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I will solve your biggest problems ITT if you have the courage to share them    04/12/24  (52)
idk if I agree that Biden has this slam dunk in the bag    04/12/24  (14)
Golf bros, figured out chipping recently, opened up a whole new world    04/12/24  (14)
29tp here; my daughter and her friend ran into an autistic weirdo at their hoste    04/12/24  (4)
I was alone in this hostel. Midnight. Two smoking hot Australian chicks walk in.    04/12/24  (22)
What are the most influential xo memes you started    04/12/24  (92)
🚨 Democrats just increased leads in Arizona 🚨    04/12/24  (3)
RATE sienna miller in a bikini (DM content)    04/12/24  (24)
Nullo spammer is slowing down the bort in the evening now    04/12/24  (2)
Wheatus - Subthread Wasteland    04/12/24  (24)
Real Talk: OJ did more to hurt race relations than anyone else    04/12/24  (4)
Biden issues executive order removing all urinals from WH (link)    04/12/24  (2)
when i say Asian, you say Pussy    04/12/24  (18)
Anyone here ever been robbed at gunpoint?    04/12/24  (2)
former Ukrainian spy gets blown up in moscow (video)    04/12/24  (8)
πŸ€” hey there, whatcha doin? πŸ§‘‍🦼 DURRRR INVESTING IN DJT MEDIA    04/12/24  (10)
So basically the voters are now complicit in the coup? Jfc    04/12/24  (38)
πŸ˜‚ Biden will never be POTUS now!!! cry more πŸ˜‚    04/12/24  (7)
law shrews taking a 4PM break to air out their sweaty cunts    04/12/24  (50)
Trumpmos you cant fraudulently funnel campaign $ to hooker then falsify records    04/12/24  (4)
stock and crypto Ruination    04/12/24  (1)
At the Halford, Halford Cantina, Doobs Rape with Passion was Always in Fashion    04/12/24  (18)
Kasich: "Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Was she a... great big fat person?"    04/12/24  (137)
Bee Gees (feat. Spaceporn)--Wolf Lodge Minor Disaster 2024.mp3    04/12/24  (1)
2024 doesn't even feel like an election year    04/12/24  (16)
Reminder: Kikes were behind the change from BC/AD to BCE/CE    04/12/24  (1)
“Libs blaming Trump for Ivanka’s clogging of WH Toilets” (Fox)    04/12/24  (11)
Astronaut: "It's actually worse out there, believe it or not."    04/12/24  (26)
why has Biden drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? (link)    04/12/24  (10)
Becky, his internet friend Boner Police won their version of the Oscars! so hot    04/12/24  (21)
Mom, he spent ALL of dinner talking about the Bat Flu Fraud and the Holohoax!    04/12/24  (7)
Tranny scams Trumpcuck for $2.5m with 'Voter Fraud Claims' fraud    04/12/24  (10)
Bibi Netanyahu in nasally voice: "BUT WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE?    04/12/24  (6)
SBUX vs MCD??    04/12/24  (8)
Good Morning XOXO! Now GTF to Work you BILL PIGS and WAGECUCKS!    04/12/24  (26)
TIL OJ Simpson's Dad was a Drag Queen who died of AIDS    04/12/24  (20)
Israel fighting war over its borders: "where do we draw the line"    04/12/24  (1)
Basically Trump has 325 EVs in the bag and it's only 2 p.m.    04/12/24  (26)
OJ's death feels like it marks the end of a calmer, better era    04/12/24  (33)
14 year-old boy goes "missing" in the west bank (pic)    04/12/24  (1)
How "Smelly Turdskins" Shit-up Indian Neighborhoods (NYT)    04/12/24  (4)
Trump lawyer says the corrupt part out loud - ACB is in the bag    04/12/24  (5)
Trump has shot his wad. Biden has it in the bag    04/12/24  (51)
The Subtle Praise of Blank-Bumping the Blank Bump    04/12/24  (39)
Re the nullo spammer and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ    04/12/24  (1)
Gun to your cock: Claire OR DrakeMallard, who do you let blow you first?    04/12/24  (14)
they're trying to take away your obamacare!! (gop in 10 yrs)    04/12/24  (6)
One thing is certain: Biden will never be MY president.    04/12/24  (8)
How the hell does your interpreter steal $16M from you?    04/12/24  (49)
F-22 nose gear fails to deploy. In Japan.    04/12/24  (1)
The Tea Party seemed more motivated than Trump’s supporters    04/12/24  (14)
Reminder: Biden will never be recognized as the legitimately elected POTUS    04/12/24  (52)
If fucking Joe Biden can win then Gavin Newsome can definitely win    04/12/24  (16)
Nullo Spammer is a game changer. Biden will never be POTUS now!    04/12/24  (17)
Just ONE fraudulent vote and Biden will NEVER be accepted as legitimate prez    04/12/24  (8)
We will bump this thread every day until DrakeMallard returns to xoxo    04/12/24  (102)
Board Trumpscum: a new FL poll about gays means BIDEN WILL NEVER BE POTUS NOW!    04/12/24  (2)
Well borders cried fraud, I guess Joe Biden will never be POTUS now!!!    04/12/24  (3)
I'm now ZERO percent Equities Allocation (Street Shitters Investments LLC)    04/12/24  (3)
General Lee statue coming down in Richmond replaced with "Bozo the Squancher Mem    04/12/24  (6)
Adding this photo to my Tinder, will report results    04/12/24  (108)
China company Fat Dong Lai gives employees 10 days of ‘sad leave’    04/12/24  (5)
Have you ever had sex with a judge?    04/12/24  (28)
Biden can’t win, but neither can Gavin, and Trump will be in jail    04/12/24  (29)
Supporters of candidate in full clown makeup sneering at “clown world.” Why?    04/12/24  (2)
You are here: "Biden can win without Florida"    04/12/24  (16)
If Trump can declassify documents with his thoughts Biden can reclassify them    04/12/24  (12)
I don’t see how Biden can possibly win after how we’ve been talking about hi    04/12/24  (7)
Looking back on it, I really hated boy scouts    04/12/24  (85)
GOP ensuring Biden can’t cancel student loan debt    04/12/24  (77)
Vietnam sentences real estate tycoon Truong My Lan to death in its largest-ever    04/12/24  (6)
Biden can barely get 1000 views on YouTube. How did he get 81M votes?    04/12/24  (12)
biden can get away with being 100x more lib than obama since he's white    04/12/24  (5)
Biden canceling student loan debt will be huge boon for the economy    04/12/24  (5)
Why do ppl think Biden can't live for another 4 yrs?    04/12/24  (33)
Constitutionally, Biden can't be inaugurated without Trump's consent.    04/12/24  (3)
no need to pack the courts. Biden can just ignore SCOTUS & nothing will happen    04/12/24  (4)
Biden can’t win if more people want to attend Trump rallies.    04/12/24  (21)
Dems LOVE the fact that Biden can't to debates/speeches/rallies    04/12/24  (11)
Biden can't possibly "win" this election, right?    04/12/24  (9)
Trump Campaign referring to FL, GA and NC as the "Red Wall" Biden can't breach    04/12/24  (3)
Not NOW babe! The same 30 dudes are arguing about the same shit for the 25th yea    04/12/24  (26)
"hey kid- catch" *biglawyer tosses mini purell bottle to cheering kid*    04/12/24  (109)
Call it: what will be Iran’s military response to Israel?    04/12/24  (3)
Sorry libs, Trump hits 52% job approval    04/12/24  (5)
Poll: what is the greatest pocket knife of all time?    04/12/24  (8)
Very few people are even worth a bullet    04/12/24  (3)
Slice boomers up with records put cigarettes out on them pour hot coffee on them    04/12/24  (12)
The masses are a joke    04/12/24  (1)
Libs rebranding 'boys' as 'temporarily embarrassed penis havers'    04/12/24  (11)
Banning abortion without making it easier for people to start families is shit    04/12/24  (133)
Trump's going to win    04/12/24  (6)
Libs rebranding setting cities on fire as 'Peaceful Protests'    04/12/24  (7)
Down to $1,600 in my bank account    04/12/24  (3)
Prole:Mee phoneeeeeee need charged ljl    04/12/24  (1)
Rate this AZNgirl holding a Rat at the Cambodian Landmine Museum    04/12/24  (9)
official xo poaster improvement thread    04/12/24  (5)
is iran going to do something or what?    04/12/24  (23)
TT every fraud in amerikkka should be put to death like this and worse    04/12/24  (6)
Trump’s going to be convicted of multiple felonies    04/12/24  (2)
Official "How to Be a Better Poaster" Thread: Come ITT for Protips!    04/12/24  (1)
Tolstoy penned a beautiful story about vertical integration & the power of marke    04/12/24  (7)
Gunmos- what would you get for a racing gun for USPSA    04/12/24  (1)
highly suspicious that trump "lost" when i really wanted him to win    04/12/24  (26)
CharlesXII proves he's not racist by attending Steve Sailer event    04/12/24  (3)
Remember how Alec Baldwin's wife spoke with fake Spanish accent?    04/12/24  (8)
Frauds need to go to sleep for good    04/12/24  (4)
Americans and the obsession with vehicles they have is insane    04/12/24  (11)
Ukraine sending amputees back to the front    04/12/24  (2)
(((Rachmiel))) providing us w/ XOXO is like British providing Chinamen w/ opium    04/12/24  (1)
What with people needing all this excessive shit just to function?    04/12/24  (4)
Boom...I have some really good "advice" for you    04/12/24  (2)
Call the bluff..most people are pussy ass bitches and most shit is flame    04/12/24  (5)
The Scholarly Stomp    04/12/24  (8)
To lose hair by 30 dey common dey brittle-wrist law man    04/12/24  (3)
WASP tell: watching Charley Ager videos as a teen    04/12/24  (1)
TSINAH are you still making $500k/mo programming AI?    04/12/24  (9)
Hyman tell us how to live, brother    04/12/24  (40)
Taking 2.1 g of shrooms rn    04/12/24  (8)
Going to XO OHIO tomorrow, Soo CR (RSF)    04/12/24  (26)
can we get a pic of spaceporn's head from the back    04/12/24  (13)
RSF what are some good Trades to make rn? What are your Holdings?    04/12/24  (8)
Video of US Military preparing for China War    04/12/24  (3)
Redditor asks the secret to making $1,000 per week    04/12/24  (1)
Imagine having real marketable skills    04/12/24  (4)
smelly, loose MILF pussies that can only be satisfied by Mandingo cock    04/12/24  (5)
🚨 🚨 🚨TSINAH hearing @9:00AM EST 4/29/2024 🚨 🚨 🚨    04/12/24  (47)
Keith Olberman has 209k tweets about shitpits    04/12/24  (2)
Intro to Fallout on Prime is 180    04/12/24  (13)
Cash grab plaintiffs bros, any way to sue this storage company?    04/12/24  (30)
SP here! I am at bar at Great Wolf Lodge.    04/12/24  (122)
To be wonder why dey shooting man fore throw out airplane dey common    04/12/24  (5)
The US can’t make a simple crane    04/12/24  (14)
Working 14on/14off versus 7on/7off vs 7on/14off?    04/12/24  (1)
good morning    04/12/24  (9)
Today I will journey by train one hour each way for a basic xray    04/12/24  (6)
Pathologist putting on rubber glove over OJ corpse    04/12/24  (1)
doobs has nothing on me as a lover    04/12/24  (1)
NYC Jolibees hires REMOTE cashiers from Philippines after min wage raised to $15    04/12/24  (3)
Holy shit, found Youtube Vid of NYUUG being interviewed!!    04/12/24  (3)
Gen X white guys are overwhelmingly Liberal irl    04/12/24  (2)
Lib Logic boils down to "Waaaa something unfair, we need to steal fr others now"    04/12/24  (4)
It's Songkran, shld I CUM in my water gun so others experience my seed?    04/12/24  (3)
"Excuse me, who is Rick Panama? If you could mute your microphone...    04/12/24  (2)
Ukraine Must Lose (And Badly) Because Zelensky Persists in Wearing T-Shirt    04/12/24  (1)
good morning    04/12/24  (5)
Why aren’t Arabs causing an oil shock atm    04/12/24  (1)
The Gaston song but it’s Deloitte instead of Gaston    04/12/24  (1)
Cool Story, Pornsawang    04/12/24  (1)

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