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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
MSNBC says, without evidence, Trump has ‘financial tie’ to hydroxychloroquin    04/06/20  (22)
At day6 post-inclusion, 70% of hydroxychloroquine-treated patients were    04/06/20  (60)
Thi$ i$ all a laughable fraud..I will never wear a ma$k, Condom or a glove    04/06/20  (5)
Stock market literally makes no sense    04/06/20  (3)
FFVII Remake getting trash reviews    04/06/20  (32)
Navarro vs Fauci debate exploding in lib FB.    04/06/20  (3)
Government death estimates revised WAY down. Virusbadmos blown out    04/06/20  (115)
⚖ ‘Scared to Death’ by Arbitration: Companies Drowning in Their Own System    04/06/20  (14)
PoliSci Shitheads Vindicated: qualified to disagree with drs on KungFlu (link)    04/06/20  (4)
im butt gay    04/06/20  (2)
DBG is a US citizen with Palestinian grandparents allowed to enter Israel?    04/06/20  (4)
4/6 predict: US COVID deaths won't top 1,500/day, total won't get above 25,000.    04/06/20  (2)
woman: "...that 1 friend of urs...u said he's gay & stupid & poor. Is he single?    04/06/20  (50)
bumping GOLD all the way to $2,000 from $1,330    04/06/20  (108)
So the federal reserve's job is to temporarily prop up stock prices?    04/06/20  (13)
Why have we not been visited by aliens    04/06/20  (9)
Most interesting rivalries in tech?    04/06/20  (44)
one of my best buddies just got popped for cheating    04/06/20  (51)
Rate the 4 games I just installed on my new gaming desktop PC    04/06/20  (14)
Reminder: There's a ~40 year old man taking Propecia behind the "Kamala" schtick    04/06/20  (66)
In college, if I was drinking 10+ beers a day, it was because I was fucking part    04/06/20  (23)
I wonder if TT ever imagined what his life would resort to    04/06/20  (42)
Wait there's a PS5 coming. Modern video games are hella intimidating    04/06/20  (26)
did earl really suggest that people leave 2-3 yr olds at home alone for 4 hours?    04/06/20  (3)
They aren't using the fed hospitals, and now looking to use staff for backfill    04/06/20  (1)
Absolutely fucking terrifying coronavirus story from 33yo NBA D-league bro:    04/06/20  (32)
ITT: You poast your current golf swing ⛳    04/06/20  (63)
Are psychological analyses of dreams real or bullshit?    04/06/20  (35)
Farhad Manjoo should be referred to the Hague for his January Op-Ed    04/06/20  (4)
FoxNews should be held criminally liable for coronavirus coverage    04/06/20  (9)
Biden leads Trump by 6 in Florida. Trumpmos committing suicide.    04/06/20  (1)
Wife's boomer parents won't help with out kids bc we might give them COVID-19    04/06/20  (200)
The death rate hasn't actually increased and we're classifying pneumonia as cov?    04/06/20  (11)
Trump should call Dems', MSM bluff on hydroxychloroquine and offer to ban it    04/06/20  (1)
anyone watch the platform on netflix    04/06/20  (9)
Guy who put 401k into n95 masks commits suicide (link)    04/06/20  (1)
virusbad-mos awfully quiet today    04/06/20  (7)
many now aging "US" libs can't come to grips with the Obama fraud    04/06/20  (1)
rate this 19 year old I fucked of Eros last night    04/06/20  (23)
Job opportunity in Norway - thoughts?    04/06/20  (39)
Virus fraudmo but economy fuckedmo    04/06/20  (10)
New Final Fantasy VII remake trailer makes the game look so fucking terrible    04/06/20  (25)
The African youth boom: what's worrying xo Bill Gates    04/06/20  (39)
I have not been to 7-11 a single time since this pandemic began    04/06/20  (13)
Texas casually joining OPEC this week nbd    04/06/20  (35)
Anyone ever work at a firm with absolute alphas?    04/06/20  (20)
Just put 1 million into VOO (CSLG)    04/06/20  (43)
Trump Derangement Syndrome over THE CURE will cause libs to    04/06/20  (1)
"DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO MY DAD IS?" (rsf in 12th grade prealgebra)    04/06/20  (7)
What we've learned in past week: HC WORKS, Fauci is a FRAUD, Gates is EVIL    04/06/20  (6)
Should i buy this rolex    04/06/20  (39)
U at 5 believed in Santa & Easter Bunny, but thought 6 mil was kinda high    04/06/20  (8)
So coronafraud accidentally revealed the government has infinite money?    04/06/20  (5)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/06/20  (281)
Don't play thi$ ticky tack game..fini$h it all off or knock it off    04/06/20  (1)
Can these figure head do nothing big city mayors fix the god damn potholes    04/06/20  (3)
Rate this t-shirt i'm considering    04/06/20  (2)
Has anyone here ever actually been to Chicago?    04/06/20  (59)
What is the most PRESTIGIOUS NYC park to be mass buried in?    04/06/20  (17)
Obeezy, Rudolph, Bart are FUMING MAF over hydroxychloroquine success    04/06/20  (5)
Brooklyn Landlord Avi Goldheim waives rent for 100s of his tenants    04/06/20  (80)
Rate this wgwag couple (pic)    04/06/20  (2)
Cuomo: NY Coronavirus deaths flatten (4/6)    04/06/20  (5)
Going to be interviewing someone remotely for a job. Strange times    04/06/20  (10)
Bill Gates should be stripped of all his wealth &a check given to every american    04/06/20  (24)
NY Gov Andrew Cuomo: "Anecdotally, Hydroxychloroquine has been effective"    04/06/20  (19)
Steve Sailer: Bill Gates for POTUS    04/06/20  (2)
The only links I read are to xo poasts/theeads    04/06/20  (1)
Fuck. My. Ass. I thought wife couldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding.    04/06/20  (7)
Luis, what if I told you Bitcoin is the future, USD loses its reserve currency s    04/06/20  (1)
Intel is fucked    04/06/20  (14)
Reminder: Spaceporn's wife cucked Spaceporn with a Trumpmo    04/06/20  (8)
the two moods of quarantine    04/06/20  (1)
You guys are idiots if you aren't making your own pizza    04/06/20  (13)
RATE MY STACK: Dbol, Test Cyp, Hydroxychloroquine, Deca    04/06/20  (2)
kirbymo you didn't sell any of your vanguard funds did you?    04/06/20  (1)
I was banned from OkCupid for photoshopping a girl's pic and sending it to her    04/06/20  (11)
"Everyone's got a plan until they get fucked in the ass" (Peterman 2 runaway tee    04/06/20  (16)
reminder: your life is racing by & will be over before you even realize it    04/06/20  (9)
Bam! Trump calls u tmw, says, i hear ur pretty smart. How would u solve COVID?    04/06/20  (1)
Virusfraudmos, defend defending "the economy"    04/06/20  (52)
Get rid of Benzo, tsinah, and rsf? Spamming up the board with petty stupidity    04/06/20  (8)
Jurisprudence performed but not read.    04/06/20  (1)
Trump Has Conference Call w Major Sports Commissioners    04/06/20  (6)
Buying stocks TODAY? What kind of fucked up Vietnam shit is that man??!!!!??    04/06/20  (6)
"but there haven't been peer reviewed Studies" lib doctor tells u as u lay dying    04/06/20  (3)
Wait so libs have all these cure pills locked up and don’t wanna give them out    04/06/20  (3)
Hundreds saved from Hydroxychloroquine: mere anecdote; 5 police killings: crisis    04/06/20  (4)
Remember El Niño? Was that flame?    04/06/20  (2)
India, 50% of global hydroxychloroquine production, bans exports to hoard CURE    04/06/20  (3)
Pretty sure this HS volleyball coach is barely older than her students (pic    04/06/20  (1)
DrakeMallard: pls make a thread that links to your link compilations    04/06/20  (2)
we're overloaded with covid patients is there a juris doctor in the house right    04/06/20  (1)
"babe im finally about to cum!" *squirts finasteride liquid like a water pistol*    04/06/20  (37)
NY 10 MM fewer people that Texas. 34x as many corona deaths. lol @ this shithole    04/06/20  (1)
steve bannon went on red scare. peak "libs mad"    04/06/20  (6)
As my thrombosed prolapsed hemmerhoid goes, so goes the country    04/06/20  (7)
Canadian researchers release absolutely devastating model of xo poas    04/06/20  (1)
Lol at de$troying the world over literally $ome $en$ele$$ freak out    04/06/20  (1)
War Room: Red Scare w/ Steve Bannon    04/06/20  (5)
just put $20 million into a JOO (rsf's dad)    04/06/20  (1)
Tottenham's korean player to do the anti-nyuug    04/06/20  (2)
next step down: worry shifts from fraudvirus to the economic damage, much worse    04/06/20  (3)
anyone ever get jealous of dudes for military benefits    04/06/20  (29)
Bill Gates, point man for elite on shutdown, wants to stop interstate travel    04/06/20  (56)
Is this a shitty move by my sister?    04/06/20  (43)
Fuck, woke up with dry throat, had mild headaches past 2 days, I got the 'Rona    04/06/20  (1)
Hydroxychloroquine cures last Wuflu patient. Libs: WE STILL HAVE NO EVIDENCE    04/06/20  (6)
May 26, 2021: “Clinical trial shows Hydroxychloroquine effective against COVID    04/06/20  (1)
just googled 'hydroxychloroquine" & CNN goons barged in unplugged computer    04/06/20  (2)
fauci had 40 years as a public servant to prepare for a pandemic    04/06/20  (5)
I have yet to see a viable candidate for POTUS on the right.    04/06/20  (14)
Dem Congresswoman Refers Trump to Hague Prosecutors for Crimes Against Humanity    04/06/20  (25)
Bill Gates, Elon Musk Tweet in Support of Mutinying Sailors    04/06/20  (1)
todays rally just faggy dip buyers    04/06/20  (1)
Bill Gates walks around with a half chub nerd boner every day b/c of Virus    04/06/20  (3)
ITT: Media dismissing Hydroxychloroquine simply because Trump supported it    04/06/20  (53)
lmao literally matched with luis    04/06/20  (7)
The mental patient$ are running the asylum right now and have been    04/06/20  (1)
Inside the epic White House fight over hydroxychloroquine    04/06/20  (62)
So what's the lib party line re NYC being the world's epicenter for the virus?    04/06/20  (84)
All this economic damage bc Boomer politicians refuse to just quarantine boomers    04/06/20  (4)
Has Kiryas Joel, NY been POZZED yet?    04/06/20  (8)
Noted CNN retard Fredo Cuomo accuses Trump of bad faith 4 promoting cure (link)    04/06/20  (9)
Ate instant ramen for first time since college. Underrated food    04/06/20  (38)
This is the most fake and ridiculous nonsense in world history    04/06/20  (47)
How A Cure To Corona Leaves Those Who Are Anti-Vaccine Out To Dry (link    04/06/20  (2)
XO Trump smooth talks India into releasing THE CURE    04/06/20  (5)
ITT: xo social scientists explain why US leads world in COVID cases, soon deaths    04/06/20  (1)
POLL: are you having MOAR or LESS sex with wife/gf since quarantine?    04/06/20  (7)
Estimate when rec league sports will be allowed in NYC again    04/06/20  (3)
gave in and watched all episodes of s3 of westworld so far    04/06/20  (7)
Let$ cut the crap..get real and expo$e thi$ fraud    04/06/20  (5)
Steve Bannon goes full on totalitarian over fraudvirus (video)    04/06/20  (4)
Wheezy libs have shut down national parks. WHAT THE FUCK    04/06/20  (17)
Bored. Someone link to dentist office websites with the hottest staff members.    04/06/20  (1)
i get my steaks, vodka, and medical advice from trump    04/06/20  (1)
Could be worse: South Africa has banned cig and booze sales during lockdown    04/06/20  (1)
Biz idea: hazmat suits u never take off. Docking portal for food, sex, waste.    04/06/20  (1)
Libs: 'studies 4 hydroxy r critical. shutting down economy? nah don't need anyth    04/06/20  (2)
Good risk: Unprecedented economic lock down. Bad risk: Try an old drug.    04/06/20  (6)
Will shutdown get extended past April 30?    04/06/20  (1)
Almost incomprehensible to me that people take astrological signs seriously    04/06/20  (7)
jjc seducing doodikoff w/ unlimited weed, guns, and video games like Joe Exotic    04/06/20  (7)
Can't believe Fauci let 10,000 Americans die when the cure is so obvious    04/06/20  (1)
So Tiger King "husband" had tattoo “PRIVATELY OWNED BY JOE EXOTIC,” but not    04/06/20  (3)

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