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"You know, now that I've finished fundraising, I fucking hate jews" (Kamala)    07/21/24  (1)
Do Republicans stand a chance in 2024?    07/21/24  (26)
Luis is a uniqloboi? Not a MujiMan?    07/21/24  (3)
Iceland -- 99% White -- zero cases of Wuhan Chink Virus. Coincidence?    07/21/24  (48)
"Rich old white men are my mortal enemy" the asian NOWAG lisped    07/21/24  (9)
Will KAMALA HARRIS win in 2024?    07/21/24  (36)
Kamala's first act in Office: Sanctions on world's 750 MILLION Turd men    07/21/24  (1)
Is this real? Was Kamala drunk?    07/21/24  (13)
Truly sick what's going on    07/21/24  (5)
"Pipe the lizard, unburdened by who has piped the lizard before"    07/21/24  (2)
Are you enjoying the What has been? Sit back, you're abt to be unburdened of wha    07/21/24  (3)
AUNTI JI endorses KAMALA beta    07/21/24  (2)
It's going to be Hillary    07/21/24  (3)
Newsom endorsed Harris. I don't think there's any other way to go.    07/21/24  (12)
This is the happiest day of Maya Rudolph's life    07/21/24  (1)
HAPPY USA, AUNTIE IS ARRIVE!    07/21/24  (6)
Wife gave me 2 blowjobs today    07/21/24  (32)
Willie Brown looking at events unfold: haha wow holy shit nigga what    07/21/24  (8)
Today was the single biggest day for online Democratic donations in years    07/21/24  (3)
White house phone rings@ 3AM. Kamala: "Yo turn dat shit down nigga, 5-0 comin!"    07/21/24  (7)
🚨🚨🚨 BIDEN FORGETS HE DROPPED OUT 🚨🚨🚨    07/21/24  (6)
Vance asking Trump if they can “swap” debate opponents    07/21/24  (1)
🚨 Reminder: Kamala will win easily because of ballot harvesting 🚨    07/21/24  (11)
This is how I got hiv (Zurich)    07/21/24  (24)
So Dems locked Kamala out of public sight for 3 years and now she’s POTUS nom?    07/21/24  (16)
Boston Children's Hospital anesthesiologist charged with 2000 counts of fraud    07/21/24  (5)
🚨 They FORGED Biden's signature. He's still in 🚨    07/21/24  (6)
The most downright homespun venture capital firm that Peter Thiel ever did fund    07/21/24  (5)
Even after Trump's Assassination, Kamala still uses words "we will fight"    07/21/24  (1)
A nation ruled by degenerates, the senile and women    07/21/24  (5)
men who would vote for a female president - explain yourselves    07/21/24  (5)
Guy in first world country, president hasn't been impeached, sup    07/21/24  (113)
The 174th Biggest City in China looks NICER than ANY US City (pics)    07/21/24  (16)
“Anyways gotta go!” *abandons presidency on twitter*    07/21/24  (9)
The last two weeks are what boomers still fear millennials will act like    07/21/24  (2)
Why does China suck so bad?    07/21/24  (30)
LSAT prep megathread    07/21/24  (7)
parking lot of unmanned Subarus facing Hillary hologram    07/21/24  (3)
Redditors are getting sterilized because Biden dropped out    07/21/24  (16)
Trump no longer BEST FRIEND, Kamala new BEST FRIEND    07/21/24  (1)
gen x vindicated by Kamala    07/21/24  (6)
SS agent puts a firm hand on Hunter's shoulder, "let's go for a drive."    07/21/24  (2)
Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon Creator charged with crack possession    07/21/24  (5)
SS pulling Trump’s detail to protect Kamala’s VP nominee    07/21/24  (1)
NYUUG is fucking done here    07/21/24  (15)
nyuug just took a shit outside my house    07/21/24  (1)
trumptards get ready to be UNBURDENED    07/21/24  (2)
lol @ nyuug's gook "patriarchy" literally had a female president    07/21/24  (11)
BIRDSHITS swoon for USHA but slap KAMALA (who is veddy much hotter)    07/21/24  (1)
In fact I would go so far as to call it Penis Poop    07/21/24  (1)
Prediction: the democrat nominee will not be Kamala    07/21/24  (39)
raw animalistic chemsex with luis    07/21/24  (4)
Kamala never won a single primary and now she’s the POTUS nominee?    07/21/24  (6)
nyuug is unhinged these days. It's EXTREMEMLY obvious that    07/21/24  (13)
nyuug is such an annoying fag    07/21/24  (3)
sorry for being so creepy haha. tapas?    07/21/24  (2)
Kamala just got the Native American endorsement (link)    07/21/24  (4)
Biden pondered what he'd do if Trumpamania ran wild and he got TF out of the way    07/21/24  (1)
Momma Kamala    07/21/24  (1)
I think boner police's mindbreak is schtick but nyuug's is real    07/21/24  (9)
all i poast is good morning and gay sex threads. it could be a lot worse.    07/21/24  (10)
Best song to represent these last 2 weeks of American politics?    07/21/24  (1)
Modern America closer to Matriarchy than any society ever    07/21/24  (3)
So furking LOLZY that a freaking CURRYTURDSLUT is POTUS nominee    07/21/24  (1)
More mentally ill: peak peter north or nyuug?    07/21/24  (56)
how are there actual men who want to have a female president    07/21/24  (19)
Does one drop rule apply for job applications?    07/21/24  (8)
Fuckin A the Jews did it, whites really are finished globally    07/21/24  (1)
can’t wait to return to a dynamic, fast-paced work environment tomorrow    07/21/24  (9)
Don’t know where else to turn but I could really use your advice, pepito:    07/21/24  (8)
Watch out for Stalin tp. He’s very mentally ill and can’t be trusted    07/21/24  (3)
can we renew our commitment to entirely ignore nyuug?    07/21/24  (28)
do u think I handle this airbnb tenant complaint reasonably?    07/21/24  (4)
India cooking up a bat virus that makes Covid look like an orgasm    07/21/24  (1)
There’s absolutely no way Newsom can be the nominee    07/21/24  (20)
Can't believe we're about to have a female pajeet POTUS    07/21/24  (4)
no notable poaster is ever forgotten    07/21/24  (3)
can we enter a COMPACT to entirely IGNORE nyuug?    07/21/24  (337)
Kamala VP - Tammy Baldwin    07/21/24  (2)
You have to work with what you have    07/21/24  (2)
Best Reddit post you have seen in your life (link    07/21/24  (3)
You're supposed to ignore Nyuug idiots    07/21/24  (15)
you're literally insane if you're not listening to office wave music 24/7    07/21/24  (2)
JD Vance: "Trump is Hitler and people who vote for him are idiots."    07/21/24  (31)
MPA surprises wife at door with flowers, wife surprises MPA with shotgun    07/21/24  (2)
White House phone rings at 3 am. Kamala's stilleto foot knocks it over.    07/21/24  (16)
Why did Biden tweet his personal letterhead and then disappear entirely?    07/21/24  (3)
Anyone seen Biden? Audio interview? Is Tweet only evidence we have of this    07/21/24  (1)
why is jewish pedophile correction tp (aka boner police) going insane today?    07/21/24  (14)
I’m still Ridin with Biden (TBF)    07/21/24  (1)
Harris/Cooper ticket would win North Carolina    07/21/24  (10)
Kamala hitting send on Biden’s tweet    07/21/24  (6)
antisemites: do you admit that clowns like suleiman ahmed are ugly retards?    07/21/24  (1)
kamala frantically clearing activas & franzia boxes off her table to do cnn zoom    07/21/24  (11)
Dems: Trump will dethroy democrathy! Also Dems: lets coronate the black woman wh    07/21/24  (1)
TUFTS BA + small dick + jewish + pedophile + alcoholic = boner police/correction    07/21/24  (6)
MPA gets down on one knee to propose, wife kicks him to floor Wesker-style    07/21/24  (1)
GJR here. I don’t post here anymore. I’m not that quotemo.    07/21/24  (15)
Hillary: "I've waited 35 years for this." Melania: "I'm 35"    07/21/24  (140)
auron fagintyre    07/21/24  (2)
How many disciples does that idiot cowshit have?    07/21/24  (12)
correction tp/boner police was a jewish pedophile this entire time    07/21/24  (11)
Your grandma yelling out the window "I don't want u playing with that Mike Fart"    07/21/24  (18)
VP could be Tammy Baldwin per this FEC filing    07/21/24  (2)
HARSH TRUTH: Judaism is a Matriarchy disguised as a Patriarchy    07/21/24  (8)
When did you realize that US society was in decline?    07/21/24  (71)
The failed 'turning points' of Trump's campaign implosion:    07/21/24  (508)
Kamala ad: "She prosecuted sex predators. He is one." - link    07/21/24  (5)
"Go on the record" = "Goon the record"    07/21/24  (1)
CALL IT NOW: Assuming Kamala is Dem Nominee, who wins Trump v. Kamala?    07/21/24  (17)
Biden dropping out is BAD NEWS for Trump    07/21/24  (1)
luis what type of naan do u get    07/21/24  (13)
Kamala will threaten to use 25th Amendment unless Biden willingly steps down    07/21/24  (12)
Katy Perry Showing Nipple In Purple Bikini In RSF's St Tropez (PICS)    07/21/24  (3)
Synopsis of “Regulate” by Warren G featuring Nate Dogg    07/21/24  (5)
Weird fake laugh and a palace coup!    07/21/24  (8)
Right again and as usual(Boom)    07/21/24  (16)
One drop rule is true: the Nigger gene dominates the mind of Mulattos    07/21/24  (54)
Does Kamala have any hilarious Indian "brothers" like Obama's African ones?    07/21/24  (3)
🚨🚨🚨 It's an OPEN CONVENTION-- to see which Toyota will be yours here at    07/21/24  (10)
FizzKidd blushing as baba screeches in Cantonese about Newport smell in bathroom    07/21/24  (16)
Dear old white men: get the FUCK out of ARE government    07/21/24  (15)
people who cite "betting markets" is there a way to arbitrage "JB Pritzker" into    07/21/24  (1)
xo is With Her.    07/21/24  (3)
thank ya baby    07/21/24  (11)
To be fair, you voting for Kamala brother?    07/21/24  (25)
Emilio rate this pic    07/21/24  (11)
Hey consuela can we get an update about how Twitter is about to shut down?    07/21/24  (9)
The Legend of ZoZo: Rach’s Awakening 🐳🎢    07/21/24  (24)
Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Bar renamed “Tikka” after PE India buyout (link)    07/21/24  (5)
Big Mike and Cankles now tied for 2 on predictit    07/21/24  (1)
OFFICIAL: Biden is NOT running for reelection (NOT FLAME) (REAL THIS TIME)    07/21/24  (50)
luis asking for a continuance while he figures out what uniqlo outfit to wear    07/21/24  (32)
"dad? ...what's 6 million divided by 365...?    07/21/24  (5)
Why the fuck is the secret service director a woman    07/21/24  (91)
Video purporting to be Hugh Jackman jacking a dude off behind Vasa.    07/21/24  (1)
Hinge has become even more woke than OKcupid (pic)    07/21/24  (1)
Cold Nigga Truth: Xoxos woman woes are the result of third world MATRIARCHY    07/21/24  (7)
TT/TBF is the Usha Vance of uninhibited current events discussion, IME.    07/21/24  (17)
The Future Of South Korea - Matriarchy Vs. Patriarchy - Xoxo, Response?    07/21/24  (49)
Driverless Jeeps somberly honking “taps”    07/21/24  (11)
spaceporn is back in his dormant phase & look how dead boart is. R U HAPPY?    07/21/24  (5)
Doctor Jill Biden throws framed Ed.D. diploma thru Oval Office tv screen    07/21/24  (12)
are there any video game sound tracks you listen to often?    07/21/24  (86)
CFB teams will know their week 1 starters before "D"NC does    07/21/24  (2)
Silver-tongued RFK Jr. takes on JD Vance - link    07/21/24  (2)
DEMS now raise $28 MILLION in 5 hours since Biden drops out... lol cons    07/21/24  (2)

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