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RIP Michael Avenatti    03/25/19  (64)
Avenatti conspired w/CNN analyst and Smollett attorney Mark Geragos (link)    03/25/19  (63)
Settle with my client for $10M or we sue you = Extortion?    03/25/19  (56)
I honestly have no clue when to use a semicolon    03/25/19  (33)
how cucky is Finland? in EU, not in NATO, seems anti-refugee,    03/25/19  (33)
NYC's 40 Under 40    03/25/19  (33)
That new Robin Hood movie is the worst shit ever made    03/25/19  (31)
Why does Obeezy keep on living?    03/25/19  (30)
New Tinderella is a dirty talker during sex. Ruins the whole thing for me.    03/25/19  (28)
Avenatti charged with trying to extort $20M from Nike    03/25/19  (24)
Beto now on top of cars too    03/25/19  (21)
AssFaggot's upscale cousin here, how do you do?    03/25/19  (21)
Father of Sandy Hook victim found dead in apparent suicide, Newtown police say    03/25/19  (20)
Posture is the easiest "life hack" to improve your life.    03/25/19  (19)
Front page of WaPo is a hilarious. Cartoon world.    03/25/19  (17)
obeezy is really spamming the board today. Paid shill or mentall illness?    03/25/19  (16)
Explain this video of the anti pope    03/25/19  (15)
Alpha bro gets CS masters, retires at 36 (visual journey)    03/25/19  (15)
mentioning work from home in NY law is like mentioning fucking aliens.    03/25/19  (15)
Ungghhh these hefty shrews walking with Beto    03/25/19  (15)
its equally depressing & hilarious how insecure & bitter girls in their 20s are    03/25/19  (15)
Do people actually have psychological blocks that make them underperform on test    03/25/19  (13)
San Antonio cop gets back job after giving homeless man a shit sandwich    03/25/19  (12)
Losing weight is infinitely harder now that I'm almost 40    03/25/19  (12)
NY Schools intentionally inflating minority and female grades in STEM class    03/25/19  (12)
Good Goyim Trump live @ WH recognizing Israel's claim on the Golan Heights    03/25/19  (12)
How to clean wet chunks of thick feces from thin bedsheets?    03/25/19  (11)
I’ll fuck anything that moves.    03/25/19  (11)
Hilarious to me that r/The_Mueller exists    03/25/19  (11)
What does it feel like for a star QB to go to college and be a bench player?    03/25/19  (11)
McDonald's app is worthless now.    03/25/19  (11)
Are you supposed to pronounced it Beh-toh? Like with a hard Spanish accent?    03/25/19  (10)
Working stead 9-5 versus 10 minutes here and there 24 hr day...    03/25/19  (10)
Would you marry known psycho hottie Elizabeth Holmes?    03/25/19  (10)
   03/25/19  (10)
Libs new attack on Greenwald: He billed 3 hours to Phillip Morris at Wachtell    03/25/19  (9)
I'm easily one of the most attractive guys on XO. (PhotoFeeler results prove it)    03/25/19  (9)
rate this lib fb take on the mueller report    03/25/19  (9)
Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Power, Comey genuinely believed Trump "colluded" w/Russi    03/25/19  (9)
Biggest mistake you've ever made as a lawyer?    03/25/19  (8)
What do you use in place of Waze?    03/25/19  (8)
Did colt have some kind of autism?    03/25/19  (8)
WSJ: Mueller is Done. Now Probe the Real Scandal (link)    03/25/19  (8)
Apple Special Event. March 25, 2019.    03/25/19  (8)
Are you paranoid and encrypt and hide all data?    03/25/19  (7)
Ever pee your pants at work?    03/25/19  (7)
ibs: never not high stepping with ball in one hand 50 yards from end zone    03/25/19  (7)
So within just a few days, Mueller report bombs, Avenatti arrest, RBG dies?    03/25/19  (7)
I went to an Asian American networking Meetup group. Walked away with 5 numbers    03/25/19  (7)