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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
The coconut line is actually a perfect rallying cry for Dems    07/21/24  (7)
bbbooooom check out this self sufficient sailbot setup    07/21/24  (2)
nick fuentes retardation, narcissism has set the antisemetic movement back years    07/21/24  (28)
House of Dragons - the actors on this show fucking suck    07/21/24  (2)
“Madame Vice President, welcome to the nomination, my friend.”    07/21/24  (5)
Harris very lucky she never had to veer left in a democratic primary    07/21/24  (1)
The only way to be a u.s. tax nomad is to have a 2nd British or eu passport    07/21/24  (11)
MASE you’re a dumb faggot and you need to stfu    07/21/24  (4)
30,000 fat white men telling Sherronda "she's not really black!"    07/21/24  (2)
""politicth", lisped the poaster", poasted the poaster    07/21/24  (17)
Stephen Miller now: sputtering about Democrat dirty tricks    07/21/24  (1)
Virginia waitress loses her job after trying to save child from pedo (gofundme)    07/21/24  (28)
Trumpmos, time to face facts - UR CANDIDATE IS TOO FUCKING OLD    07/21/24  (3)
Here's the blackpill about Kamala Harris.    07/21/24  (87)
Ozempic former fatties have radically changed their shopping habits    07/21/24  (10)
This is the happiest day of Maya Rudolph's life    07/21/24  (6)
Mush hehehe Mush hehehe- Doobs Iditarod trade threatened by global warming    07/21/24  (1)
the amount of time you idiots spend talking about politicth is amusing    07/21/24  (3)
What will XO do when Kamala wins and Dems take House + Senate?    07/21/24  (4)
Karen, I want to slide my balls over your fat rolls and fart in ur face    07/21/24  (7)
Karen, I need your twat sauce on my man rod    07/21/24  (5)
Is this real? Was Kamala drunk?    07/21/24  (16)
Karen, I want to put man yogurt in your asshole    07/21/24  (8)
If you don't have a Kamala '24 bumper sticker you are racist    07/21/24  (1)
How do we know Biden actually quit? Where is he right now?    07/21/24  (2)
lol, bitch bois fuming MAF right now, lol board bitch bois    07/21/24  (1)
Why Americans Aren’t Having Babies (WSJ)    07/21/24  (88)
Trump: 34 convictions, 6 bankruptcies, 2 impeachments, 3 marriages    07/21/24  (7)
"What can be President, unburdened by what has been President"    07/21/24  (1)
Does one drop rule apply for job applications?    07/21/24  (11)
Lmao at this Biden Oval Office clip announcing his drop out (link)    07/21/24  (2)
Reddit front page is 80% Queen Kamala    07/21/24  (3)
Is Biden the first president to resign via tweet?    07/21/24  (1)
Got an e-mail from friend working on Harris campaign; they’re having    07/21/24  (15)
Gamers we must rise up for our country    07/21/24  (9)
Tsinah clowning on Cslg after cslg disrespected him years ago is 180    07/21/24  (164)
******* OFFICIAL DEBATE THREAD *******    07/21/24  (601)
Here's How Biden Can Still Win    07/21/24  (4)
RATE this beast of a burger I made yesterday (TSINAH)    07/21/24  (56)
AND JUST LIKE THAT the Trump "assassination attempt" HOAX out of the news    07/21/24  (2)
"Anyways, gotta go!" (Joe Biden)    07/21/24  (2)
Gamers it's time to circle the Warthogs    07/21/24  (24)
"Just photoshop a ChatGPT fake "resignation letter" and tweet a pic of it lmao"    07/21/24  (5)
NOT FLAME: Joe Biden endorses Kamala, to hold press conf for announcement of    07/21/24  (18)
"No, log them out after nine seconds" (rach)    07/21/24  (218)
What does trump dog whistling Kamala mean    07/21/24  (1)
Time for correction tp (jewish pedophile) to move along    07/21/24  (1)
Trying to fathom joining the Army and Kamala is your Commander in Chief    07/21/24  (1)
Jimmy Carter/Taylor Swift Ticket    07/21/24  (1)
"JD Vance" without makeup (link)    07/21/24  (7)
JP Morgan strategist predicts Biden pulls out due to “poor health”    07/21/24  (12)
Uh but seriously America must be saved    07/21/24  (2)
TRUMP-VANCE 2024    07/21/24  (2)
Dem Senate Candidates leading bigly in PA, AZ, NV, WI, MI.    07/21/24  (1)
LOL @ libs    07/21/24  (3)
We will bleed blue, sweat white, and ejaculate red for this country    07/21/24  (1)
October Surprise is going to blow our fucking minds    07/21/24  (4)
Xo is a trillion times better than anywhere else online    07/21/24  (8)
RFK would've won an open nomination    07/21/24  (3)
can't wait for a female president    07/21/24  (5)
Seriously though, how are we going to fight the ascendant matriarchy?    07/21/24  (6)
rate these Gen Z girl bosses (pic)    07/21/24  (156)
Biden wakes up tomorrow with no recollection of dropping out    07/21/24  (2)
how important is assassin-deflection game as potus?    07/21/24  (16)
ending it all tonight    07/21/24  (3)
TRUMPMOS, get ready. every Shaniqua in the Atlanta area is coming out to vote.    07/21/24  (3)
South Korean birth rate is 1.3 NYUUG explain?    07/21/24  (32)
S. Korea birth rate is 0.8. They are truly fucked.    07/21/24  (56)
As Mawmaw always said, now is the time of the monsters    07/21/24  (2)
Trump wants to lock up the homeless, mentally ill and drug addicts anyway    07/21/24  (3)
Lulzy that Trump passed the prison reform act while Kamala lobbied for prison la    07/21/24  (1)
Credible conspiracy theory in which Joe was literally in the dark (link)    07/21/24  (4)
🚨 They FORGED Biden's signature. He's still in 🚨    07/21/24  (10)
Biopsy autopsy biography autobiography -- why don't these align    07/21/24  (1)
mpa is billy zane with a goatee    07/21/24  (3)
Countdown to American Greatness    07/21/24  (7)
UPDATE: Dems have raised $47,000,000million since Biden drop out as of 9pm    07/21/24  (2)
Operation Cop-Shoot-Black just got funding.    07/21/24  (1)
Kamala just got the Native American endorsement (link)    07/21/24  (5)
Fat secular Jews with Bojack Horseman tattoos want to make you theirs    07/21/24  (1)
Rust Belt voters lining up to vote for Cacklin’ Kamala tp    07/21/24  (1)
RFK Jr with shoe polish preparing rebrand as 'SitarFK'    07/21/24  (2)
Real talk: a female president would have been a disaster    07/21/24  (5)
Newsom cancels all events    07/21/24  (3)
*flees to asia, knocks up hooker* hehe having kids is so 180 bros    07/21/24  (6)
Would you vote for a female president?    07/21/24  (5)
South Korea Births down 11.5, birth rate down to 0.70 - Lolercausting Hard    07/21/24  (28)
South Korean birth rate plunges to all-time low    07/21/24  (59)
Best song to represent these last 2 weeks of American politics?    07/21/24  (2)
PETITION: Please bump to sign this petition to unban KamalaSexy    07/21/24  (12)
Reddit is so much more low iq than even a dumbed down xo..it's insane    07/21/24  (2)
ITT: What does "JD" in JD Vance stand for?    07/21/24  (34)
and then the Oval Office started DANCING    07/21/24  (6)
having kids is amazing. I pity anyone who thinks otherwise    07/21/24  (24)
OK, but why does luis diesel wear such tight clothes all the time    07/21/24  (1)
Why are there so many broken down cars in the valley leading to LA on I-5?    07/21/24  (1)
David Bowie being turned down by both the RNC and DNC for "Political Reasons"    07/21/24  (2)
Does anyone else feel bad for pissing on the toilet seat at work    07/21/24  (12)
Luis is a uniqloboi? Not a MujiMan?    07/21/24  (11)
FizzKidd blushing as baba screeches in Cantonese about Newport smell in bathroom    07/21/24  (17)
It’s crazy that gjr actually likes to eat feces and shit    07/21/24  (1)
USHA VANCE IS VOTING FOR KAMALA, this vindaloo juggernaut cannot be stopped    07/21/24  (3)
GJR here. I don’t post here anymore. I’m not that quotemo.    07/21/24  (17)
Kamala shoveling fistfuls of pills into mouth like bloodacre @ junior mints fact    07/21/24  (2)
Wife's penis really tore my ass up last night (whok)    07/21/24  (5)
"It's happy hour in America" (Kamala Harris campaign ad)    07/21/24  (2)
Are you enjoying the Things? Sit back, you'll love the Nothing Ever Happens    07/21/24  (1)
Obama, Pelosi and Schumer have yet to endorse Kamala    07/21/24  (1)
Willie Brown looking at events unfold: haha wow holy shit nigga what    07/21/24  (10)
Netanyahu trip to USA back on, odd case    07/21/24  (2)
Is any of this legit?    07/21/24  (3)
Harris/Cooper ticket would win North Carolina    07/21/24  (11)
Two and a half minutes of Kamala cackling    07/21/24  (2)
JD Vance: "Trump is Hitler and people who vote for him are idiots."    07/21/24  (32)
Did Kamala poast? She sucked a lot of cock and bent over like most poasters    07/21/24  (1)
Even if Trump wins he still loses. “Can only win against women.”    07/21/24  (2)
🚨🚨🚨 BIDEN FORGETS HE DROPPED OUT 🚨🚨🚨    07/21/24  (7)
XO Brehs Vindicated: Kamala proves SUCKING COCK best way to get ahead    07/21/24  (1)
Matt Damon aside, has any movie been as 180 as Talented Mr Ripley?    07/21/24  (1)
Driverless Jeeps somberly honking “taps”    07/21/24  (15)
Will KAMALA HARRIS win in 2024?    07/21/24  (38)
"So I guess I... was the nigger all along." -whokebe at breakthrough therapy ses    07/21/24  (18)
Wife gave me 2 blowjobs today    07/21/24  (34)
Kamala has a terrible voice, and that's going to matter.    07/21/24  (10)
Petition to unban Kamalasexyfinecleverchocolate    07/21/24  (26)
Already saw a CNN lib start warming up libs to Republican attacks about blowjobs    07/21/24  (2)
Stop or we’ll sanction you! *continues to have functioning society indefinitel    07/21/24  (1)
🚨🚨🚨Kamala picks Nick Fuentes as VP🚨🚨🚨    07/21/24  (1)
cnn running nonstop hypno israel cuck porn    07/21/24  (1)
The Official IFNB Songbook    07/21/24  (454)
We need a Kamala-Usha unity ticket    07/21/24  (1)
White women ain’t voting for this Indian-Jamaican slut, sorry Dems    07/21/24  (4)
Soon Bibi will have a chance to redeem himself    07/21/24  (1)
the oldest teen mom is now 40    07/21/24  (3)
Consuela, what was the article you linked    07/21/24  (1)
gen x vindicated by Kamala    07/21/24  (10)
Hello penis    07/21/24  (1)
Bort Libs are cocky & back in full force after the Kamala switcharoo    07/21/24  (1)
nyuug is boner police with brains    07/21/24  (1)
rach unban kamalasexy right this fucking instant    07/21/24  (6)
why did we hate Ann Coulter a decade ago?    07/21/24  (28)
Is this the first year with two separate democrats debating at POTUS debates?    07/21/24  (1)
Oh, man. Trump losing to a black woman is just the cherry on top.    07/21/24  (2)
2024 will be a referendum on GRLPWR    07/21/24  (2)
Now South Korea is cracking - 245 new cases today    07/21/24  (95)
btw how TTT is the secret service protection if some random person can get    07/21/24  (11)

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