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Board thoughts on Tim Dillon?    04/22/24  (24)
SCOTUS lets Texas's restrictions on mail-in ballots stand    04/22/24  (10)
China Preparing For Major Cyber Attack On US Infrastructure    04/22/24  (12)
really cool joy division shirt luis    04/22/24  (2)
Mass grave discovered in Gaza. Media: The Jews at Columbia feel UNTHAFE!    04/22/24  (40)
Kidmos: how many of you would get divorced if not for kids?    04/22/24  (1)
drinking a tallboy and prepping for a Magic tournament this coming weekend    04/22/24  (16)
I miss 1990s and 2000s politics. None of this stuff makes sense anymore.    04/22/24  (20)
Drinking beer and fucking pussy - that’s basically all I do    04/22/24  (5)
the united states of america has a third world infrastructure.    04/22/24  (83)
McDonald’s is for the UMC now, proles priced out    04/22/24  (30)
It only costs $35 to bang a Venezuelan whore in Queens    04/22/24  (10)
What is this Caitlin Clark/Paige Birchers “leak”?    04/22/24  (42)
Springtime mid Atlantic: wife: I’m turning on the heat    04/22/24  (5)
Who would you expect to be more honest, a Christian or an Agnostic?    04/22/24  (11)
Good old fashioned Canadian niggerball    04/22/24  (3)
Do women still “air out” their snatches?    04/22/24  (15)
That Caitlin Clark vid is fucked up.    04/22/24  (4)
Darnell staring down RSF's cavernous boihole: "Now THAT's a jewish tunnel"    04/22/24  (1)
Inflation, and hyperinflation, is laughably easy to correct: stop printing money    04/22/24  (4)
RFK Jr.: voter ID laws are racist (link)    04/22/24  (4)
GORGEOUS Modi offends the PC crown with anti-Muslim remarks - link    04/22/24  (2)
Freud could have spent a decade analyzing gunneratt's love of trannies & pedos    04/22/24  (5)
Europe's gonna kiss up to Trump a lot more this time if he's elected    04/22/24  (1)
"Ha ha wow. Holy shit." Hamas looking at Jewish tunnels    04/22/24  (3)
How does "State Street" have $100,000,000,000k trillion in AUM? Never seen them    04/22/24  (4)
Would you help a random woman being attacked by a man?    04/22/24  (20)
Benzo have you ever suffered a dislocated asshole?    04/22/24  (8)
The stripper to porn star to realtor pipeline    04/22/24  (9)
shucks the jews put a nigger in a TV program for people with developmental delay    04/22/24  (2)
Brett Cooper - new podcast personality getting astroturfed    04/22/24  (9)
no I'd watch the jewish made-for-retards adult fantasy tv shows w less diversity    04/22/24  (3)
Is benzo a virgin?    04/22/24  (4)
did Columbia ever catch vandal who painted swastika on 80yo jewish prof's office    04/22/24  (2)
Dave Pecker to the stand    04/22/24  (4)
Jews whining no one likes their diversity shit shows    04/22/24  (3)
When will Trump burn the Kushners?    04/22/24  (1)
after Trump the Peaceful's acquittal "US" libs will conjure up a new indictment    04/22/24  (1)
your bored realtor playing Koniggrazter Marsch on kazoo while ur on the phone    04/22/24  (6)
Would you help a random Gazan being attacked by a (100% US-funded) army?    04/22/24  (2)
Title IX to women: "lol fags"    04/22/24  (2)
Russia was using a ship built in 1913 to service submarines.    04/22/24  (11)
The year is almost halfway over and still no progress on Asian Hiking Girlfriend    04/22/24  (1)
Russia doin psyops now    04/22/24  (1)
Wetim dem be sayin bout di AutoAdmit no werkin di server and di load times    04/22/24  (9)
*opens fortune cookie* "You have Autism."    04/22/24  (2)
why is the golem such a consistent theme in jewish mythology?    04/22/24  (11)
Romney being pushed for Harvard POTUS    04/22/24  (1)
johnsmeyer accidentally gets Aaron Boone ejected (not flame)    04/22/24  (2)
Why do realtors insist on writing up a fucking contract to make an offer?    04/22/24  (68)
boom is "Literally" the worst poster    04/22/24  (3)
TT: rate this slutty indian girl (video)    04/22/24  (2)
New HVAC Unit for 2,000 sq ft House Costs $45,000 (link)    04/22/24  (16)
ITT: Sealclubber learns that the wealth taxes targets wealth    04/22/24  (56)
Prole tell: having “Pleading Wizard” in the file name    04/22/24  (1)
Rate these skanks    04/22/24  (2)
Warren Jeffs understands just how tight pussy really is    04/22/24  (7)
You and the masses are living a delusion..nothing is like media or reports    04/22/24  (4)
A pussy ass bitch "society" anyone can do anything but unwilling to accept conse    04/22/24  (3)
It's insane how easy everything is    04/22/24  (6)
Fraud is so easy    04/22/24  (7)
Do you have an actual clue? I hope you do    04/22/24  (2)
Biz idea: order takeout, shit&piss all over food, blame restaurant    04/22/24  (6)
hideous shrew manly cow melinda gates is ENGAGED. u? poas    04/22/24  (6)
Anyone with boomer parents that don’t care about grandkids? Seems to be a thin    04/22/24  (2)
Would love to cave “dupa”’s ugly pimply face in with a sledgehammer    04/22/24  (19)
Are Fiscal Conservative cucks trying to get Trump elected    04/22/24  (1)
Hot mic catches Biden speaking flawless classical Arabic to Kuwaiti ambassador    04/22/24  (8)
Ooh that snoot so scandalous And you know another nigga couldn't handle it    04/22/24  (9)
Tucker Carlson tells Joe Rogan how the CIA set up Nixon (link)    04/22/24  (71)
OYT is Low-Income    04/22/24  (14)
there’s a lot of alpha in TND    04/22/24  (2)
Jews are speechless if you tell them they let in the anti-semitic Muslims    04/22/24  (19)
Keurig coffee is full of microplastics right?    04/22/24  (6)
This is what Columbia Professor Shai Davidai is kvetching about?    04/22/24  (6)
Law shrew stinkflaps    04/22/24  (5)
Anyone ever notice that Malcolm Gladwell and Robert Greene sound alike    04/22/24  (1)
Drove motorized cart from parking lot, sat in piss and shit on seat (Evan39)    04/22/24  (3)
smelly, loose MILF pussies that can only be satisfied by Mandingo cock    04/22/24  (6)
57.5% of Israeli Jews said that they believed the IDF was using too little firep    04/22/24  (18)
Hard to tell who is a bigger degenerate loser, TSINAH or Karlstack    04/22/24  (8)
Fuck you fags who thought I was bullshitting about the US neutering the IDF    04/22/24  (2)
Hi fellow internet users! Anyone know where I can “score” some illegal DRUGS    04/22/24  (4)
petitioning head lawtism mods TSINAH & fizzkidd for redress tp    04/22/24  (6)
Curtis Lemay seeing IDF rules of engagement: haha wow holy shit (link)    04/22/24  (21)
Sad article about this "fat activist"    04/22/24  (8)
Crazy guy says he didn't learn the facts about Watergate from Tucker on Rogan    04/22/24  (1)
i'm happier when i haven't spend 4 hours of my day on this site, odd case    04/22/24  (9)
sealclubber is an abortion survivor (whose mom was a seal)    04/22/24  (4)
best vendor for mailing shroom gummies?    04/22/24  (10)
black girls in nyc in 1967 doing jump rope rhymes about 'dat snoot'    04/22/24  (6)
Rate this big-titted Ukrainian Tiktok girl - link    04/22/24  (2)
My nigger attorney (Candy Ride) just fucking got sanctioned in Alachua (TSINAH)    04/22/24  (37)
TSINAH: Dems are a bunch of bums with their hands out. Also TSINAH: SAMESIES!    04/22/24  (14)
TSINAH, have you ever considered moving to a blue state and squatting?    04/22/24  (8)
i'm not glad that a poaster was destroyed, just that a tucker employee was    04/22/24  (54)
tent cities in Ann Arbor and Berkeley now.    04/22/24  (6)
Sometimes I unironically wish I was shorter so that I could be a cuter femboy    04/22/24  (4)
What website is DrakeMallard currently arguing baltimore bridge was terrorism on    04/22/24  (18)
mybowlcutlawyer.com    04/22/24  (1)
mybaldlawyer.com    04/22/24  (4)
PSA: Brad Pitts real name is 'Bradley Clampitt'    04/22/24  (2)
LOL@ "ISRAEL": the US military is building a port in Gaza without Bibi's consent    04/22/24  (31)
sealclubber and TDNW trying to do long division, sweating profusely    04/22/24  (4)
Took a selfie with my nerdy friend who has glasses. (bloodacre)    04/22/24  (141)
so basically, life gets worse over time    04/22/24  (16)
she likes to fuck. heh.    04/22/24  (2)
Bros, if you're put on PIP can you simply ask to be fired?    04/22/24  (94)
xo (?!?!?) California to ban CLEAR from airports    04/22/24  (6)
Russian Kharkov offensive about to start    04/22/24  (2)
brown eyes = not white    04/22/24  (26)
South Korean birth rate plunges to all-time low    04/22/24  (52)
Prosecutors say he's crazy, but neighbors say he merely had a WSJ subscription    04/22/24  (2)
What is THE credited order from Long John Silver's?    04/22/24  (8)
Conan Obrien's new travel show is a pure joy - haven't seen comedy like this in    04/22/24  (7)
The worst part about death is every day I feel like I'm further and further away    04/22/24  (3)
"delicious babka, babak"    04/22/24  (1)
Kinda hilarious that Frank Herbert's son claimed to have found his notes and pro    04/22/24  (4)
*Bumble date introducing u to her dog/BFF/true love “Brad Pittie”    04/22/24  (34)
TikToker explains how Blackrock & Vanguard own corporations & politicians (link)    04/22/24  (1)
MAF Israeli Columbia prof barred from campus because it's too dangerous for him    04/22/24  (6)
to make touch of email girl panty place dey common dey six foot lawyer    04/22/24  (1)
Wife lost my benchmade 940. What should I do?    04/22/24  (14)
HK announces huge military package for Ukraine, 3 mp5's    04/22/24  (2)
making 1 billion now like making 200k 3 years ago    04/22/24  (1)
niggers on the TV = absolutely fine, unless its in my jewish adult fantasy soap    04/22/24  (7)
I dont think I'd even watch adult fantasy tv programming if it was 100% white    04/22/24  (3)
Niger AGREES to release 1,000 captured US troops in exchange for BASE    04/22/24  (41)
UK announces HUGE military package for Ukraine - link    04/22/24  (3)
Curb stomp pajeets. Light pajeets on fire. Slam dunk a pajeet into a woodchipper    04/22/24  (1)
Making 1 million a year is legit like making 500k/year just 3-4 years ago    04/22/24  (26)
Rate this pajeet scam in Canada    04/22/24  (8)
Trump calls judge "maniac" says "all hell's about to break loose"    04/22/24  (3)
Ilhan Omar loses battle with the words Complacent and Complicit    04/22/24  (21)
I am haunted by waters.    04/22/24  (5)
getting angry at fantasy tv programs    04/22/24  (6)
this fantasy tv program for retards has niggers in it grrrr    04/22/24  (5)
People who haven't read an actual newspaper in 6 years think he's crazy    04/22/24  (1)
The dindu thunderdome is nipping at your heels    04/22/24  (4)
New radar made by Lockheed-Martin can detect racism - link    04/22/24  (1)
You need to watch this whole Kike Propaganda til the end    04/22/24  (2)
a LOT of russians are gonna die this year    04/22/24  (4)
Poland = Israel but Catholic    04/22/24  (5)
Apparently Beyonce is at the Columbia protest, getting groped like crazy (vid)    04/22/24  (2)
Biden accuses Niger of "niggardly behavior" regarding drone bases    04/22/24  (1)
After today, it's obvious that Trump will be entirely acquitted.    04/22/24  (2)
Go lick 😋 some pussy and suck on some tits and relax    04/22/24  (22)
Caitlin Clark AI hologram reminding you to buy $DJT    04/22/24  (3)
Russia and China have FAILED to eliminate the dollar in bilateral trade    04/22/24  (11)
Could have had a fun and great life but chose weird shit    04/22/24  (9)

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