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POLL: would you be in favor of racial segregation?    11/23/17  (122)
My wife is pregnant and won't stop taking adderall. How bad is this?    11/23/17  (81)
Can a cop arrest you for arguing with him    11/22/17  (69)
Ted Cruz had exactly 0.00% chance against Hillary in the general election    11/23/17  (58)
Meet Malia's new Chad, Rory (UK)    11/22/17  (53)
Friendsgiving is Yet Another Lame Millennial Trend    11/22/17  (51)
What MTV show signifies the point in time when America truly died?    11/23/17  (50)
Going to be funny when Comcast blocks all traffic to this site    11/23/17  (49)
Even elite high school students get shut out by Ivies    11/23/17  (49)
Anyone got tips for buying first house?    11/22/17  (45)
Thanksgiving in America 2017: Wife just unilaterally decided she doesnt feel    11/23/17  (44)
Hypo: you find a dead body in the woods with 10k in cash    11/22/17  (42)
Wife left & took babby 4 tksgiving. Going 2 feed homeless instead of being alone    11/23/17  (40)
Would you ever raise another man's kids as your own?    11/22/17  (38)
I have no friends. People instinctively dislike me. I am repugnant.    11/22/17  (38)
Anyone at JFK want to get a drink in Terminal 2?    11/22/17  (37)
Princeton on repeatedly getting consent on the dance floor    11/23/17  (37)
Equinox Gyms to Open Sports Themed Hotel Chain (not flame    11/22/17  (33)
CHARLIE ROSE ASKED ME TO WATCH A MOVIE SCENE! (NYDN frontpage news)    11/23/17  (32)
Physical deal breakers for women    11/23/17  (32)
Breaking scandal involving GOP congressman Joe Barton    11/22/17  (32)
Should the Browns fire Hue Jackson?    11/22/17  (31)
taking q's    11/23/17  (30)
50 yo millionaire celebrity Megyn Kelly was intimidated by Charlie rose    11/23/17  (30)
Would a trusted Poaster please rate my profile pic and figure out with me Why I    11/22/17  (30)
Not going to lie - idea of inheriting millions is making me lazier today    11/22/17  (29)
What Thanksgiving dish are u most looking forward to eating? Least?    11/22/17  (28)
Xo seriously underrates how importance PRETTINESS is for men    11/23/17  (28)
The death of the MBA [Axios]    11/22/17  (28)
Macys Thanksgiving parade is a GC orgy    11/23/17  (27)
In the Korean air lounge at lax    11/23/17  (27)
What happens to people who are below median at UVA?    11/22/17  (27)
Why is Virginia so obsessed with speeding tickets?    11/23/17  (27)
Coincidence that JCM released best thread at end of FY17?    11/23/17  (27)
Best thing about thanksgiving is sitting around the table, everyone is white    11/23/17  (26)
Can't stop looking at 30-50year old milfs on IG with tiny bikinis    11/22/17  (25)
if i suspect that a woman is a slut, i immediately lose all attraction    11/23/17  (24)
Chinamen & Roundeye Travelmos: How Is One Dim Sum (HK)?    11/23/17  (24)
What kind of gun should i buy    11/23/17  (24)
NEVER FORGET: No. 1 female fantasy is RAPE #metoo    11/22/17  (24)
Received Item From Major Retailer Intended For Someone Who Used To Live Here    11/23/17  (24)
Celebrated Thanksgiving today. Cousin had a miscarriage during dinner.    11/23/17  (23)
roy moore mall ban was a lie    11/23/17  (23)
can we talk about how fucking ugly TSINAH is for a minute?    11/22/17  (23)
just cussed out store employee - was I in the wrong here?    11/22/17  (23)
Wild Turkey Day! Taking questions, cars, guns, booze, law.    11/23/17  (22)
Tiny Swiss city will pay you $25,000 to move there    11/23/17  (22)
RATE this Ukrainian high jumper girl    11/23/17  (22)
Once Trump's FCC kills net neutrality, will ISPs hobble VPN traffic?    11/23/17  (22)
US Rep Joe Barton (R-TX) gets pwned by woman leaking his nudes    11/22/17  (22)