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hawk tuah    06/21/24  (1)
This sucks and is gay    06/21/24  (8)
white lib woman intervenes to protect brown pedophile from sting operation    06/21/24  (2)
Masturbating homeless guy on the sidewalk asked me for money with dick in hand    06/21/24  (2)
My dad is going to live to 100 and stiff me and my sibs    06/21/24  (32)
Check out this guy playing bball with his dick hanging out    06/21/24  (12)
YOUR FUCKED    06/21/24  (4)
'Necromancer' in Spanish is 'nigromante'    06/21/24  (3)
When India was under British Rule, Indian Railways had no TOILETS on Trains    06/21/24  (16)
Are there actually people who are bald lol    06/21/24  (6)
Office Space: how do they end up making money?    06/21/24  (17)
Has BoOm ever broke kayfabe    06/21/24  (3)
the ppl on FIRE Reddit are retarded    06/21/24  (1)
Ray Peat is saying we should be taking aspirin 3x daily    06/21/24  (2)
6’ 1” - down from 186 to 177 in the last 5 weeks    06/21/24  (52)
Any Americans here have wasted their entire lives on pure fraud    06/21/24  (6)
Sports fraud really won't stop..now you will be able 2 be buried in stadium ljl    06/21/24  (7)
Xo has me&all of us fuck up to the point birds singing is depressing    06/21/24  (10)
Some sucker paid 9mm for shit celeb house that has 25m asking price ljl    06/21/24  (5)
"AI" is pure fake ass fraud 🤥 lie shit    06/21/24  (4)
Amerikkkan women love to be used&abused&put in their fraud places    06/21/24  (2)
Couples say they can't get married because of this government program's outdated    06/21/24  (2)
American education *cough* indoctrination is a complete fraud&waste    06/21/24  (2)
Chronic absenteeism not viewed as major concern Just 5% of Minnesota parents an    06/21/24  (2)
Let's fuck with more people's heads today(XO poa    06/21/24  (2)
You create these frauds sports fraud celeb frauds billions out down ur phone fag    06/21/24  (2)
Still today and 9 more days of fag month in amerikkka a    06/21/24  (2)
Amerikkkan "men" are pussy ass beta cuck pandering to women    06/21/24  (2)
You can have whatever you want you stupid fag pussies    06/21/24  (4)
Of course there were problems with the toilet on TT's boat.    06/21/24  (4)
Rate Heidi Klum’s big rack in 2024    06/21/24  (2)
Funny frauds jews r allowed to keep inaccurate financial reports on everyone    06/21/24  (1)
You better break this fucking manipulation and control u fucking suckers    06/21/24  (2)
Enjoy having your fucking blood spilled all over amerikkkan roads stupid fucks    06/21/24  (4)
Rate LAs new luxury high rise homeless Shelter    06/21/24  (62)
Sounds like many don't have a fucking clue or are outright flame    06/21/24  (2)
You're creating these fraud celebs/billionaires/wiggers by being retarded    06/21/24  (2)
No babe I'm just pretending to be gay. It's hilarious when Roderigo climbs on my    06/21/24  (4)
Leave mainlining alone! He's better than you and has a hot girlfriend    06/21/24  (17)
Tried one of these “Zyn” things, it fucking sucked    06/21/24  (6)
What’s the latest on the spaceporn lawsuit    06/21/24  (2)
Spending money is retarded..making criminal frauds celebs/billionaires is retard    06/21/24  (2)
Pajeet, Pajeet, Pajeet, Paaajeeeeet (to the tune of Jolene)    06/21/24  (4)
Dead lynx on each shoulder. Fox head codpiece    06/21/24  (5)
The Mummy    06/21/24  (4)
OnlyFans is Hiring a Deputy General Counsel - Safety, Integrity and Litigation    06/21/24  (21)
Woody H’s “That’s some Halloween shit” is an apt summary for modern life    06/21/24  (6)
Anyone watch the Kendrick "Pop Up" concert last night?    06/21/24  (46)
It's so depressing working on a Friday evening    06/21/24  (12)
Hello? 911? I can't stop farting!    06/21/24  (2)
What's This Oriental FlyerTalk Poaster's Moniker Here? (PIC)    06/21/24  (1)
Pretty freaking ridiculous when any woman drops the ball    06/21/24  (1)
“Welcome to Tommy’s sailboat, my friend.”    06/21/24  (39)
I am lit off Guinness rn 🔥    06/21/24  (4)
Reddit has taught me that women will show off their assholes readily    06/21/24  (3)
Zyn crisis thread 6/20    06/21/24  (45)
Disco fries trying out new Praise-God Barebones schtick    06/21/24  (1)
Women don't have to do a thing&can have it all..you made it this way    06/21/24  (2)
Real talk: Velo >>> Zyn    06/21/24  (3)
Gavin Newsome and John Kirby cumming in NYUUG’s holes    06/21/24  (4)
Trump pulling Zyn tin out of pocket at rally    06/21/24  (8)
Loling ar disco fries “I had the salad bar, loaded bake potato, steak, cheese    06/21/24  (20)
I want to & will knife into all these fraudlies rilll good    06/21/24  (1)
Goyim Eat Cheesesteaks But Repulsed By Cheese On A Steak. Very Confusing    06/21/24  (20)
The FBI needs to shut down this dumpster fire of a “website,” seize all data    06/21/24  (38)
Disco! Friendo! I'm summiting 14,000 ft peak tmrw! About to take sleeping pill    06/21/24  (18)
*gorden ramsey staring at a filet* "Where's the fucking cheese mate?"    06/21/24  (4)
Pretending to be gay    06/21/24  (4)
If you thought kids' names were awful in 2024 LJL at the pipeline (link)    06/21/24  (19)
Lol @ all these east coast city boy lawyers pretending to be racist online    06/21/24  (1)
I am currently experiencing a gender crisis    06/21/24  (7)
The "6 hrs" top poasts bar is an utter disaster. This place needs to be DOJ seiz    06/21/24  (2)
Punished "Venom" Screen    06/21/24  (1)
fulano's husband waking him up on sunday morning to get big brunch    06/21/24  (13)
Anyone watch Counterpart on Amazon Prime? Really good sci-fi.    06/21/24  (19)
Ali Baba and the 40 catty gay alts    06/21/24  (3)
this is a credited $85 suit    06/21/24  (9)
women are making all this depraved porn for YOU, and you don't appreciate it.    06/21/24  (3)
What's a legit place to buy a gun?    06/21/24  (22)
Lol @ all these closet lib east coast city boys lawyers pretending to ZYN on the    06/21/24  (2)
Doctor said I was TOO healthy, what fast food should I eat to fix this    06/21/24  (3)
EPAH, wanna go to Volcanic Strike music festival?    06/21/24  (3)
wife threw out my zyn.. im yosemite sam fuming mad.. literally shaking rn    06/21/24  (1)
Pro-Palestine libs harassing CNN’s Jake Tapper outside his house    06/21/24  (1)
Goyim Arguing About Whether To Put Cheese On Beefsteak Tomatoes    06/21/24  (1)
Ricky told me not to get the Vax and I'm thankful for that    06/21/24  (1)
Know so many bros getting hair transplants    06/21/24  (15)
Who the fuck puts cheese on steak    06/21/24  (29)
Homosexual screen emissions    06/21/24  (2)
Freemasonry appears to be a doctrine for people who want to be left alone    06/21/24  (4)
It's nice just how unrelentingly normal being gay is now    06/21/24  (10)
What's a legit place to 13 y/o Flip slave?    06/21/24  (1)
jus soli is fucking unbelievably insane. why is this not discussed?    06/21/24  (6)
Schumer putting a slice of cheese on a raw steak    06/21/24  (2)
Took my brother and sister shooting today    06/21/24  (6)
The thousand and one screens    06/21/24  (1)
737 MAX almost crashed into Oklahoma neighborhood    06/21/24  (9)
Our screens, ourselves    06/21/24  (1)
cracking a cold one, Mainlining boots up The Revenant again    06/21/24  (6)
I am switching jobs discuss!!    06/21/24  (5)
Sad reddit thread. 37-yr-old women looking to "meet single men her age"    06/21/24  (36)
What ever happened to that con leader Richard Spencer?    06/21/24  (5)
Friends, my obesity has absolutely gotten out of control.    06/21/24  (160)
Got banned from Twitter for a week for saying that slavery is based and redpille    06/21/24  (4)
i truly feel sorry for non-baldmos and their ridiculous “hair”    06/21/24  (12)
*Disco approaching salad bar* "OOO bese bese bese motherfucker, OOO bese bese    06/21/24  (1)
I PUT THAT CHEESE ON YOUR STEAK!! Now whatcha gonna DO with it?    06/21/24  (2)
"Today on triple D, this guy is putting sliced cheese on steak, I kid you not"    06/21/24  (4)
Started using liquid saffron instead of syrup on waffles, its pure 180 (Ricky)    06/21/24  (19)
What's the difference between Mt. Teewinot and Disco Fries?    06/21/24  (12)
Uh oh losing some ground on my hairline    06/21/24  (10)
reminder, europoors are so poor french people DIED bc it hit like 95 degrees    06/21/24  (6)
yo fuck CLE    06/21/24  (3)
chronic, disfiguring blepharitis from staring at screens 18 hrs daily for 20 yrs    06/21/24  (2)
"jews did 9/11" your dog mouths as he thumbs up and sinks into lava    06/21/24  (52)
Lob friend moving from MFH; can't stand having 212 area code    06/21/24  (20)
5'10.5" and 232 lb. Snoot here taking questions.    06/21/24  (22)
Biopsy results came back yesterday; dx: pancreatic cancer    06/21/24  (118)
538 Presidential forecast 6/21    06/21/24  (1)
TT Rate Padma Lakshmi & Her Half-Birdshit 14yo Dotter (PICS)    06/21/24  (12)
"my signature scent is Cums des Garçons" (dupa)    06/21/24  (1)
lol at twinky thins hating on disco fries. he eats like a MAN    06/21/24  (1)
Did professor salaries skyrocket w/ cost of higher education in past 20 yrs?    06/21/24  (52)
Going on vacation to Cairns, taking ?s    06/21/24  (6)
Johnsmeyer calling Suze Orman w/ "Scream" voice distorter    06/21/24  (199)
Holy shit Charlie Kirk is grifting the fuck out of Trump, con voters    06/21/24  (26)
*leans in and whispers “kikes” in your ear*    06/21/24  (5)
What's An "Eras" Tour & What Are The "Eras"?    06/21/24  (2)
There's A Talmud Tractate About Sampling Wine @ Rest & Whether U Can Return It    06/21/24  (2)
so Nintendo has 40-50x more Games in the pipeline than Sony?    06/21/24  (15)
Well done steak topped with Kraft American single and ketchup    06/21/24  (2)
If you had to name your child after a US state, which state which sex of child?    06/21/24  (25)
ESTIMATE the MEDIAN zozo IQ itt    06/21/24  (7)
Will Ozempic change American society?    06/21/24  (29)
TT, i have a crazy story demonstrating how insanely shit pajeets are.    06/21/24  (9)
Rate Suri Cruise In An MIT T-Shirt & Shorty Shorts, With Her Cohen BF (PIC)    06/21/24  (41)
RATE Reese Witherspoon, 48, In A One-Piece Swimsuit (PICS)    06/21/24  (17)
JJ Reddick: HC of son's CYO team ==> HC of Lakers.    06/21/24  (12)
Literotica sales plummet as true crime podcasts proliferate (usa today)    06/21/24  (3)
Crip Walking Is Better Cardio (Mens Fitness)    06/21/24  (3)
RATE This UCSD Clinical Psych PhD Student Charged With Murdering 6 Mo Old Baby    06/21/24  (1)
Gorgeous AZNgirl in Canada gets called "Furking Chinese" by Filthy Pajeeta    06/21/24  (41)
Spent 10 minutes trying to get age verified so Onlyfans would take my $, failed    06/21/24  (25)
"I'll have the steak. Medium-well please. With a slice of cheese."    06/21/24  (17)
Redditor "unlocks the power of the Cell processor" (PS3), it exceeds 4090 perfor    06/21/24  (2)
what's this new trend of wealthy hot HS girls fucking the homeless    06/21/24  (8)
What is the purpose of sampling a bottle of wine at a restaurant?    06/21/24  (37)
Rape of the Tinman (Erotic Oz #2)    06/21/24  (1)
Online review by an escort of her rabbi client. (Exactly what you expect)    06/21/24  (4)
Hundreds More Killed In Israeli Raid    06/21/24  (3)

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