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The third most populous city in America, Chicago, voted for Hillary    05/27/18  (110)
Lebron is officially the GOAT now, right?    05/28/18  (82)
Anybody here still a virgin?    05/28/18  (57)
What does the ideal "girl next door" type look like?    05/27/18  (53)
Does NYUUG not have any Korean friends in Korea? Why is he here 24/7?    05/28/18  (50)
POLL: Have you had a HOT DOG yet this Memorial Day Weekend?    05/28/18  (39)
ITT: poast the last time you used a condom    05/28/18  (39)
Think Trump has still retained close to 99% of his 2016 voters?    05/27/18  (38)
McDonalds new fresh beef quarter pounders are a game changer    05/28/18  (35)
Driving wife's car, i hit flowerpot in the driveway    05/27/18  (34)
brown xo'er assuring you US can ABSORB tens of millions of third-world immigrant    05/28/18  (32)
Changing jobs at 40. Is it possible? What industries allow for this?    05/27/18  (29)
***** Official 102nd Running of the Indianapolis 500 Thread *****    05/27/18  (25)
A nigger blindsided my friend and clocked him in the temple. He has brain damage    05/28/18  (24)
Bought a $3,000 luxury mattress today. Taking abuse.    05/28/18  (23)
GGTP spending Memorial Day weekend in Asian    05/28/18  (23)
Anybody here 35+ and never married?    05/28/18  (22)
Watch this elephant stomp some fucker' s guts out    05/28/18  (22)
Is Spain still in a crisis    05/27/18  (22)
I dont understand that get married past age 35 or so    05/27/18  (20)
ex-GF has taken to driving me mad with slutty insta photos    05/28/18  (20)
PSA whitey: Mexicans invested eating corn on the cob    05/28/18  (19)
Cops punch woman in head at NJ beach (video)    05/27/18  (19)
Went shopping. America needs a nationalist dictator NOW    05/27/18  (19)
Any married bros NOT have a prenup?    05/27/18  (19)
To red blooded patriotic conservative American males who didnt serve: why not?    05/27/18  (19)
Anti immigration protestors jailed in UK, judge orders MEDIA BLACKOUT re it    05/27/18  (18)
Hypo: Your dog turns into hot girl (8.5/10) for exactly 60 min. Do you fuck her?    05/28/18  (18)
Basically everyone agrees that the West is fucked    05/28/18  (17)
Can't believe you fags aren't watching the playoffs    05/27/18  (16)
Did WMTP get hit in the head in the last 6 months?    05/27/18  (16)
Suggest some bass lines for me to learn. I'll pick one and vocaroo it.    05/28/18  (16)
any other xo bros with sisters have quasi-incestous experiences when younger?    05/28/18  (15)
:D why eat so maniacally healthy? You want to live to 120 years old all frail?    05/28/18  (15)
LOL Happiness the movie (1998) just disappeared, cannot be obtained anymore    05/28/18  (15)
You definitely can't knock a girl up w/ precum, right?    05/28/18  (15)
are there ANY non-shit pure SHIT poasters left?    05/27/18  (14)
:D whats your rice and beans recipe    05/27/18  (14)
WMTP, as a black, how did you feel about the 'This is America' vid?    05/27/18  (14)
im gonna start poasting more. i miss hanging out with you guys    05/27/18  (14)
Think Weinstein will get off?    05/27/18  (14)
I will edit a law firm's wiki article according to your instructions    05/28/18  (14)
Would be Lulzy AF if Elizabeth Warren beats Trump in 2020    05/27/18  (14)
Why didn't HW Bush get MeToo'd    05/27/18  (13)
Just how prole is Hilton Head?    05/27/18  (13)
Libs: Pit Bulls are just like any other dogs. They are ALL Canines.    05/27/18  (13)
Wife goes through 'drug fueled gangbang phase' gets POZ'd, husband stays    05/27/18  (13)
Reminder: Great Britain is a preview of America's future.    05/27/18  (13)
How do you make your coffee?    05/27/18  (13)
Poll: how much money did you make in the last week?    05/27/18  (13)