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Why are proles obsessed with loyalty and betrayal    03/04/24  (2)
I want to know more about Christopher Spinelli    03/04/24  (5)
Tulsa "International" Airport has no international flights, total fraud!    03/04/24  (9)
David French, NYT: SCOTUS just killed the Constitution    03/04/24  (18)
horrific proles in Walmart shaking heads really fast like in movie Jacobs Ladder    03/04/24  (14)
ITT: list things that ricky's stolen $100k could have paid for    03/04/24  (20)
we should all kill areselves for not buying tons of ETH at $2000    03/04/24  (1)
"Hello, I'm Mr. Amalek. Fine Tikkun Olam weather we're having today."    03/04/24  (1)
Does crypto mooning means there is still considerable brrr left in the market?    03/04/24  (4)
Giving out $WIF and $BONK. poast ur sol addresses.    03/04/24  (1)
Israelis selling Palestinian land to Jews in the USA    03/04/24  (2)
hypo: $3 million but you can't leave the circus circus hotel in vegas for a year    03/04/24  (11)
Trumpism is the disease. 'Frenchism' is the cure.    03/04/24  (1)
US threatens to cut aid to Ghana if it can't export globalhomo    03/04/24  (12)
Daniel and the Hungry Hungry Hippos    03/04/24  (1)
The Golden Age of American Jews is Ending    03/04/24  (58)
DBG. Further proof RSF's maternal grandmother was Jewish.    03/04/24  (3)
'Asked and answered. Yes, I'm gay.'    03/04/24  (1)
remember when Spaceporn challenged lex tp to a spelling bee?    03/04/24  (4)
$400k SOL. Should I just turn it all into BONK?    03/04/24  (8)
"Fanni Willis is picking up your order, it should arrive between 3:55 and 4:05"    03/04/24  (5)
I'm asexual 😭    03/04/24  (5)
Did AutoAdmit go down for several hours today or was that just me?    03/04/24  (8)
Why do Mexicans rape their daughters so often?    03/04/24  (22)
RESOLVED: associates pad their hours way more than partners    03/04/24  (1)
do males get "college internships" now or is that entirely a female thing    03/04/24  (1)
Is Dune Messiah good? Seems like most of the cool stuff is done    03/04/24  (3)
Lol of course now this bitch is giving me shit perfect timing cunt    03/04/24  (10)
what about XO attracts deranged trailer kikes?    03/04/24  (1)
luis's kid (100% aryan) will be whiter than tdnw's mexican slavic kid    03/04/24  (10)
So it turns out spaceporn is a pedophile    03/04/24  (21)
*spaceporn hairline slowly emerges in Eric bumpus' rearview mirror*    03/04/24  (36)
🚨Official SCOTUS rejects Trump insurrection ineligibility thread🚨    03/04/24  (75)
Why do Virginians rape their adopted gook fucktoys so often?    03/04/24  (6)
Can Plaintiff's subpoena phone records, emails, etc in an employment law case?    03/04/24  (3)
Protip: There will be a massive GAMMA SQUEEZE on bitcoin 3/29    03/04/24  (1)
You faggots would never make it in Detroit    03/04/24  (2)
Remember “Mueller”? Lol    03/04/24  (6)
Wal Mart is fun stuff every place is packed and people have lotsa cash    03/04/24  (5)
The Last Time I Saw Bumpus is a 1986 short story written by John Updike    03/04/24  (2)
MASE rate these Arab Google employees protesting kike managing director    03/04/24  (10)
whatever happened to Deranged Twitter Pumo?    03/04/24  (1)
Somewhere out there Lord High Everything Else is out there raping GJR    03/04/24  (3)
2024: YEAR OF TSINAH AND TRUMP    03/04/24  (13)
Homeowner Bros: Do You Do Pay Coverage For Replacement Cost On Personal Property    03/04/24  (20)
TSLA is done    03/04/24  (26)
Spaceporn wearing “Vote for Pedo” shirt to the polls    03/04/24  (19)
Wendy’s announced surge pricing    03/04/24  (2)
Fat Rihanna laughing as she hacks your LINK    03/04/24  (2)
General rule from beginning is it's all based on who you know..    03/04/24  (2)
reminder: trump is going to jail    03/04/24  (10)
Why do rednecks fuck their daughters so often?    03/04/24  (2)
You should know better.. be alpha from beginning&it's who you know    03/04/24  (1)
No one finds anything impressive anymore sees "college" as a theft/scam    03/04/24  (1)
So pissed that we all coulda enjoyed..got caught up in schemes    03/04/24  (1)
just got hacked for abotu 5000 LINK, thinking of killing myself rn not flame    03/04/24  (46)
Everyone on top takes what they want..you don't get there playing nice    03/04/24  (6)
David French & Spaceporn having "squanch-over" where their adopted "sons" ar    03/04/24  (5)
NW check in    03/04/24  (34)
so TMF paid 700k to live in a DMX music video?    03/04/24  (19)
Unloading 2 pops on exeunt’s mom’s face as BTC ATH’s    03/04/24  (1)
I wish my asshole were square so I could shit poop cubes    03/04/24  (1)
Libs are unhinged lunatics throwing legal bullshit vs Trump against the wall?    03/04/24  (22)
Absolutely insane how many parents think their kids can pro athletes    03/04/24  (120)
ho lee fuk, Bitcoin just spiked to $80K!!!!    03/04/24  (1)
Pessimist take: Crypto Bull is NOW. Halving = sell the news, crash, 4 yrs    03/04/24  (3)
God wants you to give your au pair a creamsicle    03/04/24  (3)
It should be illegal to be as big of a joke as cowshit is    03/04/24  (2)
You can have whatever you want you're rich "net worth" is flame    03/04/24  (6)
***HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY RSF***    03/04/24  (3)
It's an easy fraud joke out there..are u actually struggling or just like to bit    03/04/24  (2)
None of this means shit..do your thing..do something unique don't buy in    03/04/24  (4)
CIA is already freaking out and Trump hasn’t even won yet    03/04/24  (7)
can we start a GoFund me for ricky?    03/04/24  (1)
I think you do much better if you're retarded/dumb like Kelce/Swift&luck out    03/04/24  (4)
Happy COVID-19 Victims Memorial Day!    03/04/24  (2)
Fuck computers    03/04/24  (3)
Russel Wilson officially fired    03/04/24  (1)
Take and do what you want..no one even knows who's in America anyway    03/04/24  (1)
Its all an easy joke Americans look like they don't care    03/04/24  (2)
Even the American " prestigious" look like bumbs unkempt nasty facial hair fat    03/04/24  (2)
Lol at stacking it up to buy worthless junk&boink diseased holes/slimepits    03/04/24  (7)
when the reverend mother said what you'll find in the Box is pain, I felt that    03/04/24  (3)
Ukrops engage a Geran drone Saddam style. It kills them all.    03/04/24  (1)
Gen X won the Millennial vs. Gen X war    03/04/24  (12)
Animeboi, you stick up for spaceporn all the time but I have a question    03/04/24  (16)
Most 180 way to brutally torture and kill faggot tow truck driver?    03/04/24  (1)
lol read Keith Olbermann's twitter page    03/04/24  (55)
my asian wife’s pussy    03/04/24  (8)
These people keep neutering themselves    03/04/24  (1)
Took it all seriously and this is what you get?    03/04/24  (7)
XO is in another dimension..real life is not like the media/internet paints    03/04/24  (1)
An entire wasted life being miserable for no reason    03/04/24  (1)
“Who’s Busnell? Some guy who works for Thiel?” NSAM replied    03/04/24  (1)
The Atlantic: TBF is right    03/04/24  (1)
Just got an offer for $300k. Not gonna accept.    03/04/24  (31)
Is it too late to go all in on BONK?    03/04/24  (3)
He's as gay as the day is long    03/04/24  (1)
Giving away 100,000 BONK to the first 20 posters ITT    03/04/24  (81)
Barney Miller    03/04/24  (4)
rate this proposal for foreign troops in Ukraine (link)    03/04/24  (39)
Are all jews pedos or just the synagogue of satan?    03/04/24  (1)
Maybe investing in real estate is actually a good idea??!    03/04/24  (26)
remember ppl said Mueller was formidable, til he opened mouth, spewed alzheimers    03/04/24  (4)
Democrats now pushing child sex dolls    03/04/24  (30)
I haven’t been auto logged out in 5+ minutes    03/04/24  (6)
Study: Men who embrace gender equality have more satisfying sex    03/04/24  (3)
gen-z newlyweds duetting Graham Nash's 'Our House' at hosted dinner party    03/04/24  (5)
A chicken in every pot and an Asian fucktoy in every guest bedroom    03/04/24  (2)
J Dilla | PFR | 2017    03/04/24  (20)
Did j dilla kill himself bc of crypto or was it something else?    03/04/24  (12)
I tried so hard and got so far but in the end the SCOTUS dismissed it per curiam    03/04/24  (1)
"Artificial intelligence" is just a Jewish self-enrichment scheme    03/04/24  (1)
asian wives taking over california suburbs like invasive squirrel species    03/04/24  (45)
LA Bros - should I live in Studio City or Burbank?    03/04/24  (6)
Fremen concubine: Supports your Jihad; Shrew GF: Censors word Jihad    03/04/24  (8)
Mike O'Hearn dead at age 55 from a stroke    03/04/24  (3)
Fremen 2nd cousin:Hates what Harkonnens did; Shrew GF:Hates what her colon did    03/04/24  (6)
having to work with women = episode of twilight zone on infinite loop    03/04/24  (13)
Sushi patrons harvesting heart attack victim's water like Dune Fremen (graphic v    03/04/24  (5)
*to tune of Edelweiss* Asian wives, Asian wives    03/04/24  (11)
Ukraine just sunk another Russian ship    03/04/24  (1)
2004: drunk dialed by slut at 1am/ 2024: emailing draft update to client at 1am    03/04/24  (4)
Obese nigger bitch screaming into Bluetoof headset    03/04/24  (7)
Biden starts coughing uncontrollably while claiming Trump’s health is declinin    03/04/24  (1)
"yeah, but ... you know ... his wife is asian. so yeah"    03/04/24  (2)
This board epitomizes "grass is greener" syndrome    03/04/24  (22)
"I'm Gay" *Lou Gherig voice echoing 3x *    03/04/24  (22)
this board epitomizes 'gay and retarded'    03/04/24  (3)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: Learns the weirding way; Shrew GF: Says you're weird and gay    03/04/24  (20)
The God Emperor Trump bin Fred Alwa Fremen was presented with two entrees    03/04/24  (22)
The Sega 32X is the source of my childhood trauma    03/04/24  (12)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: "Desert power!"; Shrew GF: "Dessert, now!"    03/04/24  (11)
"I'm going out to blackout" lisped Benzo, lighting his methpipe in the Flying J    03/04/24  (2)
your teen daughter has teen girl friends, and you're just supposed to take it?    03/04/24  (2)
Bari Weiss sex tape leak    03/04/24  (5)
rank the novels of Ivy Compton-Burnett    03/04/24  (4)
Donald J. Trump was the best President of the United States of the past 100 yrs    03/04/24  (39)
colorado scotus: us scotus opinion violates "spirit of the rockies"    03/04/24  (7)
Razor wire keeps chasing me around trying to shred my ass    03/04/24  (2)
Cowgod they're mocking Dreamcast    03/04/24  (3)
*** Nikki Haley wins first primary ***    03/04/24  (26)
The secret ballot for Senate Republican leader will be interesting    03/04/24  (10)
Oregon Dad makes sedative smoothies for teen daughter sleepover; chaos ensues    03/04/24  (23)
Libs brimming with SNARK in hell    03/04/24  (1)
George Takei giving your nervous 12 y/o son a handjob    03/04/24  (5)
If they made a soup out of you what would it be called?    03/04/24  (1)
Congressional Democrats working on bill to disqualify Trump from POTUS    03/04/24  (5)
Corporate biglawyers only: how are u preparing for Corp Transparency Act    03/04/24  (13)

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