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What was the last “victory” the rightwing scored?    04/18/21  (47)
What’s life like in Chicago on $550K HHI?    04/18/21  (21)
How long to boil 1.5-inch thick ribeye?    04/18/21  (9)
Are there careers where you never, at any time, pretend to care about diversity?    04/18/21  (40)
biglaw, did JMU (6-0) screwed by only getting 3rd seed?    04/18/21  (1)
Know of any sucker single with no kids that would take single mom with 16yo?    04/18/21  (9)
The bible predicted 9/11/2001    04/18/21  (1)
Telepathic Racism Field (link)    04/18/21  (7)
Red Lobster is overpriced to account for nigs not tipping?    04/18/21  (62)
Biden to Japanese PM: Khmm, So, Khmm, Are you Chinese or, Khmm, Japanese, Khmm?    04/18/21  (1)
I'm taking Comfort in knowing as soon as I dump this bitch today shes fucked    04/18/21  (4)
I am 40 years old and I can’t imagine having another kid    04/18/21  (27)
Insane how hot girl sitting on ur face is 180 but not hot girl doing it is disgu    04/18/21  (6)
Prof Jeffrey D. Sachs absolutely SHITS on the BBC for defaming XO China    04/18/21  (1)
Honda Accord seems 180    04/18/21  (32)
Sam Hyde Predicts Female Cop Shooting    04/18/21  (2)
Biden is No Show to meet Japanese PM - Sends Kamala, she does horrible    04/18/21  (58)
XO says to invest in real estate then says it’s stupid to invest in real estat    04/18/21  (36)
life hack: put a large STUDENT DRIVER sticker on ur car, people actively avoid u    04/18/21  (3)
computers of color    04/18/21  (3)
Secret prole tell: not acknowledging our Anglo-Saxon heritage    04/18/21  (2)
vaccines are how liberals reproduce    04/18/21  (2)
nature docs about monkeys really have to strain to avoid some obvious parallels    04/18/21  (2)
Black female sexuality is disgusting    04/18/21  (34)
XO is all direct Mayflower descendants who sold @ top and bought back in @ botto    04/18/21  (15)
Matt Walsh 2020: he was just jogging. Matt Walsh 2021: we must secure the existe    04/18/21  (4)
Sim glitch? Somali pirate on wooden pirate leg with AK-47 found in Georgia.    04/18/21  (4)
Quick Recap of the Chauvin trial    04/18/21  (10)
Ben Shapiro seen holding "6 million more" sign after reading mortgage fine print    04/18/21  (1)
I don't get Coinbase. It's basically just a retail brokerage for 2021.    04/18/21  (3)
CRT begets RPR    04/18/21  (1)
"Liberal" women will turn it all around on you    04/18/21  (1)
Bitch girfriend taking credit for "saving my life" which she didn't.. all kinds    04/18/21  (1)
Mountainbikemos:. What's a cr entry level mountain bike?    04/18/21  (3)
Passive shooter just hanging around listlessly with gun    04/18/21  (27)
Many women are garbage..you just lose with them    04/18/21  (1)
Won’t be long until libs argue guns are bigger reason to shut down than Covid    04/18/21  (1)
NET WORTH checkin    04/18/21  (110)
White cop arrested for berating son's black friend over his BLM support (link)    04/18/21  (3)
Wander (2020)    04/18/21  (1)
Active shooter in Austin. At least 3 dead. Not flame.    04/18/21  (1)
FUCK, just killed 2 grey aliens in my condo (Johnsmeyer)    04/18/21  (56)
sorry AEW fans, but this weeb shit is getting out of hand    04/18/21  (2)
who are the REAL people of color?    04/18/21  (1)
diversity vs destruction    04/18/21  (2)
Lori Loughlin lesbian sex scandal    04/18/21  (2)
Hostile alien invasion means we don’t have to go to work anymore    04/18/21  (2)
fat mixed raced families in graphic tees roaming aimlessly over all public lands    04/18/21  (15)
Mixed race computers    04/18/21  (4)
Introduced myself as "Jim Fart, Mike's brother" to random stranger yesterday    04/18/21  (1)
Oregon considers making mask mandate PERMANENT in workplaces    04/18/21  (44)
Mike Fart & GJR fighting about whether to celebrate Hitler or Columbine on 4/20    04/18/21  (1)
most prestigious cell phone kiosk to work at in the arundel mills mall?    04/18/21  (5)
Those who can, do; those who can't, teach    04/18/21  (1)
Post your favorite tool    04/18/21  (18)
We need to have a frank discussion about some of these UFO TECHNOLOGIES    04/18/21  (24)
Mike Fart shocked that his friends celebrate something different on 4/20    04/18/21  (3)
No alien is illegal!    04/18/21  (1)
"I'll blow you so hard you'll fucking DIE!" drakemallard yells, eyes bloodshot    04/18/21  (32)
January Jones, 43, looking great topless    04/18/21  (64)
"America is being torn apart by racial tensions. BTW we need more immigrants."    04/18/21  (1)
My emotional strength exceeds the physical strength of any musclenut    04/18/21  (1)
How do we feel about the name Sabrina for a girl?    04/18/21  (27)
Calling it now: You PERSONALLY will never have first-hand evidence of aliens    04/18/21  (6)
Lori Lightfoot lesbian sex scandal    04/18/21  (32)
should i go all in on violent Christian literalism    04/18/21  (2)
Workin' with pa: A POUCH TALE    04/18/21  (107)
brunch shrews and their ridiculous sunglasses    04/18/21  (28)
Guy goes for world record and wears 28 masks. Suffocates to death.    04/18/21  (1)
i had a dream where a girl pooped on me    04/18/21  (1)
You can now trade one pair of 34" Levi's Jeans for 10 BTC    04/18/21  (2)
exeunt haters/nonbelievers come ITT    04/18/21  (8)
NOWAG violinist trades Toyota for Ferrari; finally gets pussy (WSJ)    04/18/21  (7)
RATE my selfie, bros (PIC)    04/18/21  (2)
Husky vs. Milwaukee vs. Craftsman for Tool Cabinet    04/18/21  (3)
The brearly school sends 30% of their kids to hypsm. how do i en    04/18/21  (55)
Will chicago real estate market ever boom like other markets?    04/18/21  (34)
2025: Russian AI makes public every INTERNET poast you've ever made    04/18/21  (1)
Rate this gif (nsfw)    04/18/21  (26)
Done chasing the market. It's all going into BABA.    04/18/21  (23)
mentally chill winners sharing their ideas on xo    04/18/21  (5)
Take back your foreskin    04/18/21  (6)
Lawrence of Appalachia    04/18/21  (5)
Dan Crenshaw is going blind in his good eye (not flame)    04/18/21  (50)
Who makes the best tool chest for a reasonable price?    04/18/21  (27)
“Retweet if you’re vaccinated and still wearing your mask!” LJL at replies    04/18/21  (1)
mentally ill losers wasting their lives on xo    04/18/21  (17)
telling ur children to play by themselves so u can talk tool cabinets w/ lawyers    04/18/21  (2)
Cr to steal cookies from Subway & sell them on Craigslist?    04/18/21  (6)
RSF now claiming that he was never caught with alts. LJL    04/18/21  (100)
Self driving Tesla crashed because it failed to download update    04/18/21  (1)
Amazon offering 10 free ebooks    04/18/21  (2)
Rib friend said he's transitioning into a woman    04/18/21  (26)
Inexplicable deaths soar after vaccination starts in America    04/18/21  (6)
Me and spritezero are going to a Visalia rawhides game    04/18/21  (7)
MailChimp trying to cancel no agenda    04/18/21  (6)
The Most Prestigious Mid-Market Medium-Duty Tool Cabinet Discussion Bort in the    04/18/21  (1)
How much do Authors make for eBook sales? I'm guessing they get ripped off    04/18/21  (2)
why work when you can steal Subway cookies and siphon gas?    04/18/21  (2)
Dirte: how no dip going?    04/18/21  (5)
a lot of steakhouse debates are irrelevant since japanese wagyu was legalized    04/18/21  (37)
33-year-old shrew scoops out her "vaginal flora" and adds it to smoothie (link)    04/18/21  (16)
Basically if we don't buy SOL now we're going to feel like faggots in 1 year    04/18/21  (1)
You literally cannot buy physical DENIM right now, demand is so high off the cha    04/18/21  (1)
it's so easy to pirate books    04/18/21  (7)
WSJ: Denim companies prospering as Americans emerge fatter from pandemic    04/18/21  (2)
You’re literally insane if you’re not all in on DENIM stocks right now    04/18/21  (2)
3x Semiconductor ETF (SOXL) - 3/18: $60 3/24: $100    04/18/21  (46)
Lululemon unveils new Crotchless Pussy line of yoga pants, requires in-store app    04/18/21  (1)
Can someone explain Chuck Schumer's wife    04/18/21  (16)
My WIFE'S BOYFRIEND'S BALLS are BIG, SMELLY and FAT    04/18/21  (15)
Gatormo+Exeunt SOL conspiracy theory ITT:    04/18/21  (65)
Is AARP pants shitter boomer sexpat Charlie Brown tp O.K.?    04/18/21  (13)
So Tarantino just gratuitously had middle aged bum beat up Bruce Lee? Lmao    04/18/21  (3)
Why would someone still be living with parents at age 34?    04/18/21  (26)
ralph cifaretto drives a Pontiac Vibe    04/18/21  (9)
Royal Bank of Canada | Crypto Crash | Aliens    04/18/21  (2)
Fun drinking party at my house last night    04/18/21  (10)
Even @ this crash, SOL is +4% up against BTC.    04/18/21  (16)
SOL (and to a lesser extent FTT) has proven to be a better SoV than BTC or ETH    04/18/21  (1)
Charles did more to improve his life than most Americans would    04/18/21  (8)
My old Range Rover looks just like this    04/18/21  (14)
Is it uncouth to have your butler or gardener ever double as one's driver?    04/18/21  (6)
lmao gout out of most of my crypto positions last week, should I get all in agai    04/18/21  (1)
RATE this Jackson Lewis associate    04/18/21  (70)
not motivated by anything other than intrinsic enjoyment    04/18/21  (1)
best book on Manson family?    04/18/21  (1)
dirte, is this tit:waist ratio too extreme?    04/18/21  (8)
Upset Jew you don’t post about COCK much    04/18/21  (11)
Courtroom sketch of Chauvin's lawyer holding banana in front of jury during clos    04/18/21  (8)
Add "in my ass" to any movie title    04/18/21  (365)
Official Exeunt WGWAG SOL BOAT Thread    04/18/21  (28)
Taylor Swift is Not a Hobby, but Eating at Denny's is, tee hee (TSINAH)    04/18/21  (33)
This isnt a game to me, screamed TSINAH as he upended the Candyland board    04/18/21  (48)
Tulinabo S. Mushingi has been US Ambassador to a lot of countries    04/18/21  (1)
Does the GOP take back Congress in 2022?    04/18/21  (25)
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Obama wins '12; Hillary wins '16.    04/18/21  (84)
what will the chauvin verdict be    04/18/21  (4)
Libs don’t talk about Michael Avenatti much anymore. Sentenced in May.    04/18/21  (4)
Holy fuck what is Amazon even good for anymore?    04/18/21  (40)
Huge fan of the 38+ year old MILFs & GILFs, always have been, always will be    04/18/21  (4)
Encyclopedic collection of peccadillos,kinks and outre perversions tp    04/18/21  (1)
This Fauci video is completely insane    04/18/21  (6)
Chances Doobs ends up with a Real Doll?    04/18/21  (4)
They’re cornering the market on crypto by making it too valuable not to sell    04/18/21  (7)
was it prestigious to be an abolitionist pre Civil War?    04/18/21  (3)
ITT: the most immediately recognizable FIRST LINES IN LITERATURE    04/18/21  (18)
Describe Weimar Germany on 3 trillion reichsmarks per year    04/18/21  (13)
Is it just assumed that Jews in the workplace will band together?    04/18/21  (5)
faggy covid elbow bump    04/18/21  (3)

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