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🚨🚨🚨King Trump Speech Starting🚨🚨🚨    07/19/24  (201)
doobs showed up at my door handcuffed and mostly nude    07/19/24  (4)
This is the guy who jumped off MFH tower this week    07/19/24  (2)
New Sean Paul-styled song about the accomplishments of Tall men    07/19/24  (3)
*creed voice* CAN YOU MAKE ME TALLER    07/19/24  (4)
Which candidate waves the flag of Tall men?    07/19/24  (2)
Gen Zer introducing you to his Discord friends: "dude this guy diapers"    07/19/24  (2)
OYT, wear sunscreen on your head or else you’ll die    07/19/24  (15)
Eric Trump: “Men with 8 inchers like me are swimming on girls teams!”    07/19/24  (7)
good morning    07/19/24  (2)
nude and gay and tall and bald and red and wet and happy and mean    07/19/24  (1)
Vance’s Venmo was public and his friends will surprise you!    07/19/24  (16)
Sofia Coppola's Luis (2025) abt quiet atty w internet addiction wins palme d'or    07/19/24  (10)
Boart sexpats: Just how easy is it to pick up women in Asia as tall white bro?    07/19/24  (7)
That’s rape? Wow. I didn’t know that. You’re telling me now for the first    07/19/24  (2)
The 2024 Open Championship (Official Thread)    07/19/24  (4)
what is melania even doing in that video of her grabbing her pussy    07/19/24  (8)
this election basically boils down to democrats vs republicans    07/19/24  (18)
War has begun, opening salvo is global cyber pandemic    07/19/24  (7)
Going from your rape perpetrator support group to your rape victim support group    07/19/24  (2)
xo is a safe space for mentally ill lawyers    07/19/24  (6)
Inside Out TBF Edition: Just two emotions, 'Racism' and 'Homosexual Lust'    07/19/24  (1)
it is simply wrong and off putting for luis to wear any clothes    07/19/24  (2)
Jordan Peterson voice: "Rape."    07/19/24  (19)
Houthi drone hits Tel Aviv, near US embassy    07/19/24  (12)
do bglawyers walk into printers with kids like beginning of premier league game?    07/19/24  (4)
few things taste better than male ass    07/19/24  (1)
stinky pussy contest    07/19/24  (2)
doobs told me he wants to eat out at least 500 guys before he dies    07/19/24  (1)
Hulk Hogan suplexing tommy straight into the ganges    07/19/24  (5)
gay dating thread - July 2024    07/19/24  (1)
daddy, why does your cum taste so good?    07/19/24  (1)
pussy date    07/19/24  (1)
two men are ejaculating all over each other’s faces. why?    07/19/24  (1)
sex    07/19/24  (1)
computer peepee    07/19/24  (1)
is there an unedited pic of the shooter w/ brains spilling out?    07/19/24  (9)
massive black cock    07/19/24  (1)
Fed prosecutor in anti-Trump trial hit with ethics charges    07/19/24  (1)
R O P I U M    07/19/24  (2)
Shit is obviously about to ramp up quickly    07/19/24  (4)
Microsoft cloud datacenter based in Israel (link)    07/19/24  (2)
Getting vibes the real story in all this is crowdstrike    07/19/24  (12)
RNC White Boy Summer ft Vivek, Kash, Hardik, Vishnu, Prakesh, Bobby    07/19/24  (1)
a Samson Option but for all digital networks on earth    07/19/24  (1)
I’d like to thank the Islamic Republic of Iran for taking all these systems do    07/19/24  (2)
Hulk Hogan just ripped off his shit at the RNC    07/19/24  (23)
They found Hawk Tuah girl, now they need to find Re Tardy Oswald’s social medi    07/19/24  (1)
Trump boomed that speech so bad they’re saying dems might win now    07/19/24  (3)
Global computer networks go down same day as Tel Aviv bombing and Netanyahu canc    07/19/24  (1)
"media" have almost memory-holed TRUMP's attempted assassination    07/19/24  (3)
2012 was the year we past the point of no return. 2016 election won't help    07/19/24  (10)
This RNC is blackpilling me harder than anything libs have done in years (TBF)    07/19/24  (97)
Pretty cool 😎 all those people wearing matching ear patches to support Trump    07/19/24  (8)
Ljl @ ppl still caring about the assassination attempt    07/19/24  (2)
Could've acted right and had it all    07/19/24  (3)
Why did Trump attack Bukele?    07/19/24  (6)
RNC White Boy Summer edition    07/19/24  (3)
The Jewish control is now a given, we have to work with it    07/19/24  (1)
Imagine the smell (pic)    07/19/24  (2)
A weirdo loser named "Crooks"? Veddy sad    07/19/24  (2)
Matt Taibbi’s silence on the SS “incompetence” is telling    07/19/24  (1)
noticeable DJT said nothing about the FBI    07/19/24  (1)
On the Matter of the Reign of Pax-Judaica in a Gentile Free World (Seneca)    07/19/24  (1)
God bless you Hulkamaniacs and these United States of America    07/19/24  (2)
It’s time to let the intrusive thoughts win    07/19/24  (9)
Vance doesn't look the least big fat..young and nice looking in suit on stage    07/19/24  (10)
Women are sick..rate her    07/19/24  (1)
bald, small-souled 144a lawyers trapped in asia for over a decade    07/19/24  (5)
Told a Zoomer his new sleeve tattoo looked retarded and he got extremely upset    07/19/24  (7)
bort strangely inactive on day 4    07/19/24  (5)
How long has america been irrelevant iyho?    07/19/24  (1)
2024 Electoral College: No Toss-Up States: TRUMP 325, "Biden" 213    07/19/24  (5)
🚨 Kid Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Dana White introducing Trump tonight at RNC🚨 1    07/19/24  (8)
Last 3 hrs were high-T, electric.    07/19/24  (2)
Melania is gorgeous. Libs are going fucking NUTS seeing her tonight    07/19/24  (6)
Can we collect checks for being anti-Semites yet    07/19/24  (2)
Trump's speech was pretty shitty if we are being honest    07/19/24  (6)
Microsoft 'update' breaks computer systems for corporate users:    07/19/24  (1)
Melania entrance was perfect WOMEN SHOULD BE SEEN NOT HEARD    07/19/24  (5)
Tucker: God's not with me but he's here tonight.    07/19/24  (3)
on rewatch DJT most loved the HULK speech and it's not close    07/19/24  (1)
2023 fucks were incredible. Now POAST your SEX GOALS for 2024 ITT!    07/19/24  (38)
Zyns give you mouth/throat cancer    07/19/24  (1)
The Barney Fife of border security    07/19/24  (2)
i dont like TBF--indeed i consider him quite the pestiferous figure here on xo    07/19/24  (5)
I don't know who needs to hear this but tweeting about doing ''Zyn''    07/19/24  (6)
demons kvetching his speech was TOO LONG oh the humanity    07/19/24  (1)
Still lol about tsinahs $45 Jimmy John’s orders (2 days in a row)    07/19/24  (22)
Whok, thoughts on westbrick to Nugs?    07/19/24  (1)
City Island vs. Broad Channel - which is the most prestigious NYC neighborhood?    07/19/24  (2)
106 IQ Reptile: "Hur Dur Trump King!" -- Meanwhile, Trump = (((Greatest Ally)))    07/19/24  (1)
We all have jewish handlers after poasting here is this week    07/19/24  (1)
Holy shit, Biden is throwing Obama, Pelosi and Schumer under the bus    07/19/24  (48)
wtf the college football 25 game isn't released for PC?    07/19/24  (7)
Cheated out of it all..end it sooner than later?    07/19/24  (9)
America is literally garbage..have to kill self or win lotto at this point    07/19/24  (2)
Alimony is stone age FRAUD! End it and make fraud "women" pay    07/19/24  (2)
David French as Kamala VP!    07/19/24  (1)
deep into this campaign and haven't heard one lib attack Trump on the merits    07/19/24  (18)
Anyone not having a prenup is a retard    07/19/24  (3)
Women are a joke..aren't they?    07/19/24  (3)
Alimony needs to go..Glad it's headed there    07/19/24  (2)
band is killing it    07/19/24  (7)
Any good new movies or shows?    07/19/24  (5)
Did I just dream an orthodox kike named Shabbos was on RNC stage getting cheers    07/19/24  (2)
NYT: Biden Appears to Accept He May Have to Leave the Race    07/19/24  (6)
Is "The Boys" any good?    07/19/24  (22)
Herzog: Late into the night, the lawyers watched videos of ... I cannot say this    07/19/24  (3)
Thoughts on MAINLAND CHINK Pussy?    07/19/24  (39)
we love our litigious grievance-mongering 1st-gen Jews, don't we, folks?    07/19/24  (3)
"i better end this well or my speech will suck" *rambles for another 60 minutes*    07/19/24  (2)
libs SEETHING the future looks a little brighter for white America    07/19/24  (2)
fuck why did we become lawyers we ruined everything    07/19/24  (6)
cnn: speech included 75 lies but praise of israel 100% accurate    07/19/24  (1)
i miss twins    07/19/24  (4)
it's kind of depressing how quickly time is going by    07/19/24  (9)
Watching new season of The Boys and keep wondering what Jew Seth Rogan is thinki    07/19/24  (5)
this is the fucking year. im going to become normie-passing even if it kills me.    07/19/24  (1)
Kai Trump can't be more than 90 IQ    07/19/24  (3)
🚨 BIDEN OUT, ENDORSES TRUMP 🚨    07/19/24  (11)
TT Vance looks great on stage with his beautiful Indian wife..not fat at all    07/19/24  (2)
Trump speech brought me to tears    07/19/24  (14)
I haven't listened to Tim Pool in 3 years where did he go?    07/19/24  (1)
we love hannibal lecter, don't we folks    07/19/24  (2)
Iceland -- 99% White -- zero cases of Wuhan Chink Virus. Coincidence?    07/19/24  (47)
Kid Rock rapping about 'antisemitism' at 60% Jewish Harvard at RNC    07/19/24  (1)
Turn on the RNC afterparty right now: MYSTERY sarging Milwaukee in MAGA top hat    07/19/24  (1)
man things are really getting bad for libs. very bleak    07/19/24  (2)
The number of scam shitlawyers trying to constantly extort my company is insane    07/19/24  (3)
*Ken Burns voice* "By September 2017, Peterman had had enough."    07/19/24  (42)
remember when your parents told you lawyers well scum?    07/19/24  (4)
I thought lawyers were supposed to be outgoing and talkative!    07/19/24  (2)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    07/19/24  (192)
Fuck Boomers; Options for shitlawyers went from 5 yr olds to Tindr 5s    07/19/24  (2)
any other shitlawyers wear a bandana in court?    07/19/24  (4)
"Rich old white men are my mortal enemy" the asian NOWAG lisped    07/19/24  (7)
remember, fellow liberals: if trump wins, commit suicide    07/19/24  (1)
Jordan peterson Donald Trump Richard Spencer mysterium fasces    07/19/24  (2)
Michael Jordan almost signed an endorsement deal with Converse b4 Nike got him    07/19/24  (2)
Literally only retards make it    07/19/24  (5)
"trump is hitler" *cum pours out mouth* (10 year old jd vance)    07/19/24  (1)
So this VP pick sucked dick as a 10 yr old?    07/19/24  (8)
At MARCO RUBIO TOYOTA We Turned To Look At The Chart To Offer You These Low APRs    07/19/24  (1)
Bill Kristol hyping secret ‘unbeatable,’ ‘godlike’ candidate for Dem nom    07/19/24  (3)

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