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*grabs mic at lex's funeral* "sam hyde you faggot lol!" (doobs)    03/31/23  (3)
Tranny joins Wyoming sorority, grows it big and shows it big    03/31/23  (37)
RSF has earned less on his own than benzo. Let that sink in.    03/31/23  (1)
must be horrifying to have to go back to work if your retirement money runs out    03/31/23  (17)
California reparations hearing descends into CHOAS    03/31/23  (6)
Went to the mosque and fasted this week with Paralegal Mohamed (CSLG)    03/31/23  (19)
Chris Kyle said he was on top of Superdome shooting looters after Hurricane Katr    03/31/23  (1)
Work friend just died- 45 years old    03/31/23  (47)
The most trans person I know had the parents that tried the hardest to stop her    03/31/23  (43)
If you're mocked/defamed/threatened, I feel bad for your son    03/31/23  (11)
USA is officially a banana republic now    03/31/23  (18)
New videos from Ukraine show Russia using next-gen battle rifles    03/31/23  (8)
Subscribed to one of those fresh food delivery companies its 180    03/31/23  (12)
Influencers dont have to pay for things in cash    03/31/23  (10)
*sips coffee* "Ah" *smiles and settles in for another mentally ill Friday*    03/31/23  (425)
How long could you “RSF” without getting bored?    03/31/23  (105)
chatroom tp = frisky, flouncy, foxy    03/31/23  (7)
As a Turd, I hereby demand $7 BILLION in reparations from the British Empire    03/31/23  (3)
ur old: rebecca black's "Friday" came out 12 years ago    03/31/23  (1)
Interesting black community moment    03/31/23  (6)
just saw a mallard duck. 180    03/31/23  (8)
Dedication to "truth" is clearly a dysgenic evolutionary trait    03/31/23  (62)
Spent my SECOND night on XO Sailboat    03/31/23  (116)
death to america    03/31/23  (1)
if u mock/defame/threaten rabidly anti-semitic Substack bloggers ur trash    03/31/23  (3)
46 Presidents, dozens of war criminals, 1 charged criminally with sex indiscreti    03/31/23  (1)
Console Gamers fear emulators    03/31/23  (2)
It's friday    03/31/23  (1)
wtf there is an African country called “Benin”?    03/31/23  (40)
If u mock/threaten/defame gas stations selling dick pills ur trash    03/31/23  (8)
Muslims take over Manchester Cathedral    03/31/23  (3)
New Rice Krispies mascots “Mock, Defame, and Threaten”    03/31/23  (6)
Would give anything for these 1845 borders    03/31/23  (1)
Ukrainians now dropping 500lb JDAMs on Russian heads (video)    03/31/23  (1)
Poll for Lawyers: Are you using ChatGPT (AI) in your day to day?    03/31/23  (17)
Descended Losers    03/31/23  (8)
cowshit disciples ides of march megathread    03/31/23  (5)
I am a dumbest who missed on market bottom    03/31/23  (12)
Is Peru a shit country?    03/31/23  (42)
RSF complains about libs but his (((parents))) are megadonors to Democrats    03/31/23  (48)
Like 99% of trannies are autistic. Huge rise in autism due to older moms having    03/31/23  (1)
Here's What Retirement With Less Than $1M Looks Like in America (wsj)    03/31/23  (108)
Chaden was raped.    03/31/23  (1)
The act of jacking off into one's own mouth.    03/31/23  (15)
RSFs 23andMe would show him 50%+ Jewish, but he's not a Jew?    03/31/23  (10)
Box slutting it up with simp crew at Lex’s funeral    03/31/23  (24)
9/11 widows saluting RSF as he leaves for another "mileage run"    03/31/23  (4)
Neighbors peace out on house in upscale Toronto hood, leave house in Ruin    03/31/23  (2)
SEC is going to destroy most coins, only BTC is 100% safe    03/31/23  (5)
It’s Trump 2024 and that’s on gang    03/31/23  (1)
"Trans people stick together better than fucking Jews."    03/31/23  (8)
Hormone replacement therapy changes gene expression in adults    03/31/23  (3)
Afghan refugee flees to SF bay area; is promptly murdered in robbery:    03/31/23  (15)
she mock dat (ungh) she defame dat (unghhh) she threaten dat (ahhhhhhh)    03/31/23  (13)
Nad drops are the worst way to go in war    03/31/23  (1)
Most heartbreaking thing you will ever see    03/31/23  (6)
RSF have you considered just not bragging about your 9/11 blood money?    03/31/23  (7)
Eating food cooked in “Nonstick” pans = guaranteed cancer in 5-20 years    03/31/23  (62)
why do these spree killers always use guns, when knives are just as effective?    03/31/23  (16)
Melania will never have sex with Trump again after this    03/31/23  (7)
Remember when RSF got demoted from his fake job to COUNSEL    03/31/23  (18)
i would never fly a trash F-35 lightning. either F-22 Raptor or F-14 Tomcat    03/31/23  (32)
This is all a charade to increase civil unrest and lead to WW3    03/31/23  (5)
Randy Newman - I Love XO    03/31/23  (11)
People look forward to seeing you. Your presence increases their happiness.    03/31/23  (10)
Should I pack my NOWAG shirt for the upcoming ASIA trip?    03/31/23  (23)
Jim Jordan is 180 - he singlehandedly saved Trump from arrest    03/31/23  (19)
raping middle class, law-abiding citizens at every turn in a humiliation ritual    03/31/23  (33)
i would never drive a trash F-150 lightening. either F-250 Raptor or F-350 Tremo    03/31/23  (2)
qtard gop boomer reptile shitcons are always way off the mark    03/31/23  (11)
Feel like most humans are devolving    03/31/23  (46)
Ricky, rate this video from a Tel Aviv protest    03/31/23  (1)
Trayvon Martin's Flight Suit Will Be Displayed At This New Smithsonian Exhibit    03/31/23  (18)
So sick of working with retards and building nothing of lasting value all day    03/31/23  (10)
Still fucking "March" in the u.s.!    03/31/23  (9)
Hotels&everything else in the u.s. is pure garbage fraud    03/31/23  (3)
Brussels Sprout tp = worst poster on the board today?    03/31/23  (163)
What if we transition Lex while he’s in his coma?    03/31/23  (4)
DeSantis announces that Florida will refuse to extradite Trump    03/31/23  (59)
*shakes addy bottle rhythmically* Waaagecucks! Come out to plaaaayeayyyy!!    03/31/23  (3)
Gunner, et al, if lex doesn't make (and I hope he does) can we contact you    03/31/23  (11)
Some good news: cure for baldness.    03/31/23  (6)
🦍🍗🇮🇱🚨 IT'S NIGGER TIME 🎉🥂🕎👍    03/31/23  (42)
First XO Thread Poasted from BENIN in WEST NIGISTAN    03/31/23  (88)
Which PayPal guy is the most based? For me, it's the one w shit on his dick.    03/31/23  (4)
MLB crew roll through (2023)    03/31/23  (29)
Phenotype data overhwleming. Hard to take in anything else    03/31/23  (5)
RSF. Do you use the ((())) for your parents and brother? They're Jewish right?    03/31/23  (17)
Chinese man and Ethiopian woman get married thanks to Djibouti railway:    03/31/23  (28)
Taking Soo CR bubble bath Qs from NYC (RSF)    03/31/23  (60)
Grapist's yamuka is SPIIIIINNNNNNING today!    03/31/23  (24)
*wears beanie* *mopes* "I want a job I don't hate. I wish my dick worked."    03/31/23  (7)
RATE this upcoming BIG ASIA itin (RSF)    03/31/23  (16)
Nooo! *stomps feet* *tears up random piece of paper* America must become brown!    03/31/23  (51)
LMAO this months CC bills ~benzo's entire fake photoshopped networth    03/31/23  (110)
Hey Benzo, how's your love life?    03/31/23  (8)
A 45 year old childless "man" who lives off his daddy taking bubble baths    03/31/23  (2)
mr jinx pitching a show called “Shart Tank” on shark tank    03/31/23  (1)
microdosing lsd tp    03/31/23  (2)
What can you do if your VOICE is WEAK?!    03/31/23  (35)
Biden: Trannies deserve love and respect but NOWAGS? LJL    03/31/23  (1)
2+ hour sex sessions with spjr. Full on dick in ricehoal the entire time    03/31/23  (3)
Aw sheeit nigga we got Thin Mints on a Friday    03/31/23  (1)
SP: "if u mock/defame/threaten adoptive..." Cashier: "Sir, this is a Wendy's"    03/31/23  (8)
Why hasn't Ivory Coast changed its goddamn name?    03/31/23  (7)
RATE this Wisconsin teacher, 27, charged with RAPING boy, 13    03/31/23  (34)
"If I Squanched Him"    03/31/23  (53)
why did SP's child cross the road?    03/31/23  (3)
"I don't wanna throw up, I'm Spaceporn's rice kid" to tune of "Toys-R-Us" song    03/31/23  (8)
SP: "if u mock/defame/threaten adoptive..." Client: “Will you take my case?”    03/31/23  (1)
Libs surveing smoldering, ruined America: "Well, we did it."    03/31/23  (472)
Sp here. If I poast weird rape shit about my kid, it’s not funny and it means    03/31/23  (200)
Trump on cross still blathering about size of Palm Sunday crowd    03/31/23  (5)
Text of THE INDICTMENT has leaked:    03/31/23  (3)
"If I diddled it" by Spaceporn    03/31/23  (28)
SP here! I'm not reading your poasts, idiots! Enjoy your little circle jerk.    03/31/23  (9)
wonder if SP chatted that waitress up at all about weird rape shit    03/31/23  (2)
How an 18th century British battleship works. TT, DO NOT WATCH THIS VID!    03/31/23  (1)
SP here. Every thread mocking me earns SPjr 1 rape. Keep spamming pedos    03/31/23  (31)
Gibberish they’ve actually cleaned up this city somewhat    03/31/23  (4)
"Hale was firing wildly. No officer was struck in the shooting."    03/31/23  (1)
2+ hour sex sessions with wife. Full on dick in pussy for the entire time.    03/31/23  (167)
WTF, these cheetos are too spicy! *grabs assault rifle 15* (bobby birdshit)    03/31/23  (53)
Americans know NOTHING about Napoleon III    03/31/23  (5)
Reminder to spaceporn: I’ve been inside your shitbox house    03/31/23  (22)
Septimius Severus: The African Roman Emperor that shaped Britain    03/31/23  (1)
Spending FRIDAY night on the XO SAILBOAT    03/31/23  (1)
good article about how fucked our MIC industrial base is (link)    03/31/23  (5)
Bought crotchless panties on Amazon. Will ask my wife to call me gibberish tp.    03/31/23  (7)
SP here! It’s great being financially solvent.    03/31/23  (7)
SP here! Ljl at these burn-outs rattling their cages, poasting pedo trash    03/31/23  (1)
Seinfeld episode where they discuss difference between indicted and charged    03/31/23  (1)
good morning    03/31/23  (2)
im indicted btw    03/31/23  (10)
Ron "DAY" santis shows up at camapign event in Miami wearing sombrero (link)    03/31/23  (1)
It occurs to me I have a classic nuclear family    03/31/23  (15)
America is already over & done, we're living through the post-credit bloopers    03/31/23  (11)
SP here! It's 180 being a partner at a PI law firm    03/31/23  (6)
everyone seems very on edge across society these days    03/31/23  (6)
The Gambia: what a shitty little country    03/31/23  (1)
So long as Weev stays abroad, he’ll have a cleaner criminal record than Trump!    03/31/23  (1)
Buttfuck my fucking ass    03/31/23  (2)
Rmember when media forcememed Michelle Wolf as BEAUTIFUL and HILARIOUS    03/31/23  (13)
SP here. Had that free dinner last night w family.    03/31/23  (242)
Sp here! It’s 180 knowing my great son will carry my name out into the world.    03/31/23  (4)
Does anyone make huge ejaculatory outbursts into the toilet when you diarrhea?    03/31/23  (2)
SP here, I like too poop in my pance and sit down and squish it into my underwea    03/31/23  (3)
Sp here. If u poast weird rape shit about my kid, it’s not funny and it means    03/31/23  (12)
Sp here: how many of my harassers actually made over $30k last year?    03/31/23  (9)

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