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wtf a bunch of indiginous alaskan cleaning ladies just raided my office    02/20/24  (3)
"how is new woman true detective season going" - putin barely cracking smi    02/20/24  (19)
Should I move all my crypto holdings into bitcoin?    02/20/24  (7)
my pussy in bio    02/20/24  (1)
Taking questions from Randolph, New Jersey (dat snoot)    02/20/24  (7)
the "Aaackshually" in TBF rants cracks me up    02/20/24  (4)
Why don't indian girls try to find HANDSOME    02/20/24  (67)
to be fair is the worst poaster here. worse than nyuug or TDNW.    02/20/24  (22)
TBF is like Dennis Miller but ugly and indian    02/20/24  (1)
Host to Trump: why not drop out?; Trump: Unable (video)    02/20/24  (6)
Guys, I'm really having second thoughts about the whole "antisemitic" thing (TBF    02/20/24  (10)
Guy who does not "get" xo in any way shape or form confidently attacking your po    02/20/24  (24)
TT, rate this voluptuous Hindu girl I'm going to rail tonight.    02/20/24  (43)
Why does Russia do things like jail mourners at Navalny's funeral?    02/20/24  (25)
#TeacherOfTikTok    02/20/24  (1)
Chaste Jesus freak bitches who take it up the ass    02/20/24  (10)
Check out this white girl who's "got that dawg in her"    02/20/24  (1)
not very surprised by karlstack's latest EJMR post    02/20/24  (1)
Machine Gun Kelly shows the next step in tattoo evolution    02/20/24  (3)
Rogan podcast with Bret Weinstein is excellent    02/20/24  (18)
'there's no such thing as bad trips, only bad trippers.' -- Chloe Sevigny's dad    02/20/24  (4)
Example code for MD/32X games    02/20/24  (2)
The latest XO posts on a big screen at Elders of Zion headquarters    02/20/24  (4)
rate these pics of Sydney Sweeney's TITS hanging out at awards night    02/20/24  (36)
My boss said wow you really punched above your weight with your wife    02/20/24  (8)
   02/20/24  (1)
Retarded/uneducated Swift trying 2 use improperly use law to abuse people!    02/20/24  (9)
police now using 23&Me to find criminals from 20 years ago (link)    02/20/24  (3)
what is the real reason for WW1?    02/20/24  (56)
CONFIRMED: Stalin tp and Evan39 mail their dirty gym underpants 2 each other    02/20/24  (2)
What are your thoughts Gibberish?    02/20/24  (3)
David Irving has died    02/20/24  (5)
Exclusive: Harvard Alumnae Demand University ‘Commit to DEI' (Karlstack)    02/20/24  (2)
1994 long New Yorker story about Chloe Sevigny    02/20/24  (4)
Rate this video of Princess Treatment Only    02/20/24  (3)
Sprouts manager told me not to vape inside the store    02/20/24  (28)
adding "tp" to coin a moniker tp, tp    02/20/24  (11)
ate a BAD MUSHROOM 🍄 when she was a child-    02/20/24  (1)
Stan Van Gundy charged with killing his wife.    02/20/24  (1)
2024 Kike moniker roll call    02/20/24  (7)
What NW to own hamptons house    02/20/24  (5)
London, 1973    02/20/24  (35)
Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary: New York is a loser state now    02/20/24  (29)
honestly it's insane how evil libs are    02/20/24  (1)
cowgod never beat mario 64    02/20/24  (13)
h1b's have turned tech into a sweatshop horrorshow unfit for americans    02/20/24  (3)
Watched "All About Eve' last nite, jfc people were short back then    02/20/24  (1)
calling apollo, nein. calling apollo, nein.    02/20/24  (1)
imagine working in tech, with a bunch of miserable turdskin FOBs    02/20/24  (11)
NFL games are filmed on a Hollywood green screen    02/20/24  (2)
Attak of the Killer Green Tomatos 🍅 🍅    02/20/24  (1)
The "Chiefs" are criminal frauds&never "winning" shit again    02/20/24  (7)
Ricky has been experiencing heavy night sweats from weed withdrawal    02/20/24  (4)
I think my neighbor is trying to tunnel into my basement    02/20/24  (6)
Death to kikes 1488 👌    02/20/24  (4)
Disco weigh in..Swift trying to abuse lawyers&the law 2 abuse people    02/20/24  (3)
your old as shit: Chloe Sevigny is 50 and looks like a plastic surgery disaster    02/20/24  (7)
Do only shrews drive BMW X3s?    02/20/24  (3)
Guys can you imagine how bad things are going to be in America in 10 years    02/20/24  (54)
never gonna LIVE U UP    02/20/24  (1)
Virtuous Men and Women    02/20/24  (1)
holy fuck i hate coding    02/20/24  (29)
unreal how evil these people must be to do what they've done to this country    02/20/24  (1)
FULL TILT across the COSMIQ isles    02/20/24  (1)
DOJ refuses to provide Hur/Biden transcripts to Congress    02/20/24  (1)
Disease X coming soon    02/20/24  (6)
How many alts do you have on this site?    02/20/24  (2)
what's the best 'acid test' to prove one 'gets' scary smart MASE/screen posting?    02/20/24  (2)
oh no i think we BROKE the universe 😞    02/20/24  (1)
insane numbers of full blown trannies among zoomer influencers on tiktok    02/20/24  (1)
War is the ultimate acid test between reality and acceptable political thought    02/20/24  (9)
HYPO: A massive CME wipes out all electronics. Can you build a generator?    02/20/24  (13)
i'd rather shave my balls with a rusty butcher knife than wagecuck another day    02/20/24  (1)
Iambic poontangmeter    02/20/24  (1)
I will never own an EV    02/20/24  (5)
the moment when you realize youve been responding to disco fries the whole time    02/20/24  (1)
I just can't get enough    02/20/24  (1)
where dat baller at    02/20/24  (1)
id rather retire early than have a family ngl    02/20/24  (50)
Felix the Cat tp, who is this giga-poasting septic queer?    02/20/24  (2)
there is no way guys like 'MASE' and boner police/'screens' are actually white    02/20/24  (9)
Hey Felix the Cat tp    02/20/24  (6)
ooo yeah, let me hump that wet opening    02/20/24  (5)
w h o k i l l e d m y s I s t e r (Fox Mulder)    02/20/24  (1)
good evening    02/20/24  (2)
Luis I’ll be in Palm Springs in may just fyi    02/20/24  (2)
   02/20/24  (1)
You're old, the "hit or miss" video girl is a grandmother now    02/20/24  (2)
there's a 'dunning krueger' equivalent for extremely online millennials/zoomers    02/20/24  (36)
Gibberish, why are you an alcoholic?    02/20/24  (19)
Did anyone here ever go on poopsex.com in late 90s?    02/20/24  (2)
Ted Bundy Jury Nullification TP    02/20/24  (1)
“Alright nah” said Travis as he held down bbooom with one hand and spread hi    02/20/24  (13)
Writing five sonnets to a girl who rejected you about how her husband tastes    02/20/24  (2)
historian lays out the case proving Israel did 9/11    02/20/24  (6)
Grabbing a “security guard” and sucking his dick as his wife watches and cri    02/20/24  (1)
White girls/White Women Appreciation Thread    02/20/24  (29)
whites: should we emigrate back to Europe ?    02/20/24  (43)
16 States Forbid Common-Law Tenant Protections Thanks To AIPAC (link    02/20/24  (1)
America's relationship to Europe is really peculiar    02/20/24  (12)
🌹Women voters 🌹    02/20/24  (11)
11 Signs You Might Be Gayer and More Online Than You Thought    02/20/24  (4)
Dark Brandon's penis, eye level, in the shower    02/20/24  (1)
anyone else have a partner nut on their back in biglaw?    02/20/24  (6)
CSLG's real net worth is closer to $100 million    02/20/24  (12)
using term 'hoeflation' during Zoom conference call    02/20/24  (1)
Yale issues groveling apology for role in slavery. But won’t change name    02/20/24  (5)
My company is requiring all employees to make 90s style wrestling promos    02/20/24  (3)
Generative AI is so gay, soulless and depressing    02/20/24  (2)
I've dined with RSF, he butters his bread with his forearms    02/20/24  (49)
how $8000 becomes $62 million in 3 weeks (benzo)    02/20/24  (14)
It’s so bad in Southside Chicago that KFC is closing stores    02/20/24  (1)
evan39&Disco where are you to help clamp down on the fraud?    02/20/24  (5)
U need to be our for blood! Not acknowledging&breaking up all of this fraud    02/20/24  (1)
100% of lib economists said Obamacare won't work w/o the mandate; still employed    02/20/24  (13)
They found him in Spain and gutted him like a fish    02/20/24  (13)
Tifa was there for you the whole time but you fell in love with Aeris    02/20/24  (62)
I haven't had any alcohol to drink in a week and I feel terrible    02/20/24  (7)
How much notice to give law firm before leaving? 2 weeks?    02/20/24  (32)
All 400,000 of ur male ancestors wondering why you haven’t impregnated a femal    02/20/24  (132)
Silver Jews are a pretty 174 band, brehs.    02/20/24  (22)
Ever wonder why every NFL WR uses gloves?    02/20/24  (13)
that caleb hammer video where the dudes wife spends her whole paycheck at Target    02/20/24  (4)
Greatest advancement of this gen: zoomed in, shuffling sideways    02/20/24  (1)
FBI: "why'd u do it?" TN shooter: "t-e-r-r-o-r" FBI: "i can do this all day    02/20/24  (65)
railroad jerk - the ballad of railroad jerk.mp3    02/20/24  (1)
Has anyone here willingly moved rural/regional?    02/20/24  (24)
FizzKidd I announce to you the terms of our marriage    02/20/24  (57)
Phantasmagoria (1995) was so controversial Australia outlawed it.    02/20/24  (8)
nice surrogate activity brother    02/20/24  (35)
8===========D~~~~~ NIGGER!    02/20/24  (31)
*it is 1990* *Alannah Myles' 'Black Velvet' plays en route to see Arachnophobia*    02/20/24  (10)
Sam Hyde is a retard and not funny or perceptive    02/20/24  (10)
What age was your rock bottom?    02/20/24  (1)
Late GenXer here, thing I’ve noticed about millennials    02/20/24  (27)
Sneaking off to the girls’ law firm across the lake    02/20/24  (33)
Really want to pound FizzKidd’s fat juicy azn vulva    02/20/24  (9)
KC shooting suspects charged, both black, both adults    02/20/24  (9)
Neat trick to get TDNW to stop posting: ask how Trump will end war in 24 hours    02/20/24  (50)
Without searching, who is older? Shaq or Axl Rose?    02/20/24  (18)
Euroteen shows you her pussy under her desk - nsfw    02/20/24  (21)
40 fake babies elicited a greater response than 13,000 real children    02/20/24  (2)
Is the bort still slow in the middle of the night or    02/20/24  (2)
The Clash-Wrong 'Em Benzo    02/20/24  (5)
Without Googling, guess what %age of murders are solved in the US    02/20/24  (37)
Illegals to get $15K a year on debit card from NYC    02/20/24  (13)

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