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Ghost of Christmas future: South Africa SOTU expropriation of land without $.    02/20/18  (51)
Breaking: Mueller charges Skadden lawyer in Russia probe    02/20/18  (46)
Had breakfast with prole co-workers (evan39)    02/20/18  (19)
Trump wakes up and comes out swinging    02/20/18  (17)
Floyd Mayweather is gonna fight McGregor in the UFC    02/20/18  (13)
seeking illustrator for BIGLAW-themed children's book    02/20/18  (13)
Olympics got lifehacked.    02/20/18  (11)
snarky, catty xo posters complaining about UMC friends in uber w/ bumble wife    02/20/18  (11)
always thought id find the secret key to avoid wagecuck life and UMC fags    02/20/18  (11)
Christians are super low iq    02/20/18  (10)
Libs complain game set in medieval europe doesn't have diverse characters (link)    02/20/18  (9)
haha yeah libs are terrible grrr i hate libs lol    02/20/18  (9)
ITT post non retarded reasons for private citizens to own semi automatic rifles    02/20/18  (8)
Hilarious to see all the trumptards jumping ship    02/20/18  (8)
we obsess over shitlibs because we are powerless to stop them    02/20/18  (8)
Ggtp why do these fucking pilots wake us up so early    02/20/18  (8)
Youtube compliation of shrew Elizabeth Sweeney learning tricks on water ramps    02/20/18  (7)
Good morning you sad, sad, wastes of organic matter    02/20/18  (7)
ALL BLACK COLD BREW    02/20/18  (6)
Libs coming after FB exec VP for tweeting truth about Russian conspiracy    02/20/18  (6)
Daily Stoic, 2/20/18    02/20/18  (6)
best charles tyrwhitt shirt to go with JNCOs?    02/20/18  (6)
Wife offended neighboring housewife by "microwaving" a cup of water for tea 4her    02/20/18  (5)
Bought a house in an expensive neighborhood, it's on a huge pile of radon, wtf?    02/20/18  (5)
Lol I took yesterday off and now partner is clearly annoyed at me    02/20/18  (5)
in retrospect, was it "AIDS skrillex" who handed trump the election?    02/20/18  (5)
Morrissey but he's a bigshot Cravath M&A partner    02/20/18  (5)
lulzy how robin gibb turned out so ugly compared to barry gibb    02/20/18  (4)
Anyone know anything about commercial real estate brokers?    02/20/18  (4)
Rate this Elizabeth Smart bikini pic from Instagram    02/20/18  (4)
Pretty amazing that you could have bought crypto only 3 weeks ago and maed it    02/20/18  (4)
*places fresh diaper on desk of renowned architect* Design my home around this    02/20/18  (4)
"It's a wonderful life" except George wishes he was gay    02/20/18  (4)
my day is basically all downhill after morning jerkoff    02/20/18  (4)
xo poaster dressed up in 40W khakis and thomas pink shirt 4 biz class flight    02/20/18  (4)
18 year old etoro peterman burning his birth certificate    02/20/18  (4)
"Houston, We Have a Pantload: The Hidden Diapers of NASA's Apollo Program" (NYT)    02/20/18  (4)
Isn't it a little gay that when you watch porn you look at the cock a lot?    02/20/18  (3)
We need a pecial prosecutor to investigate how Obama let russia rape our electi    02/20/18  (3)
Eating blackberries, taking Qs    02/20/18  (3)
Youre probably a shitty lawyer if you dont wear allen edmonds    02/20/18  (3)
*finds privacy in Constitution* *thinks 2nd amendment is vague*    02/20/18  (3)
we want scholarship we want scholarship *bangs table*    02/20/18  (3)
eyes wide shut piano theme plays as u find a fresh diaper on ur bed    02/20/18  (3)
Briefly rating posters as stops I've made on cross country drives    02/20/18  (2)
If im reporting crypto taxes do i have to provide records of transactions etc?    02/20/18  (2)
It could be nothing. Or it could be substantial. (Genius)    02/20/18  (2)
Literally blasting SAXON at the office right now because of an xoxo thread    02/20/18  (2)
Bee Gees New York University OCI Disaster 2009.mp3    02/20/18  (2)
*uploads consciousness into The Cloud* "I really like it here."    02/20/18  (2)