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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
we are being sodomized by repetition    04/03/20  (1)
Hehe we XO 180 XOers don't like something so we call it Fraud lmao    04/03/20  (1)
What chair do you use at home to work/poast, surf the net, etc    04/03/20  (10)
Do you think a corp transactional attorney could get ICE General Attorney?    04/03/20  (3)
Anyone else having problems getting caviar since this thing began?    04/03/20  (1)
Stay home and code    04/03/20  (1)
watched woody allen's "cafe society": ridiculous jew flame    04/03/20  (18)
Is it just me or are BOOMERS being really cavalier about the safety measures?    04/03/20  (12)
Reform jew "buys" bread from 10,000 jews for Passover for $1 and TAKES DELIVERY    04/03/20  (10)
Anyone Playing Golf?    04/03/20  (15)
Citi PPP page: No app; "Citi is on your side when you need us most."    04/03/20  (1)
"NO JINX! NO!!! PLEASE NO!!!! YOU'RE HURTING!" (Whok as Jinx refuses to rape him    04/03/20  (3)
SBA Small Business Loan Program is FUCKED    04/03/20  (45)
Chronicles of Rudolph's glee at America's coronavirus body count    04/03/20  (8)
Stanford Professor interview re FRAUDvirus (link)    04/03/20  (2)
We just went over 1,000 dead for the day. 2nd day in a row. 6100+ total.    04/03/20  (42)
Key Largo's Decision to Import Bats to Eat Zika Mosquitoes Coming Under Scrutiny    04/03/20  (1)
CHASE.COM/CARES IS LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    04/03/20  (9)
“your uber driver Giuseppe is arriving”    04/03/20  (8)
it's a-me, giuseppe.    04/03/20  (82)
Starting to STARVE due to no FOOD PLACES open anymore    04/03/20  (7)
USAJobs | USAJobs | USAJobs | USAJobs | USAJobs    04/03/20  (3)
Many who die of coronavirus would have died anyway within a short period (BBC)    04/03/20  (10)
In "Supply Chain," Sulkowitz tears off a dress woven flimsily of paper money    04/03/20  (11)
"YOU'RE INFECTED...with an ad-blocker. Sorry to scare you, but we rely on ads fo    04/03/20  (25)
You're dad whom you last spoke to at Thanksgiving dying alone of fraudvirus    04/03/20  (7)
Google News: top story is important info about pandemic safety    04/03/20  (1)
Cahill Gordon re paychecks: I will not cut them!    04/03/20  (1)
My dads used to go to the same night clubs as Cuomo, and know the truth    04/03/20  (3)
Good to know our Navy is a bunch of pansies    04/03/20  (4)
Covid19 has already saved $36 million/ur from Social Security trust fund    04/03/20  (6)
Poll: Do you have any face masks?    04/03/20  (60)
Oh no dad, he waived everyone’s rent, it was terrible. They were all flexing.    04/03/20  (19)
Remember when Trump put Pence in charge of Wuhan Flu? LOL. Dude got cucked.    04/03/20  (1)
enjoying your airline miles?    04/03/20  (1)
do you address you landlord as 'lord'?    04/03/20  (18)
libs: German response is AMAZING (death rate: 1.34% and inreasing)    04/03/20  (3)
Was just diagnosed with corona virus (no PEC), please read    04/03/20  (4)
Mortality rate slowly turning logarithmic in Italy    04/03/20  (42)
We still in logarithmic growth pattern for coronavirus cases?    04/03/20  (3)
TRUMP pitches Medicare for All    04/03/20  (1)
Hey, nice PEE PEE EEE!    04/03/20  (1)
JFC. We are at over 700 deaths in the US already today. Going to be a bad day.    04/03/20  (1)
JANUARY 4, 1988    04/03/20  (5)
Any racial breakdown of Covid 19 deaths?    04/03/20  (3)
Watch out, Jim Kelly. Cuomo's coming for your ventilators!    04/03/20  (4)
FUCK SBA LOANS EXHAUSTED - link inside    04/03/20  (1)
4/1/2020 Census day locked in permanent Republican majorities.    04/03/20  (1)
Ex Cowboy James Hanna is a serious Trumpmo    04/03/20  (1)
Max Iger IG post: Dad was told about this (& more) first week of January (link)    04/03/20  (12)
LOL @ lawyers being less valuable than 80 cent PPE when it counts.    04/03/20  (1)
4046 deaths today in Italy a new record. No signs of this slowing at all    04/03/20  (9)
Should I watch "Cafe Society"    04/03/20  (8)
Theres a new PPP form: 3245-0407    04/03/20  (1)
New one day NY death record: 562    04/03/20  (1)
Monkey's paw probably would have worked if the guy were a lawyer    04/03/20  (1)
Teen using Trump soundboard tricks navy admiral into resigning in shame (link)    04/03/20  (21)
guess not much has changed, libs still love the Chinese Communist Party    04/03/20  (2)
watching dr explain how 2 spray groceries w/ lysol, what a fucking shit world    04/03/20  (3)
Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan were both boomers    04/03/20  (3)
There will prob be more deaths in America from suicide than Covid-19.    04/03/20  (1)
Bezos donates $100 million to U.S. food banks    04/03/20  (4)
What are the chances that Trump gets re-elected in a landslide?    04/03/20  (42)
$o wa$ and i$ $eeking arrangement be$t if you ju$t want to drop $ome money    04/03/20  (6)
We should've been wearing masks months ago. Doctors would have more masks if eve    04/03/20  (2)
picture this teacher looking up at you, holding your cock    04/03/20  (4)
Why isn't rasmussen polling showing a Trump bump for corona?    04/03/20  (9)
fed rate reduced to 0%, cc rate remains 21%, be responsible    04/03/20  (2)
South Park on coronavirus    04/03/20  (8)
2020 Book Review Thread (foxmo)    04/03/20  (40)
How old were you when you started going bald?    04/03/20  (43)
lol @ delusional Trumpmos who think his failed covid response helps re-election    04/03/20  (1)
CDC: Doctors should work from home because there's no patients anyway    04/03/20  (1)
Obeezy utterly destroyed gibberish. Really sad to see.    04/03/20  (2)
bill murray: champagne all weekend, u: poast    04/03/20  (284)
Compile all PPP Application dates/payments here.    04/03/20  (1)
APPLIED FOR $51,941.28 PPP    04/03/20  (1)
Eligible for extra $600 if work full time but lost additional part time job?    04/03/20  (1)
28 Days Later...nude Luis shambles down a deserted Sunnyvale road    04/03/20  (24)
ITE to 2011 grads that patched together a Biglaw career and are up for partner:    04/03/20  (5)
just infect urself and let it do what it do    04/03/20  (2)
San Francisco: 450 cases, Memphis: 638, HousTTTon: 955, Phoenix: 961    04/03/20  (4)
NYer: "If I pull that mask off, will you die?" Azn: "It will be very painful..."    04/03/20  (8)
   04/03/20  (5)
dat CHONK    04/03/20  (1)
   04/03/20  (19)
Covid19 link between 360 degree geometric shape and eye circumference (NE Journa    04/03/20  (1)
Girl$ are getting chunkier and chubbier it $eem$    04/03/20  (8)
No one i$ being clear on thi$ fraud bat $oup:_    04/03/20  (2)
is 3M run by lunatic SJWs or something    04/03/20  (4)
Oil fraud going up    04/03/20  (3)
And the sybarite wandered no more    04/03/20  (8)
the goblin fears the elf    04/03/20  (3)
Is this truly the end of the GC era?    04/03/20  (21)
Entire world is FRAUD. WallStreet execs are RACKATEERS, politicians CHARLATANS    04/03/20  (2)
AOC on coronavirus 🦠 relief    04/03/20  (2)
Morning, libs! Ready for another day of carrying water for the Chinese gov’t?    04/03/20  (53)
Grinning, eyeless Dr. Fauci: "Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see"    04/03/20  (3)
Marine Corps completely committing to war with China    04/03/20  (126)
Trump: "Hunter Biden got a job in Ukraine! btw heres moron Jared to talk corona"    04/03/20  (4)
Why do XOers think about marriage after the first date?    04/03/20  (7)
Consumer debt defaults will hit big in the fall    04/03/20  (3)
Real Talk: Dinosaurs were invented by some child somewhere    04/03/20  (41)
Recall that trump promised zero cases a week or so ago    04/03/20  (173)
This is obviously the opening stages of world war three    04/03/20  (47)
Xo Poa shotguns down ur door: DID U KNOW 6k BOOMERS DIED    04/03/20  (2)
Just went over 10,000 COVID-19 deaths. More than doubled in under a week.    04/03/20  (90)
I have the Virus    04/03/20  (28)
Covid knocked me into a diff. timeline without 2013 Mothman scare    04/03/20  (6)
Why did Trump administration wait until April to recommend cloth masks?    04/03/20  (42)
Benzo donates $92,000 to U.S. food banks    04/03/20  (1)
We're going to wish we had just let 5 million people die.    04/03/20  (29)
How can shutting down 75% of economic activity not be worse than ITE 1?    04/03/20  (5)
ABSOLUTE WINNERS have to be rural-family-mos.    04/03/20  (14)
Okay I think I'm gonna smoke a cig    04/03/20  (2)
Got corona virus and recovered taking questions    04/03/20  (44)
Seems like Italy deaths and new cases have flatlined    04/03/20  (1)
Uncle Dave considered a “5 tool” pedophile    04/03/20  (2)
Meanwhile on reddit.com/r/chapotraphouse    04/03/20  (14)
So the world shut down, but every TV network and website has new content now?    04/03/20  (4)
Fauci in Jan: we don't need to worry about COVID-19 (link)    04/03/20  (2)
There seems to be broad agreement about whites being the most attractive race    04/03/20  (4)
PSA Tinder passport feature now free. Go find the Filipina of your dreams!    04/03/20  (1)
Would like to see US, UK, AUS, CAN, JPN, SK and others cut off China    04/03/20  (9)
Twitter suppressing the #FilmYourHospital trend because it's exposing the FRAUDv    04/03/20  (1)
None of this would have been necessary if Trump had ordered medical supplies    04/03/20  (7)
Desantis lets "Florida Strategy" slip in alleged quote (link)    04/03/20  (6)
LIST your toilet paper stash and how it's faring    04/03/20  (38)
Why are troops clustering in Jersey City, Weehawken and Fort Lee? Something is    04/03/20  (9)
Apparently Bank of America has started taking PPP apps    04/03/20  (3)
i work at specialty firm that does employment shit for biglaw. u guys are FUCKED    04/03/20  (25)
Extroverts turn to black market for narcissistic supply during virus lockdown    04/03/20  (3)
How old were you when you started breaking bad?    04/03/20  (1)
"men" with blonde hair    04/03/20  (3)
Hillary: “I wasn’t going to run in 2020. But COVID-19 changes everything”    04/03/20  (10)
How are you all enjoying the commie takeover of our lives right now?    04/03/20  (1)
In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, I, Donald J. Trump, hereby suspend elections    04/03/20  (12)
Look at the photo$ in article..the$e are future mother$ to your children    04/03/20  (1)
Breaking Point: Threw my bedpan and washing rag at a Male Nurse today    04/03/20  (2)
wow that smug ideological dismissal really spoke to me    04/03/20  (3)
"just the flu" bros are still going. It's mind boggling    04/03/20  (1)
How fucked am i for a mortgage -- LOW credit score    04/03/20  (12)
People would enlist before being drafted to pick their spot. CR now?    04/03/20  (2)
hypo: 5 years off ur life in exchange for perfect credit score for life?    04/03/20  (6)
Are you bros getting the disaster loans AND PPP (Paulie Porsche Protection) loan    04/03/20  (1)
So, Biglaw Partners (PC / S-Corp) Can Get $20K In SBA PPP TrumpBucks Free, No?    04/03/20  (15)
I want a cigarette so bad right now.    04/03/20  (37)
I'm trying, but I no longer give a fuck about work    04/03/20  (2)
4/2/2020 NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing    04/03/20  (6)

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