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The Life and Death of Hollywood (LONG READ)    04/17/24  (34)
anal rape is a dish best served cold    04/17/24  (1)
New poaster here. First day    04/17/24  (2)
when did pussy officially lose it's luster to you?    04/17/24  (26)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/17/24  (109)
Sorry mr.jinx, a john coltrane lookalike prolapsed my shitpipe (whok)    04/17/24  (16)
Durban, South Africa: then and now    04/17/24  (1)
Hooked up w/ chick on Friday. Licked her asshole. Tasted & smelled like shit.    04/17/24  (153)
it's over    04/17/24  (4)
There isn't enough media coverage of Beyonce and how perfect she is    04/17/24  (4)
Ukraine hit Crimean airbase, so russia bombed a Ukrainian hospital    04/17/24  (27)
Cock is a dish best served cold    04/17/24  (1)
Tom Cotton says forcibly throw protestors out of roads    04/17/24  (5)
Circus elephant escapes and roams the streets in Butte, MT (vid)    04/17/24  (2)
I realized this week that I have serious issues that I have to work through    04/17/24  (22)
Karlstack's an expired party bottom: can't feel a thing anymore (Bill Ackman)    04/17/24  (1)
I have cum around on Karlstack (Bill Ackman)    04/17/24  (3)
For Israel, Revenge Should Be a Dish Served Cold    04/17/24  (5)
OJ + Nicole + Ron Goldman = 0 total tattoos. People today = lmao    04/17/24  (14)
Standing in line to see Perrod tonight and there's a light on. Heavy loads.    04/17/24  (184)
ever wake up in middle of night and know exactly what time it is before looking    04/17/24  (7)
even TDNW knows Ukraine has lost the war    04/17/24  (3)
what happened to Aloha Cr Chad tp?    04/17/24  (1)
using untested legal theory charges to keep Trump off campaign trail for months    04/17/24  (6)
You better hide you fucking frauds you know who you are    04/17/24  (7)
I have come around on Rufo    04/17/24  (78)
Rate Zuck’s wife wearing only a coat (no bra) feeling on a handsome    04/17/24  (83)
Rundown of the Trump jurors who have been selected so far    04/17/24  (13)
"libs" are so evil and sick it's mind blowing    04/17/24  (2)
I approve of dehumanizing language    04/17/24  (4)
DJT mooning    04/17/24  (2)
why does the government appear to hate its own citizens    04/17/24  (13)
*XO server rattles and smokes as mental illness levels exceed load capacity*    04/17/24  (33)
Wetin don happun so far afta Iran attack Israel    04/17/24  (5)
Going to eat several pounds of spoiled meat&cheese etc let do    04/17/24  (7)
"Property tax" is theft    04/17/24  (18)
paperclip maximizer but for blonde ponytail moms driving Lexus GX SUVs    04/17/24  (2)
Did OJ get the COVID vaccine? Is that what killed him?    04/17/24  (6)
the America I grew up in is being destroyed    04/17/24  (16)
At least two lawyers on Trump jury, lmao. His team sucks    04/17/24  (65)
Reminder: OJ got off because Mark Fuhrman casually said the N-word once or twice    04/17/24  (21)
“Yes, yes, sure — but what happened to all of your hair?”    04/17/24  (1)
where will Barron go to college? Shitlib admins will ding him most places right    04/17/24  (49)
“wowza” shrieked Boom tp as I smashed a baseball bat across his bald head    04/17/24  (7)
My invisible man can beat your invisible man    04/17/24  (1)
🚨 🚨 🚨TSINAH hearing @9:00AM EST 4/29/2024 🚨 🚨 🚨    04/17/24  (76)
(800)607-3016    04/17/24  (7)
How do you do "business" anymore when no one communicates?    04/17/24  (1)
Is this a fair map of western society? (pic)    04/17/24  (45)
Jews: "All those angry goys w/ guns will never do anything -- trust us, we know"    04/17/24  (1)
Spaceporn, are you a Megan Thee Stallion fan    04/17/24  (4)
the Xoxo I grew up in is being destroyed    04/17/24  (3)
Just Drove 2100 Miles Cross Country- Questions?    04/17/24  (20)
Hyatt in hot water for offering a "fuhrer suite" in new Frankfurt hotel (bbc)    04/17/24  (4)
How did Karlstack let Rufo scoop him on Maher tweets?    04/17/24  (6)
Why doesn't Russia just do TopGolf nets around the oil refineries?    04/17/24  (2)
That guy's crazy, he said HIMARS don't pack enough explosive power to matter    04/17/24  (3)
Israel got got    04/17/24  (1)
ITT: Sealclubber learns that the wealth taxes targets wealth    04/17/24  (29)
Rate this shrew who chose career over kids    04/17/24  (35)
It’s an UGLY planet. A DIAPER planet    04/17/24  (9)
you throw a turd down a diaper hole - you got a lotta soiled diapers    04/17/24  (3)
"hehe, we call them 'orcs' because its' a LotR reference" *soyfaces*    04/17/24  (8)
There's an insane amount of diaper on this planet    04/17/24  (3)
can’t believe they make boys wrestle these busty teens (video)    04/17/24  (31)
There's an insane amount of people on this planet    04/17/24  (5)
Pajeet or pradeep?    04/17/24  (26)
Woman attempts IRL Weekend at Bernies bringing corpse into bank to sign loan doc    04/17/24  (1)
can't imagine the magnitude of homosexuality required in keeping up w/ ukraine    04/17/24  (46)
gladiator shows are returning praise jupiters cock    04/17/24  (4)
Recite your baseline.    04/17/24  (2)
"Meritocracy" is just a cover for jewish nepotism    04/17/24  (4)
'Migrants' FLOOD NYC city hall to demand LUXURY hotel rooms    04/17/24  (3)
*that one weird Mongolian throat singing guy from Dune, doing morning roll call*    04/17/24  (1)
Ranked by prestige: AL East, NL Central, NL East, AL West, NL West, AL Central    04/17/24  (9)
tired of hearing about what's wrong, what's the solution going to be    04/17/24  (1)
Americans are actually better off financially under Biden (link)    04/17/24  (50)
"Jews don't control the US govt just SecState, SecTreas, SecDHS, DOJ, DNI...    04/17/24  (4)
Trump Juror a NY Attorney with Ties to Racist Law Website (nypost)    04/17/24  (2)
Karlstack tp really fucking sucks    04/17/24  (10)
Hitler claims one more victim    04/17/24  (2)
ITT: I definite "white" for confused xo ethnics and minorities    04/17/24  (158)
I've made a huge decision about the direction of my life (evan39)    04/17/24  (8)
Ljl at the idea of putting your finger in a woman's cooch.    04/17/24  (2)
Grocery store had like 20 signs up saying "NO RETURNS OF PASSOVER ITEMS" wtf?    04/17/24  (4)
LOL Tim Apple pulls a "Bezos": showed up with a ripped San Fran leather daddy    04/17/24  (3)
ITT we acknowledge Jesus Christ as our lord and savior with simple blankbumps    04/17/24  (36)
My wife's Beta HCG is 185,000 at week 8. I'm going to be multiple kids furked    04/17/24  (1)
"Pregnancy" is disgusting (evan39)    04/17/24  (31)
Australia is accepting equivalent of 12m LEGAL Migrants a Year    04/17/24  (7)
im gay and poor    04/17/24  (15)
Whenever I complain about my wife to my mistress, she takes my wife's side    04/17/24  (1)
RSF is jewish and has big floppy titties with huge brown areolas    04/17/24  (4)
WNBA first round pick Caitlin Clark will earn less than a dental hygienist    04/17/24  (5)
Rate Mr. Dershowitz's legal analysis    04/17/24  (3)
Meanwhile, in the XO server room (pic):    04/17/24  (3)
*SPjr vomits a little playroom hotdog onto the bed as SP pushes the 2nd inch in*    04/17/24  (10)
root cause of xo server issues found: GRIDS outbreak among server hamsters    04/17/24  (1)
good morning    04/17/24  (5)
"Stop the Antisemitism: Jews don't control America" by Shlomo Weinberg    04/17/24  (1)
I just started porn and love it; I finally feel I have somewhere I truly belong    04/17/24  (1)
'hang on, babe. i need to 'flip the script' on this guy's thread premise...'    04/17/24  (18)
Amalgamated Messiah Products, LLC (A Jerusalem Company)    04/17/24  (3)
lol cant believe I simped over my 'wife' for half a year u guys were right    04/17/24  (28)
CEOs HATE Trump    04/17/24  (1)
Ever wake up in the middle of the night and know exactly whose cock is in you    04/17/24  (2)
Felix Mendelssohn was more important than Jesus of Nazareth    04/17/24  (1)
Thinking of killing some homeless people tonight to Mendelsohns D minor concerto    04/17/24  (36)
Ain’t no crew like xo night crew    04/17/24  (1)
diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper    04/17/24  (3)
Wake up, ZoZo    04/17/24  (15)
Good nite XO. *logs out of XO* *logs in ZOZO*    04/17/24  (14)
Not flame this time: good nite zozo    04/17/24  (8)
Good nite, ZoZo. *walks away carrying a chill severed leg, quietly munches*    04/17/24  (5)
good nite zozo! *applies wrench to forearm, replaces it with a gatling gun*    04/17/24  (4)
good nite XO! *applies wrench to forearm*    04/17/24  (3)
good nite zozo *cries self to sleep*    04/17/24  (7)
Good nite XO! *mouths 10 gauge shotgun barrel*    04/17/24  (6)
Good nite XO. *stays up all nite crying with guilt and regret*    04/17/24  (7)
good nite XO!! *dives into woodchipper*    04/17/24  (5)
Good nite xo! *turns lights back on*    04/17/24  (5)
Good nite zozo. *puts head back on shelf*    04/17/24  (7)
Good nite XO. *goes into alien cocoon like a sleeping bag*    04/17/24  (7)
good nite ZoZo πŸ˜‘πŸ”«    04/17/24  (9)
Good nite xo. *baby alien bursts out of chest*    04/17/24  (4)
Good nite XO. *begins NIGGERthreading*    04/17/24  (4)
Good nite XO. *watches self in parallel universe go to bed*    04/17/24  (4)
Good nite XO. *buries self alive*    04/17/24  (6)
Good nite XO. *starts car in garage with no ventilation, pops opioids*    04/17/24  (5)
good nite zozo! *wades into beach, begins swimming to the distant horizon*    04/17/24  (4)
Hard to even FATHOM how utterly pointless this EXISTENCE is    04/17/24  (2)
Just staying up until 4 am poasting about diapers with my diaper    04/17/24  (9)
Wife goes into labor and you're driving her to hospital; what music do you play?    04/17/24  (8)
The coming of the diaper is upon us    04/17/24  (1)
i'm starting to explore the possibility that time travel is possible via mental    04/17/24  (2)
This is the most horrific burn story I've ever seen (Warning: hard to watch)    04/17/24  (5)
The Diapered Hour    04/17/24  (4)
tomorrow will be worse    04/17/24  (10)
Just spent $700 on dinner    04/17/24  (6)
It's another episode of NSAM spamming and talking out of his ass    04/17/24  (6)
With great height comes great responsibility    04/17/24  (1)
Jason Whitlock? More like, Gay Son Shit Cock    04/17/24  (1)
I have over $1 MILLION now in Bond Funds getting 5%+ now    04/17/24  (21)
Karlstack has the Star of David tattooed around his schlong    04/17/24  (1)
Karlstack in blue and white speedo w Star of David on it, climbing stripper pole    04/17/24  (1)
Karlstack is a pass around party bottom for jewish interests    04/17/24  (1)
meteors hitting earth except they're giant poop balls from outer space Dinosaurs    04/17/24  (4)
My HS best friend just called me from a leg lengthening surgical center    04/17/24  (15)

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