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Outback Steakhouse & Carraba's PASSING OFF cheaper cuts as filet mignon    07/18/24  (5)
JD Vance fans. Explain this quote of his    07/18/24  (101)
Yale grads have been on national tickets 15 times since 1952    07/18/24  (14)
Just banged a subjective 9    07/18/24  (18)
EPAH it's been way too long since you posted you're cock here    07/18/24  (1)
Will Vance have ANY meaningful role as Veep?    07/18/24  (4)
Do you know what you're doing?    07/18/24  (1)
Did not realize Cracked.com was still in existence    07/18/24  (6)
I agree with Joe Biden on this..we should put prole landlords to death the scumb    07/18/24  (1)
If Biden does decide to step away -- IF -- it MUST be Kamala.    07/18/24  (31)
btw how TTT is the secret service protection if some random person can get    07/18/24  (10)
Korean WH official sells out US for luxury handbags    07/18/24  (30)
What is going on in this Biden video?    07/18/24  (1)
Pelosi just told Biden to GTFO    07/18/24  (1)
Unless we deport 40M people, "Trump" = rearranging deck chairs on Titanic    07/18/24  (14)
JUST IN: President Trump says RNC speech will not include the word “Biden”    07/18/24  (2)
Best Indian Dishes?    07/18/24  (3)
Su Mi Terry spied for South Korea in exchange for Louis Vuitton bags    07/18/24  (2)
when does Trump get Secret Service protection?    07/18/24  (38)
Why the fuck is the secret service director a woman    07/18/24  (80)
   07/18/24  (2)
I wish you would step back from that screen, my friend    07/18/24  (42)
Which Asian Poster is this?    07/18/24  (1)
Rate this xo poaster winning big    07/18/24  (1)
Proles will send $5k on guns and $2k on ink but bitch about $12 Big Mac, why?    07/18/24  (14)
brown eyes = not white    07/18/24  (35)
how important is assassin-deflection game as potus?    07/18/24  (15)
any cheap places to live in NYC? moving out of MANHATTAN    07/18/24  (11)
BREAKING: Biden to drop out of the Presidential race as soon as this weekend    07/18/24  (154)
Could have sworn Bob Newhart died 10 years ago    07/18/24  (7)
LOL nyuug continuing to get STYLED on by RSF + BAF Marathis    07/18/24  (2)
180 video of big NYUUG cock STYLIN on NOWAG trolls + TT IRL:    07/18/24  (71)
luke screenwatcher is a revolutionary moniker    07/18/24  (7)
lold at luke screenwatcher moniker    07/18/24  (29)
The last good moniker was luke screenwatcher    07/18/24  (22)
what's the use of Grammarly with ChatGPT?    07/18/24  (5)
Good faith thread for BORT LIBS: Do you think the Dems still have a shot?    07/18/24  (4)
secret service “agent” still couldn’t pull her gun out 20 mins later    07/18/24  (8)
Still lol about tsinahs $45 Jimmy John’s orders (2 days in a row)    07/18/24  (9)
America was never fucking worth a fraction on a hair on anyone's head 🙄    07/18/24  (2)
Pelosi, Long Fixated on Winning, Is in No Mood to Lose With Biden (NYT)    07/18/24  (40)
Kamala was giddy at her rally in NC today    07/18/24  (1)
The world is full of women who have taken dick before and PLAN TO DO SO AGAIN    07/18/24  (12)
li seong-ho is a better south korean that nyuug could ever be    07/18/24  (6)
On the last day of RNC the convention center turns into Star of David Spaceship    07/18/24  (1)
"being VP is like jumping out of the tandoor and into the fire"    07/18/24  (1)
British police faggots run from Jihadi mob    07/18/24  (1)
I briefly used this moniker in 2022 and now it's finally my time to shine    07/18/24  (4)
那个那个那个那个    07/18/24  (3)
"i paid for a jewish plastic surgeon's second house" (ALL rnc speakers)    07/18/24  (7)
Will SK allow Chaebong Hyung nyuug to become a citizen at 35?    07/18/24  (23)
Doobs goes to the AVN Awards (pic)    07/18/24  (1)
JD Vance's Father, Crying Trying To Eat Vindaloo w His Hands At JD's Wedding    07/18/24  (6)
why did we hate Ann Coulter a decade ago?    07/18/24  (25)
George Conway has $343K to torch.    07/18/24  (9)
i think this is all a clear go signal to finally move to Tel Aviv    07/18/24  (1)
Vance’s Venmo was public and his friends will surprise you!    07/18/24  (9)
Samantha Saint completely unrecognizable now due to botched plastic surgery:    07/18/24  (22)
America was never fucking worth a fraction on a hair on anyone's head 🙄    07/18/24  (1)
Ricky and I are at a local hip suburban coffee shop pastrymaxxing right now    07/18/24  (79)
Lou Dobbs in HEAVEN building a border wall to keep out shitlibs    07/18/24  (1)
All false info&fraud..just do keep discussing stuff which doesn't matter    07/18/24  (7)
Biden in DE: They will have to shoot me and actually hit something. I aint goin    07/18/24  (1)
Andrew Anglin: "A Yale degree is a pussy pass."    07/18/24  (26)
Senators yelling at SS director as she walks through the RNC    07/18/24  (4)
in Hillbilly Elegy, 'mamaw' kills someone and calls Usha a 'raghead bong'    07/18/24  (4)
Americans are retarded..billions&billions go unclaimed anually&rising fast    07/18/24  (2)
Top Dems now believe Biden will exit    07/18/24  (3)
Europe/Asia crew let's discuss how TTT America sucks cock    07/18/24  (17)
More devastation for Birdshits: Chinamen now eat more PROTEIN than Americucks    07/18/24  (17)
anyone else here have at least 1 designated jewish handler    07/18/24  (1)
Pelosi: I hate losing. Also Pelosi: We're going with... *checks notes* Kamala...    07/18/24  (1)
*Jew walks on stage* "I am Jewish" *RNC crowd goes wild, brains explode*    07/18/24  (38)
Thoughts on MAINLAND CHINK Pussy?    07/18/24  (23)
Creatine makes you lose your hair ?    07/18/24  (6)
RATE Donald Trump Jr's fiancee at the RNC (PIC):    07/18/24  (25)
"I'm a proud Jew suing Harvard for antisemitism" *RNC crowd goes wild*    07/18/24  (28)
Most american$&people are stupid and deserve what they get    07/18/24  (1)
it must kill tsinah to watch everyone acknowledge I'm smarter than he is (benzo)    07/18/24  (129)
Sad to see Joe go, but current barrage of leaks will ensure no donor$$$    07/18/24  (3)
Golden Corral facing bankruptcy as Sarah Huckabee Sanders triples Ozempic use    07/18/24  (6)
It’s staggering how FAT Chris Christie is    07/18/24  (16)
ricky is a jewish handler and has his own jewish handler    07/18/24  (10)
theres no way Peter Thiel didnt sodomize this fat goober millenial white trash    07/18/24  (5)
What is “THE” most famous and convincing ghost footage ever recorded?    07/18/24  (18)
“No that stuff goes to Jerusalem!” (Trump diverting border wall material)    07/18/24  (27)
why did that nasty SS head bitch go to the RNC? just to rub it in?    07/18/24  (7)
"Yeah, I here you need your dick sucked? ...Sorry, wrong number." -Askav    07/18/24  (11)
does Michael Obama call his husband demeaning names like "Mary" or "Nancy"?    07/18/24  (1)
can you bake me higher? / fill me up with flour and yeast    07/18/24  (1)
just used claude to do an entire days work in 10 minutes. lmao im dun here    07/18/24  (6)
Kamala NEEDS to countersignal Vance's whiteboyism and pick STACEY ABRAMS    07/18/24  (5)
I stand with Iran    07/18/24  (5)
Lou Dobbs grinning all night on his show    07/18/24  (6)
Lol at anyone being scared of this Kermit guy(pic) he looks messed up    07/18/24  (2)
Presidential debates to be replaced with Kamala & Usha Baharanga Dance-offs    07/18/24  (1)
Do you wish a brutal end for Kermit Mahomes?    07/18/24  (2)
Casinos are more jew fraud crooks stealing even more from players    07/18/24  (3)
humiliation ritual poasting is a humiliation ritual    07/18/24  (3)
Another fraud bites the dust! Another fraud bites the dust yeah!    07/18/24  (3)
Peter Thiels brain cum will be one heartbeat away from POTUS    07/18/24  (2)
rothschild operative manually transporting apple from tree branch 2 newtons head    07/18/24  (4)
What do you think you would do if you didn’t have xo?    07/18/24  (11)
I've been groomed tp    07/18/24  (4)
i prefer DeSantis' form of brazen Israeli cum gargling and cock worship    07/18/24  (1)
What does JD Vance bring to the table? bigger white trash vote?    07/18/24  (95)
and now he’s “JD Vance,” the Vice-President Elect, servant of Israel.    07/18/24  (1)
Fukk AMerikka & FUck Interstate "Freeways" & Death to Buc-ee’s    07/18/24  (7)
Buc-ee's=freaking cult on the same level of Apple shills and cryptocurrency bull    07/18/24  (8)
Campaign poster with Michelle and Kamala standing back to back making TOUGH FACE    07/18/24  (3)
Spent about $10k on backyard revamp so far. Will probably need another $10kish    07/18/24  (38)
How does having a good taster to prevent assassination even work    07/18/24  (4)
Big Mike is now #3 to win DNC nom    07/18/24  (8)
the stench of Satan himself oozes off the Trump-Vance Presidential ticket    07/18/24  (6)
Tying Crooks into a FBI and Secret Service conspiracy    07/18/24  (28)
Reminder friends! You did it the right way! Make the frauds pay    07/18/24  (1)
Richard Simmons - Shannon Doherty - Bob Newhart - end of an era, man    07/18/24  (1)
WTF people just found secret boss "Risen Martyr Trump" in the Elden Ring DLC    07/18/24  (1)
This shows why there will be a Ukraine cease fire by next year at the latest-lin    07/18/24  (1)
Scientists make deadly virus, it leaks (their fault), 25M die, no executions?    07/18/24  (14)
“Enjoy your meal!” “You too!” *cusses at self in silence*    07/18/24  (7)
This hot tranny got a hard-on in "her" bikini while "her" and I were eye fucking    07/18/24  (1)
Chart of the 12 most common future phenotypes in America 2100AD    07/18/24  (1)
What happens when covid "evolves" new variants faster than u can recover from la    07/18/24  (4)
I miss Tulsi    07/18/24  (2)
Are Eminem and Gavin Newsom the same age basically?    07/18/24  (1)
Will be 180 to look back at the # of "walls closing in" moments Trump had    07/18/24  (7)
"Sir, your Jewish handler is on line 2. Should I hang up your line 1 call?"    07/18/24  (22)
Is HP Victus desktop credited at all?    07/18/24  (3)
Yeah just slot Newsom or Whitmer right in, they can easily beat Trump    07/18/24  (1)
This RNC is blackpilling me harder than anything libs have done in years (TBF)    07/18/24  (46)
remember when Ben Carson hit his mother in the head w a HAMMER?    07/18/24  (1)
CHING CHANG CHONG CHOW    07/18/24  (1)
Fatally OD's Reddit Ricky buried next to his ex's Ricky Jr. abortion    07/18/24  (6)
ITT we disclose MNPI for shits and giggles    07/18/24  (4)
Never forget that this life is a cosmic bootcamp 🌌🌅🐶    07/18/24  (49)
Sim glitch: all 8 planets orbit sun on the same plane    07/18/24  (8)
BIGLAW is like X-COM one wrong move & some bald thing snipes at u from a corner    07/18/24  (19)
not now babe, im watching jewish billionaires assfuck goyim on the one eyed jew    07/18/24  (15)
🚨 Kid Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Dana White introducing Trump tonight at RNC🚨 1    07/18/24  (2)
RATE my dog (TSINAH)    07/18/24  (14)
TT: rate this Chinese azn girl Olympian (pic)    07/18/24  (4)
JD Vance: "Trump is Hitler and people who vote for him are idiots."    07/18/24  (25)
I have no clear idea who Kim Kardashian is    07/18/24  (3)
Trump: The Art Of The Insult (2018) (link)    07/18/24  (1)
BREAKING: Biden thought he dropped out months ago (CNN)    07/18/24  (1)
Biden will emerge like Gandalf the White from his Delaware isolation    07/18/24  (1)
Jews, Turds, POCs stridently lecturing RNC that diversity is America's strength    07/18/24  (11)

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