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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Summon: dupa    02/03/23  (3)
Guy who has had sex with over 1000+ women and 75+ men taking questions    02/03/23  (23)
Which POTUS got the most pussy over his lifetime?    02/03/23  (20)
Bitch boi Elon Musk Liable for Securities Fraud for tweet says De. Jury !    02/03/23  (8)
Should wife's 38 year old friend ask guy out on second date?    02/03/23  (1)
Name the best towns in California starting with "Santa"    02/03/23  (29)
Embarrassing that your ONE WRONG MOVE was $260 SOL    02/03/23  (3)
anyone else play 1980s-90s DOS games?    02/03/23  (51)
Could you handle this thicc powerlifting white girl?    02/03/23  (38)
Daily Reminder: 100% of your woes are due to not having enough money    02/03/23  (5)
GJR simp crew, brainstorm good thread topics for her    02/03/23  (33)
Vicious nig beat down of 10 year old girl on schoolbus (vid)    02/03/23  (25)
andrew cuomo referring to "the European spy balloon"    02/03/23  (2)
Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    02/03/23  (442)
nigger runs over a random white ER doctor cyclist on PCH then stabs him to death    02/03/23  (17)
My wife is a crazed milf    02/03/23  (3)
How did Bashar Al-Assad remain in power?    02/03/23  (1)
Top 5 all time QBs now that Brady retired?    02/03/23  (85)
Russians fight like shit. How can Ukraine lose to this?    02/03/23  (7)
Democratic Congressional Caucus releasing balloons on Capitol steps in solidarit    02/03/23  (1)
Several boomer relatives have NEVER been dinged on a job application    02/03/23  (23)
Tate brothers being held for 180 days, court experts say women were “brainwash    02/03/23  (3)
Litmos, does the gnawing anxiety that you made big mistake in a filing go away?    02/03/23  (2)
Why did the USSR collapse?    02/03/23  (6)
Confused Chinese spy balloon watching HVAC fumble around with his keys    02/03/23  (3)
People who get forgiveness should be allowed to urinate on a PAYEMO    02/03/23  (1)
You learn more from banging escorts than you do from Reading a book    02/03/23  (2)
Even The Rock has been compromised by the Chinese (link)    02/03/23  (2)
Control of money system > being "rich"    02/03/23  (1)
Are we seriously gonna sit around & pretend exeunt didnt lose board billions    02/03/23  (1)
sluggish cognitive tempo tp    02/03/23  (1)
Name the best towns in California ending with "Beach"    02/03/23  (1)
Worried dog swells into dogbalon and airlifts master to hospital for virus test.    02/03/23  (15)
Russiacucks are you mad at Ukrainians for fighting back?    02/03/23  (3)
Are we in a Zoo?? (eye opening)    02/03/23  (4)
Chinese balloon took off from Wuhan (link)    02/03/23  (1)
What kind of anti-woke stuff could POTUS DeSantis do at the federal level?    02/03/23  (1)
How many years would one need to devote to Reading to understand Tractatus Logic    02/03/23  (4)
Weird sim glitch: cut wrist and die but cut off entire arm is no big deal    02/03/23  (6)
Just got my PSLF forgiveness letter. $152,000 forgiven.    02/03/23  (23)
"Sun bear, keep licking, I'm starting to cum." (Nutella on a hot mic during conf    02/03/23  (19)
Rate this gay piss party in a Sam Smith music video    02/03/23  (14)
Oh Trump grand jury !?$?! OMG    02/03/23  (1)
Anti-Semite poasters’ favorite religion and message board both started by jews    02/03/23  (7)
Why is the crime rate so high in red states?    02/03/23  (16)
punxsutawney phil predicting 6 more weeks of dupa being a faggot    02/03/23  (8)
Let's all stop complaining about the nightmare state, become multi-millionaires    02/03/23  (3)
motorcycle crash LAUNCHES passenger    02/03/23  (2)
China balloon is over Missouri, home of stealth bomber base    02/03/23  (2)
As an older guy, do you ever stop falling for much younger women?    02/03/23  (41)
JOBS NOT MOBS! (Biden Jobs. Trump Mobs.)    02/03/23  (1)
Women? I respect them. Racism? I abhor it. The Science? I trust it.    02/03/23  (11)
craving about 85mg of injectable ketamine rn    02/03/23  (3)
TV shows that succeeded by identifying an A-lister in their first season    02/03/23  (39)
my life is more interesting than anything in the fake faggot world    02/03/23  (1)
Blacks are a musical people! *puts on monotonous, tone deaf rap*    02/03/23  (32)
Easiest places to flee America for? Destroy passport when you get there    02/03/23  (5)
Tom Brady to the Raiders    02/03/23  (3)
Hey evan39 fuck all this bullshit friend    02/03/23  (5)
Been watching live hearings from Michigan district Judge friend of mine..    02/03/23  (2)
i have no mouth and i must scream the video game    02/03/23  (16)
Everything is stupid simple lol at allowing frauds to complicate stupid simple s    02/03/23  (6)
would girls be "put off" if they saw this pillow on your bed?    02/03/23  (5)
you ever witness a friend really pathetically try to hit on a chick    02/03/23  (6)
This recession is weird man    02/03/23  (33)
When did you first realize that Jews were the superior race?    02/03/23  (13)
Well, you can tell by the way I use my cock I'm a woman-man, no time for talk    02/03/23  (3)
What one consumer item most captures America's decline and fall?    02/03/23  (64)
Your house starting a fire while you're wearing headphones on a Teams call    02/03/23  (1)
Get this Jew a latke    02/03/23  (1)
And thats why I always hang out at truckstops, its flippin hilarious - doodikoff    02/03/23  (2)
Single poasters regale us with tales from recent dates    02/03/23  (1)
"She's not that heavy," you lie to yourself seconds after your Bumble date arriv    02/03/23  (3)
Anyone fly first class internationally long haul a lot?    02/03/23  (4)
doobs finally got the breast implants (VID)    02/03/23  (2)
Biden judicial confirmations: 5 white men, 22 black women    02/03/23  (25)
Biden delivering for Americans on jobs and infrastructure?    02/03/23  (23)
Meeting on med mal cases in a couple hours    02/03/23  (27)
Hey chud. You're not allowed to "not care" about Ukraine. People are dying.    02/03/23  (17)
So sick of working with retards and building nothing of lasting value all day    02/03/23  (8)
Who are the Top 5 Most Based Jews to ever live?    02/03/23  (30)
Amor towles has a sci fi story up on kindle    02/03/23  (1)
blourmpft orange    02/03/23  (1)
climate warming has been on pause for eight years    02/03/23  (2)
REMINDER: when a bitch boi shows you who he is, believe him    02/03/23  (1)
How terrible is cancer? Assume u are totally fine with dying.    02/03/23  (20)
Frank Lloyd Extremely Asian and Jewish    02/03/23  (19)
barry bonds was fucking alpha af    02/03/23  (1)
What do nine out of ten Biden supporters have in common? Lead contamination    02/03/23  (1)
Under-discussed subtype of Email Girl -- the Adderall Email Girl...    02/03/23  (4)
Why didnt birds evolve vertical stabilizers like planes have? Libs?    02/03/23  (10)
Just finished work. So, about Julia’s cockeyed nipples…    02/03/23  (1)
Boy I sure am glad Biden is finally taking action against lead pipes    02/03/23  (2)
Gunneratt is a stupid fucking faggot    02/03/23  (79)
Jobs report blowout. SELL! SELL!    02/03/23  (50)
OYT what do you think about Home Alone for Sega Genesis?    02/03/23  (5)
disco fries my wife has flooded the bedroom twice starting a bath and forgetting    02/03/23  (14)
cowgod's reddit profile is great, endless 0 karma threads    02/03/23  (5)
Only Built 4 Homo Thugs    02/03/23  (4)
A slim thug, perhaps named Junja, gently kissing ur neck as u mark up precedent.    02/03/23  (10)
asian wife, asian life    02/03/23  (3)
jafar tp has a kombucha bar in ojai, ca, and has a 180 ponytail now    02/03/23  (50)
fagtarded tradthot    02/03/23  (2)
99 Chink Spyballons...    02/03/23  (36)
Mr. Jinx is now describing himself as a 'tradthot'    02/03/23  (7)
if a meeting has woman/man ratio > 1 = will not be productive, total waste of ti    02/03/23  (5)
rly good at business    02/03/23  (10)
asian pussy Friday happy hour    02/03/23  (4)
remember when cowgod was super into NFTs    02/03/23  (1)
Mr. Jinx describing his startup to tech reporters: "A fellatio is performed"    02/03/23  (8)
without consoles, what would cowshit autistically focus on?    02/03/23  (5)
Mr. Jinx informing ladyboy that his ass 'hits different' and is 'a vibe'    02/03/23  (5)
Hilarious how objectively bad literally all "rap" music is - the GOAT kike scam    02/03/23  (149)
Smoker taking Qs about tobacco, work and life    02/03/23  (10)
Making lots of money that you can’t spend because you will be fired tp    02/03/23  (3)
against better advice, i'm going to make an offer on a condo    02/03/23  (41)
OYT, ligotti book is 180    02/03/23  (15)
will you take your kids to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie?    02/03/23  (9)
The baloon is doing IR photos for sure    02/03/23  (1)
Rate this white girl who plays soccer at a HBCU and describe her life    02/03/23  (10)
Which XO poster wifed up this law shrew?    02/03/23  (60)
80s britpop was soooo cr    02/03/23  (1)
Hey ChatGPT, can you tell me how white people can improve themselves? Ok, now do    02/03/23  (3)
Florida now wants to track young girls' menstrual cycles?    02/03/23  (11)
libs: movement to cure disabilities is problematic and ableist    02/03/23  (11)
get pissed off whenever i think about obama    02/03/23  (5)
Chinese balloon dumping Biden classified documents all over Helena    02/03/23  (2)
This girl's a good example of wife material - video    02/03/23  (56)
Should I try out Seeking Arrangements on my next work trip instead of Tinder?    02/03/23  (15)
Chatgpt can praise any race except white people    02/03/23  (4)
*Psycho Karen ordering Boo Hoo Child to slap his own balls over webcam*    02/03/23  (10)
The average Boo Hoo Child thread had 8 posts, 5 from him    02/03/23  (1)
Remember when Karen was a relevant poster? That ended fast lmao    02/03/23  (12)
💞😍 boner police and GJR are getting back together 😍💞    02/03/23  (6)
🚨 Karen is *not* in a good mood today 🚨    02/03/23  (9)
Alec Baldwin to take time off from acting to pursue his newest passion: Killing    02/03/23  (15)
Why don't ski racers drop their poles after the first few gates?    02/03/23  (1)
so basically if ur a woman u only have to work like 5 yrs tops, get creampied &    02/03/23  (23)
So did TSINAH get the DA job and MI bar admissions or what?    02/03/23  (5)
Kamala: “If you’ve nothing wrong, no reason to mind the balloon” (vid)    02/03/23  (6)
it's Friday afternoon why are pumos going insane    02/03/23  (5)
4chan is making yellow stickers that say "this product contains insects"    02/03/23  (1)
Ukraine seems serious about using these new tanks right    02/03/23  (4)
*your son pretending to eat cat food* "look dad I'm TSINAH!"    02/03/23  (27)
Cricket trucks replacing taco trucks in Seattle and Portland    02/03/23  (1)
Now you can BUY your own breakfast.    02/03/23  (4)
Ron DeSantis has 0% chance of winning Michigan or Pennsylvania    02/03/23  (3)
ITT you link to interesting and funny Lex Tp threads    02/03/23  (32)
I wonder if the new multicultural gay goyslop show from Netflix is any good?    02/03/23  (3)

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