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Tim Scott could break the Democrat Party forever.    06/07/23  (21)
Norman Rockwell painting of me, butt cheeks, and geno getting raped in a    06/07/23  (2)
Why did NAZI Trudeau decide to GAS NYC Jews?    06/07/23  (2)
Fox News accuses Tucker of BREACHING his contract with twitter show    06/07/23  (29)
Your wife beating Tetris: "I got good at this in high school"    06/07/23  (8)
Russian Telegram is 180 tonight    06/07/23  (5)
NATO Iris-T goes boom    06/07/23  (32)
250 felons convicted of homicide just filed substitution of judge (Florida)    06/07/23  (3)
ZZZ just filed a defamation suit against the Tsinah Google reviewer    06/07/23  (4)
Bukele: In El Salvador June is FAMILY PRIDE month (link)    06/07/23  (19)
where to live in HOUSTON?    06/07/23  (15)
Ukraine takes Tokmak    06/07/23  (2)
Rate Haiti’s only billionaire    06/07/23  (20)
So if you're a lawyer, you can just sue anyone you want whenever for anything?    06/07/23  (2)
hey geno tp, just ordered panda express    06/07/23  (5)
Can writers become millionaires? What genre will net me a good income?    06/07/23  (19)
Jollibee to launch casual dining chain, "Sir's," in 6 cities    06/07/23  (6)
just had a dream about abby shapiro's Leviathan-sized Khazar mommy milkers    06/07/23  (1)
TUCKER drops new show on Twitter (Ep 1)    06/07/23  (85)
next big Ukraine battle will be Vuhledar (link)    06/07/23  (86)
ZZZ files motion to DISQUALIFY backwater FL judge who canceled him    06/07/23  (85)
luis telling cashier at jollibee he’s chillipino    06/07/23  (11)
Encyclopedia Brown is an autistic faggot, kids reading his books is law-grooming    06/07/23  (7)
Why would Ukraine blow up its own dam? Makes no sense. Russia did it.    06/07/23  (1)
Where the fuck did COVID go? It just disappeared like poof.    06/07/23  (25)
I really think Russia blew up the dam. I agree with Ukrainecucks about this!    06/07/23  (1)
Right wing hell hole Sweden puts brakes on hormone treatment for trans minors    06/07/23  (1)
Musk Twitter dominated by Tucker, RFK Jr, Citizen Free Press, Kim Dotcom    06/07/23  (8)
New York newspaper: “N*gger worship and its consequences”    06/07/23  (20)
"Libs?!" henry aaron squeeled, as Darnell's cock thrusted farther up his ass    06/07/23  (4)
St. Louis NIGGER shoots at police car, gets run over (video)    06/07/23  (49)
Science change alert: Sucralose destroys your DNA    06/07/23  (6)
"Twitter is a dumpster fire. No one cares. It's shit." (sues Tucker for $9999999    06/07/23  (1)
The lack of representation for right wing populists in American democracy    06/07/23  (100)
Bupkis looks terrible    06/07/23  (3)
the Desi Dennis Rodman    06/07/23  (2)
What does a V50-100 OF COUNSEL make these days?    06/07/23  (27)
Hindenburg Research comes for fake Nigerian "billionaire"    06/07/23  (3)
larry fink (blackrock ceo) 's wikipedia reads like a jewish caricature    06/07/23  (4)
Biden: Whatcha doin with those missiles we sent ya? Zelensky: shooting our dams    06/07/23  (1)
Over 100k US children have had gender transition surgery since 2020 (link)    06/07/23  (21)
What if the US military shot missiles at our own dams like Ukraine?    06/07/23  (1)
NYC BROS - is the haze REALLY BAD?    06/07/23  (34)
Study: there was actually no "pandemic" in 2020 (link)    06/07/23  (17)
They're called screens because they separate you from reality    06/07/23  (10)
just went to service where a gorgeous 5'5" Pradeep celebrated Mass    06/07/23  (2)
Rate this WGWAG    06/07/23  (8)
Dems new strategy: arrest whoever runs against Biden    06/07/23  (20)
Dems new strategy: accept the inevitability of RFK Jr. running shit    06/07/23  (1)
Will Biden take a stand on REPARATIONS in '24 campaign?    06/07/23  (2)
Time is flame: James Gandolfini has been dead two weeks shy of 10 years    06/07/23  (1)
Ukraine's counteroffensive is over. They have no strategy, military looks dead    06/07/23  (53)
Reminder to Catholic bros: Church Fathers believed Sola Sciptura    06/07/23  (22)
starting to diet to lose 20-25 lbs. doing the opposite of disco fries.    06/07/23  (96)
Im 5th gen Italian American OH mafia, they refer to as "Mayfield Road". CCN law    06/07/23  (2)
Diablo IV launches in 6 hours    06/07/23  (82)
Remember the time TSINAH watched the Murdoch trial and thought he was innocent    06/07/23  (1)
Ukraine threatening Russia with weapons they don't have. Now it's F-18s    06/07/23  (2)
What "functional democracy" looks like    06/07/23  (5)
Does the pain of no breakfast ever go away    06/07/23  (2)
PREDICTION: DeSantis either cancels his June 19th CA trip OR is arrested when he    06/07/23  (33)
What kind of psychopath “runs for office”    06/07/23  (1)
What's the deal with Kentucky's young Democrat governor?    06/07/23  (13)
It's sort of fun to pretend ur treasure hunting (3rd year to summer    06/07/23  (2)
XO Ukrainemos SLAMMING MacBook shut, beating AZNgf upon news Ukraine DONE here    06/07/23  (12)
When did rawhide for dogs become bad? Almost impossible to find    06/07/23  (5)
New HBO show to feature cum-facial of leading actress    06/07/23  (28)
Mark Meadows pleading GUILTY, to sing like a canary.    06/07/23  (14)
How many people will Canada's poison gas attack on the US end up killing?    06/07/23  (1)
Iron Sheikh and Elvis Grbac tossing the ball around in HELL    06/07/23  (3)
Anyone else going to poast more on the 12th & 13th during the Reddit blackout?    06/07/23  (1)
evan39 will you personally escort Zuckerfraud into gas chamber and load in oven?    06/07/23  (143)
James Woods: "How evil is Hollywood? Multiply your worst fears by 100"    06/07/23  (31)
How much does a new roof cost for a 3,000-SF house?    06/07/23  (15)
Ukrainian camera crews film drowning Ukrainians, offer no help    06/07/23  (2)
How to have sex? I'm talking like the actual mechanics of it. How do I do it?    06/07/23  (2)
MVIS on a tear    06/07/23  (1)
Looks like Russia may have blown up the dam after all    06/07/23  (2)
Ukraine govt predicting doom for Crimea but Crimea is doing just fine    06/07/23  (1)
May I touch your penussy and honor it?    06/07/23  (2)
The Iron Sheik putting Barbaro in the camel clutch in HELL    06/07/23  (5)
lmao do Ukrainecucks know ANYTHING about the Crimean Canal? jfc    06/07/23  (6)
I think zuck is letting porn on FB to juice engagement    06/07/23  (1)
Reminder: You're the only one walking around all day with lurid sexual thoughts    06/07/23  (1)
*judge dismisses your case* "Oh yeah? Well I'll DQ you from future rulings!"    06/07/23  (2)
If you're at a job where the term "work product" is ever used, YNGMI    06/07/23  (4)
iyo can I afford a Second House (OYT)    06/07/23  (10)
Libs are so gay and pathetic, how can any man with self respect support them    06/07/23  (2)
“Zendaya” is a turbo fugly mutt creature and a ridiculous Hollywood forcemem    06/07/23  (32)
Rate my reading material so far this year (MPA)    06/07/23  (44)
Sold my old car for lowball offer. Buyer now wants me to fill out POA docs    06/07/23  (8)
Trumpmos, prepare angus - indictment drops Fri    06/07/23  (1)
'Scientists' have quielty tried to bury/ignore the replication crisis    06/07/23  (3)
NYC sues rest of NY State for not accepting illegals    06/07/23  (2)
McClatchy: Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming dossier    06/07/23  (208)
Another J6 Trumpmo gets nabbed    06/07/23  (1)
No thread on new degenerate HBO show "The idol"?    06/07/23  (3)
This Rune vs Ruud scrap is 180 bros    06/07/23  (3)
Unrainecucks think the sluice gates were the entire dam lmfao    06/07/23  (4)
Hahol BTR boinks entire squad -- entire squad of Hahols    06/07/23  (7)
I’m proud of my niggery.    06/07/23  (3)
Hot college professor makes her class online only due to turd student flirting    06/07/23  (44)
Demonic mother and daughter kill grandmother then grill her body    06/07/23  (3)
MASK UP    06/07/23  (1)
"Rate me as a track off a Love Supreme" groaned whok as mr.jinx went balls deep    06/07/23  (8)
Russia killed 5000 Hahols today    06/07/23  (5)
Lol Trump is Desperate for $$, does a fried 🐔🍗 chicken commercial (not fla    06/07/23  (9)
Instead of an intellectual elite, America has established a mulatto studfarm    06/07/23  (1)
ZZZ filing a "Notice of Victory" in EPAH suit    06/07/23  (26)
Doobs in blackface wearing a mermaid costume    06/07/23  (4)
Which XO poaster is this?    06/07/23  (2)
27 y/o life coach with an insane amount of debt gets grilled by financial guy    06/07/23  (17)
Brothers and ralph have you heard of "Seaside, FL"    06/07/23  (6)
Kids hug lawyer dad after he slam dunks kikes online    06/07/23  (68)
TBF and other poasters in a Ukraine-Russia thread (video)    06/07/23  (1)
Siamese Dream is a masterpiece    06/07/23  (3)
*sprays liquid Abilify from fire hose into Russiacuck thread*    06/07/23  (6)
Ukrainecucks get in here and predict how low the Kherson reservoir will get    06/07/23  (1)
Nancy Pelosi throws a perfect strike first pitch at Nationals game (vid)    06/07/23  (2)
interesting observation about black criminality    06/07/23  (1)
While Canada burns Trudeau visits literal dildo factory (link)    06/07/23  (6)
Russian troops are leaving civilians on east bank to fend for themselves    06/07/23  (16)
Why did Ukraine want Crimea back?    06/07/23  (1)
Son's 10th birthday is coming up. What treatise should I get him?    06/07/23  (3)
Can libs ever STFU? Do they need some constant crisis to scream about?    06/07/23  (1)
bitchin camaro    06/07/23  (2)
𝓴𝓲𝓴𝓮𝓼    06/07/23  (5)
This video is great    06/07/23  (2)
Literally just poast about the Dead Milkmen and Rudolph's pumo will out    06/07/23  (2)
Where is the pride flag on XO’s masthead?    06/07/23  (2)
ricki giving T2 thumbs-up as hegemon tearfully feeds him into woodchipper    06/07/23  (9)
Tech professionals can live anywhere. They choose Northern California.    06/07/23  (16)
Anyone sweaty and rat-faced copy pasting mainstream propaganda today?    06/07/23  (2)
Absolutely no hard information showing Crimea is cut off from water    06/07/23  (11)
Wish I Could Be Part of That Bort .mp3    06/07/23  (1)
Prigozhin: Russia is losing, generals should be shot (link)    06/07/23  (4)
A Brilliant Illustration of Western Civilization 2023    06/07/23  (4)
Sweaty and rat-like. Shifty and dead-eyed    06/07/23  (1)
FBI restarts Julian Assange probe despite hopes of release    06/07/23  (11)
India discovered the Americas in 1302. not flame    06/07/23  (15)
i have probably 40 grams of award winning weed on me rn    06/07/23  (1)
Imagine not being a slave to lust    06/07/23  (1)
Farting so loud LaGuardia grounds flights    06/07/23  (2)
I have teh ghey (whok)    06/07/23  (5)
Double decker plane seats coming YOUR FUCKED    06/07/23  (16)
"Objection: flame!" Judge:"The witness clearly stated not flame"    06/07/23  (61)
California police manhunt for employee who tried to stop shoplifter    06/07/23  (8)
How does GOP get to 270 electoral votes without Texas?    06/07/23  (11)

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