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$1 million, but you have to read 20 Upset Jew threads/day for rest of your life    09/24/20  (92)
LMFAO at biglolyers    09/24/20  (6)
your future breastless wife w/ 2 huge Texas Chainsaw Massacre scars across chest    09/24/20  (1)
Just started in-house, realizing I’ve made a huge mistake    09/24/20  (61)
"What if Trump wins but still won't concede? Five scholars weigh in" (NYT)    09/24/20  (9)
Atlanta Strippers cut Voter Awareness ad - Get ur Booty to the Poll    09/24/20  (8)
Ppl have it wrong, experiencing racism is PRIVILEGE of attending private school    09/24/20  (2)
Voodoo Child is a really 180 poster    09/24/20  (18)
100% Proof of Deep State. TRUMPMOs were on this from the beginning.    09/24/20  (6)
Oh look, the Wells Fargo guy apologized    09/24/20  (3)
the Official TMF back 2 biglaw watch thread    09/24/20  (828)
BLM protestor sets fire to RBG lying in repose    09/24/20  (4)
Ginsburg "non-responsive" at DC townhouse (breaking)    09/24/20  (17)
How do people still eat yellow mustard on sandwiches after trying Grey Poupon?    09/24/20  (14)
Alternate universe Conor Clapton is a tatted up, overweight junkie    09/24/20  (4)
Seriously the black community has a massive pot problem    09/24/20  (1)
reminder: Eric Clapton anonymously funded Casey Anthony's legal defense    09/24/20  (3)
Eric Clapton drop-kicking his small child out of 80th-floor highrise window    09/24/20  (5)
simcreator on anthony weiner storyline: yeah just make his name weiner lol    09/24/20  (1)
just saw a hot chick in yoga pants taking off her top w/ her big tits busting ou    09/24/20  (17)
Why do Bodega owners have so many products in their shops? 90% of it never sells    09/24/20  (6)
Cocaine Mitch has 51. It's over libs.    09/24/20  (123)
Heather McDonald goes there re black crime rates    09/24/20  (71)
*RBG exhumed night of Biden's election, posed 'Weekend at Bernie's ' style*    09/24/20  (1)
Schumer in 2007: we will not allow GWB to appoint another Supreme Court justice    09/24/20  (6)
Black males: 6% of the population. 40% of cop-killers.    09/24/20  (33)
always cracks me up when women leave entire dating lives on facebook    09/24/20  (2)
'The Firm' reboot but it's about Trump/Melania and Mossad is the 'firm'    09/24/20  (1)
Check out this trailer for the new IFNB TV show coming out on Netflix    09/24/20  (2)
“I only take injured clients” *advises client in 2 mph crash to get epidural    09/24/20  (8)
LOL at Joni Erst. Behind in the polls and now will face this ad.    09/24/20  (2)
Is this instagram woman subtle enough?    09/24/20  (22)
can any libs give us an update on the #metoo movement?    09/24/20  (1)
*Trump cranks up FOX news on TV* *whispers in your ear* 'The Jews can hear us..'    09/24/20  (1)
"no record" of Colbert Election Special-- colbert denies he ever did one    09/24/20  (7)
Crazy how you can just assume the opposite of whatever "news" says is "true"    09/24/20  (22)
Nirvana - Some Think this is Gay.mp3    09/24/20  (6)
Wanna know how easy it is to trick the general public?    09/24/20  (1)
RATE this Seattle bike cop riding over a protestor’s head    09/24/20  (51)
RATE this Seattle second-wave grunge chick with cute perky tits & a hairy pussy    09/24/20  (1)
"Alt-right fake news site targets Sotomayor with 'Sbarro' story"    09/24/20  (8)
Sotomayor recusing herself from worker's comp case Rodriguez v. Sbarro, LLC    09/24/20  (2)
white house crawling with jews, jewish wiretaps, Trump's daughter is a jew    09/24/20  (3)
chuckling about cslg as i write check for obscene auto insurance premium    09/24/20  (3)
What will we do when all the guys who understand how power plants work are dead?    09/24/20  (31)
Can you imagine a Biden White House? POTUS calling it a day at 9 am.    09/24/20  (9)
Israel busted nut all over the White House    09/24/20  (3)
Amazing how quickly Tom Brady destroyed his legacy.    09/24/20  (8)
Chill MTA bros cracking beers, watching TV under subway tracks. Biglawyers sleep    09/24/20  (1)
Why are people in the DMV area so risk averse    09/24/20  (3)
Why would Sotomeyer still work at Sbarro's now that she's on the Supreme Court?    09/24/20  (6)
i feel like boomer men never caught on about how women's personalities age    09/24/20  (1)
In VC, taking Questions    09/24/20  (169)
who is this scuzzball 'Chad Wolf'    09/24/20  (1)
Is it true you can fuck big assed milfs in mall changing rooms like in Bad Santa    09/24/20  (5)
Ever see a naked woman through a window?    09/24/20  (41)
Sotomayor training Ocasio-Cortez at Sbarro "just until" her 1st congress paychec    09/24/20  (16)
"Do You Drink Beer At Sbarro, Justice Sotomayor?"    09/24/20  (5)
Ocasio-Cortez changing from her pencil skirt to her Sbarro uniform    09/24/20  (17)
The bengals of 1985 were vastly superior to the bengals of today    09/24/20  (3)
the tightness of an anus, the looseness of a vagina, the warmth of an eye socket    09/24/20  (1)
dire dire docks theme playing as xo poster rides a bike to a pub    09/24/20  (2)
One Weird Trick: Trump campaign plans to have red state legis pick electors    09/24/20  (16)
CDC releases new IFR estimates - WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE    09/24/20  (7)
So is BTC basically like Tech stock    09/24/20  (2)
Jared Kushner's speed dial leaked: #1- Mossad #2- Ivanka #3- Loeb's Deli    09/24/20  (9)
I do more in 6 months than most people do before breakfast    09/24/20  (1)
Sotomayor eating 2nd jumbo burrito: "I just signed your death warrant..."    09/24/20  (14)
Sotomayor: "There are sandwich artists now, I used to be one"    09/24/20  (6)
Kavanaugh asking Sotomayor to let him use her Sbarros employee discount    09/24/20  (2)
I earned $450 before lunch today. You?    09/24/20  (5)
Sotomayor trying to explain to Kavanaugh that Sbarro doesn't carry Natty Ice    09/24/20  (2)
Kavanaugh turns his "Uber Eats" sign on and bumps into Sotomayor at Sbarro    09/24/20  (8)
*burritofart* (Sotomayor, J. dissent incoherently from the judgment)    09/24/20  (19)
Roberts telling Sotomayor that Scalia went to live on a farm    09/24/20  (46)
Kavanaugh drunk as fuck grinding up on Sotomayor to celebrate Nats win    09/24/20  (8)
Does legendary Salo Forum poster, Thomas777, really work for the FBI?    09/24/20  (17)
"Mr. Chief Justice, ju pay me double-time if I do my work & Ruth's?" (Sotomayor)    09/24/20  (4)
Simpsons comic book guy character doesn't even make sense anymore    09/24/20  (1)
Any good modern video games similar to Metal Gear Solid 3    09/24/20  (15)
The bagels of 1985 were vastly superior to the bagels of today    09/24/20  (12)
If a girl in the building across from u disrobes invitation to take ur cock out?    09/24/20  (1)
Major Trump accomplishments: trans rights and BLM police reform    09/24/20  (28)
The State Department, EPA, and VA are moving forward with CRT training against    09/24/20  (11)
Trump Campaign Actively Discussing Radical Measures To Bypass Election Results    09/24/20  (59)
Trump visits RBG casket, crowd shows surprising deference to the POTUS    09/24/20  (27)
TRUMP signs executive order banning Critical Race Theory from all funding.    09/24/20  (123)
Imagine someone with an XO type personality being a Cruise Director    09/24/20  (5)
How badly will libs cry when Roe v Wade is FUCKING DONE HERE    09/24/20  (38)
great thread    09/24/20  (3)
Thomas clerk under fire for RBG “statute of repose” joke (Slate)    09/24/20  (2)
The Night A Mysterious Drone Swarm Descended On Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant    09/24/20  (1)
Just downloaded Crusader Kings 3 bros is this gonna be any good    09/24/20  (38)
sotomayor + 2 nieces making some extra $ cleaning out rbg's chambers    09/24/20  (13)
"After we ban Abortion, they will be SO many MORE Blacks! 180 MAGA!"- Trumpcucks    09/24/20  (3)
Said a brief was "Goat POTUS" to biglaw partner. How fucked    09/24/20  (2)
Well, looks like Benzo hung a shingle.    09/24/20  (82)
*neighbor saying "woah thats a hot take!" while u yell racisms & do sieg heils*    09/24/20  (106)
Peterman: "They used to call me 'rice', because I'm done in a minute"    09/24/20  (1)
Jet black Congo niggers with bloodshot eyes hopped up on TuTu    09/24/20  (11)
Mild dull ache after I CUM on the right side, what explains this    09/24/20  (10)
what lunatics still think schools should be closed    09/24/20  (6)
Bam! Corona has 0.06% death rate, lower than flu. Who deserves to be executed 1s    09/24/20  (81)
tbf, 'xoxohth.com' looks like a porn site    09/24/20  (1)
Bad news Trumpmos: ACB was in a cult    09/24/20  (39)
Doobsian condom-recycling scheme resold over 300k used condoms in Vietnam (link)    09/24/20  (5)
All “Critical Theory” means is “Race/Identity Communism”    09/24/20  (18)
senior partner calling u a "superhero" after seeing ur 24 hour weekend billables    09/24/20  (1)
Are the stripes on H1B turd polo shirts like Scottish tartan on kilts    09/24/20  (1)
#SouthernRockTikTok    09/24/20  (3)
"i know :( she was a legit super hero... hike this weekend, in her honor? :)"    09/24/20  (23)
State of Alabama CFB bitter rivals playing tonite that's right Blazers @ Jaguars    09/24/20  (5)
Lemme get this straight. "Yeah?" Your penis was out & came? "Yeah."    09/24/20  (1)
A man in San Francisco mugged. He stole my purse and threw away the money.    09/24/20  (1)
You know why Trump is so crazy about being re-elected, right?    09/24/20  (9)
Shitty N64 camera panning around pixelated luis as he walks thru panda express    09/24/20  (5)
FYI you should have bought bank stocks today    09/24/20  (8)
Wasn't there a poaster who was extremely accurate about Trump winning?    09/24/20  (12)
Bush Lied, People Died    09/24/20  (3)
Nadler just shat himself on stage with Pelosi (vid)    09/24/20  (50)
Reminder: Biden is literally nearly senile    09/24/20  (4)
Black woman attacked by men wielding lighter fluid, racial slurs    09/24/20  (1)
Gallons of pent-up penis cum blocked by three small bugs at the urethral opening    09/24/20  (2)
So much money to be made in crypto rn    09/24/20  (2)
ah nice dude that's sick that u live in europe    09/24/20  (2)
Why does Rudolph do the lisp thing    09/24/20  (1)
just being gay and shit    09/24/20  (5)
How Israel Was Busted Nuking Yemen    09/24/20  (1)
I don't like jazz but it's actually pretty cool when you're in new orleans drunk    09/24/20  (3)
Ah, Europe. Interesting.    09/24/20  (1)
Did you guys ever hear about the huge gun ban that happened in canada this year?    09/24/20  (2)
today's goal: four (4) sexual predator charges    09/24/20  (1)
Dr. Birx predicts up to 200,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths    09/24/20  (4)
What is the XO consensus on JULIUS CAESAR?    09/24/20  (51)
Can you hate humanity and still be a nice guy    09/24/20  (7)
Tulsa to Bay Area resident: "We'll pay you $10,000 to move here." Guess results.    09/24/20  (1)
Any good videos of soccer moms getting tazed for mouthing off to police?    09/24/20  (2)
Started signing my e-mails "Mr. [LAST NAME]"    09/24/20  (4)
I've Never Been More Worried About American Democracy Than I Am Right Now (Slate    09/24/20  (2)
"he's a real go-getter, you know? a thing-doer, a sex-haver..."    09/24/20  (27)
het cis straight top explaining why all women should have dicks tp    09/24/20  (3)
Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020    09/24/20  (16)
pretty insane how openly and brazenly shitlib drudge is now    09/24/20  (3)
Everything is dumb and gay now    09/24/20  (17)
Sex is absurd and sex-havers deserve ridicule.    09/24/20  (2)
"let this moment radicalize you," coos AOC giving u furious handjob    09/24/20  (3)
That Hoe Owes Tax    09/24/20  (3)
FBI links 'anti-feminist' activist suspected of killing judge's son with second    09/24/20  (1)

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