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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
cowshit megathread    07/12/24  (29)
Jen Psaki saying "you can do more" while you go down on her    07/12/24  (35)
Gladiator 1 sucked sorry    07/12/24  (15)
Armageddon vs. Deep Impact was a HUGE phenotype/clique tell    07/12/24  (3)
Is Sydney Sweeney the next January Jones?    07/12/24  (5)
It is so horrible to be in Biden's position right now    07/12/24  (22)
Teens steal car with little kid inside, kill mother when she tries to stop them    07/12/24  (10)
In your prime, could you run a 4.6 40 yard dash?    07/12/24  (10)
The Pandemic Probably Started in a Lab (NYT)    07/12/24  (12)
rate these Gen Z girl bosses (pic)    07/12/24  (76)
It's unreal how bad divorce effects you    07/12/24  (58)
How certain (%) are you that your wife has never taken a black cock?    07/12/24  (25)
"... prostate shuddered. Hi, who just joined?"    07/12/24  (78)
" ... for the protein. Hi, who just joined?"    07/12/24  (67)
“sure, but SIX MILLION? Gimme a break—hello, who just joined?”    07/12/24  (60)
"So I lifted him with the Cripple Dipper right on to my di--hi, who just joined?    07/12/24  (25)
"Hi, who just joined?" "It'ssss meee, the virusssss" *everyone disconnects*    07/12/24  (219)
"So I guess I... was the nigger all along." -whokebe at breakthrough therapy ses    07/12/24  (16)
Time to strangle my tubesteak    07/12/24  (1)
Satan is sharing his screen    07/12/24  (9)
im not kidding whats left of women in the us are just ogres at this point    07/12/24  (1)
American Buttfucker, Episode 1: xoxohth    07/12/24  (4)
What cool shit have you bought recently?    07/12/24  (3)
This is why Jews are working on turning America into a favela:    07/12/24  (1)
24 year old Turo Redditor takes out 8 car loans with no income verification    07/12/24  (17)
If Derek Jeter played soccer we would have won the world cup.    07/12/24  (9)
been biting my lower lip thinking about killing someone i know irl for hours    07/12/24  (4)
Zero fathers, many daddies    07/12/24  (2)
My kids are better than yours    07/12/24  (1)
"we could put a screen in your mind"    07/12/24  (1)
power goy screen dementia ChatGPT family subscription    07/12/24  (5)
Why didn't humans selectively breed to have soft fur like a bunny?    07/12/24  (12)
Lying is only permissible if you derive a benefit therefrom (the Torah, probably    07/12/24  (2)
Why do people fall into stereotypes so consistently    07/12/24  (1)
Crumbl Cookies is the most overrated shit ever    07/12/24  (50)
Hard-working, Low Income Gen Xers    07/12/24  (12)
Gym Bros: Rubbers or Bareback?    07/12/24  (3)
any maf dorks posting rn?    07/12/24  (5)
TEEWINOT TUBBY'S TRAGIC TUMBLE (future NY Post headline)    07/12/24  (3)
Disco..Teewinot will kill you..we're doing Table Mountain (west side Teton's)    07/12/24  (4)
Computer dildo    07/12/24  (3)
Your wife and her friends going to black enlightenment conference in Jamaica    07/12/24  (1)
TX lawmakers BEGGING Biden to rescue them after Beryl incompetence    07/12/24  (17)
What’s the name of the TikTok car sales guy? Help me xo    07/12/24  (4)
Longlegs is out but I'm not watching satanic stuff so this is a pass    07/12/24  (1)
Gym Bros: Rubber Or Iron Plates?    07/12/24  (57)
Time flies: HBO Max picked up Johnsmeyer's Train and Puppet Show for season 12    07/12/24  (1)
Disco..my friend..running out of time...how about start with this this year?    07/12/24  (8)
the preservation of Christian belief is the most important task for humanity    07/12/24  (4)
At Marco Rubio Toyota Nobody Can Tell Us To Drop Out From Offering These Prices    07/12/24  (3)
slipping XO parlance into conversation with other attorneys in the office    07/12/24  (1)
ITT state your phenotype    07/12/24  (12)
Countdown to American Greatness    07/12/24  (4)
xo refreshing on a CRT screen in a secret room in the museum of modern art tokyo    07/12/24  (13)
You have no idea...you're not even close    07/12/24  (1)
Kum & Go soft serve ice cream cone    07/12/24  (1)
Hey Evan, mainlining is about to summit    07/12/24  (6)
Main difference in relationships with Azns, Azn-Americans, and White girls?    07/12/24  (6)
Do you even get what's going on? Or    07/12/24  (7)
Team Taylor(Boom)    07/12/24  (1)
Taylor Swift is kinda cool..haters gonna hate hate hate..Team Taylor    07/12/24  (2)
Dan Quayle is an ethnic MANX    07/12/24  (1)
Peaches and cream are not flame    07/12/24  (8)
# of hours I have spent playing video games is criminally vulgar    07/12/24  (2)
It can be really lonely at the "top"=just think about that    07/12/24  (1)
Katy Perry is in DEEP SHIT with the TRANNIES.    07/12/24  (17)
why does gordon ramsay's face look like it's made of wax    07/12/24  (3)
Music by Tangerine Dream    07/12/24  (2)
being a pro athlete is the only cr life for a man in america    07/12/24  (1)
Poaster wakes from coma in 2027: “did disco summit Teewinot?”    07/12/24  (6)
If u dont have a FRIDGE in Hotel Room just wrap bear in Bed Comforter    07/12/24  (37)
Doodikoff’s date juggling chorizo, sardines, piquillo peppers, fried squid    07/12/24  (6)
Sweaty buttfucking in the mobile home park    07/12/24  (1)
I desperately want to travel to China with Tommy    07/12/24  (1)
Blessings Chat    07/12/24  (2)
ending it all tonight    07/12/24  (1)
Revealed my NW to my wife, and I feel bad    07/12/24  (18)
I keep getting Michael McKean and Dan Aykroyd mixed up    07/12/24  (1)
AOC chants "Itty Bitty Titties and a Bob" in Reference to Viral Sensation (link)    07/12/24  (2)
snowflake is a shit company lmao    07/12/24  (24)
Genxers and above, you guys have ZERO idea how cooked these younger gens are    07/12/24  (1)
Goyim are CHATTEL    07/12/24  (25)
Mainlining I'm soon going to o schedule a meet up..you will show or not    07/12/24  (13)
LA fucking sucks but its 180 to drive around in    07/12/24  (1)
To replace Neymar, Barca is attempting to lure Landon Donovan out of retirement    07/12/24  (3)
not really visited here for 3 months - anything new?    07/12/24  (1)
This is the stupidest thing ive ever read catholics are stupid    07/12/24  (38)
It’s time to self-destruct    07/12/24  (1)
I scream at you to be like Taller men    07/12/24  (4)
smelly pregnant women    07/12/24  (2)
every one is getting much dumber than usual irl    07/12/24  (1)
i really want to spend the rest of my life guiding an unruly bitch    07/12/24  (1)
Fatal flaw in Gladiator: he wasn’t Tall    07/12/24  (2)
Jewish reproductive glands    07/12/24  (1)
Biden announcement tonight    07/12/24  (1)
How the hell am I suppose to eat 'living lettuce' with the roots attached?    07/12/24  (1)
Feel the pixels with your haaaand, feel the dopa while you can. Screenman.    07/12/24  (22)
Hot mom of kids’ friends just propositioned me- how to respond?    07/12/24  (41)
life beautifully sucks    07/12/24  (1)
Was tossing and turning all night thinking about EPAH getting screwed on his fee    07/12/24  (5)
Anyone watched YT lectures by this historian "Roy Casagranda"?    07/12/24  (4)
Opening Statements in Alec Baldwin involuntary manslaughter trial    07/12/24  (136)
Hi all Alex Jones asked me to share this link with you all!    07/12/24  (1)
"No, log them out after nine seconds" (rach)    07/12/24  (194)
Got sucked off by a truly nasty little faggot last night    07/12/24  (4)
Tim Scott looking regretfully at his fiance as Trump announces JD Vance as VP    07/12/24  (2)
“Odd take” on Gladiator II (hear me out)    07/12/24  (6)
Today on Training for Teewinot: McRae Peak, Grandfather Mtn, Linville NC    07/12/24  (19)
Being born into the slave classes is not chill, bros    07/12/24  (6)
Remember we thought making XOers laugh made us “celebrities”    07/12/24  (1)
LOL, Biden still rambling about Charlottesville today - video    07/12/24  (2)
I think xo is a highly powerbal machine that has the ins to the world    07/12/24  (1)
GirlsDoPorn still the only porn I’ll watch    07/12/24  (71)
Why did jewish pedophile correction/boner police tp go quotemo?    07/12/24  (1)
correction/boner police tp mental break down bcuz Sam Hyde fucked him    07/12/24  (8)
Tommy Turdskin outted (pic)    07/12/24  (2)
It's JD VANCE everyone! (Link)    07/12/24  (10)
Discover ancient hominid remains --> jerb at Los Alamos National Laboratory    07/12/24  (4)
You are where you’re supposed to be    07/12/24  (7)
there’s nothing worth watching on screens rn    07/12/24  (3)
Lotta Jews are actually 180 chat    07/12/24  (8)
Anything better than dropping deranged hot takes on stuff you don’t even read    07/12/24  (25)
What was the weight training program like for your HS football team?    07/12/24  (4)
Gen Z girl bosses PART 2 (link)    07/12/24  (2)
lifehack: hire $10/hr 'home nurses' to sponge bathe you, feed you soup all day    07/12/24  (3)
DBG making four separate 100-poast threads solicitng advice for a home gym    07/12/24  (3)
Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio finally killed    07/12/24  (8)
The Wendy's Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich is Magnificent IMO    07/12/24  (13)
rate this female cop (pic)    07/12/24  (1)
I think niggers are 180    07/12/24  (5)
2-yo AZ girls dies after dad leaves her in car while running errands    07/12/24  (78)
What is your best guess about what consciousness is?    07/12/24  (54)
A tropical storm hits Texas and power out for 1 million for 3-4 weeks?    07/12/24  (8)
“It’s a real mitzvah!” said spaceporn into his son’s spread buttcheeks    07/12/24  (1)
Hey TSINAH, your were a paramedic, right? (CSLG)    07/12/24  (9)
Anyone try not wiping their ass?    07/12/24  (26)
Rate my exit plan from the restaurant (CLSG)    07/12/24  (27)
You won't get away with any of this!    07/12/24  (1)
Home Gym Bros: Dumbbell Set Advice    07/12/24  (14)
nazi troll rat tp    07/12/24  (1)
Nazi troll rats!    07/12/24  (22)
Shut up you rich heads! It's all yours and has been all along    07/12/24  (1)
I'm beautiful & handsome&am making it lotsa hair(Boom)    07/12/24  (2)
Do you buy new, slightly used, or used cars?    07/12/24  (3)
Biden boo’d offstage at Detroit campaign event    07/12/24  (5)
What stinks, bro? *Karen's pussy walks around the corner*    07/12/24  (4)
New Eminem Lyrics: Guess who's back? Back again. Patriarchy's back. Tell MSM    07/12/24  (114)

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