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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/23/19  (295)
The High-Paid DC Millennials Who Are Using Side Hustles to ‘Ball-Out’”    05/24/19  (36)
Which PS4 game for casual gamer: RDR2, Hitman 2, Far Cry 5?    05/24/19  (19)
***BREAKING: IFNB BLOG GETS NEW URL *****    05/24/19  (4)
lol @ birdbrain foaming-at-the-mouth alarmism over 'DANGERS' of diet soda    05/24/19  (3)
Only a Jew could have been so smug to holocaust his own race    05/24/19  (2)
i have dead eyes and speak in a monotone voice.. so what    05/24/19  (4)
Leo's eyes glazing over as Clooney talks about Amal's newest "pleading"    05/24/19  (19)
Older millennials in fight of their lives to not be considered millennials    05/24/19  (19)
2d cousin: Putting the "fun" in urogenital fungus    05/24/19  (2)
Harrison Barnes biglaw articles are surprisingly credited    05/24/19  (13)
once saw this guy wearing 2 watches, friends dared me to ask him 'what time is i    05/24/19  (2)
Hypo: it's your first week in federal prison, and 3 men want u to be their bitch    05/24/19  (78)
I'm extremely analytical but only attracted to illogical "feelings" girls (DTP)    05/24/19  (11)
most depressing thing about modern dating: everyone is interchangeable    05/24/19  (11)
putting the "fun" in fungible    05/24/19  (2)
Mid-30s biglawyer guy, starting to date mid-20s service industry girl    05/24/19  (313)
With all the badass females in movies/TV, this next gen of women better be tough    05/24/19  (8)
lose my boner when i think about how fungible my cock is    05/24/19  (22)
RSF my friend how have you been    05/24/19  (10)
behind each tinder face is a whole life, fully fungible & boring    05/24/19  (7)
"Drinks this wknd? I just can't do Sat. that's my weekly viewing of Blade Runner    05/24/19  (4)
True/False: Women are generally interchangeable.    05/24/19  (20)
today i realized that women (and most other people) are fungible    05/24/19  (114)
"it'll be a real SATURnalia" he chuckled as he sent out the Saturday Outlook inv    05/24/19  (6)
50 Shades of Fido    05/24/19  (1)
reddit aspies discuss how to poast MPA threads:    05/24/19  (20)
Amerikkka i$ done here homele$$me$$ can’t be $olved by amerikkka    05/24/19  (7)
financial advisor here taking your q's    05/24/19  (116)
Jews: what's timetable on pushing bestiality on White ppl? Can we get a heads up    05/24/19  (8)
Chick at the bar is trying to flirt with me. She's here with BF and BF's mom.    05/24/19  (13)
The girl at the Wendys drive thru tried hitting on me.    05/24/19  (14)
not flame can someone explain to me how michael jordan is undisputed "best athle    05/24/19  (37)
feeling unknown and you're all alone    05/24/19  (1)
White ppl's life expectancy in US is *PLUMMETING*, somehow not a notable story    05/24/19  (6)
George RR Martin in interview: "Emilia Clarke can cum from anal"    05/24/19  (13)
do people give a shit if you wear a watch or not    05/24/19  (30)
Friend gave me a macaw - what’s the best way to cook this thing? BBQ?    05/24/19  (12)
DICE tearing random birds out of trees, cooking them to eat with a Zippo    05/24/19  (11)
Just put down 5k on Milwaukee at 2.17 to win Game 6 in Toronto    05/24/19  (3)
DICE have you eaten any good exotic birds lately    05/24/19  (6)
Any other introvert bros always seem to pair up with extroverted girls ?    05/24/19  (8)
Assange indicted under espionage act, facing 180 years    05/24/19  (18)
What are some forgotten things from the early years of the Internet?    05/24/19  (198)
Being 6’2 and wasp good looking male people except you to be successful    05/24/19  (21)
"Bring the pasta down to the basement, ma! I'm tonypoasting over here!"    05/24/19  (5)
Now That's What I Call A Great Thread, Vol #13    05/24/19  (13)
jews already have script for 'Brokeback' movie about white woman fucking her dog    05/24/19  (1)
Why is GC ruining Disney cartoon movies with live action?    05/24/19  (2)
while my tony gently weeps    05/24/19  (1)
subtle hipster tony    05/24/19  (3)
alzabtony    05/24/19  (1)
Julius Caesar’s Tony    05/24/19  (1)
new poster tony ravioli is killing it    05/24/19  (23)
tonylasers    05/24/19  (5)
master tony agreement    05/24/19  (3)
ITT: I call out Tommy Turdskin in the form of a battle rap (NYUUG)    05/24/19  (45)
Fucked a new 21 yr old from the club last night. TURDSKIN TWIST.    05/24/19  (21)
This hapa twitch streamer chick with a huge ass makes me deeply sad    05/24/19  (5)
tony luis tp    05/24/19  (17)
First openly black woman elected Mayor of shitcago    05/24/19  (6)
Hiking the first ~120 miles of the Colorado Trail in a few weeks.    05/24/19  (17)
pulling up to McD drivethrough window @ 2am and ordering a "turdskin twist" cone    05/24/19  (1)
Injera blanket    05/24/19  (2)
alzabo, what languages do you speak?    05/24/19  (21)
I just tested POZ for HSV-1 and CHLAMYDIA    05/24/19  (45)
chipotle got so shitty so fast    05/24/19  (50)
Commerce pot limit Omaha players silently cheering as :D approaches table    05/24/19  (2)
superstar junior partner begins freestyling on Pusha T's "Story of Adidon" beat    05/24/19  (1)
Where are my Ableton bros at?    05/24/19  (28)
an abandoned late 1970s office building interior overgrown w/ philodendrons    05/24/19  (5)
burnt out wonderpartner running hands through vineyard soil as firm shuttle appe    05/24/19  (10)
Cop Killer    05/24/19  (4)
AOC: Growing cauliflower in community gardens is colonialism    05/24/19  (37)
Millennial are taking full time jobs as bird scooter wranglers. They only get    05/24/19  (3)
Possible to learn piano as an adult    05/24/19  (1)
Succession is pretty good    05/24/19  (1)
This is what the top of Everest looks like    05/24/19  (3)
So if u hooked myself up to this ventilator before bed u could "OD" on horse w/o    05/24/19  (1)
praise of death    05/24/19  (1)
Is Ephesians prole?    05/24/19  (4)
If I take enough stimulants I actually enjoy socializing with people    05/24/19  (35)
Maintaining 5 dating apps is practically a full-time job (DTP)    05/24/19  (8)
Is Leo the last truly A-list celebrity?    05/24/19  (37)
Cheatmos: cheating with dwf milf neighbor a bad idea right?    05/24/19  (9)
Dupa    05/24/19  (2)
Going in-house is a sign of WEAKNESS    05/24/19  (48)
really enjoying this woman’s art    05/24/19  (29)
What is the cr watch to buy for someone who doesn't want to spend thousands?    05/24/19  (76)
Xo, what are the cr dating apps    05/24/19  (36)
NBA To Introduce a 4 Point Line From 2022 (NBA.com)    05/24/19  (2)
Wish I could just cum on command    05/24/19  (11)
Millennial should be 1985-1995    05/24/19  (43)
Xo Bucks have not lost 3 games in a row all year LJL    05/24/19  (3)
time to bring back the Poena cullei    05/24/19  (2)
This cake boss show has the wop baker getting muscled into baking by mafiosos    05/24/19  (1)
Is George Clooney / Amal Clooney fakest thing on the planet?    05/24/19  (3)
Things ONLY low IQ people LOVE    05/24/19  (16)
CA gov should fund my charity to give safe party drugs and Prep to teen trannies    05/24/19  (8)
lol @ Trump trolling ppl "I drink 30 diet cokes, watch 12 hours of TV a day.."    05/24/19  (2)
Mr. Baseball (1992)    05/24/19  (9)
Gen Z is gonna get fuked in ITE v2.0    05/24/19  (3)
2nd wave Gen-X'ers (1975-1990) let's talk ITT    05/24/19  (7)
The Gay Sex Cinematic Universe    05/24/19  (3)
Peterman starting a chillwave millennial band called "Best Ghost" :)    05/24/19  (3)
NYT op-ed blames liberal NIMBY for CA housing crisis. LJL@comments    05/24/19  (59)
Dunston Checks In    05/24/19  (2)
you are given unilateral power to make america great again, what do you do    05/24/19  (2)
First-wave Millennials (born 1976-1980) post ITT    05/24/19  (99)
is Bill Hader one of the GOAT snl cast members ever?    05/24/19  (7)
What is the XO consensus on depositions?    05/24/19  (2)
Rate these following 1980's baseball movies:    05/24/19  (13)
88 Chevy Classic, with Massachusetts BixN00d license plates    05/24/19  (4)
not flame trying to be a virtuous person just turns you into an incel loser    05/24/19  (131)
boner police might have actually died    05/24/19  (9)
NBA should abolish the 3-pt line, widen the lane    05/24/19  (1)
The WNBA’s male practice squads lose to women all the time — and enjoy it    05/24/19  (4)
charles, you should hit up this DC CGWBT "journalist"    05/24/19  (33)
NBA continues to deny existence of 87 game where MJ committed 3 on-court murders    05/24/19  (1)
CharlesXII here, doing a readthrough+review of Ready Player One    05/24/19  (497)
Lawyer in depo drinking BANG energy in addition to coffee    05/23/19  (7)
wife's friend married much older guy. he got laid off. just wants to chill.    05/23/19  (24)
Southern Minnesota is literally heaven on earth    05/23/19  (23)
Very few people IRL could even comprehend this board    05/23/19  (26)
Horny for a scruffy Jew    05/23/19  (3)
AA chaps my ass    05/23/19  (1)
Space Jam (96) was documentary footage but the government has been trying to cov    05/23/19  (2)
TRUMP HIRES THE BEST!!!    05/23/19  (1)
Posting from La Pharmacia in Cancun, taking ?s    05/23/19  (11)
Name some of ur fave restaurants in LONDON    05/23/19  (7)
scene of Jaime marching through Highgarden to the Reigns of Castomere was 180    05/23/19  (2)
has Donald Trump considered not eating fast food all the time?    05/23/19  (1)
Video of autistic chad - peep the comments LJL    05/23/19  (62)
Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia in Netflix The Witcher...    05/23/19  (5)
the vibe here has been very chill lately    05/23/19  (21)
Not being born a Chad is a devastating lot in life    05/23/19  (8)
Trump orders declassification of all Russia investigation materials    05/23/19  (12)
*incels DEMANDING that abortion be criminalized*    05/23/19  (10)
USPO crooning like bon iver as I brute force the 4th knuckle into his deep ass    05/23/19  (3)
UNC lib sign-stealing girl OUTED on Seeking Arrangement! (Link)    05/23/19  (1)
Interpol most overrated band of all time    05/23/19  (12)
Billy Barr: I'm gonna classify the Mueller report and declassify everything else    05/23/19  (2)
Lol Margot Robbie, 28 y/o white woman, already starting to get ghoul face (DTP)    05/23/19  (47)
minnesotans poast ITT    05/23/19  (36)
“Time” is a lie and is gone like that! Everything awful! No clue what going    05/23/19  (2)
*tearfully tears down wall photos of luis to Bon Iver Skinny Love *    05/23/19  (3)
DTP taking questions on being a low-IQ (for XO) thinker (5/23/2019)    05/23/19  (19)
Yasmin Bleeth - Exhibit # 2344 for why white women are done here    05/23/19  (1)
weird dream. its a empty space with 10,000 nigger dicks flopping    05/23/19  (5)
Emilia Clarke Watched Hitler Speeches to Prepare for Big Game Of Thrones Moment    05/23/19  (21)

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