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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/12/18  (214)
why the FUCK did Cohen not just turn on everyone to avoid jail time?    12/12/18  (6)
backspace rate this sign in front of an episcopal church    12/12/18  (1)
Does peterman have a pimp of some sort or does he go it alone?    12/12/18  (2)
***Michael Cohen Sentencing Live Blog***    12/12/18  (32)
Pics of Michael Cohen's HAWT DAUGHTER ITT    12/12/18  (5)
so biglaw sucks now. are there industries easier better to work in now    12/12/18  (21)
How mad will libs be when James Fields is acquitted on all counts?    12/12/18  (25)
How much are you spending this Xmas, from Dec 21 to Jan 2nd?    12/12/18  (2)
Chandler -- tips ITT    12/12/18  (23)
ATL: Sexist to list female partner last (listed A-Z by last name)    12/12/18  (2)
Took kid to CPS interview, got high, kid going on vacation    12/12/18  (10)
AssFaggot rating posters itt    12/12/18  (95)
Mexico pledges $30 Billion to BUILd A WALL    12/12/18  (15)
Caravan members demand "Let us in or give us $50k to go home"    12/12/18  (26)
2018 = biggest wave election in past two decades    12/12/18  (1)
Former Miss Kentucky admits to sending topless photos to teen boys    12/12/18  (1)
Our treatment of Japanese leaders vs. German leaders post WW2 is interesting    12/12/18  (1)
ITT we list QUALITY brands and products which stand out in DURABILITY and VALUE    12/12/18  (35)
Hunch-necked Office Workers    12/12/18  (1)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/12/18  (236)
so cohen is a stupid guy right. he looks stupid and only stupid people    12/12/18  (1)
Trump debates with Pelosi/Schumer in Oval Office in front of press (link)    12/12/18  (86)
How is Trump's approval rating not 60%+ at this point?    12/12/18  (37)
If Charles gets to 100 books, one of you biglawyers should buy him a pan pizza    12/12/18  (1)
This place is filled with dullards who think they have meaningful insights    12/12/18  (12)
I thought Thailand was getting rich, it's still pretty poor.    12/12/18  (11)
XO John McWhorter: Is Social Justice the New Religion?    12/12/18  (11)
Deplatforming ➡ Yellow Jackets ➡ Juul    12/12/18  (1)
Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies was way ahead of its time    12/12/18  (3)
Yale students PROTESTED having GWHB library there. So he went to T A&M    12/12/18  (22)
Women complain about toxic masculinity but prefer hyper masculine men    12/12/18  (14)
WOW... Michael Cohen's daughter is shockingly beautiful    12/12/18  (11)
do you gamble online?    12/12/18  (8)
Rate Aaron Rodgers' reaction to a fan insulting his twink frame (link)    12/12/18  (16)
1 blank bump = 1 letter in support of TRUMP SHUTTING DOWN GOVT FOR THE WALL.    12/12/18  (5)
Rate this old white boomer getting slapped by young black male for biting his Bl    12/12/18  (1)
Rate these "Christian Trial Lawyers" --- not flame    12/12/18  (3)
Will be hilarious when Turkey claims Crimea during Russo-Ukrainian war.    12/12/18  (18)
@KamalaHarris f we want to live in a world that looks more like Wakanda, the fir    12/12/18  (45)
RATE this blending in strategy of Bugs Bunny.    12/12/18  (3)
RATE this yoga girl    12/12/18  (22)
Upset Jew, if I visit NYC around Christmas, do you want to grab a drink?    12/12/18  (4)
What is the end point for CFB realignment?    12/12/18  (141)
How can pro basketball players be so bad at basketball?    12/12/18  (19)
Been thinking a lot about Strauss-Howe generational theory    12/12/18  (17)
Beautiful day outside. Guess I'll spend it doing gay legal shit & fuming at libs    12/12/18  (2)
Extreme nasal congestion: please advise.    12/12/18  (68)
Interesting Weekly Standard article on the caravan    12/12/18  (3)
Thick hard mucus filling and choking your airways    12/12/18  (2)
Hosting Shabbat Dinner On Friday. Ideas On Reserve Beer List For Choice Guests?    12/12/18  (5)
are ipads only used now as hipster coffee shop payment devices    12/12/18  (32)
Hypo: Biglaw partner or chill solo    12/12/18  (7)
Call it now: who cucks on the wall/gov't shutdown issue? Trump or Pelosi?    12/12/18  (30)
trump team six and pedorastrain hating each other is hilarious    12/12/18  (42)
RATE this yoga girl    12/12/18  (5)
Share this anecdote about Julian Castro with every shitlib u know    12/12/18  (3)
School boy meet Aunty Bhabhi first time boobs    12/12/18  (1)
What could cause a swelling of support for the GOP among black voters on a natio    12/12/18  (1)
“Magical Realism” except it’s niggers acting fucking retarded    12/12/18  (5)
good king wenceslas but its BP braving the snow to pwn “communty acct”    12/12/18  (25)
I forgot what the bad part of shutting down the government is.    12/12/18  (23)
Sickly argumentative UES Jew in puffy jacket are u gay?    12/12/18  (3)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    12/12/18  (171)
Sex. With men. For money: It’s waiting for you faggot pussies. Take it.    12/12/18  (2)
i will be adopting HoldUp this week    12/12/18  (13)
i will be aborting HoldUp this week    12/12/18  (4)
omw to pick up HoldUp    12/12/18  (4)
holdup vs wilbur mercer is scumbag vs loser in real life    12/12/18  (4)
I am shutting down the government until taxpayers fund the Mexican-funded wall.    12/12/18  (4)
Avi, I love the feeling of the sun on my skin in the summah.    12/12/18  (13)
Seeing DBG's capitalized thread titles is like crossing street 2 avoid black guy    12/12/18  (57)
Would anyone like to r8 my haircut    12/12/18  (14)
9 year old black girl in AL suicides after being constantly bullied about race    12/12/18  (89)
Describe your last experience in a HILLSTONE restaurant ITT    12/12/18  (38)
Guess semitism of Paul Weiss's latest partnership class    12/12/18  (11)
Used a neti pot years ago and don't think water was sterilized    12/12/18  (1)
Man, w the standards to which Obeezy holds our leaders it must REALLY eat him up    12/12/18  (9)
Chinese war on a Greek city in 100 BCE    12/12/18  (14)
What's a solid, higher end but not super fancy MFH restaurant?    12/12/18  (126)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/12/18  (192)
full uncut video of Trump, Pelosi, Schumer meeting    12/12/18  (8)
Just farted fart gas so noxious it cleared my congestion    12/12/18  (5)
Aquaman - 76% on Rotten Tomatoes (46% with "top critics")    12/12/18  (10)
Naomi Osaka: I've Never Dated Anyone #tennis    12/12/18  (1)
Obeezy and unhinged quotemo bumping all the same threads. Odd case!    12/12/18  (35)
Reminder: Judaism Is Set Up To Prevent All The Evils Of Loneliness    12/12/18  (36)
Libs 2 years later: "by Russian collusion, we meant Trump fucked a porn star"    12/12/18  (21)
Flashback: Schumer and his aides mock Trump's weird creepy cabinet meeting    12/12/18  (1)
Lol @ cars that don't have a hood scoop.    12/12/18  (11)
National Film Registry adds 25 films    12/12/18  (10)
You need to check out the “Hot Guys Fuck” pornhub channel immediately. ASAP.    12/12/18  (21)
Verizon buys Marissa Mayer's Yahoo for $4.5B. Immediately writes off all value    12/12/18  (26)
Books/blogs about small business or solo taxation    12/12/18  (2)
Why is Obeezy allowed to shit up this site? Why isn't he banned?    12/12/18  (3)
Why is the wall a budget issue when Trump said Mexico will pay for it. Plz expla    12/12/18  (34)
REMINDER: it’s all over but the shouting for Trump. He’s finished    12/12/18  (15)
I think I'm going to UN-RETIRE from SHITLAW    12/12/18  (25)
Wife brought up swinging to me on "date night"    12/12/18  (110)
RATE this Indian yoga instructor (genetic female)    12/12/18  (18)
The Ford Bronco is coming back (link)    12/12/18  (2)
fucklaw, why do u care about others' breeding habits so much?    12/12/18  (91)
*Random Pumos standing up to Henry Aaron* "I'm Obeezy", "NO, I AM OBEEZY!"    12/12/18  (15)
ITT, I give you three women. Pick one to be yours (as gf, fling, whatever u want    12/12/18  (213)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/12/18  (286)
CharlesXII, Do You Plan To Visit Israel?    12/12/18  (3)
Just Logged onto AIM had unread message from crush from 13 years ago    12/12/18  (8)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~forever TRIP (RSF's brother)    12/12/18  (11)
Columbia investigating sophomore who verbally accosted students about white supe    12/12/18  (53)
Pelosi to Trump: "So how did my ASS taste you stupid RETARD?"    12/12/18  (26)
I have no friends. No women in my life. People instinctively avoid me.    12/12/18  (50)
Trump on his base: "You just tell them, and they believe it. They just do."    12/12/18  (35)
Kelly, Kelly, dem emails was stole aight? dey was stole. (Donna Brazile)    12/12/18  (33)
Charles, do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era?    12/12/18  (2)
8AM PST and libs, pumos already going insane    12/12/18  (1)
Stock investing bros: thoughts on ROKU?    12/12/18  (59)
Lawman8 - get ITT and guess all of Obeezy's alts    12/12/18  (9)
Russian friend is a “feminist,” but with a twist    12/12/18  (5)
Trump on fallout national debt: "Yeah, but I won’t be here"    12/12/18  (35)
Found something incredibly profound & interesting on reddit (link)    12/12/18  (4)
lol at how rich the family is in Home Alone    12/12/18  (96)
STUDY: You will be raped next week (link)    12/12/18  (1)
A live action Crash Bandicoot movie starring Chris Pratt is coming out in 2020    12/12/18  (1)
Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah    12/12/18  (3)
Any fellow Trumpmos resigned to his impeachment and imprisonment?    12/12/18  (6)
Mark Ruffalo and Shia LeBeouf tapped for Tango and Cash reboot    12/12/18  (9)
PredictIt has market on which GOP opportunist will stick impeachment 🔪 in    12/12/18  (13)
what is the max IQ to not be able to see invasive jewish influence in media?    12/12/18  (10)
Illegals spend $ on small local biz! (Have few $, 50% to WalMart, 50% wired home    12/12/18  (2)
Wife has been busy, sick, and sexually unavailable. Fuck whore on work trip?    12/12/18  (50)
How did n64 have so many 4 player games & ps4/xbox have none at all?    12/12/18  (5)
Disable Adblock pop-up obscuring your screen as you read your dads obituary    12/12/18  (2)
So does Pence win in 2020 as an incumbent?    12/12/18  (1)
We Want Tranny Cheerleaders in the NFL!    12/12/18  (2)
BEING A TOP BILLER    12/12/18  (2)
Mom sends kid to school with an inflatable sheep sex toy (link)    12/12/18  (11)
Want to thank quotemo for bearing some of the burden of reminding trumpenprole    12/12/18  (1)
XO Jeff "Chill" Sessions: LOLFags, Mexico IS paying for the wall!    12/12/18  (25)
Why would US government shut down over Mexico not funding wall?    12/12/18  (3)
People who commute by bike in winter are modern day penitents in lycra hairshirt    12/12/18  (5)
Trumpmos, did you think wall would really get built or did you understand that    12/12/18  (1)
i will personally seal obeezy in the Mexico wall in 2021    12/12/18  (1)
How will Trump make Mexico pay for wall now that the "fuck-Trump" candidate won    12/12/18  (14)
Enough about AL. Did best dealmaker ever get Mexico to pay for the wall yet?    12/12/18  (10)
How much of a gay soy fag do you have to be to ride a bike past age 14?    12/12/18  (6)
A big beautiful wall! And mexico will pay for it! *laugh track plays*    12/12/18  (2)
how much did Mexico end up paying us for Trump's wall btw?    12/12/18  (3)
Check arrived from Mexico for wall yet?    12/12/18  (4)
MEXICO AGREES TO PAY FOR WALL (link)    12/12/18  (9)

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