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JD Vance: "Trump is Hitler and people who vote for him are idiots."    07/18/24  (25)
Will be 180 to look back at the # of "walls closing in" moments Trump had    07/18/24  (2)
Tying Crooks into a FBI and Secret Service conspiracy    07/18/24  (21)
BREAKING: Biden to drop out of the Presidential race as soon as this weekend    07/18/24  (144)
I have no clear idea who Kim Kardashian is    07/18/24  (3)
TT: rate this Chinese azn girl Olympian (pic)    07/18/24  (1)
Trump: The Art Of The Insult (2018) (link)    07/18/24  (1)
BREAKING: Biden thought he dropped out months ago (CNN)    07/18/24  (1)
What is “THE” most famous and convincing ghost footage ever recorded?    07/18/24  (11)
Biden will emerge like Gandalf the White from his Delaware isolation    07/18/24  (1)
Jews, Turds, POCs stridently lecturing RNC that diversity is America's strength    07/18/24  (11)
What's going on in this Biden clip?    07/18/24  (2)
I stand with Iran    07/18/24  (1)
whoa, Trump's granddotter is KYOOT    07/18/24  (3)
Lol @ thinking Biden going ANYWHERE    07/18/24  (1)
RentAcyberFriend.com    07/18/24  (1)
what are dems even about at this point? they're anti labor, pro endless war, ...    07/18/24  (14)
No guys MKUltra ended years ago haha    07/18/24  (2)
Donald "Grover Cleveland" Trump    07/18/24  (5)
Fatboy Pompeo and Trump in same building tonight? Iran gonna move like a bitch.    07/18/24  (1)
🚨 Kid Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Dana White introducing Trump tonight at RNC🚨 1    07/18/24  (1)
I work hard, put biryani on table. And what he do? He run for office.    07/18/24  (1)
“Enjoy your meal!” “You too!” *cusses at self in silence*    07/18/24  (6)
Don't even remember anything from 1st Trump administration except him in N. Kore    07/18/24  (1)
Welp, just subscribed to Peacock    07/18/24  (1)
Never forget that this life is a cosmic bootcamp 🌌🌅🐶    07/18/24  (48)
Spent about $10k on backyard revamp so far. Will probably need another $10kish    07/18/24  (37)
Another federal appellate court blocks Biden's student loan relief - link    07/18/24  (1)
Trump Assassination megathread    07/18/24  (8)
VAN JONES: "A bullet couldn't stop Trump; a virus just stopped Biden"    07/18/24  (4)
JD Vance Proves That Marrying Mediocre UG/LS GF Is Best Strategy For Law Dorks    07/18/24  (22)
Andrew Anglin: "A Yale degree is a pussy pass."    07/18/24  (15)
Rate Biden Campaign's new slogan    07/18/24  (2)
Fact is, Cruz just ensured that Trump will lose.    07/18/24  (77)
Vance’s Venmo was public and his friends will surprise you!    07/18/24  (4)
Democrats will replace Biden with someone much worse and they will win    07/18/24  (6)
Trump will lose but thankfully white nationalism is here to stay    07/18/24  (22)
Kamala, like Trump, is an anti-fragile candidate    07/18/24  (3)
Calling it now: Trump will crash and burn fast    07/18/24  (14)
Jfc Jimmy John’s is straight up Sysco slop now    07/18/24  (4)
Kamala NEEDS to countersignal Vance's whiteboyism and pick STACEY ABRAMS    07/18/24  (2)
Predictit: Kamala 63%, Biden 24% - link    07/18/24  (4)
'dinosaur' bones all have a small "Hasbro" imprint in discreet places    07/18/24  (12)
If Biden does decide to step away -- IF -- it MUST be Kamala.    07/18/24  (19)
My MNPI is bigger than your MNPI    07/18/24  (1)
Incredible Joel Osteen sermon: You nut but she still suckin    07/18/24  (8)
GDPs of various Middle Eastern countries    07/18/24  (8)
Hulk Hogan to speak before Trump at RNC tonight    07/18/24  (25)
RATE Donald Trump Jr's fiancee at the RNC (PIC):    07/18/24  (22)
REMINDER: Trump called Rosie O'Donnell a "disgusting slob"    07/18/24  (26)
"J.D. like with periods in between?" "No, just JD"    07/18/24  (1)
Obama, Bill Clinton, Pelosi, and Schumer holding down pillow on Joe's face.    07/18/24  (29)
RATE my dog (TSINAH)    07/18/24  (11)
The world is an incomprehensible and undesirable place    07/18/24  (1)
Biden "feeling like microwaved dogshit" in latest COVID round (Politico)    07/18/24  (1)
I blocked my Russian ex    07/18/24  (5)
BREAKING: Michelle Obama Huddles with Legal Team (link)    07/18/24  (2)
"Got shot where? Whoa, I'm gonna vote for him now."    07/18/24  (1)
Don Jr. asked Twitter to deplatform his dad = ultimate long game    07/18/24  (2)
ONLY Rosie o donnell who everyone agrees deserved it    07/18/24  (11)
Sim glitch: all 8 planets orbit sun on the same plane    07/18/24  (6)
Why did Trump attack Rosie O'Donnell? The answer might surprise you.    07/18/24  (24)
Columbia House still sending monthly cassette tapes to 120 people    07/18/24  (15)
Did not realize Cracked.com was still in existence    07/18/24  (5)
has askav been posting this whole time? wtf    07/18/24  (8)
BIGLAW is like X-COM one wrong move & some bald thing snipes at u from a corner    07/18/24  (18)
MrBeast: "I put 100 poasters in a room to fight for an Of Counsel position."    07/18/24  (18)
There are no male "poors" in America    07/18/24  (1)
Trump: I'll be president for all Americans, except Rosie O'Donnell that fat slob    07/18/24  (25)
Do people not like Biden or do they just not like the Dem's platform?    07/18/24  (1)
Chiefs are frauds..low level criminals    07/18/24  (3)
“No that stuff goes to Jerusalem!” (Trump diverting border wall material)    07/18/24  (26)
Shld be illegal to vote against Trump after one of his supporters shot him    07/18/24  (2)
Mahomes "Dad" busted with invalid license after felony DWI arrest    07/18/24  (1)
"Yeah, I here you need your dick sucked? ...Sorry, wrong number." -Askav    07/18/24  (10)
Do you wish a brutal end for Kermit Mahomes?    07/18/24  (1)
when is benzo getting his money    07/18/24  (7)
Ramos, Puyol & Pique vs Roberto Carlos, Cafu & Lucio    07/18/24  (1)
Saw my first piece of tail (high school) on FB. She still looks    07/18/24  (6)
Documents case going to get reassigned to a competent judge 🤣    07/18/24  (2)
Cliffs on the J.D. Vance/Askav meme? Thank    07/18/24  (11)
"i paid for a jewish plastic surgeon's second house" (ALL rnc speakers)    07/18/24  (5)
Describe the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE    07/18/24  (3)
the stench of Satan himself oozes off the Trump-Vance Presidential ticket    07/18/24  (2)
My balls smell like shrimp or some other kind of seafood    07/18/24  (6)
NYC CouncilAZNgirl Susan Zhuang (D) caught on video BITING handsome    07/18/24  (8)
KAMALA with GRETCHEN as VP is Girl Power DOMINATING ticket    07/18/24  (5)
JD Vance "among the finalists" to be Kamala's VP    07/18/24  (2)
The world is full of women who have taken dick before and PLAN TO DO SO AGAIN    07/18/24  (10)
Fatally OD's Reddit Ricky buried next to his ex's Ricky Jr. abortion    07/18/24  (5)
Dems, was knifing Bernie really worth all this?    07/18/24  (4)
Thoughts on MAINLAND CHINK Pussy?    07/18/24  (21)
All false info&fraud..just do keep discussing stuff which doesn't matter    07/18/24  (4)
Biden plotters' secret weapon at the convention: Corn Pop    07/18/24  (1)
Incredibly tempted to drink alcohol    07/18/24  (5)
"JD Vance, born James Bowman, later named James Hamel, is a senator from the sta    07/18/24  (9)
This period in history is mediocre AF, but very interesting right at the moment    07/18/24  (2)
Net Worth is a PRECIPICE: $1,100,243    07/18/24  (47)
Kamala will threaten to use 25th Amendment unless Biden willingly steps down    07/18/24  (11)
betting on Gretchen Whitmer to win the Dem 🔵 nomination    07/18/24  (13)
hd camera phones were a disaster for the human race    07/18/24  (4)
Curb stomp a lime scooter. Crush a lime scooter in a trash compactor. Roundhouse    07/18/24  (6)
Help us, Madam President Kamala, your are only hope    07/18/24  (2)
clique plays a part in every aspect of life    07/18/24  (16)
Obeezy been real quiet lately. What gives?    07/18/24  (6)
AZNgirl NYC Councilwoman BITES Handsome NYPD Policeofficer    07/18/24  (1)
180000 clip of Trump! Trump is a 180 friendly dude    07/18/24  (3)
Wow..no one to talk with here..sick world    07/18/24  (5)
Ignore and smash all of the fraud..that's all it is    07/18/24  (3)
   07/18/24  (1)
Net Worth is a PREPUCE: chopped off by Jews    07/18/24  (1)
Lol at anyone being scared of this Kermit guy(pic) he looks messed up    07/18/24  (1)
gen xers were peak comedy    07/18/24  (1)
The "Kansas City Chiefs" are a dirty&fraudulent organization..take them down!    07/18/24  (1)
No fair Trump always gets to run against females, who the country won’t elect    07/18/24  (1)
"Athletes" aren't earning $ their "employers" are stealing as non profits"    07/18/24  (1)
Proles will send $5k on guns and $2k on ink but bitch about $12 Big Mac, why?    07/18/24  (9)
TT's net worth hitting 6 figures would be like the Ring of Power being thrown in    07/18/24  (3)
george soros' backstory sounds like bullshit. u got any intel karlstack?    07/18/24  (2)
Art fags rise up!    07/18/24  (4)
Fuck it, Voting for sleepy joe after the Jewish rnc    07/18/24  (7)
MSNBC: Biden is a "person experiencing memorylessness"    07/18/24  (3)
just used claude to do an entire days work in 10 minutes. lmao im dun here    07/18/24  (1)
How do i decide between two job diapers    07/18/24  (13)
NYT: "Kamala Shaves Pussy in Anticipation of Presidential Fundraising Push"    07/18/24  (5)
omg i'm nude    07/18/24  (1)
Universal Studios should make a ride based on riding the dirigible from Mummy 2    07/18/24  (1)
i hate how many foreign retards apply for jobs i post    07/18/24  (5)
Ukraine sends Palestine 1,000 tons of grain. (((Russians))) MAF    07/18/24  (3)
Regardless of objective middle ground I select a party and worship it's leader    07/18/24  (1)
would be funny if Biden had axios journos whacked, citing Trump v US    07/18/24  (1)
JD Vance fans. Explain this quote of his    07/18/24  (97)
ITT we disclose MNPI for shits and giggles    07/18/24  (3)
Biden replaced; can Dems come up with a platform with 3 months to go?    07/18/24  (1)
WPost: "Kamala gets Star of David Tattoo above Pussy"    07/18/24  (1)
Gen X sunbathing in Brooklyn while twin towers burn is THE iconic Gen X photo    07/18/24  (3)
My law school journey starts today    07/18/24  (43)
There is no question at this point, a vote for Trump/Vance is a vote for Israel    07/18/24  (42)
It's 2024 and we all still have to go around pretending Hitler was a "bad guy"    07/18/24  (11)
MNPI went to the beach    07/18/24  (1)
An MNPI met a Data Retentin Policy off of Tinder    07/18/24  (1)
This RNC is blackpilling me harder than anything libs have done in years (TBF)    07/18/24  (38)
An MNPI walked into the bar    07/18/24  (1)
This MNPI and $3 will get you on the train, friend    07/18/24  (1)
Anyone here ever sex an aboriginee?    07/18/24  (1)
could our civilization have survived without 'Usha' becoming a corporate lawyer?    07/18/24  (1)
how bad of a dude was cornpop really?    07/18/24  (3)

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