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Shitlib NYC private school “asks” all parents to sign anti-Trump 2020 pledge    01/27/23  (18)
I have no reason to literally give a single fuck about ANYTHING    01/27/23  (1)
Rate this email from my therapist    01/27/23  (2)
Celebrities that were plausible spies / deep state operatives the whole time?    01/27/23  (2)
gene therapy but for viruses    01/27/23  (1)
James O'Keefe busts Pfizer exec who attempts to use black privilege to evade him    01/27/23  (6)
The future belongs to men who fuck their wives and raise healthy, stable familie    01/27/23  (4)
Fucking fags    01/27/23  (1)
Fraud "laid off" Tech workers will now be on unemployment&filing for SSDI ljl    01/27/23  (3)
just donated $10k to Project Veritas, and why you should too (link)    01/27/23  (4)
Friend who is a V10 6th year Associate broke down in tears yesterday    01/27/23  (58)
Project Veritas follow up video on the Pfizer guy is insane    01/27/23  (13)
Taking an advanced handgun course this weekend    01/27/23  (6)
"You're sick! Stop looking!" GJR says as she steps out of panties during strip p    01/27/23  (5)
goodnight xo *throws ipad into ocean*    01/27/23  (63)
Any chill bros here want to get on a Zoom call and jack off together?    01/27/23  (15)
Fauci is basically the new Dr. Mengele    01/27/23  (16)
New bridges are FAGGOT. Keep bridges OLD and AUTHENTIC the American way    01/27/23  (3)
Has anyone heard from anus boi tp, is anus boi okay    01/27/23  (5)
Poll: what do you think your chances are of being alive in 10 years?    01/27/23  (11)
Smokey Bear gutting libpedos like his cousins did to that Grizzly Man weirdo    01/27/23  (7)
jinx's cock. whokebe's asshole. do the math.    01/27/23  (13)
what would your grandpa say if he saw how you let jews brainwash you    01/27/23  (3)
I refuse to believe this retarded rumor colt is a bowlcut chink named Herman    01/27/23  (13)
Creepy asian guy hit on me at spin class at the gym    01/27/23  (12)
Phil Collins is 100x more talented than Peter Gabriel by every objective measure    01/27/23  (28)
lol at seething jews    01/27/23  (1)
goodnight xo *starts eating own hand, arm, torso*    01/27/23  (65)
When did "Tits or GTFO" go out of style?    01/27/23  (20)
Project Veritas catches Pfizer guy bragging about gain of function research    01/27/23  (38)
I'm a little cunt and I don't care    01/27/23  (1)
Is “Pole Troon” tp Adolf A./twins?    01/27/23  (1)
Should I cum?    01/27/23  (2)
that NY Post "cookie monster" thread is prob the best burn I've seen here tbh    01/27/23  (3)
goodnight xo *dies in sleep*    01/27/23  (41)
"It" clown mauled by pittie rescue. NY Post: "PENNYWISE: POUND FOOLISH"    01/27/23  (10)
imagine all the slime machines wagging their pussies right now    01/27/23  (4)
Evil here tonight    01/27/23  (5)
ITT: Predict features of the new “woke” SimCity 2020 video game    01/27/23  (43)
On The 7th Day Of Getting Fucked By My Husband's Boss, I Lost My Reason    01/27/23  (2)
goodnight, xo    01/27/23  (167)
My Girlfriend is a Beautful Blonde Girl with Blue Eyes–Asian Semen Seeding Ale    01/27/23  (1)
Just tonguepunched a cute chubby Brazilian chick’s ass then fucked her    01/27/23  (1)
Largest metropolitan area without a major sports franchise?    01/27/23  (37)
Game Genie cartridge that adds transgender characters to classic Nintendo games    01/27/23  (10)
DO THE WUSTTTTL    01/27/23  (5)
Girl banging on glass as car fills with water, writes "computer" with finger    01/27/23  (67)
Henry Kissinger meeting with Finland PM: "I saw you wagging your pussy on video.    01/27/23  (8)
Frank the Telugu Cowboy    01/27/23  (5)
Labradoodle euthanized for sneezing without mask on    01/27/23  (2)
xo poa: "it's a travesty, the fall of female chastity and--HEH! WAG THAT PUSSY"    01/27/23  (3)
Your golden retriever, wagging his tail, handing you an exit bag.    01/27/23  (9)
dead childhood dog's hair stands up and he barks: "computer"    01/27/23  (18)
Finland Prime Minister drunk, wagging her pussy for the camera    01/27/23  (95)
"Mental illness" is a scam to win government benefits&win lolsuits    01/27/23  (1)
ur childhood dog, ur mom & ur dad's ashes stored in a 3 popcorn tin    01/27/23  (10)
your puppydood wagging his tail in heaven, waiting for you    01/27/23  (134)
List best languages to learn and why    01/27/23  (30)
nubile ballerina teen wearing your childhood dog's face as a mask    01/27/23  (15)
GC bringing ur childhood dog to ur dreams, he speakbarks "u can cancel anytime    01/27/23  (15)
skull of your childhood dog clicking out "L M A O" in Morse code    01/27/23  (15)
Vivid dream of ur childhood dog: “It’s just darkness, there’s nothing.”    01/27/23  (3)
Your VR childhood dog whimpering as u hover over "cancel subscription" button    01/27/23  (26)
your childhood dog mouthing "lmao" as the vet slams the oven door shut    01/27/23  (56)
"cope more" mouthed your childhood dog as the pentobarbitone hit his bloodstream    01/27/23  (8)
your childhood dog mouthing “it’s over - the left has won” over and ove    01/27/23  (3)
Your 15 y/o childhood dog on cold metal vet table, eyes darting, looking for u    01/27/23  (120)
Ghost of ur childhood dog abjectly whimpering while nurses abuse you in home    01/27/23  (2)
cgi replica of your childhood dog woofing for u to disable adblocker    01/27/23  (23)
thinking about ur childhood dog as you go limp inside a bumble four    01/27/23  (14)
Gc forcing you to put exclamation points after ur dead childhood dog password    01/27/23  (25)
VR childhood dog frowning as you tell him you’re popular on AutoAdmit    01/27/23  (4)
the bones of ur childhood dog assembling themselves to sit by ur Aeron in office    01/27/23  (15)
ChatGPT evaluates whether or not to "dat cancel" every time it produces somethin    01/27/23  (1)
When I heard about Walt Disney being on $100 Bill=final straw    01/27/23  (1)
skittles commercial voice: "dat cancel..."    01/27/23  (2)
sometimes ill just glance at a thread and weep, at its beauty that transcends fo    01/27/23  (2)
opened old jansport backpack and it's full of hair from my dead childhood dog    01/27/23  (17)
No XO po@sters are actual "addicts" or get what a true criminal addict is    01/27/23  (2)
all of your one post threads on snapple bottle caps    01/27/23  (6)
America went to shit about the same time money stopped literally being green    01/27/23  (3)
Remember when jshad would wake up early and u could watch him poast undisturbed    01/27/23  (11)
my boss uses air quotes whenever he says my job title or introduces me to someon    01/27/23  (7)
i made a new logo for autoadmit    01/27/23  (93)
alone, diapered, and in a state of arrested development tp    01/27/23  (1)
BEACH HOUSE -OVER AND HOUSE.MP3 (Mainlining)    01/27/23  (13)
bigger mistake: 19th amendment or internet access for females?    01/27/23  (1)
Wagner's Prisoner Army: Murderers, contract killers, drug addict, and alcoholics    01/27/23  (20)
AutoAdmit started out 180 this morning; now it is 131    01/27/23  (27)
Reading the Christian Bible for first time - thoughts on MATTHEW    01/27/23  (91)
No talk about crypto anymore (except idiot TBF), odd case u filthy cointards    01/27/23  (3)
dome so good she think the earth flat    01/27/23  (1)
"Am I going to talk about or show them my vulva" *subtext of every female OP*    01/27/23  (1)
have you guys hear $uicideboy$? great group    01/27/23  (3)
I love everyone but jews&all evil deserve the worst for their shit&crimes    01/27/23  (1)
The toleration of homosexuality is the precondition for sovereignty.    01/27/23  (1)
Rate these two girls 1-10 (nsfw)    01/27/23  (2)
If you hit cancel you won't be able to bump your One post thread in 3 years    01/27/23  (11)
George "Ted Cruz tp" Santos    01/27/23  (5)
I just bumped your one post thread in some Gucci flip flops    01/27/23  (31)
"Am I clever" *subtext of every male OP*    01/27/23  (16)
180 that rach allows his Mexican servants pepito and Ted cruz tp post sometimes    01/27/23  (3)
hegemon furiously masturbating to the latest episode of the joe rogan experience    01/27/23  (1)
I'm a lonely soul--alone drunk screaming on a Friday night    01/27/23  (4)
As a Christian, I'm against abortion. But as a White supremacist...    01/27/23  (1)
libs have shit for brains    01/27/23  (71)
Hitler's writings BANNED from the Stanford campus:    01/27/23  (20)
antifa girl aborting her black baby to save it from institutional    01/27/23  (29)
lawyers are bitchboys by both nature and trade    01/27/23  (1)
Giving away 1.80 ETH to a few people who poast their wallets    01/27/23  (26)
GA gov declares state of emergency    01/27/23  (9)
Rate my guitar skills (CSLG)    01/27/23  (60)
Fact: more children were killed at Waco than OKC    01/27/23  (3)
Rate the Uncle Murda 2022 RAP UP freestyle. He calls Brittney Griner Juwana Man    01/27/23  (1)
Santos praised Hitler in online posts - link    01/27/23  (29)
Farted in my bedroom and came back and thought there was an animal    01/27/23  (1)
Spent a year leaning French. Not a fucking thing I can do with it.    01/27/23  (13)
"Grand Central Madison" took 15 years and $11.1 BILLION 🤣    01/27/23  (104)
Karen porn genre    01/27/23  (2)
Study: Runners Often Have Ultra-Delayed Puberty, Grow Breasts In Late 20s    01/27/23  (13)
FBI deep state clinton loyalists stopping corruption probes like whack a mole    01/27/23  (4)
Mcveigh & Klebold: A Tale of Two Murderers    01/27/23  (10)
Kevin Esvelt of the Sculpting Evolution group at MIT is doing directed evolution    01/27/23  (1)
guy eats oreo blizzard and his skin peels off    01/27/23  (2)
nigger postman gets the mail wrong every other day.    01/27/23  (1)
Kevin Esvelt of MIT media lab, inventor of SecureDNA, eyefucking your girl    01/27/23  (2)
faces of the alt right: Nick Faguentes, FruitYe, Milo Pedonopalous, Matt Gaytz    01/27/23  (3)
Going into my first SSDI hearing, tips?    01/27/23  (28)
ben garrison is basically a far-right nazi at this point and nobody talks abt it    01/27/23  (4)
“Keep New England White” banner leads to Civil Rights prosecution in NH    01/27/23  (39)
What are your favorite ancient Roman sites to see in Rome?    01/27/23  (3)
Anyone else is annoyed with Fuentes’s glowing psyop?    01/27/23  (10)
xo contemplating suicide crew check in    01/27/23  (35)
U: post on XO. Francis Drake: most successful pirate of all time    01/27/23  (5)
recently diagnosed w/ASD, taking Qs    01/27/23  (33)
oldest age woman you would marry?    01/27/23  (17)
Is Gen X the Gen with the least class consciousness of any?    01/27/23  (4)
Slime theory skeptics want it to be one way    01/27/23  (6)
Going into my first SSRI hearing, tips?    01/27/23  (1)
DINWIDDIE is so 180    01/27/23  (1)
"Tech" industry needs to be razed to the ground, leaders publicly flayed alive    01/27/23  (41)
Rate this blonde - nsfw    01/27/23  (6)
No pep for dinner ufk:(    01/27/23  (1)
"Keep Israel Jewish" banner at top of popular blog 'Karlstack' sparks outrage in    01/27/23  (3)
"People" need to be fucked up and set straight.cannot be trusted    01/27/23  (1)
Karl "Going Mental on the Oriental" was a far-right internet blogger and hate sp    01/27/23  (2)
Can't believe Karlstack blanked out all of his antisemitic poasts on here    01/27/23  (8)
passionate sex with a Dutch maiden behind her father’s windmill    01/26/23  (10)
What did Karlstack mean when he said he was "to the right of Hitler"?    01/26/23  (1)
I think Karlstack should tone down the antisemitism.    01/26/23  (15)

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