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Im warning you again: DO NOT GET MARRIED. Dont fucking do it.    06/23/18  (68)
Australia poster here taking questions about Australia    06/24/18  (46)
Guitar Bros: Where do you rank David Gilmour?    06/24/18  (37)
I cannot believe I let my wife talk me into going to Disney World    06/23/18  (33)
Shitty breakfast cereal you love but are ashamed to admit?    06/23/18  (27)
Dear god, read this piece in the WaPo about evicting Sara Huckabee Sanders    06/24/18  (23)
Does it bother you that innocent people are rotting in prisons you pay for?    06/23/18  (22)
Best to die a peaceful death while still relatively young?    06/24/18  (20)
xo doesn't mock bort cryptofaggots enough    06/24/18  (20)
wife missed her flight home so I drank a bottle of Barolo at a wine bar while re    06/24/18  (19)
i spent all day in the office, swam some laps, wife took kid to see jurassic par    06/23/18  (19)
2018 will be a red wave, book it    06/24/18  (18)
Worst thing about atheists is that they brag about not believing in god    06/23/18  (18)
Does anyone here use LinkedIn?    06/23/18  (18)
wmtp, I unretired just to let you know I'm thrilled about your outing (PF)    06/24/18  (17)
whok, I will be in Brisbane in November, wanna met up? (PF)    06/23/18  (17)
foreigners, fiercely loyal to their own countries, posing as "US" libs    06/24/18  (16)
XOXO Fictionmos: Best prose stylists ever?    06/23/18  (16)
gf is doing study abroad this summer    06/23/18  (15)
"So what was Machu Picchu like?" you ask your date as she checks her phone    06/23/18  (15)
luis' chiropractor "correcting" his spine back as he blurts out: 'im poor now'    06/23/18  (15)
Went on a wild month long bender. Taking questions    06/23/18  (13)
Unemployment IS too low. What's with all these smartass delivery and repair ppl?    06/23/18  (12)
Media is obsessed with "people of color"    06/24/18  (11)
4x bonus points on Jos A Bank when you Shop through Chase    06/24/18  (11)
I fell for a camgirl when she told me her favorite book is Pale Fire    06/24/18  (11)
This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Had Realistic Proportions    06/23/18  (10)
RACIST WHITE COP executes unarmed BLACK MAN (video)    06/24/18  (9)
Where should I leave America for TT? Is Mexico ok? You like?    06/23/18  (9)
I'm getting too old for youtube    06/23/18  (9)
Is America one of the worst if not the worst place in earth?    06/23/18  (9)
PC Gaming brehs, poast what you bought in the STEAM SALE    06/24/18  (8)
Lol at WC group stage - possible to advance w/ 2 pts, or not advance w/ 6 pts    06/23/18  (8)
atheism is retarded and indicative of autism    06/23/18  (8)
How do I find a new job?    06/23/18  (8)
Should I move to Fairbanks Alaska?    06/23/18  (7)
Bush & Co = Hitler but libs still serve them dinner    06/23/18  (7)
LJL - Trumpmos being kicked out of restaurants now, ding losers    06/24/18  (7)
Does anyone think Natalie Portman would have made a better Juliet than Claire?    06/23/18  (7)
"Oh, they're foreign", said the American citizen    06/24/18  (7)
18000000 Newfoundland dog    06/24/18  (7)
A nigger literally raped my ass with a rusty crowbar    06/23/18  (7)
what cities have suburbs with big cheap land?    06/23/18  (7)
Real talk: Women over size 2 are rarely attractive    06/24/18  (6)
evan39what have you been doing with your mail lately?    06/24/18  (6)
Starting to think calling my band "Nigger & the Faggots" wasn't such a good idea    06/23/18  (6)
Florida AG Pam Bondi CHASED OUT of Tampa theater by hecklers:    06/23/18  (6)
Scott Adams: Dems will win Congress if immigration remains unsolved    06/23/18  (6)
Seeing libs post stats that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crime    06/23/18  (6)
"ur quiet tonight honey.. everything ok?" (thinking abt Luis) *sigh* "Y-yeah..."    06/23/18  (6)