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But did he die to death?    12/01/20  (3)
TSINAH - I will ship 8 tons of Girl Scout cookies to ur home if you retire    12/01/20  (9)
A new Soviet sniper rifle for the 20s    12/01/20  (10)
Girls are wearing QR codes on their swimsuits now that link to their instagram (    12/01/20  (14)
covid checkpoints in nyc announced, blockchain qr code tats coming.    12/01/20  (4)
An elderly gentleman sits on a park bench, a QR code tattooed on his wrist    12/01/20  (6)
Are you guys buying options?    12/01/20  (5)
I hope spaceporn jr isn’t getting raped by an acorn dick right now    12/01/20  (11)
me and luis starting sex with men for money site OnlyFags    12/01/20  (14)
Kemp needs to resign his governorship for electoral fraud    12/01/20  (1)
I dont know what to do with my $    12/01/20  (29)
bart ehrman - a screeching banshee who renounced his faith b/c his wife dumped h    12/01/20  (13)
Do I have this right? Forced COVID vaccine also makes you get a tattoo?    12/01/20  (2)
What’s the Definitive Civil War 1.0 Rifle and Handgun Starter Combo    12/01/20  (7)
FUCK, what is wrong with this world!!!    12/01/20  (3)
christcucks please tell me youve read/listened to bart ehrman    12/01/20  (32)
doing 2L externship at scholarship's law hype house    12/01/20  (5)
Bart Ehrman is extremely thought provoking    12/01/20  (21)
Costco has some amazing TV deals rn jfc    12/01/20  (4)
Bart Ehrman is really whinny    12/01/20  (11)
Green Day Hitchin a Ride plays as you load up zozo after long absence    12/01/20  (1)
xo2008: big gov. job for President elect. xo2020: TSINAH is a genetic defect.    12/01/20  (1)
PSA: Anglo-Saxon is the only 180, credited race.    12/01/20  (9)
Someone put some Oreos under a box and wait for TSINAH    12/01/20  (3)
Bart Ehrman became an atheist when his wife left him    12/01/20  (5)
NYUUG is the faggot who has been poasting bizarre shit about my son.    12/01/20  (110)
Peace out tom kike u know where to find me if u ever need me    12/01/20  (1)
Juice Wrld    12/01/20  (1)
Who are you supposed to root for at the end of Creed 2?    12/01/20  (1)
XO poster cucked by trans gf:    12/01/20  (1)
AMAZING NEW THREAD: More awful, xo posters vs. real life villains    12/01/20  (94)
Fermi Paradox isn’t a paradox    12/01/20  (8)
God damn Theosophy is garbage    12/01/20  (3)
Is xo team Fuentes or team Spencer?    12/01/20  (18)
Just got back from an amazing first date (TSINAH)    12/01/20  (162)
What happened to the poaster who flew to Richmond?    12/01/20  (1)
sorry babe, you'll have to check out tapas place alone--vaccines are tyranny    12/01/20  (1)
Maximum IQ to believe elections are stolen when your candidate loses?    12/01/20  (2)
Obama hastily hiding his beer can at 7am as Michelle walks down stairs    12/01/20  (57)
Michelle texting Obama Craigslist legal ads as he sleeps on a bed of beer cans    12/01/20  (16)
Who here is prepared to reject the COVID "vaccine" and face the consequences?    12/01/20  (10)
tmnt style beat em up game, but you’re sp jr trying to get to the korean embas    12/01/20  (20)
IT'S FUCKING OVER. PA, AZ, GA, MI, NV, WI = certified, ALL of them    12/01/20  (7)
How do you pronounce TSINAH?    12/01/20  (47)
TRUMPMOS: why didnt Trump try harder to win? he's working harder now to steal it    12/01/20  (5)
IQ test: what's heavier, a pound of ice cream or a pound of gold?    12/01/20  (6)
National Review: Trump a disgraceful loser, a liar polluting US discourse (link)    12/01/20  (4)
Just a hit 100 pages on my dissertation    12/01/20  (10)
Obama slipping quarters into Pizza Hut TMNT game. Michelle texts "where pizza at    12/01/20  (132)
barack:"michelle u still in the shower? what is this, uh, gorillas in the mist?"    12/01/20  (105)
Watched 20 mins of Pikachu Detective movie, converting to Islam now    12/01/20  (2)
Biden’s Top 3 SECEF candidates on defense contractor boards    12/01/20  (20)
Jogger in Massachusetts town giving out random Diversity naps    12/01/20  (22)
12217 Gayton Station Blvd, Henrico, VA    12/01/20  (97)
Giants are in first place. Tom Brady is not. Odd case    12/01/20  (1)
33 million Americans worth $1.3M or more. What's your excuse faggot?    12/01/20  (97)
Major Applewhite starting tonight for Philly    12/01/20  (9)
What happened to that Richard Spencer guy?    12/01/20  (71)
Non-racist here. Really getting sick of commercials that are 60% black    12/01/20  (7)
I’m going to get an Xbox, PlayStation and COVID vaccine for Christmas    12/01/20  (1)
Lol wow Rudolph is really an Indian    12/01/20  (16)
I mean, I’m definitely getting the vaccine    12/01/20  (2)
Can someone explain recent phenomenon of governors have sign interpreters    12/01/20  (7)
How difficult would it be to fake a vaccine verification for bars/planes?    12/01/20  (4)
Has anyone tried the Eight Sleep Mattress or Mattress cover?    12/01/20  (2)
Vince looks pretty bad (video)    12/01/20  (1)
Biden adviser: would like to have "40 to 50" new ME wars up and going next year    12/01/20  (1)
why are people on reddit buying BOTH a playstation and xbox    12/01/20  (4)
this world has turned into some really messed up garbage    12/01/20  (4)
Now they figured out how to rig elections, might as well give Hillary a chance    12/01/20  (2)
"I'm an Australian trumptard" cried whokebe as the new president was announced    12/01/20  (7)
THIS WORLD IS A FRAUD    12/01/20  (7)
Rating posters as sorority girls doing dumb things at your party    12/01/20  (46)
judges think it's cool to scream at defense attorneys in civil litigation    12/01/20  (5)
Prediction: cases 'explode' SURGE post Thksgivg, used to justify extended lockdo    12/01/20  (69)
rate Trump’s chances in 2024    12/01/20  (9)
The Guardian: Since election night, President Trump has had 53 Big Macs (receipt    12/01/20  (3)
Don't know what this world is coming to Brothers    12/01/20  (6)
No real alternative to liberal democracy in this world, bros    12/01/20  (5)
don't you find this world a sick and odd place?    12/01/20  (3)
So Biden will be in a walking boot on Inauguration Day?    12/01/20  (7)
Lost all respect for my BIL (going through breakup)    12/01/20  (8)
After this puppy accident Biden won't be appearing in public for a while again?    12/01/20  (7)
5 minutes into new borat movie and it's just snarky anti trump jokes    12/01/20  (8)
So Henry Aaron keeps calling Rudolph Indian to distract from his whale fucking?    12/01/20  (2)
Hilarious that a fat chick spends hours/day wine drunk poasting here    12/01/20  (2)
Fuck you. Im going to club. Fuck whitey. Fuck this world. TURDSK    12/01/20  (15)
Is it prole to use prepaid cell services?    12/01/20  (4)
Biden's imaginary "win" is like some kind of sick prank    12/01/20  (6)
someone needs to drop a fucking DIME on spaceporn to the VA Bar    11/30/20  (11)
Shitlibs why are you so confident mRNA vaccine will have no long-term effects?    11/30/20  (4)
Not into conspiracies. Biden won.But really don't trust electronic voting/reader    11/30/20  (7)
China = land of total LAWCUCKS: ppl who can't even CONCEIVE of rights under law    11/30/20  (8)
So u just TALK to women until they fuck u?    11/30/20  (88)
no point in following news if an election can be stolen so blatantly    11/30/20  (6)
I am totally confused re: DBG/Rasqie drama    11/30/20  (89)
Tomorrow is going to be the HIGHEST US COVID-19 death day EVAH.    11/30/20  (1)
When would you decide to go to the hospital if you got the CHINK VIRUS    11/30/20  (8)
Hey Trumpmos. LOL Trump lost. Will never be POTUS again. EAT SHIT.    11/30/20  (9)
Salient Political Issues by Clique    11/30/20  (3)
Millennial wife tests her husband on the books she's read (vid)    11/30/20  (3)
Iceland -- 99% White -- zero cases of Wuhan Chink Virus. Coincidence?    11/30/20  (26)
First day I haven't felt anxious about chink virus in weeks    11/30/20  (5)
I honestly think that people like myself, who are immune to COVID    11/30/20  (8)
Assholes Philly TOOK DOWN: King George, Tom Brady, Donald Trump, Santa,    11/30/20  (42)
"democracy"    11/30/20  (1)
LOL Trumpmos. The FUCKING LINES in Philly today are HUGE. Lots of BLACK faces.    11/30/20  (52)
"elections"    11/30/20  (3)
So China was so mad at Trump that they tanked the economy with Chink virus?    11/30/20  (5)
Going to do hand quote marks whenever I talk about “Joe” “Biden”    11/30/20  (8)
I remember a few years ago like all the guys here were on steroids, now it's lik    11/30/20  (2)
whole Biden "thing" seems fake    11/30/20  (8)
Mexican barely speaks English clears $240k per year doing concrete staining ljl@    11/30/20  (8)
So Trump tried to have Biden injured while playing with puppy? SICK FUCK    11/30/20  (1)
It finally got through Trump's thick fucking head. He acknowledges he LOST.    11/30/20  (14)
Alex Trebek telling BARBARO in HELL that he got it wrong because it wasn't in    11/30/20  (3)
Math MFEs/Statistics MASTERMEN/STEM dood cum ITT:    11/30/20  (5)
Hm Spaceporn has been quiet yet SomeOtherGhost posting up a storm    11/30/20  (10)
chalmers come here bro    11/30/20  (10)
Which poster is "SomeOtherGhost" he really sucks bad    11/30/20  (47)
1998: Blockbuster bans Henry Aaron after Free Willy comes back covered in cum    11/30/20  (5)
Saw a shy Trump voter today in back of pickup waving 10 foot long US flag    11/30/20  (19)
Hey Rach, for real now, get rid of this Henry Aaron faggot. He is a board cancer    11/30/20  (10)
*Henry Aaron handed his multiday pass to Sea World* "Ohhhh Libs are so Fucked!"    11/30/20  (7)
Further proof ITT that SomeOtherGhost is Spaceporn    11/30/20  (42)
OHLSdude: how many times do you get up to pee per night    11/30/20  (8)
"U libs are DONE now!" Henry Aaron shrieks as he's airlifted onto whale's dick    11/30/20  (116)
watch bobby piton's testimony before it gets scrubbed (link)    11/30/20  (1)
12217 Gayson Rapin’ Blvd, HenryAaron, VA    11/30/20  (21)
How awesome was Southern California during the 80s?    11/30/20  (2)
Bigger 1 win loser? NY Jets or Donald J. Trump?    11/30/20  (2)
*SomeOtherGhost earnestly asking questions about Spaceporn in subthread*    11/30/20  (2)
The sad thing about SomeOtherGhost is that he’s a much worse poster than SP    11/30/20  (36)
Spaceporn has been shitpoasting up a storm lately. SomeOtherGhost absent...    11/30/20  (15)
Did spaceporn just completely give up on the SomeOtherGhost moniker?    11/30/20  (12)
Hey borders, I have a prediction *checks calculator* ur gonna be a fag forever    11/30/20  (1)
Kamala Harris is a real life Frank Underwood, even with half the IQ    11/30/20  (12)
Israel Ranked 3rd Safest Country In World For Chink Virus, USA #58, Swiss #1    11/30/20  (17)
Please email me at xoxosptp@yahoo.com if you have info concerning IRL HA and wan    11/30/20  (110)
Has Sweden's no lockdown strategy failed?    11/30/20  (48)
Rudolph drenched in aqua di gio and buttfucking PDDJ, why?    11/30/20  (2)
"we need another luis & Ricky chill seshhhh"    11/30/20  (3)
Live off of women in MFH?    11/30/20  (5)
Reasonable hourly rate for local counsel in small-mid sized city?    11/30/20  (13)
Absolutely despicable Ritz cracker TV ad with trannies having Friendsgiving inst    11/30/20  (9)
Worst fight ever with my wife. I'm now staying at my parents.    11/30/20  (214)
Covid vaccine passport for air travel already here (link) not flame    11/30/20  (19)

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