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lots of inhouse lawyers are MILFS    02/28/24  (10)
Japs are losing 700,000 Japs a year, will go completely extinct    02/28/24  (10)
it's time for COCAINE    02/28/24  (2)
Benzo slowly unrolling note he received from carrier pigeon. “HAHAURFUCKED”    02/28/24  (1)
Controversial Opinion: Zendaya is hawt af    02/28/24  (2)
where is Allison’s wife    02/28/24  (2)
My gf is crying buckets rn and I do not give a single fuck    02/28/24  (7)
all women are annoying faggots    02/28/24  (3)
Which sport has best female body type at elite levels?    02/28/24  (19)
LJL at this declining birth rate crap    02/28/24  (18)
Nate Silver: "If we don't make Biden step aside we are fucked"    02/28/24  (67)
This is pretty much all nonsense    02/28/24  (3)
expertly caressing a rancid potential shart out of my tight shithole    02/28/24  (1)
Come at me you motherfucking lying 🤥 cheaters! You know who you are    02/28/24  (4)
"Verizon"=overpriced scam?    02/28/24  (1)
Oh yeah oh wow    02/28/24  (1)
What’s the difference between women and Magic the Gathering    02/28/24  (56)
Bull market is BACK. Let's ride the wave, boys.    02/28/24  (10)
Video Drone crashes at NASCAR race, causes huge pileup    02/28/24  (1)
Has "knowledge management" ever worked in Biglaw to improve efficiency?    02/28/24  (23)
Law is a scam like the rest huh?    02/28/24  (1)
All fucking rigged shit fraud entertainment media sport fraud all of it dieee    02/28/24  (1)
A bunch of fucking sheep sucker lemmings    02/28/24  (1)
Libs push for dope! Lie wreck it all and then claim "conspiracy theorist"    02/28/24  (3)
Dune Part 2 is greenlit    02/28/24  (18)
T shirt: “I ‘heart’ Turdskins!”    02/28/24  (1)
starting to realize the secret to a healthy relationship is cheating not flame    02/28/24  (1)
"Me? Well, I'm a performance artist. Online. For lawyers. And you?"    02/28/24  (3)
The Tamil Denis Villeneuve on finding inspiration in computer forums (link)    02/28/24  (1)
"real estate" is all fraud fraud "value" money laundering    02/28/24  (1)
George Lucas’s cameo in The OC blew my mind in high school    02/28/24  (1)
The Han Han Solo tp breakfasting with the Gujarati George Lucas    02/28/24  (1)
It’s true. Cute face, flat butt, Zendaya. All of it.    02/28/24  (4)
Star of David yaaaa    02/28/24  (3)
bella thorne and zendaya (both 100% white)    02/28/24  (3)
Cheated cheated fucking cheated rigged lies to scammed die motherfuckers    02/28/24  (3)
need 2 impregnate a bunch of women and bring more shitbeings into this fgt wrld    02/28/24  (6)
The Koch Kikes are OUT!    02/28/24  (46)
TBF, Consuela, Ricky, FLW, Hegemon - all jewish sadly    02/28/24  (65)
Kike Devil on Rickys shoulder telling him to smoke weed    02/28/24  (44)
And on the Third day, Ricky created the Crispy Chicken Deluxe, in His own image    02/28/24  (12)
Come ITT and Nippon Professional Baseball-ify your moniker    02/28/24  (27)
This is all a fucking fraud set up all of it! U are going to just talk&donothing    02/28/24  (1)
However much you hat jews, it isn’t nearly enough    02/28/24  (5)
Ricky’s favela    02/28/24  (73)
Fucking cheated of of it all! Even the basics! I'm fucking taking mine    02/28/24  (1)
SEED Charter School in D.C. proving that blacks are just as capable as whites    02/28/24  (2)
Sit back and laugh! You aren't going to do anything about the shit?    02/28/24  (1)
TBF, update on the crippling, economy-paralyzing NYC trucker strike?    02/28/24  (7)
UPTOWN CUNT    02/28/24  (1)
Hitler is back in Germany - video    02/28/24  (13)
I’ll be 100% honest, I don’t care about being alive anymore at all    02/28/24  (4)
fuck god    02/28/24  (1)
not being high af fucking sucks    02/28/24  (1)
Can I still mine crypto on a 1080?    02/28/24  (2)
Top 5 factors in choosing a woman for a relationship ITT    02/28/24  (19)
joe biden's big hairy cock swinging 2 feet from his daughter's nose in the showe    02/28/24  (8)
AI gen art bad very bad terrible    02/28/24  (1)
srs q why are east asian birth rates so low?    02/28/24  (42)
tsinah in a palm springs gay bar blank bumping "faggots always lie" poast    02/28/24  (13)
1991 article about n-threaders on public access TV stations:    02/28/24  (1)
more trucks passing thru gaza than nyc (nytimes)    02/28/24  (1)
hatp taking qs    02/28/24  (14)
Just remembered and loled at that boomer CEO of Titanic submarine    02/28/24  (6)
422,000 ppl with Fidelity 401k balances of $1,000,000+ (most are xo poasters)    02/28/24  (4)
*finally puts pen to paper after days of dread and self-loathing*    02/28/24  (3)
woke things that happened without you noticing    02/28/24  (23)
tired of ppl calling me brilliant/a genius. i already know i am. (benzo)    02/28/24  (10)
New associate filed Notice of Appearance for me wo checking w me for wrong party    02/28/24  (11)
In preparation for Dune Part 2 Duneify your moniker    02/28/24  (12)
If Dan Marino entered the draft next year, would he be able to compete in NFL?    02/28/24  (10)
Korean Solana FOMO Updates Megathread    02/28/24  (274)
tp = tall person    02/28/24  (6)
Ongoing list of my favorite law shrews to harass on Tiktok    02/28/24  (6)
George W Bushnell    02/28/24  (1)
Vox: Zyns are dangerous as they make men conservative    02/28/24  (95)
Ukraine: the only thing Russia has to deal with is our shitty infrastructure    02/28/24  (2)
Board Shitlibs: Which GOP candidate would you most like to go up against    02/28/24  (1)
Hey Trumpmo shitheads, why is MI GOP dumping ballots at 2am MI time?    02/28/24  (1)
Ulyssius Johnsmeyer (born Micah Jingzing-Strauss) is an American performance art    02/28/24  (5)
autoadmit was an anonymous long running performance art piece    02/28/24  (16)
do you look down on people who live in small houses or rent small apartments    02/28/24  (30)
i'm here only for the performance art    02/28/24  (3)
Moneyed interests using performance art to keep proles in line    02/28/24  (5)
Because of Online Social Networks, life is just performance art    02/28/24  (14)
DISCLAIMER: All posts intended as satiric performance art aimed targeted at    02/28/24  (2)
one user claimed "xoxohth is avante garde performance art that helps me cope wit    02/28/24  (2)
Israel throwing its hat in with Ukraine, are reptile torn (link)    02/28/24  (12)
A certain chill proclivity for schizophrenic internet performance art    02/28/24  (12)
Middle of the road position on every major issue ITT    02/28/24  (1)
Did you catch my performance art: bumping Netherlandaise sauce post?    02/28/24  (3)
This place has to be taken for satire! It's beyond the big leagues    02/28/24  (2)
🫶Rebecca Ferguson & Zendaya, no interest in other Dune 2 women. Am I gay?    02/28/24  (21)
Nothing but negativity since the beginning&no different than "20 years ago" here    02/28/24  (1)
Judge rules no attorney client privilege for Nathan Wade's lawyer    02/28/24  (57)
Dunemo Lives Matter (DLM)    02/28/24  (23)
*Frosty prices scrolling on ticker as 80s pit traders in suspenders bark orders    02/28/24  (9)
"ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHT TO EXIST!" that's cool, defend urself I'm not paying    02/28/24  (1)
art hoes are out. Hippie hostel chicks are in    02/28/24  (2)
Not flame, staying in a NIGGA hotel and already heard 2 DOOR alarms    02/28/24  (14)
FBI: Why'd u do it? FR bomber: "Islam." FBI: *slams desk* Don't make me ask agai    02/28/24  (218)
i climbed a volcano with a hippie australian chick from this hostel. I think I    02/28/24  (4)
FBI: "why'd u do it?" TN shooter: "t-e-r-r-o-r" FBI: "i can do this all day    02/28/24  (68)
Libs: How do we solve the white rural rage problem?    02/28/24  (10)
Memorial for Bushnell at OSU ROTC building    02/28/24  (2)
I am deeply disturbed by the rising popularity of not having children    02/28/24  (184)
Behind PUAs, feminists, and MGTOWs, the birth rate is collapsing    02/28/24  (32)
S. Korea birth rate is 0.8. They are truly fucked.    02/28/24  (16)
the Birth Rates are seriously gonna go to .2 or .3 in Euro and East Asia    02/28/24  (17)
South Korean birth rate is 1.3 NYUUG explain?    02/28/24  (16)
South Korea Births down 11.5, birth rate down to 0.70 - Lolercausting Hard    02/28/24  (20)
Only a matter of time before Korea imports immigrants b/c of low birth rates    02/28/24  (8)
South Korean birth rate plunges to all-time low    02/28/24  (45)
Nyuug, who has no skin in the game whatsoever, mocks SK birth rate    02/28/24  (4)
whites in shitlib counties have korean-level birth rates:    02/28/24  (6)
solution for east asian birth rates: give subsidized housing to people with kids    02/28/24  (3)
Biden goes on Seth Meyers to clear up dementia claims    02/28/24  (86)
South Korean birthrate falls even further - link    02/28/24  (4)
Kirkland to implement dynamic billable $ changes throughout day based on demand    02/28/24  (6)
MASE reading about Thich Quang Duc, mouth agape. "I had no idea. Holy shit!"    02/28/24  (4)
PREDICT what this country will look like during the 2028 election    02/28/24  (13)
🎶I’m learning to poast, but I ain’t got wings 🪽    02/28/24  (5)
board libs on November 7th, to themselves, all alone: we won! / lost :(    02/28/24  (1)
wait, the religious zealots who moved to the desert are prejudiced?    02/28/24  (1)
weird how there are no PreP or cabanuva shortages    02/28/24  (1)
Dune is the best movie released in several years    02/28/24  (40)
i am once again asking you to join the official Karlstack discord server    02/28/24  (2)
"My lord, House Atreides is done." "No... they are DUNE." *soyface* TO BE CONTIN    02/28/24  (27)
ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Al Nusra, Boko Harem, other just merged    02/28/24  (9)
Top 5 Afro-Americans Ever: Musk, Sowell, Jordan, Clarence Thomas, Boondocks tp    02/28/24  (6)
poaster going to gas station to buy ZYN after reading Vox article    02/28/24  (13)
Remember how "ISIS" was somehow pro-Israel?    02/28/24  (2)
is there anything to watch on YouTube besides clips of The Sopranos    02/28/24  (1)
Wife cooking Hamburger Helper right now. Libs apoplectic.    02/28/24  (29)
Clarence Odbody Did Nothing Wrong: gorgeous golden soul 🐶🪽    02/28/24  (1)
Buyers trying to terminate contract and demanding $25K due diligence $ back    02/28/24  (100)
TZYNAH    02/28/24  (1)
In the 90s the only “stress” was choosing between Wingdings or Pilotwings 64    02/28/24  (6)
the horror is that high IQ Indians really do make the best internet poasters    02/28/24  (1)
Who would win in a TDNW vs nyuug Octagon fight to the death?    02/28/24  (22)
the horror is that high IQ whites really do make the best cultures    02/28/24  (120)
US foreign aid to Ukraine RIP    02/28/24  (1)
New FX show "Shogun" is 180    02/28/24  (1)
Keith Ellison likely to be Chairman of the DNC. Tired of winning, Trumpmos?    02/28/24  (5)
Sell my place or rent it out?    02/28/24  (8)
Wendy’s to implement dynamic price changes throughout the day based on demand    02/28/24  (54)
Cute brunette perplexed by Japanese ice cream not melting    02/28/24  (24)
Buy BITCOIN, WIF, PEPE, BONK    02/28/24  (3)
remember "nick fuentes?" lmao    02/28/24  (9)

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