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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Seriously though, how are we going to fight the ascendant matriarchy?    07/24/24  (14)
Libs felt so optimistic about “Kamala” just 24 hours ago…    07/24/24  (13)
LEAK: Biden endorsed Kamala without Obama’s knowledge as a fuck you    07/24/24  (22)
RATE this Black Hebrew Israelite take on faggots    07/24/24  (2)
Look, another emasculated "man", a faggot, and a negress    07/24/24  (13)
Indian lawyer files an “objection” accusing judge of racism every time she l    07/24/24  (211)
wheres nippon professional baseball tp? report in    07/24/24  (6)
Biden unloaded in his diaper during speech (link)    07/24/24  (2)
Besides Kamala who is the MOST ATTRACTIVE person to run for POTUS    07/24/24  (34)
The Felix Mendelssohn String Quartets are the most underrated pieces of all time    07/24/24  (4)
This is how I got hiv (Zurich)    07/24/24  (49)
Texas judge finds NLRB unconstitutional (link)    07/24/24  (1)
Got invited to play on yet another over 40 men's soccer team. Guess word got out    07/24/24  (5)
Casey and Galina Serin - how'd those crazy kids turn out. anyway    07/24/24  (13)
RNC should do another convention in september, fuck it    07/24/24  (16)
Fact check: Kamala was Border Czar. FALSE. Never given title 'Czar'    07/24/24  (1)
Oh good, two ugly nigs will carry the US flag during opening ceremony    07/24/24  (1)
"There is not a Pepsi American, or a Dr. Pepper America. We are the Baja Blast o    07/24/24  (2)
Kamala announces peanuts tp as VP pick, poll numbers surge (link)    07/24/24  (2)
Just heard Kamala speak for 5 seconds. Nearly puked.    07/24/24  (29)
Guy who studied philosophy of government here to help u make sense of it all    07/24/24  (31)
Biden announces plans for 2028 POTUS run    07/24/24  (1)
XOXO poll: is USA in decline???    07/24/24  (25)
Peter Thiel and Mark Zuckerberg on Baby Boomers vs Millennials    07/24/24  (44)
We need to dispose of Jackson (((Hinkle)))    07/24/24  (3)
Harris campaign to stop at Taco Bell, try Baja Blast in attempt to relate to ave    07/24/24  (2)
About to walk away from buying home with aluminum wiring? Overreaction?    07/24/24  (10)
its incredibly important to understand the societal implications of Richard Carr    07/24/24  (1)
I will never kill myself enough to live in this world    07/24/24  (3)
UArizona Girl Falls To Death On Half Dome. Rate    07/24/24  (52)
Who else is going to fat girl cocks right now?    07/24/24  (1)
It's insane that UC Hastings was the best law school Kamala got accepted to    07/24/24  (39)
Libs: how do you feel that Trump is a heavy favorite to reclaim POTUS?    07/24/24  (32)
American Communist Party jus arrive (link)    07/24/24  (40)
Kamala asking to be introduced as “Coco-President Harris”    07/24/24  (1)
gjr quotemo alts pretending to be bp pumo alts pretending to be gjr tp    07/24/24  (7)
Biden calls Kamala a “DEI hire”    07/24/24  (4)
Kamala asking to be introduced as “Co-President Harris”    07/24/24  (2)
can't wait for a female president    07/24/24  (10)
last democratic POTUS nominee to work in the private sector    07/24/24  (1)
“My fellow Americans, WGWAG WGWAG Zimmerhero wins let’s poast more!”    07/24/24  (1)
Joe should have used this time to say that he was disappointed in Hunter    07/24/24  (1)
Reminder to Trumpmos: SCOTUS immunity decision made POTUS Kamala untouchable    07/24/24  (1)
Russian economist: country ready to shine in the 21st century    07/24/24  (32)
what are these things sticking out of the roof?    07/24/24  (6)
LOL: Trump Files FEC Complaint Over $91M Transfer To Kamala    07/24/24  (53)
We must defend democracy by allowing party elites to pick who runs for President    07/24/24  (1)
Modern America closer to Matriarchy than any society ever    07/24/24  (5)
you are now thinking about asian pussy    07/24/24  (5)
Amerikkka is a place where doctors thrive. Think about that for a second    07/24/24  (1)
retarded looking woman "sign languaging" retarded senile old man's babbling    07/24/24  (2)
Amerikkka isn’t an idea Joe. It’s a place where turning another buck is the    07/24/24  (1)
Vance is garbage. Trump should dump him ASAP.    07/24/24  (2)
dems going straight back to pretending not retarded. worked great last time    07/24/24  (1)
ITT: predict EC map in 2024    07/24/24  (11)
Kakala Harris must not be allowed to chortle this great nation into the ground!    07/24/24  (1)
Lewis Lapham DEAD    07/24/24  (2)
MASE tp in Hawaiian shirt trying to sell you stolen dinosaur DNA    07/24/24  (1)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    07/24/24  (193)
Goldstein v. State Bar (1989)    07/24/24  (1)
shooter is 58 year old WHITE male    07/24/24  (6)
Will SK allow Chaebong Hyung nyuug to become a citizen at 35?    07/24/24  (25)
soon...the south will rise again...dont say you werent warned,    07/24/24  (50)
Is it TOO LATE on the immigration / demographics issue?    07/24/24  (30)
Bboom my GF says you maek $ by sending ppl to "mental hospitals" (Mainlining)    07/24/24  (1)
any cheap places to live in NYC? moving out of MANHATTAN    07/24/24  (12)
yeah i majored in philosophy of government haha    07/24/24  (1)
li seong-ho is a better south korean that nyuug could ever be    07/24/24  (7)
Asians not defined as diverse by google. Asians and whites need to team up    07/24/24  (125)
"Rich old white men are my mortal enemy" the asian NOWAG lisped    07/24/24  (12)
RSF claims to be a conservative but lives like a liberal    07/24/24  (1)
Trump: “She was a lousy student…she couldn’t pass her bar exam!”    07/24/24  (10)
Kikes tanked $TSLA on the day of Natanyahu's visit to USA    07/24/24  (1)
Kikes ranked $TSLA on the day of Natanyahu's visit to USA    07/24/24  (1)
If you are a boomer why would you buy a 3200sf 4br house in suburbs    07/24/24  (1)
Don't get dudes who have yellow fever    07/24/24  (18)
Nerdy azn girls in chunky glasses, jogging bras, and tiny Lycra shorts    07/24/24  (12)
Obama on hot mic: "she's looking used and abused ... cum rag, not president...    07/24/24  (1)
Old footage of Tommy addressing Congress Party    07/24/24  (1)
Jesus Christ | Donald Trump | Our Future    07/24/24  (1)
Trump's nicknaming abilities have absolutely collapsed    07/24/24  (38)
You’re a traitor if you don’t support Israel 1000%    07/24/24  (1)
Biden family already leaking to press to hurt Kamala lmao    07/24/24  (6)
BOARD JEWS/TRUMPMOS (same) - UR RESPONSE?    07/24/24  (1)
Jesus Christ and Donald Trump are the only possibility for a good future    07/24/24  (1)
"HE WANTS IT BAD" - Pete Buttigieg jonesing for VP slot    07/24/24  (6)
Name something most people barely even realize.    07/24/24  (73)
What exactly is the point of 'white nationalism'?    07/24/24  (30)
I cant believe the coincidence    07/24/24  (1)
IT'S OFFICIAL - there is no daylight between ISRAEL and the GOP    07/24/24  (1)
brown eyes = not white    07/24/24  (36)
trump rally megathread    07/24/24  (2)
Greeks are not white! hth    07/24/24  (40)
Your son's best friend is "Mark Ultra"    07/24/24  (1)
Best WHITE urban area with low crime and no need for a car?    07/24/24  (8)
Old footage of Winston Churchill addressing Congress    07/24/24  (28)
anyone else here fascinated with ancient rome?    07/24/24  (95)
How do wagies work in these environments? (Link)    07/24/24  (9)
when does Trump get Secret Service protection?    07/24/24  (40)
OOSHA! Love the way Trump says her name.    07/24/24  (4)
Any low cost of living areas with educated people...and jobs?    07/24/24  (30)
Is HAIRY PUSSY credited?    07/24/24  (17)
Jill Biden hated Kamala to death; no one except me has ever explored this topic    07/24/24  (16)
Trump should be WAY ahead by now if he is gonna win this thing.    07/24/24  (3)
Trump-Bryson Golf Round (VID). Trump Sticks It & Trash Talks Biden    07/24/24  (69)
*faggy jordan peterson finger gesture*    07/24/24  (1)
My inability to work in an office and stare at acomputer all day makes ppl think    07/24/24  (1)
trumptards already twisting themselves in knots defending trump's slide leftward    07/24/24  (5)
Dear old white men: get the FUCK out of ARE government    07/24/24  (18)
Legal teens are at summer soccer camp right now rolling their shiny shorts up    07/24/24  (7)
Vance/Violent J 2028. The Dew/Faygo ticket.    07/24/24  (1)
Jew criminals have complete control over all the retards ljl    07/24/24  (1)
biglaw is live streaming his cfb 25 dynasty build (army) on twitch    07/24/24  (3)
I just keep getting gayer and gayer    07/24/24  (14)
Real talk: has Vance poasted?    07/24/24  (27)
Who was actually president for past three years?    07/24/24  (1)
Getting the wife on OnlyFans a cr source of passive income?    07/24/24  (8)
This is what Roman Legions came home to (pic)    07/24/24  (10)
Robert Downey Junior as Terrence Howard    07/24/24  (1)
Women keep their little pussies shaven just in case the have a sexual encounter    07/24/24  (14)
he used a drone twice, and shared that info    07/24/24  (1)
Contracter buddy asked me to go with him to collect owed money from a guy tmrw    07/24/24  (2)
Saw a 30 something baldmo at the gym...actually loled    07/24/24  (1)
Worse: Dabbing grease off pizza or cutting burger in half?    07/24/24  (45)
It is 2004. You and organic hs go out to Taco Bell to try new Mtn Dew flavor.    07/24/24  (1)
Taylor Swift: "Let's drink some Baja Blasts and just chill for the night."    07/24/24  (5)
This is mildly contrarian but I think Kamala is a really smart and impressive    07/24/24  (47)
Dabbing high-THC cannabis concentrate has made me suicidal    07/24/24  (9)
How did Dems all get on the same page behind Kamala so quickly?    07/24/24  (1)
A community for bald fags, by bald fags    07/24/24  (1)
I’m old enough to remember when Amazon didn’t tack on state sales tax    07/24/24  (2)
Murderous cop worked for 6 agencies in 4 years & had 2 DUI convictions    07/24/24  (22)
Pretty cool xo operates on such little resources    07/24/24  (7)
The people at these Trump rallies look like downtrodden trash    07/24/24  (21)
CNN Analyst: Youth support for Kamala "through the roof" (LINK)    07/24/24  (7)
Obama withholding Kamala endorsement because he doesn’t think she can beat Tru    07/24/24  (30)
Mixed race gynarchy    07/24/24  (2)
Vance smashing wine cave with a bat: "Baja Blast!! take back America!!"    07/24/24  (1)
Vance: I can't pronounce sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio but Baja Blast changed    07/24/24  (2)
Rate my T levels -- Yesterday jacked off at work AND fucked wife in evening.    07/24/24  (2)
DC protests are OFF THE HOOK (link)    07/24/24  (8)
David Brooks OpEd about Mtn Dew Baja Blast and the decline of High Culture    07/24/24  (2)
Who has the best legal mind: Kamala, Joe Biden, Trump, or EPAH?    07/24/24  (2)
i dunno i guess the side that has american flags    07/24/24  (1)

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