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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
If you just work hard & do what you're told you'll be rich one day! Lol    03/27/23  (4)
Oh wow another red state mass shooting!    03/27/23  (1)
Nasvhille shooter identified as male to female atheist    03/27/23  (3)
*changes into cslg skin suit* "why do ppl think i want to be cslg?" (rsf)    03/27/23  (3)
wow i have gayface. better compensate w shitloads of pomade and a beard    03/27/23  (8)
Hypo: $100M but you can never leave Tristan Da Cunha    03/27/23  (4)
See that 6'9" QB Chad? You'll be his "boss" one day!    03/27/23  (2)
List of Frank Lloyd Wrong's Wrongs    03/27/23  (66)
Investigation shows that carbon offsets are a complete fraud    03/27/23  (2)
If I make even one poster realize FLW is fucking scum then I've done my duty    03/27/23  (1)
Crypto 'prodigy', 23, is 'abducted and TORTURED' after 'scamming' investors    03/27/23  (8)
GUANO    03/27/23  (6)
Europe is too expensive discuss    03/27/23  (74)
Kerry: Ok for Davos billionaires to fly private bc they fight climate change    03/27/23  (8)
FLW alts accusing GJR alts of being FLW alts    03/27/23  (2)
Spaceporn having sex with his adult wife to “offset” the child rape    03/27/23  (2)
The "u.s." is very sad..a bunch of slaves to greedy jews who think they will be    03/27/23  (1)
Casinos are low level trash very sad expansion is happening    03/27/23  (19)
These people really hate Jesus    03/27/23  (21)
By critically thinking you know nothing makes sense    03/27/23  (11)
WSJ: 'America' is rapidly dying:    03/27/23  (121)
Guy has 20 remote engineering jobs for $3.8M comp    03/27/23  (20)
The "U.S." is a dump for the world's trash..nothing but, freaks, criminals    03/27/23  (5)
New Zealand records biggest increase in deaths in over 100 years as vax kills    03/27/23  (4)
serious q: how do i become a catholic?    03/27/23  (101)
Poaster gets Alzheimer's, recites old Bbboooom thread titles to aghast children    03/27/23  (2)
The Perfect Mistress is a Stage 5 Clinger/Stalker    03/27/23  (2)
Michael Obama looks stunning in Australian trip (pic)    03/27/23  (25)
andrew anglin has completely jumped the shark    03/27/23  (24)
Really easy to sniff out new FLW monikers    03/27/23  (47)
how can i cure my anhedonia    03/27/23  (47)
*jinx's wrinkled face turns sour* "whok i can't do that, it's just too depraved"    03/27/23  (21)
whok, cum itt and solve this riddle    03/27/23  (4)
"Suck a fat nigger cock, jinx" gagged whok thru a mouthful of fat nigger cock    03/27/23  (44)
whok, is jinx the most masculine, brightest man you could find?    03/27/23  (7)
"Damn daddy..." groaned Whokebe as Mr. Jinx stuffed in the 9th inch    03/27/23  (57)
I have a wife now. Still want you to rape my faggot ass, jinx. (whok)    03/27/23  (14)
I hate whok so much    03/27/23  (9)
“Rate me as a poster!!” panted whok as jinx led him by leash around the S&M    03/27/23  (15)
whok, I heard you got into a lot of shit with jinx over this thread (link)    03/27/23  (6)
Whok said “Jinxy, it’s 3am I must be lonely.”    03/27/23  (41)
"you're a jinx alt!" yowled whok as the strange man assraped him to orgasm    03/27/23  (62)
whok, I heard from jinx that you're fair game for all kinds of deviant shit    03/27/23  (13)
My height problem with mr. jinx (whokebe)    03/27/23  (56)
First ever Jinx+Whokebe encounter (whole story)    03/27/23  (112)
whok, can you sleep at night knowing that mr.jinx iq, net worth and    03/27/23  (15)
Deets of GJR fucking a married prof?    03/27/23  (21)
Is mr.jinx still better than me? Asked whok after 18 months in a monastery    03/27/23  (11)
"Why is my life shitty?? Why is mr.jinx better??" lashed out whok at Priests    03/27/23  (14)
"Am I better than jinx?" whok asks 10th Angelican pastor    03/27/23  (9)
"Why was I born an inferior man than mr.jinx" whok asked Anglican Priest    03/27/23  (57)
"Eat a dick, bitch!" jinx ordered whokebe    03/27/23  (25)
Pretty sure Mexicans are born knowing how to sheetrock    03/27/23  (3)
so glad Jinx broke in Whokebe's ass for me    03/27/23  (6)
“Hurt me, daddy” (Whokebe to Jinx)    03/27/23  (8)
Oh brother, Shiv Roy has gotten FAT    03/27/23  (7)
Every single guy has facial hair now    03/27/23  (5)
Can someone explain the Mr. Jinx thing?    03/27/23  (31)
azn brings pit bull to dog show, guess what happens next?    03/27/23  (1)
insane that uconn could have 5 national championships    03/27/23  (22)
another movie that i think ZoZo would approve: Dragged Across Concrete (2018)    03/27/23  (1)
A Multimodal MRI-based Predictor of Intelligence and Its Relation to Race/Ethnic    03/27/23  (21)
Pretty sure Jews are born incapable of ever knowing what "to sheetrock" means    03/27/23  (1)
China's new Aircraft Carrier delayed for ANOTHER year, ljl at CCP!!    03/27/23  (13)
lmao. just got a $250k advance from harper to write a book abt clique theory    03/27/23  (1)
FLW, poop is gross. Explain how it turns you on.    03/27/23  (1)
Whok embarrassedly explaining to doctor why he has 12 bay leaves in his anus.    03/27/23  (2)
Where can I watch the latest season of better call saul?    03/27/23  (1)
Race realism is inferior to plain racism.    03/27/23  (15)
serious q: how do i become a Jew? (dupa)    03/27/23  (1)
twitter would be much better if u could autoblock all ppl with pronouns in bio    03/27/23  (3)
new TV series "Lucky Hank" starring Bob Odenkirk -- SERIES PREMIERE MEGATHREAD    03/27/23  (4)
I'm done with my body, soul, and mind, I give them to Christ. Enjoy!    03/27/23  (1)
Gf (28f) won’t stop calling me (28m) ”short king.” I’m 6’1”.    03/27/23  (3)
Why is the JC Bible so MAF about money changers outside the temple?    03/27/23  (5)
Creighton and Gonzaga seem like made-up colleges    03/27/23  (1)
Fred Phelps was a visionary and right about it all    03/27/23  (1)
Aspie Ron is a great nickname    03/27/23  (1)
John Wick 4 was amazing    03/27/23  (1)
Anyone up for some chemsex/PnP? Benzo?    03/27/23  (2)
Lmao my sister got remarried to a guy that lived across the street to us    03/27/23  (47)
Why don't Israelis do the "my friend" thing when they screw u over?    03/27/23  (6)
media: framing this as "gender affirming care" vs. "anti trans rights" debate    03/27/23  (1)
Do trans pee out of their neovaginas?    03/27/23  (2)
"is there a discout for F-14 vets" *VFW bartender glares* "i mean T-14 vets    03/27/23  (1)
ok for sitting Senator to post nip pic of wife on social media?    03/27/23  (6)
Jazz 'Jennings' REGRETS Transition, Refuses To 'Dilate' & Dates WOMEN    03/27/23  (108)
Nestorianism v. Chalcedonianism    03/27/23  (2)
Circumcision is Jew trickery    03/27/23  (1)
There is a group of people to counter this madness called “The Scholarly Noble    03/27/23  (4)
"Stop gaslighting me!" shrieked the stubborn and unwittingly mistaken idiot.    03/27/23  (2)
Presbyterianism vs Orthodoxy vs Catholicism    03/27/23  (1)
"US" "libs" support laid off Twitter faggots more than actual workers    03/27/23  (3)
Best thing DeSantis can do is not sign Trumps extradition order    03/27/23  (3)
Gorgeous as FURKK based VIVEK cumblasts BLM    03/27/23  (4)
Priest turning confession box sign to closed when he SEES DAT GJR COMING    03/27/23  (9)
Your wife whispering in your ear, “Not ALL blacks have huge dicks, yaknow?”    03/27/23  (6)
is JDilla actually dead    03/27/23  (16)
Lutheranism vs Catholicism    03/27/23  (1)
What are Portuguese winters like    03/27/23  (1)
am azn woman cooks beef noodle soup for lex tp, why?    03/27/23  (2)
Dropped off kids, going to plow the fuck out of my lite lady all day.    03/27/23  (1)
180 Saunders short story re global capitalism    03/27/23  (3)
Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Portugal, US all led by INDIANS    03/27/23  (1)
Fitzgerald made $55k a short story in today's dollars    03/27/23  (19)
try not to dwell on how insane things are now    03/27/23  (21)
Do you guys engage in "docking" with your uncircumcised bros?    03/27/23  (2)
I'm so glad my cock wasn't mutilated. Uncut cocks are extremely credited    03/27/23  (1)
ACP--Listen to "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional    03/27/23  (18)
Back in HELLOSIRLAND, what a shithole    03/27/23  (5)
Anyone here play the violin?    03/27/23  (3)
people who abuse animals are the worst human beings imaginable    03/27/23  (18)
Lamar Jackson to the Dolphins    03/27/23  (5)
xo FAU    03/27/23  (1)
When did you last kasher your kitchen?    03/27/23  (2)
Summer is almost here 180    03/27/23  (3)
🚨CHRIS-CHAN has been RELEASED from jail. Use extreme caution🚨    03/27/23  (10)
8.5% annual inflation. everything 20% to 200% more expensive than a year ago    03/27/23  (21)
Thinking of writing a short story collection based on XOXO    03/27/23  (13)
Would you hang out with Alan "Dersh" Dershowitz?    03/27/23  (2)
Epstein had a small, egg shaped pecker    03/27/23  (2)
went out thingdoing this weekend. thoughts ITT    03/27/23  (1)
We need to stop addressing the UMC and start talking about LUC    03/27/23  (72)
Siri, Alexa, and Google Search are now TTTT relics of retardation    03/27/23  (8)
how did music, movies, media decline so quickly and all at the same time    03/27/23  (6)
Former military tranny comes out hard against Lynn Conway and lex    03/27/23  (6)
the Talmud is 180    03/27/23  (3)
Taking Qs on LAST DAY of this trip (RSF)    03/27/23  (58)
what's the most effective antidepressant?    03/27/23  (60)
"But what does all of this have to do with pussy?"    03/27/23  (1)
AxMan Walters fought some random journeyman in Colombia last week for a UD win.    03/27/23  (1)
Con Air is the perfect movie    03/27/23  (2)
Will AI ruin the music industry?    03/27/23  (14)
Why hasn't a buff clean-cut bro like KEVIN SORBO run for elected office?    03/27/23  (1)
TBF using his "diamond hands" to pick food out of 7/11 dumpster    03/27/23  (33)
El Salvador Pres: Leave the shithole USA & Move to El Salv, no crime or drugs    03/27/23  (23)
GPT BLASTS cowgod    03/27/23  (16)
Consoles by High School    03/27/23  (3)
Saw the band Hanson in concert yesterday - fucking A their music sucks    03/27/23  (1)
Bought 1000 SOL @ $20: shrewd or retarded?    03/27/23  (2)
opening a thread and seeing all the posts are by "lex" and "MASE"    03/27/23  (18)
50% off Domino's deal includes franchise fee. You could own a Dominos for $500K    03/27/23  (9)
DBG sues after getting injured in El Al business class seat    03/27/23  (6)
Amazing to watch the sharp tongued go silent    03/27/23  (1)
XO 2005: Skadden Arps! XO 2015: Pattaya!! XO 2023: El Salvador!!!    03/27/23  (1)
serious q: how do i become Frank Black and the Catholics    03/27/23  (2)
Mel Gibson warned Jim Caviezel that playing Jesus was going to be very difficult    03/27/23  (21)
how to white people really feel about gradually getting wiped out...    03/27/23  (25)
How many of these "Princeton" "players" would get in on their own merits?    03/27/23  (46)

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