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typical tmi jmaw update    03/18/18  (49)
What is your "go-to" cook from scratch meal that you make? Also, the recipe.    03/18/18  (42)
Thinking of designing Shrew trading cards; help me come up with stats for each    03/18/18  (38)
Holy shit what happened to the boart    03/18/18  (34)
Why was the movie Hannibal so underrated and poorly received by critics?    03/18/18  (31)
PDDJ & I Just Rescued A Puppydood. How Do We Do Fraudlies Emotional Support Dog?    03/18/18  (27)
Anyone have brutal & true CHEATING stories from college days?    03/18/18  (26)
HYPO: u are debating a liberal    03/18/18  (25)
Vid of Mexican cartel chopping a dude's limbs off while he is still alive:    03/18/18  (24)
Who is Arkan?    03/18/18  (24)
lol jjc, rate this bumble convo with girl who went to a much better MBA program    03/18/18  (21)
Girls aged 15-18 think having sex as a teen is important in their bucket list    03/18/18  (20)
An anthology of some of my best threads (Chaucer)    03/18/18  (18)
UNC losing by 20 to TAMU early in the 2nd half    03/18/18  (18)
Post a link to a porn image gallery you beat off to prior to widespread broadban    03/18/18  (17)
lol @ our sim programmers: CHAD wins again!!!    03/18/18  (16)
How do you become good at photography? You just buy expensive ass camera?    03/18/18  (16)
RETRIEVER TRIVIA ahead of UMBC's 2nd round game    03/18/18  (16)
Damn, Melanias nips in this photo are 180    03/18/18  (14)
Anyone else have sex with their SO for hours at a time, multiple times a week?    03/18/18  (13)
Jordan Peterson is flame    03/18/18  (13)
Battle Hymn of the Republic should be our national anthem and it's not even clos    03/18/18  (12)
DTP taking questions here    03/18/18  (12)
Are catholic priests pretty much all gay, pedophile or incel?    03/18/18  (12)
Remember when the rain forest was supposed to cure cancer?    03/18/18  (12)
confirmed: lawman is the most 180 and entertaining crypto poster    03/18/18  (12)
Rate my edits to the autoadmit Wikipedia entry    03/18/18  (11)
WOW: 80% of millennial white women have tried BBC    03/18/18  (11)
why don't pounds just set dogs free?    03/18/18  (11)
The Abandoned Mall Enthusiast Community Has a Whiteness Problem (Teen Vog    03/18/18  (11)
what are the cities in the US (outside of CA) with the best weather?    03/18/18  (11)
Jared Kushner tp - How to utilize a script to get Liqui trades?    03/18/18  (10)
Mexicans 'think they own America'; racist rant caught on video | ABC7    03/18/18  (10)
ggtp im gonna do some road work tonight    03/18/18  (9)
who is xo's "girl"? who has garnered the most sustained attention/admiration?    03/18/18  (9)
Xavier about to lose!!    03/18/18  (8)
Copped the Hajime No Ippo soundtracks, I'm going ALL OUT tonight    03/18/18  (8)
Some huge tittied UMBC cheerleaders down there    03/18/18  (8)
people think i'm kidding but johnsmeyer's departure made us mentally ill    03/18/18  (8)
If you post about xo style themes on another board people think you are trolling    03/18/18  (8)
are we all just wandering abandonded malls in our minds    03/18/18  (8)
sad thing about getting old: any non-fat, young girl looks hot as fuck    03/18/18  (8)
New FIU hat in TF2 allows Engineer to kill teammates    03/18/18  (8)
UMBC would be crushing KSU right now if they could make a fucking shot    03/18/18  (7)
Stephen Hawking had 3 children. Think about that.    03/18/18  (7)
Remember when you were a boy and thought you could retire off of Baseball cards    03/18/18  (7)
Nyuug, why don't you ever poast pics of your conquests?    03/18/18  (7)
Jack Antonoff dumps Lena Dunham for Swedish looking Blonde (Daily Mail)    03/18/18  (7)
CFO i tried to sell to told me "i have on my wrist on what u make in a year"    03/18/18  (7)
Crypto is done forever    03/18/18  (7)