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STICKY: Big changes   07/14/20  (308)
Did the internet ruin news? Discuss.    07/14/20  (15)
The true man wants two things: danger and play. Therefore he wants shitposting    07/14/20  (1)
Swedish politician calls for Greta Thunberg statue to replace Charles XII statue    07/14/20  (23)
everyone's poasting all moderate and intellectual now they think cnn's here lmao    07/14/20  (10)
Rate this 1897 quote on American conservatism    07/14/20  (152)
the most prestigious Choosing to Live As Gay Men discussion board in the world    07/14/20  (2)
"Self Care for Black Journalists" (NYT)    07/14/20  (1)
Based black dude records BLM (mostly whites) protesting people eating dinner (li    07/14/20  (13)
The most preftigious Ted Kaczynski disciple message board in the world    07/14/20  (1)
all the bort psychos are libs. hth.    07/14/20  (5)
*Tucker searching for fishmo to replace Charles*    07/14/20  (5)
Kate Upton did "artistic" nude photo shoot at 14 (link)    07/14/20  (26)
Any "social safety net" proponents post here?    07/14/20  (14)
CNN on xo: “The *mostly* non-racist website...” (link)    07/14/20  (1)
The leaker was Arkan/Opera Soprano    07/14/20  (44)
I'm tired of libs ruining everything & taking everything from me    07/14/20  (3)
lol at xo rookies relying on 'search' and not having 100s of threads bookmarked    07/14/20  (7)
Treaty of Breezewood completely undone by Oliver's arrival on the Lots    07/14/20  (9)
Charles XII: Read This    07/14/20  (1)
places thinkpad on viking boat, sets it on fire, shoves it off to sea    07/14/20  (5)
After spate of gun violence, black leaders ask NYPD to undisband anti-crime unit    07/14/20  (16)
Every day, I drink one beer and eat one clove of raw garlic.    07/14/20  (9)
i for one think more poasters need to embrace cancel button culture    07/14/20  (1)
luis is sponsored by bonobos on the pga tour but he doesnt even play    07/14/20  (3)
POLL: if we were to identify responsible poster with say 90% certainty    07/14/20  (22)
not flame everything went to shit ever since we sent a probe out to pluto    07/14/20  (4)
RACH PLEASE UNBAN MY IP    07/14/20  (10)
Rach u should edit a bunch of random poasts. Give every1 plausible deniability    07/14/20  (3)
Cook County - Courtroom 100 - Leighton    07/14/20  (2)
pen cock    07/14/20  (1)
It literally took a media shakedown to get North Atlantid to stop poasting    07/14/20  (3)
KS Rep submits 28th amendment: "...and freedom from the consequences of that spe    07/14/20  (3)
I stand here totally nude, draped in crystals, ready to take down ZOG    07/14/20  (63)
*Oliver Darcy draining a trucker's balls like a Capri Sun pouch*    07/14/20  (3)
home movies of u and j shad posting    07/14/20  (10)
You better wiiiiise uuuup, Bari Weiss    07/14/20  (1)
Oliver Darcy is a hypocrite, racist, anti-immigrant, transphobic phony    07/14/20  (5)
Best place to get legit healing crystals?    07/14/20  (11)
rach sitting at his desk staring at a panel full of unactivated poaster powers    07/14/20  (3)
he still posts luis threads    07/14/20  (1)
Sometimes I think about rach's big jew dick, not gonna lie    07/14/20  (2)
Biden: "And they had this one story about a kid from the Congo. Jet black. And h    07/14/20  (29)
I would have paid Alisyn Camerota to call me "sooo disgusting and vile"    07/14/20  (6)
20% of xo and 80% of the interweb misunderstood the asian doctor comment    07/14/20  (4)
Bari Weiss stuff is great. Hard leftists are like: Fuck zionist jews. LMAOOOO    07/14/20  (1)
I invested 20k into a Chinese company today. Feel bad about it but    07/14/20  (3)
“In Trump Country, Critical Shortages of Essential Oils & Healing Crystals”    07/14/20  (11)
charles outting was the media moving the fridge and finding a bunch of roaches    07/14/20  (1)
Reminder: XO was disparaged by literal TLS Oliver Darcy of CNN    07/14/20  (3)
dude assfaggot literally never posted anything bad or hateful    07/14/20  (1)
All Charles has to do is get Lasik from a black guy for 50% off    07/14/20  (2)
2 fully stocked zeppelin carriers doing battle in north sea    07/14/20  (16)
are 3d women superior to 2d women? discuss.    07/14/20  (1)
EXCLUSIVE: US College Entrance Exam Board Gets China Cash to Push Propaganda (li    07/14/20  (1)
Newsom just shut down all of LA county again. (link)    07/14/20  (39)
WaPo: TikTok doesnt share data w/China, you're just xenophobic (link)    07/14/20  (1)
Charles had to be surrounded by conservaheros. How did they find him?    07/14/20  (3)
i ordered my christmas herms early this year :)    07/14/20  (12)
Attention new viewers of XO: please enjoy your time here & make sure to register    07/14/20  (13)
Need to stop looking at stuff stuffs getting scary really scary    07/14/20  (1)
Attention old returning poasters: Stay here and return to poasting. We missed u.    07/14/20  (14)
Local Indian Manlet Found Castrated, Gagged With Own Genitals (link)    07/14/20  (1)
Don Lemon to Anderson Cooper: "Oliver Darcy? What a fag."    07/14/20  (3)
herm donor    07/14/20  (18)
C.D.C. Employees Ask Agency to Address ‘Racism and Discrimination’    07/14/20  (1)
Spectre of jet black congo nigger ophthalmologist haunting you for life    07/14/20  (1)
Freedom loving patriot enraged about mask-shaming, stabs Maskmo (link)    07/14/20  (1)
not flame just found a saved j shad snap memo about tax restructuring from 2017    07/14/20  (36)
itt: only pictures of sandwiches    07/14/20  (52)
Not flame I dated someone very well connected to the Hillary campaign    07/14/20  (5)
Roosh compares America to the Gulag Archipellago    07/14/20  (7)
How are 8-18 year olds taking not going back to school this year?    07/14/20  (1)
They talked about Chuck on Cumtown on Sunday    07/14/20  (3)
XO believes in "freedom of expression." I express myself by saying NIGGER.    07/14/20  (1)
What's up with Parler needing your fucking phone number?    07/14/20  (1)
Women simply get too much social credit conferred upon them for towing lib line    07/14/20  (2)
I'm a GREEDY LITTLE SEARCH PIG rooting around for n-threads    07/14/20  (2)
*CNN headquarters trashed by BLM* CNN: "We stand with you!"    07/14/20  (1)
crazy how in developed countries puberty starts early & reproduction starts late    07/14/20  (1)
"Oliver, why are there 30 Mack Trucks circling the parking lot?" (CNN exec)    07/14/20  (5)
Only CR path at this point is to life in rural Wisconsin with WFH telework job    07/14/20  (22)
cock diaspora    07/14/20  (4)
Oliver Darcy at CNN interview* "oh my, sorry for the cum fart, I..." *barfs cum*    07/14/20  (8)
Trucker: "Hey, don't you work for CNN" Oliver: *lifts head* "yes but I like this    07/14/20  (4)
idea: rotating calendar of poasters in different themed poses (space, fishing &c    07/14/20  (4)
Peterman: "Yo lemme get the bathroom key.....wait, Oliver!!?!"    07/14/20  (3)
Suddenly during the Victorian era, english men started growing beards, mustaches    07/14/20  (3)
Nice cup and handle pattern forming in LINK...handle is taking shape    07/14/20  (1)
ITT: a medal of Charles XII    07/14/20  (2)
anyone retiring now is a fag & liar and will be back in a week    07/14/20  (3)
IcarusXII: "Just got Daedalus to say 'sweet treats,' gonna fly high now    07/14/20  (12)
Arkansas Sugar Daddy Judge Has Sex With Young Mothers for A Few Grand    07/14/20  (5)
*twitch* *twitch* *grimace* *twitch* oh don't worry that's just acp    07/14/20  (4)
MSNBC shocked that 5 top pediatricians say kids should go back to school (link)    07/14/20  (39)
free lawline (online cle) 1 year subscription for clients of Cooley LLP    07/14/20  (2)
SEXUALIZE | C** | WRITERS    07/14/20  (1)
c12 probably DID want validation, I think that's why he flew so close to sun    07/14/20  (3)
"New girls.." guffaw Peterman & DrakeMallard, as Oliver gags on the RigPig's hog    07/14/20  (7)
I love the law but it is inherently servile    07/14/20  (19)
Peterman teaching Oliver D how to do a Sprite Enema in a CNN bathroom stall    07/14/20  (7)
Retiring. I'll miss all of you.    07/14/20  (62)
Oliver Darcy making “outcalls” in CNN office mens room    07/14/20  (6)
"We know how this ends" sigh Doobs & Peterman as Oliver turbosluts through dicks    07/14/20  (3)
Peterman & DM showing Oliver how to apply Anusol with a corndog    07/14/20  (2)
A quick statement before tonight’s Television Show    07/14/20  (87)
What if poaster started sexualizing O.D. from C**?    07/14/20  (1)
Oliver Darcy being passed around by 17 beefy cholos in a barn    07/14/20  (5)
Above the Law takes potshot at xo, blames us for disabling ATL cmnts (link)    07/14/20  (11)
Someone bump this thread to PROVE I was not banned as the mean quotemo said    07/14/20  (8)
i dont understand why liberals only value the lives of certain races    07/14/20  (6)
n o w you'll r e m e m b e r your b a p t i s m    07/14/20  (6)
Oliver Darcy: “I never take off my skates, and don’t come in my mouth”    07/14/20  (12)
j shad on ghb wearing acid wash cutoff jorts at obscure indie music festival    07/14/20  (9)
"Can I at least have my pants back?" sobbed Oliver Darcy on the CNN toilet floor    07/14/20  (6)
If you can SEE THIS THREAD know I loved you ALL so much! (acp)    07/14/20  (3)
I trained under Katyal in law center. Have tremendous respect for his genius    07/14/20  (2)
Go Back To Israel.    07/14/20  (1)
You can now only communicate in thread titles. Enjoy!    07/14/20  (3)
just had the most 180 handrolled cig    07/14/20  (1)
Can I still poast a thread here?    07/14/20  (1)
IS IT DOWN    07/14/20  (1)
Coen Brothers films really like to mock dumb white people    07/14/20  (19)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 NIGGER 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    07/14/20  (14)
Literally everyone is just driving around with no license plate these days    07/14/20  (1)
Oliver Darcy's Beady, Cum-Crazed Eyes Peering into your Window    07/14/20  (1)
pure blank bump threads are even better now. u can just lol a random monikers    07/14/20  (2)
genesis, exodus, leviticus, business, deuteronomy    07/14/20  (3)
why wont rach accept $$$$$ from us greedy pay pigs    07/14/20  (1)
Neal Katyal temporarily joining Minn. AG to PROSECUTE OFFICERS! WTF??    07/14/20  (19)
boomers are the most supine, cowardly pieces of shit to ever live    07/14/20  (11)
Rach I searched "nigger" and then search stopped working    07/14/20  (2)
faggyfaggotfag tp, first day here    07/14/20  (3)
h ryder @ bottom of her class @ Boalt spending ENTIRE TIME sugar babying    07/14/20  (1)
I can't remember the name of the female poster re: herm, she was in CA    07/14/20  (4)
rach GIVETH me search then TAKETH away search    07/14/20  (1)
new evidence suggests herms were just normal statues that lost limbs    07/14/20  (7)
Tucker is going to throw Charles under the bus completely    07/14/20  (142)
Tucker should have opened the show with the story of the murdered white woman    07/14/20  (13)
niggers = 💩    07/14/20  (6)
COVID has really got everyone on edge    07/14/20  (10)
Rudolph, out of retirement for 30 minutes before retiring for GOOD. Once and for    07/14/20  (28)
spritezero can I please have oral sex with your engorged penis    07/14/20  (1)
herm mindset    07/14/20  (4)
To: herm From: herm Subject: herm Body: none    07/14/20  (78)
a group of herms is called a "hermitage"    07/14/20  (11)
the wind cries "google herm"    07/14/20  (20)
a chicken in every pot and a herm in every foyer    07/14/20  (9)
Imagine it's 2013 and CNN writers are trying to understand acp    07/14/20  (1)
Chainlink $8 watch    07/14/20  (8)

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