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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
When chicks ask me what kind of woman I like I tell them "Sydney Sweeney"    03/04/24  (6)
It's been awhile since we've seen big white tits like that on TV.    03/04/24  (1)
Adolf Anderson tp is probably Zero HP Lovecraft    03/04/24  (7)
NW check in    03/04/24  (6)
Two important battles Ukraine is winning ... link    03/04/24  (1)
U of Florida fires ALL STAFF in DEI positions statewide (link)    03/04/24  (20)
"yeah kids, i missed the whole run-up to both stock market & crypto lol"    03/04/24  (3)
I've done the math. Obama's legacy is best captured by the Chevy Volt    03/04/24  (1)
imagine how much drugs rickkky could have bought with that 100k    03/04/24  (8)
drugged out faggot tp    03/04/24  (1)
Fellow White Blos: Chinks & Gooks Are NOT Flaming re Zojirushi Rice Cookers    03/04/24  (27)
*** Nikki Haley wins first primary ***    03/04/24  (22)
Sydney's Weenie    03/04/24  (1)
The 3rd Generation Holocaust Survivors Survival Handbook    03/04/24  (1)
Why doesn't Trump start own fast food brand "McDons" to compete with Mc'Ds?    03/04/24  (1)
TSLA is done    03/04/24  (16)
Discuss Goog, JD, HSY, SBUX    03/04/24  (14)
AI porn images of Donald Trump fucking Rosie O'Donnell (link)    03/04/24  (1)
I am developing a serious cuckold fetish    03/04/24  (146)
retiring for a bit    03/04/24  (1)
Remember shitlibs: You gave away SCOTUS for 40 years just to get tranny bathroom    03/04/24  (241)
Friend of mine has a 13-inch penis.    03/04/24  (4)
Kesha hit wall at 200mph    03/04/24  (30)
White House phone rings at 3AM. "Operation Meatball Parm's a go President DeSant    03/04/24  (1)
think this might be it bros lol, think i might finally kill myself from this L    03/04/24  (6)
Question for xo about showering only every 10 days    03/04/24  (2)
Neighbor drove up to me while walking my dog    03/04/24  (60)
"Fanni Willis is picking up your order, it should arrive between 3:55 and 4:05"    03/04/24  (2)
so NVIDIA stock is just gonna go up 5-10% a day forever?    03/04/24  (11)
You and scholarship tp walking into Jollibee holding hands with ur double dates    03/04/24  (10)
So S&P 500 is going up like 70% this year?    03/04/24  (19)
should i care if GFs masseuse is male?    03/04/24  (112)
🚨Official SCOTUS rejects Trump insurrection ineligibility thread🚨    03/04/24  (60)
ITT: RATE this Vogue cover on the War in Ukraine    03/04/24  (3)
wow    03/04/24  (1)
Swiss boomers vote themselves a pension increase - link    03/04/24  (1)
Luis what are the most disturbing crim cases you get    03/04/24  (3)
Friend of mine has terminal cancer    03/04/24  (1)
Libs are unhinged lunatics throwing legal bullshit vs Trump against the wall?    03/04/24  (11)
Aella is the hottest woman who showers only every 10 days and it's not close    03/04/24  (5)
STAND UP TO JEWISH HATE    03/04/24  (17)
RATE this boomers shirt    03/04/24  (7)
Petition to ban SHITTING in gym locker rooms    03/04/24  (5)
Max IQ to believe tectonic theory explains the origins of mountains?    03/04/24  (18)
Can someone dox/ban the DDOS attacker?    03/04/24  (7)
i'm on FMLA at the moment. what should i do with my free time    03/04/24  (3)
I want to gamble 10k on a shitcoin    03/04/24  (3)
Spaceporn hacked.Ricky and stole his LINK    03/04/24  (2)
just got hacked for abotu 5000 LINK, thinking of killing myself rn not flame    03/04/24  (12)
Redditor gets cancer, maxes out credit cards for fun, survives, is now fucked    03/04/24  (12)
After breaching previous ATHs it took 18 days or less for BTC to double    03/04/24  (1)
Bought 15 shares of GOOGLE today, let's go shitlib PAJEETS!!    03/04/24  (3)
I heard a rumor that women aren’t 180    03/04/24  (5)
Another bad day for TDNW, hey man why doesn't your friend RSF ever vouch for you    03/04/24  (29)
Squatters take over 1,200 homes in Atlanta, open illegal strip clubs    03/04/24  (28)
i want everyone on earth to fuckign die tonight    03/04/24  (9)
Democrats now pushing child sex dolls    03/04/24  (19)
Jewish parents should not raise their children as Jewish    03/04/24  (2)
DrakeMallard: I'll be happy to invest in Bitcoin AFTER it goes up 100x    03/04/24  (77)
Just got an offer for $300k. Not gonna accept.    03/04/24  (23)
NYT: ”The stark whiteness of Zyn pouches evoke KKK robes and hoods”    03/04/24  (1)
So Haiti has officially descended into a completely failed state?    03/04/24  (8)
Trump's White House Was 'Awash in Zyn'    03/04/24  (2)
lol read Keith Olbermann's twitter page    03/04/24  (14)
I SOLD all of my DOGE holdings and put it all into XRP    03/04/24  (2)
Libs now going with "DISSOLVE THE SUPREME COURT"    03/04/24  (8)
What's keeping you going?    03/04/24  (82)
Federal Appeals Court rules Texas can arrest illegals    03/04/24  (4)
Suuuure ya didn't butt fuck the gov Reid to bail your son out    03/04/24  (1)
Fags    03/04/24  (5)
Gamergate 2 currently underway as gamers boycott “Sweet Baby Inc.”    03/04/24  (30)
Sick fraud    03/04/24  (1)
These LIBERAL fags and queers Been running strong for 7 years    03/04/24  (6)
   03/04/24  (1)
less than 120 billion births since the dawn of time    03/04/24  (6)
It's all bunch of lies and that's what (((people))) are "living"    03/04/24  (5)
fraud/entertainment ect .all lies
   03/04/24  (1)
"but Section 3 is self executing..."    03/04/24  (2)
“No person who shall have ENGAGED IN insurrection against the United States…    03/04/24  (134)
Are you guys trading shitcoins yet    03/04/24  (4)
Catholics, you've been called out    03/04/24  (2)
Trump's White House Was 'Awash in Speed' -- and Xanax    03/04/24  (1)
Libs flailing around wildly like unhinged lunatics    03/04/24  (9)
Razib Khan and Roko Mijic trying to get Aella gangbang invites (Twitter)    03/04/24  (4)
Hit reset friends..it's all yours    03/04/24  (6)
got a new MBP and noticed that the OS is buggy    03/04/24  (3)
everyone in japan is "expected" to star in 1 or 2 porn scenes a year    03/04/24  (1)
TT wondering if it's his 56k connection in Mauritius or XO server problems    03/04/24  (2)
What's happening to Cravath? Partners leaving in droves.    03/04/24  (58)
it's over sell everything    03/04/24  (2)
I am become Rach, ignorer of borts    03/04/24  (33)
IRS just filed a tax lien on Situation's abs    03/04/24  (2)
SCOTUS issues 9-0 per curiam holding Rach liable for XO Server Problems    03/04/24  (1)
Has anyone switched to Robinhood to get 3% IRA match?    03/04/24  (2)
Six Flags Over Georgia Opening Results In Massive Brawl, One Teen Shot By Police    03/04/24  (39)
SCOTUS issues 9-0 per curiam replacing Zendaya with Sydney Sweeney in Dune 2    03/04/24  (7)
petro tp’s jinx threading is an amazing understated xo gem    03/04/24  (1)
Forget it, Jake. It’s XO during spamming hours.    03/04/24  (1)
WSJ: Skyrocketing Costs Driving Cheeseburger Prices Up & Restaurants Out of Biz"    03/04/24  (2)
Mr. Jinx "pranking" his enemies by having a fucking TUGBOAT delivered to them    03/04/24  (43)
Arugula is the POTUS of salad greens and there's no debate anymore, tbh.    03/04/24  (1)
It's 180 how showing weakness one time makes a woman hate you forever    03/04/24  (8)
holy shit, $JMIA is exploding    03/04/24  (41)
Best way to KILL SELF if XO Server Hamsters don't start working again?    03/04/24  (1)
Mr. Jinx in a Bill Nye suit filming shows while Nye languishes in a storage unit    03/04/24  (18)
Russians walk right into a Bradley ambush (video)    03/04/24  (92)
Just a chill 4 hour block every day where xo is unusable    03/04/24  (2)
100% of posters are either autistic or schizophrenic    03/04/24  (23)
Libs going with "SCOTUS didn't say he WASN'T an Insurrectionist!"    03/04/24  (6)
Trumpmos did not see this Colorado thing coming. Talking points were not ready    03/04/24  (3)
"Oh Chlis, why you no rike my pussy?" SP hears while cumming in son's asshole    03/04/24  (21)
RSF's stolen valor is a new low    03/04/24  (5)
I can't, my undersea cables.    03/04/24  (1)
Elie Mystal - "Colorado Court's Ruling Is Sharp As Hell"    03/04/24  (7)
Pessimist take: Crypto Bull is NOW. Halving = sell the news, crash, 4 yrs    03/04/24  (2)
"can't believe nullo spammer cut that undersea communications cable" (3 iq pumo)    03/04/24  (3)
If you can't do something perfectly, don't do it at all (xo poa    03/04/24  (11)
LIBS LOSE! LIBS LOSE! LIBS LOSE! MAGA!    03/04/24  (29)
I currently live around ZERO niggers    03/04/24  (17)
Libs legitimately thought the CO case wasn't going to be overturned LMAO    03/04/24  (7)
The internet has been force-feeding me Caitlin Clark and Sydney Sweeney's boobs    03/04/24  (1)
How did Colorado become more batshit leftist than Kentanji and Sotomayor?    03/04/24  (4)
Take the phones&screens away from everyone and go outside    03/04/24  (1)
zoomer girls with anxiety disorders and thoroughly smashed phone screens    03/04/24  (6)
begrudgingly checking out female associate's dumpy ass    03/04/24  (6)
People who liked Dune are just redditors    03/04/24  (9)
JMIA | BONK | XBOX    03/04/24  (5)
Can you SMEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL what the TRUMP is cookin?    03/04/24  (1)
Rate this $1mm house in a pretty cool part of Atlanta.    03/04/24  (4)
This is all well and good but ultimately completely meaningless. Only DC case ma    03/04/24  (1)
OYT cannot play FF7R2 or watch Dune haha. What a Joke    03/04/24  (8)
Without Googling guess what is Israel's number one export    03/04/24  (53)
SCOTUS to issue ruling tomorrow on whether Trump on the ballot    03/04/24  (21)
Where can I get carpet remnants nowadays?    03/04/24  (1)
they're validating Trump w/ a soft landing because they know he's inevitable now    03/04/24  (1)
Nikki Haley throwing tikka masala at thousand dollar television    03/04/24  (1)
I owned the original Top Gun soundtrack on cassette tape as a kid    03/04/24  (1)
Call it now will CO's Drumpf ballot move be overturned    03/04/24  (18)
MSNBC says SCOTUS decision re: Colorado ballot issue is Russian disinformation    03/04/24  (1)
ITT: We track the progress of the 17 audio recordings    03/04/24  (53)
It's me, Hi, I'm the problem, I'm gay and retarded.    03/04/24  (2)
Small wick today or tomorrow and BTC crosses threshold    03/04/24  (1)
YannPerrod, 42yo, washed up, only 9" flaccid agreeing to $10 for Turtleback stim    03/04/24  (2)
"Pajeet!! Pajeet!!! If you were all GENOCIDED wldn't that be a TREAT!!!"    03/04/24  (4)
   03/04/24  (1)
Reminder, the SCOTUS believes in STATES RIGHTS (abortion) so CO Trump decision    03/04/24  (51)
"HOA is such a scam!" *TMF moves next door with shitpits and builds a carport*    03/04/24  (71)

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