (3)
anyone seen the Ray Donovan movie?    12/08/22  (3)
Becky… he’s really into Yellowstone and Ray Donovan    12/08/22  (1)
ITT: RATE is absolutely PERFECT TIKTOK 10    12/08/22  (56)
Thai model exposed as an identity thief and transwoman    12/08/22  (4)
He would've been a good lawyer, if it'd been an Of Counsel to yell at him every    12/08/22  (2)
pigeon starts talking to you in park: carbs r poison u know    12/08/22  (6)
Do you guys "wash" your chicken?    12/08/22  (5)
Does Elon have a lawsuit against baker?    12/08/22  (1)
Adam Schefter: Cleveland Browns to hire Joe Biden as new GM    12/08/22  (1)
What % of adult male football fans have touched a football in the past year?    12/08/22  (1)
Atlanta is done here    12/08/22  (62)
Go away Upset Jew    12/08/22  (2)
I really wish Pete Davidson and Eli Manning had a joint Instagram account    12/08/22  (1)
Biglaw burnout - when did you burn out?    12/08/22  (46)
3-year old daughter has anxiety and it’s really annoying    12/08/22  (8)
lawyer spouse (35M) has anxiety and it’s really annoying    12/08/22  (2)
Laura Loomer looks like a monster now    12/08/22  (1)
Remeber: WE are the boomers now. *farts cum all over the workforce*    12/08/22  (1)
Merchant of Death for Griner is the worst trade since Wilson to the Broncos    12/08/22  (2)

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