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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/17/18  (146)
⚾⚾⚾ Official LA Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers NLCS Game 5 Thread ⚾⚾⚾    10/17/18  (41)
Insane amount of butthurt over pslf from gen xers here    10/17/18  (15)
Hiring manager wants my nuts -TCTP (PIC)    10/17/18  (16)
White conservative nationalist here, I’d vote for Bernie if he forgives studen    10/17/18  (25)
any chance of another crypto moon this year?    10/17/18  (26)
LaMarcus, what are you currently reading?    10/17/18  (12)
so the Saudi "journalist" killing is fake news?    10/17/18  (13)
Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk (and Why Geneticists Are Alarmed) (NYT)    10/17/18  (29)
OK FAGS: 20 days out, predict which party wins the majority of US House Seats    10/17/18  (17)
Justify why you did not major in Engineering (mandatory thread)    10/17/18  (121)
Watched Canelo-GGG on replay, LOL at outrage of bloodacre, ggtp, other GGGcucks    10/17/18  (17)
Honduran migrant caravan grows to 4,000 amid spike in U.S. border crossings    10/17/18  (10)
i like milfs    10/17/18  (3)
Farrakhan: I’m Not An Anti-Semite. I’m Anti-Termite    10/17/18  (22)
Is chest hair fashionable again?    10/17/18  (3)
*forgets own song lyrics in toronto* "new york sing it with me!* (Kanye)    10/17/18  (2)
is it scalable?? IS IT SCALABLE?!!!!    10/17/18  (3)
RATE Belgium's minister of health    10/17/18  (3)
crypto moon face should be a wheel of fortune answer    10/17/18  (1)
Feds charge Treasury employee who leaked Manafort SARs to Buzzfeed    10/17/18  (1)
starting to really love and appreciate myself    10/17/18  (1)
Thunder Collins - hows life / shrewzilla treating you?    10/17/18  (103)
xo is full of low latent inhibitionmos    10/17/18  (1)
Most Classic XO Threads of All Time    10/17/18  (2)
Name that celebrity based on emojis    10/17/18  (2)
post ITT if you are FOR uspo    10/17/18  (4)
Trump DOE denies 99% of PSLF forgiveness applications    10/17/18  (81)
a wave of PN and USPO alts engulfs the board    10/17/18  (5)
Haven’t seen a Luis pic all year. Luis what gives    10/17/18  (2)
Im a straight guy who’s in love with my (gay) bestfriend    10/17/18  (11)
Question for Poli Sci Gurus: What do candidates do with $$$ at this point?    10/17/18  (9)
🚀 | 👖 | 🧥    10/17/18  (1)
Broke up with trans gf yesterday afternoon, had a spicy latina over last night    10/17/18  (38)
I want to found my own music festival    10/17/18  (98)
SUMMON BPD: Rate this Tranny I fucked a little while back    10/17/18  (14)
There is a guy trolling Phish fans on the Phish app    10/17/18  (25)
Rate this underboob    10/17/18  (2)
Obama would remove his head @ night & float around the WH consorting with demons    10/17/18  (24)
Protip: put 3 Muskateer bar in freezer.    10/17/18  (1)
I'm like that little indian boy in Indiana Jones, when he was possessed anyway    10/17/18  (4)
if u arent sleeping w a heavy weighted autism blanket in winter ur insane    10/17/18  (2)
Are rich English people peak humanity?    10/17/18  (133)
Media silence re: "Blasey" Ford means this shit was 100% fabricated    10/17/18  (16)
"did you have a nice weekend, hon?" "well, mom, dirte really hates the emojis"    10/17/18  (2)
evan39 gets his asshole fucked by niggers    10/17/18  (4)
indoor air temperature regulation is killing you slowly    10/17/18  (2)
Rate the competency of the Indian military compared to their IT flagships    10/17/18  (58)
Rate this Asian prostitute I hired last night NSFW    10/17/18  (9)
have reorganized my entire life to maximize sleep quality, taking Qs    10/17/18  (22)
uspo/boner police and lindsay graham walk into a gay bar    10/17/18  (12)
rate my dinner    10/17/18  (2)
One of the last few US House members from the 1950's has died    10/17/18  (26)
Pics of cute nordic teens who live with a yoga ball in their bedroom    10/17/18  (3)
UCF should be ranked #5 ahead of 1-loss tttrash    10/17/18  (2)
hey uspo, the big stuff happens tomorrow morning    10/17/18  (1)
Summer Injustice - did a local lawyer scam ticket buyers with a phony festival?    10/17/18  (1)
"Capitalism" is a system that doesn't even impact the average wagecuck (cowgod)    10/17/18  (3)
Keith Ellison (democratic star) divorce records to be unsealed today - enjoy!    10/17/18  (15)
a sommelier, but for faygo & frozen tv dinners    10/17/18  (1)
xo churro    10/17/18  (1)
TSINAH: Does $2,500 divorces on Thumbtack but knows HTML    10/17/18  (7)
Did this local attorney pocket thousands for a "music festival" that never happe    10/17/18  (2)
Rate this Dame Dash interview on calling another man Boss    10/17/18  (1)
I am convinced that Tall people enjoy going to crowded places    10/17/18  (26)
hi    10/17/18  (2)
Cute Nordic teen in bikini trying on different microfiber socks (youtube)    10/17/18  (9)
REMINDER: Baby Gandhari predated Baby Goldstein    10/17/18  (1)
WLMAS and other law fags- will Carter Page win this lawsuit??    10/17/18  (2)
"I work hard, but naan on table and what he do? He boco no pico" USPO Sr.    10/17/18  (2)
Global Capitalism seducing your teendotter like the goat in "The Witch"    10/17/18  (4)
Guys - I'm at the point in my life where I just don't like entering mean threads    10/17/18  (2)
All 80s-90s Quarterbacks seem like the same guy    10/17/18  (5)
XO John Cox    10/17/18  (1)
xo poasters at the next meetup going "family style" on spaceporn's son    10/17/18  (6)
"Lol, Kim says he shot -38!", he exclaimed as he watched First Man    10/17/18  (1)
teen girls at slumber parties talking abt their periods and HAWT GUYZ    10/17/18  (2)
you can beat the system by killselfing    10/17/18  (7)
*bathtub tsinah reads benzo poast* "MOTHERFUCKER!" *drops egg sandwich in water*    10/17/18  (40)
Before you post a seemingly credible link, remind urself we didn't land on the m    10/17/18  (1)
Jew admits the NPC meme is real (link)    10/17/18  (18)
*puts on lab coat to do legal research*    10/17/18  (74)
Trouble for Trump: Midwest economy is weakening    10/17/18  (7)
There's a community of 130000 RedditFags who nail bread to trees    10/17/18  (9)
Beto is totally rad, man. He came onstage on a skateboard!    10/17/18  (11)
Can we stop calling them "liberals" or "progressives"? They aren't.    10/17/18  (102)
Super hot big butt trans lawteen cheerleaders @ moot court cheering u on    10/17/18  (6)
Global Capitalism in ur living room, showing your teenage son a Tufts brochure    10/17/18  (57)
was the shooting 'ASMR' related?    10/17/18  (3)
Can't stop jerking off to Dr Ford - those girly ASMR whimpers    10/17/18  (3)
People who humblebrag about having lots of “meetings” should be shot    10/17/18  (35)
Global Capitalism on the phone w ur teendotter, pointing out her hometowns flaws    10/17/18  (29)
Global Capitalism idling in a car outside your house all weekend    10/17/18  (12)
thoughts on this cute blonde's ASMR bikini try-on haul video?    10/17/18  (3)
being an employee is incredibly feminine    10/17/18  (8)
Antifa Mob tells 9/11 widow her husband can rot in the grave    10/17/18  (6)
Global Capitalism issuing human head blinkers to all open office workers    10/17/18  (32)
If you're not getting the prevnar 13 vaccine you're literally insane    10/17/18  (1)
New gourmet burger spots everywhere. Gc telling us we need to pay $19 for burger    10/17/18  (10)
People in Spain look so decent compared to Mexicans    10/17/18  (37)
legal researchers at harvard have detected new penumbras in the vicinity of pedo    10/17/18  (1)
Recommend a 3-4 day solo trip for a dood in the eastern US    10/17/18  (30)
How much time a week do you spend with family biographer?    10/17/18  (1)
The only way for Trump to lose is if fucking Ross Perot runs    10/17/18  (3)
Should one start drinking goat milk?    10/17/18  (1)
8===========D~~~~~ NIGGER!    10/17/18  (1)
somebody pls translate the famous uchicago poast into emojis    10/17/18  (1)
Nigger boi here with an important psa    10/17/18  (5)
Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussing U Mich football on Twitter    10/17/18  (61)
Mayweather is gonna fight that Dagestani animal Khabib    10/17/18  (2)
id rather have 4chan poasters run US govt than dems    10/17/18  (8)
Rate this teen barista flashing her titties and ass at work    10/17/18  (33)
Backspace mailed me a lot of tea. Pretty 180    10/17/18  (61)
Startup idea: a large shot clock at all tourist attractions    10/17/18  (6)
do they actually have gyms in italy?    10/17/18  (1)
Homeless guy just asked me to Venmo him a dollar    10/17/18  (3)
NYT: Whites carting around vat of milk like the Judge in Who Framed Roger Rabbit    10/17/18  (6)
NYT: Whites carrying around necklace of ears like The Judge in Blood Meridian    10/17/18  (1)
Ted Cruz one-upping Beto by riding a unicycle onto the stage + juggling knives    10/17/18  (1)
More alpha: Dan Bilzerian or an above average black bro?    10/17/18  (1)
"Just a sec babe, me and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are talking Big 10 football."    10/17/18  (10)
180 just found girlfriend's stash of alprazolam    10/17/18  (6)
Funny that there's a cottage industry encouraging and reassuring "mommy wine dri    10/17/18  (5)
2nd cousin: let's put a man on mars; Shrew gf: trump belongs behind bars!    10/17/18  (1)
Which poaster made this "5 little hitlers jumping on the bed" video    10/17/18  (2)
"Voting w/ your middle finger: two views on the white working class" (NPR)    10/17/18  (2)
Should I get a BMW 3-series or Audi A3?    10/17/18  (4)
NYT: A$AP Rocky was bullied during his first orgy at 13 (sad) (article)    10/17/18  (1)
I'm trapped as a pumo -- did I die? Is this purgatory?    10/17/18  (17)
for lonely xo'mos: these poasters will *always* engage u on these subjects (list    10/17/18  (112)
RATE this leg cross on Bloomberg news    10/17/18  (15)
If you can’t drink milk...you have to go back...    10/17/18  (3)
BMW is easily the most faggot car brand to drive    10/17/18  (3)
Who are more insufferable: California Elites or New York Elites?    10/17/18  (7)
Worse to have no internal monologue or one only consisting of song lyrics?    10/17/18  (1)
whats askav watching on Netflix right now    10/17/18  (10)
EXPLAIN to me this Washington, DC Instagram "influencer"    10/17/18  (1)
dutifully mounting my fat wife and pounding away    10/17/18  (115)
Sid "Vicious" Meier is a British video game developer and former rock musician    10/17/18  (3)
Unsaid truth: chilmata was a punkass bitch who got gout    10/17/18  (32)
luis’s bubble butt twerking millimeters from ur face is so unngggggggg    10/17/18  (4)
unsaid truth: whenever some guy in a movie says DID YOU THINK THIS WAS A GAME?!    10/17/18  (9)
The media gets caught covering up literal crimes for dems every day    10/17/18  (1)
how does Chris Cillizza churn out like 5 shitty articles per day?    10/17/18  (5)
US Treasury employee arrested for leaking classified info to Dems (link)    10/17/18  (3)
skiing or snowboarding    10/17/18  (15)
anyone have interesting SKI TRIPS planned for this coming winter?    10/17/18  (51)
me and spack me and spack me and spack me and spack me and spack!!!    10/17/18  (3)
2 white guys try to assault a Mexican, Mexican drags them like rag dolls    10/17/18  (56)
In the modern economy the best kind of gf makes 200K+ and is still cute    10/17/18  (30)

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