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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
“To have sex” is an insanely weird grammatical construction    05/20/24  (15)
I'm 90% sure TT is actually in iranian police custody right now    05/20/24  (4)
Whok exposed as a short, sterile imp    05/20/24  (1)
but seriously, something probably happened to TT    05/20/24  (34)
will whok ever be able to show his moniker here again?    05/20/24  (11)
Red Lobster, an American Seafood Institution, Files for Bankruptcy    05/20/24  (5)
Cons how mad are you Biden delivered record high S&P and record low UE?    05/20/24  (14)
helicopter carrying Iranian POTUS has disappeared (link)    05/20/24  (54)
The Long Journey Home is a fantastic video game. Just fantastic.    05/20/24  (4)
Rate this 30 year old woman (pic)    05/20/24  (5)
17 yr old rapper accidentally fatally shoots himself making TikTok video    05/20/24  (16)
There was a period where the media was obsessed with Christopher Walkens    05/20/24  (1)
The 7th gen was the last Console gen. Everything after is just a gaming laptop.    05/20/24  (11)
The average age for a woman's first marriage in Norway: 35    05/20/24  (4)
Who is your favorite golfer?    05/20/24  (2)
Vicious evil 🐻🐻🐻 mauls hiker in Teton National Park    05/20/24  (5)
Has Tommy poasted after he sabotaged Iranian President's helicopter?    05/20/24  (11)
RATE this Italian woman describing life in Japan    05/20/24  (37)
Rate these before and after pics (this should be illegal)    05/20/24  (2)
What the fuck is a “smash burger”    05/20/24  (47)
do geologists and archeologists hate eachother    05/20/24  (4)
poor dad- pays $5/can zyn. rich dad-at gas station huffing diesel fumes for free    05/20/24  (3)
what's the credited horror movie to watch with a girl    05/20/24  (35)
Anyone have a bad experience in "Boston"?    05/20/24  (8)
Funny thing about d-day    05/20/24  (4)
was the 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast a USG mind control experiment?    05/20/24  (1)
Which one of you is running this active IFNB twitter account?    05/20/24  (12)
"One sec, babe, just seeing if horse cum blast has been poasting recently    05/20/24  (13)
There is NOTHING i do in law that AI could not do better, today    05/20/24  (82)
WNBA lesbians roughing up Caitlin Clark    05/20/24  (1)
Tommy seeking sanctuary in DLA Piper Tehran's offices    05/20/24  (1)
I really need Neumann Morganstern TP to write a Tommy T rescue story    05/20/24  (2)
ICC issues arrest warrant for Netanyahu    05/20/24  (1)
Iran sending back multiple spies to get US to take TT back    05/20/24  (1)
Pakistan sending their crack “Juice Rangers” to rescue tommy    05/20/24  (1)
Iranian interrogator to Tommy: "What did you mean by 'I love JUICE', my friend?"    05/20/24  (3)
Tommy are you okay, are you okay Tommy?    05/20/24  (3)
TommyT...I'm gonna miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe    05/20/24  (3)
Don't worry guys, I alerted Goldman Sachs Special Situations Group about TommyT    05/20/24  (2)
ITT we track whok's fake pregnancy. Fake birth date circa Nov 15, 2024    05/20/24  (21)
Occupation Has Corrupted the Humanity of Israel’s Military    05/20/24  (1)
Israeli TV Jokes That Iran POTUS Pilot Was Eli Kopter    05/20/24  (9)
good morning    05/20/24  (3)
Congress considering making July "Wrath Month" and August "Gluttony Month" (link    05/20/24  (1)
ugly tattoos on an aging shrew    05/20/24  (4)
Hey LIBS: rate this TEHRAN billboard...    05/20/24  (12)
A band that is not Joy Division but that sounds and looks exactly like Joy Divis    05/20/24  (6)
Went to GORGEOUS Iran Embassy today and GORGEOUS Persian Man gave me Visa to his    05/20/24  (15)
ICC requesting warrants against Bibi and Hamas POTUS    05/20/24  (1)
So the satanic empire of Israel just straight up murdered Iran's President?    05/20/24  (4)
"Why has de goat stopped turning our propeller? FUCK DE GOAT!"    05/20/24  (1)
Sad news: our friend Mr. Tommy is confirmed det    05/20/24  (1)
ARISE Wagecucks! Time to login to strive for your rat faced masters!    05/20/24  (85)
rate this woman explaining what she WON’T do for her husband (video)    05/20/24  (74)
Tommy on Iranian TV forced to read script admitting he's a Zionist CIA agent    05/20/24  (5)
Rome to Florence to Dolomites, two week trip, cr?    05/20/24  (27)
Good morning sleepyheads. Its monday dont forget to take your ZOG pills.    05/20/24  (4)
The tls Nuggets are ALREADY getting btfo lmao    05/20/24  (30)
And senator, which hole is the "Kike Hole" specifically?    05/20/24  (4)
I’m looking for a man in litigation. Trust issues. 5’7”. Dead eyes.    05/20/24  (11)
In awe of how gay life is    05/20/24  (2)
"but it's foggy out" "idc assfagot is poasting tonight"    05/20/24  (3)
almost fucked this escort tonight    05/20/24  (14)
*to tune of Edelweiss* Asian wives, Asian wives    05/20/24  (19)
Thomas Turdskin, Esq. (1980-2024)    05/20/24  (1)
It’s 180 to be American and marry a foreign wife and adopt a foreign born son    05/20/24  (25)
The Assassination of Iranian POTUS by the Poaster Thomas Turdskin    05/20/24  (20)
Your internet friend "Horst Kumblast" is calling    05/20/24  (63)
"Look, ~horse cum blast~ is actually really insightful" ... HR: "you're fired."    05/20/24  (55)
2022 visitor numbers for US national parks:    05/20/24  (1)
Jokic just said his teammates and coach are trash    05/20/24  (7)
I’m ok with dying asap    05/20/24  (1)
did preppy 90s guys w good will hunting haircuts hang out with grunge fans    05/20/24  (1)
POLL: Would you swap practices with spaceporn?    05/20/24  (68)
*drives around in a lonely forklift for overnight shift of restocking XO diapers    05/20/24  (4)
Is Tommy really in Iran right now?    05/20/24  (1)
butt cheeks cum ITT please    05/20/24  (1)
"... and then one day, for no reason at all- Hi, who just joined?"    05/20/24  (13)
jokic already spotted in novi sad training horses    05/20/24  (1)
Jokić: "At that time in Germany, '69-'70, they had already discotheques"    05/20/24  (3)
Conservative “journalists” on election night: “the bamboo, strands of whic    05/20/24  (1)
ppl never actually want "notes" just an audience    05/20/24  (1)
bloodline curse to the tune of surfin bird    05/20/24  (2)
What is "The People's Car" in America    05/20/24  (30)
life sucks    05/20/24  (2)
CONFIRMED: President of Iran KILLED to DEATH    05/20/24  (22)
hey whok, how's your mangina?    05/20/24  (5)
GJR TikTok goes viral    05/20/24  (1)
Women are pretty awful in my personal experience    05/20/24  (3)
MILF Wants To Be Fucked!    05/20/24  (2)
"Tucker, only coomers think NieR Automata is the best of the series"    05/20/24  (11)
College music from the 1980s and 1990s will disappear from history    05/20/24  (8)
“Segregation Explorer” map shows how much ur old school demographics changed    05/20/24  (14)
MOMISHORNY    05/20/24  (1)
lol oh that's your bitch    05/20/24  (1)
women are incapable of spiritually evolving with you past the 4th chakrah lol    05/20/24  (3)
Things are going well, lemme check out this obvious pitfall real quick    05/20/24  (1)
CNN "journalists" election night: "trust us Trump didnt win lawsuits being filed    05/20/24  (2)
Learned “Scissor” Hand    05/20/24  (1)
FizzKidd as the bort's foremost Pacers fan can we get an update?    05/20/24  (1)
Where should I get a vacation home outside usa?    05/20/24  (9)
The Timberwolves will absolutely skullfuck the Nuggets in the next round    05/20/24  (3)
im about to take acid again    05/20/24  (11)
XO TIMBERWOLVES    05/20/24  (27)
Calling it now: Mavs v Nuggets WCF    05/20/24  (18)
Ricky put down the bong and attend to your bloodline curse    05/20/24  (12)
xo Gardening Club, a subsidiary of the Nice Club and Finer Things Club    05/20/24  (5)
There was a post here awhile ago about multiverse and determinism    05/20/24  (9)
Please, call me Bobby. Robert Birdshit is my father.    05/20/24  (4)
Sipping wine by the fireplace and thinking about Gen X    05/19/24  (10)
There are unconfirmed reports of one guy who's not a millionaire    05/19/24  (4)
Has American Spy Neville Fernandes been able to escape Iran?    05/19/24  (2)
Faggot Archetype    05/19/24  (1)
american indians are the bad guys in a movie? really? in 2024? ( cowgod)    05/19/24  (2)
Why do women periodically delete their entire Facebook    05/19/24  (21)
women lol    05/19/24  (1)
Have any poasters been inside the Kowloon walled city?    05/19/24  (9)
quick and dirty esotericist racist philosophy threads    05/19/24  (1)
Why do women Facebook their periods    05/19/24  (1)
Remember decades ago when dog shit dried and turned white?    05/19/24  (1)
Biden glitched out and stared at a teleprompter for 35 seconds (vid)    05/19/24  (2)
Poast drug stacks    05/19/24  (1)
First Usyk then Berinchyk. How will GGTP recover from this?    05/19/24  (6)
Blizzard announced Diablo 4. Hero char is kid running away from Catholic priests    05/19/24  (46)
Fed: brace yourselves for 10% mortgage rates (link)    05/19/24  (42)
What is the XO consensus on Bill Maher?    05/19/24  (3)
The Beatles v. David Bowie?    05/19/24  (6)
*TT sighing in relief as he finds his death to amerikkka tshirt in his luggage*    05/19/24  (1)
The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel (4:05:38)    05/19/24  (11)
What were some tangible practices Americans had when US was high trust society?    05/19/24  (29)
LMFAO rach check the logs, Iran has been scouring xo insanely in the past 24 hrs    05/19/24  (1)
America hating Tommy T being held in Iranian prison as American spy. 180 twist    05/19/24  (3)
Sportsball must go    05/19/24  (2)
1 Million Steps Fasting Challenge Accountability Thread    05/19/24  (11)
Germany has an Aryan reservation - link    05/19/24  (11)
it's pretty insane a former MPM winner literally killed Iran's president    05/19/24  (6)
So "Jokic's" reign is already over & Anthony Edwards is going to be Jordan II?    05/19/24  (18)
Final Destination 6 out next year (2025)    05/19/24  (1)
So the boat, the burger stand and the call options were all cover for TT?    05/19/24  (1)
Go Luka!    05/19/24  (1)
My statement on Nuggets losing Game 7 today.    05/19/24  (4)
Antman to Joker: "should I finish on your face or what?"    05/19/24  (7)
If jokic wins tomorrow WCF will be must watch    05/19/24  (19)
EPAH, rate this swimsuit model    05/19/24  (4)
The Jews Aren’t Taking Away TikTok    05/19/24  (36)
whites: should we emigrate back to Europe ?    05/19/24  (47)
Jokic: “They didn’t count to five Herzegovinas”    05/19/24  (20)
it's all over Whokebe. Pack your bags and GTFO.    05/19/24  (2)
Babak Lalezari (b. Lev Cohen) assumed the Presidency of Iran on    05/19/24  (1)
stop calling me asian! (actual asian guy)    05/19/24  (9)

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