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WSJ: SAT to Give Students ‘Adversity Score’ to Capture Social and Economic B    05/20/19  (289)
*** Official Game of Thrones - Season Finale thread ***    05/21/19  (272)
ITT: replace one word from a famous movie title with "semi-erect penis"    05/21/19  (214)
Banning abortion is the quickest and best way to rile up lib voters, no?    05/17/19  (172)
What is your single absolute favorite fast food item from any chain?    05/21/19  (133)
Craigslist used car sale took me to the fucking cleaners. Taking insults    05/21/19  (122)
California bans whites living in single family homes (zerohedge)    05/18/19  (100)
This dishwasher chick is blowing my mind    05/20/19  (98)
Rating poasters as made-up theme parks    05/21/19  (94)
Florida Bar opens investigation into lawyer who shooed raccoon off his boat    05/18/19  (92)
What car can I afford on a $240k yearly income?    05/20/19  (89)
Has earl ever opined on nyuug's mental illness and the truth about his sex life?    05/16/19  (88)
Do you have a vagina? No? Then you have no say on this abortion debate.    05/20/19  (87)
How do fairly smart people get stuck in retail?    05/18/19  (86)
happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives [NYT]    05/20/19  (84)
I will abandon trump permanently if he starts a fucking war with iran    05/16/19  (82)
2019 will be half over soon. Progress on your goals?    05/15/19  (81)
Dumb thot fights with cop; gets lit the fuck up (video):    05/14/19  (80)
Move chick in with me and give self a chance to love her, or watch he move away?    05/15/19  (78)
How do fairly smart people get stuck in law?    05/18/19  (77)
Any been in an experience like this in biglaw before?    05/15/19  (76)
Download my personal injury app (CSLG)    05/20/19  (74)
jfc the box's band sucks    05/17/19  (71)
Babydude #2 just born (CSLG)    05/17/19  (71)
ITT: list things that android can do that ios can’t    05/18/19  (67)
Rating posters as dumb/questionable things from Season 8 of GoT    05/21/19  (66)
Transgender woman gets new vagina made from fish skin    05/17/19  (66)
Conservative Australian prime minister wins election in a populist surge    05/19/19  (65)
What were some GoT plots that turned out to be pointless?    05/21/19  (65)
Chick buys me a drink. Did I screw up?    05/18/19  (65)
Board minorities, has xo HARDENED you to racism?    05/19/19  (64)
What was '83-'88 like?    05/17/19  (64)
how to spend a solo Sunday in SAN DIEGO, CA    05/16/19  (63)
Chances Trump is re-elected?    05/19/19  (63)
HOLY SHIT white woman shoved old black guy off a bus in Vegas and he died    05/16/19  (62)
Lol at you proles. Check out names of America's best lacrosse chads:    05/19/19  (62)
Im 27 and still live at home but pay for all the utilities and groceries    05/19/19  (62)
ITT: You rate this perfect 10 instagram hottie    05/15/19  (60)
blonde catholic school girls with tatted up black thug prom dates (pics    05/15/19  (60)
Xo conceal carrymos get ITT    05/15/19  (59)
I STILL don't understand what "Russia" supposedly DID to "hack" the election    05/15/19  (58)
Possible to go In-House w/o BIGLAW or BIGFED experience?    05/17/19  (57)
Dumb here. What does Roe v Wade say about abortions?    05/21/19  (57)
Landlord wants $9500 to replace 600 SQ ft of hardwood    05/20/19  (57)
Blade Runner depicted 2019 as a multicultural hellhole marred by corporations    05/16/19  (56)
The FIRE movement seems weird    05/16/19  (56)
Gun to your head: Worst possible Democrat or Iran war    05/15/19  (56)
Data scientists > ibankers on hourly basis    05/17/19  (56)
No homo or asian, but I like 80s/90s R&B slow jams    05/16/19  (55)
I’m gonna move out West    05/20/19  (54)
Columbia expels student and withholds his degree for NOT having Sex    05/18/19  (54)
ITT: poa your Uber passenger rating    05/16/19  (53)
College Board CEO defends SAT 'adversity score'    05/18/19  (53)
TSINAH claims to not use firefox so he has to archive the entire bort    05/18/19  (53)
my husband just wants me to calm down and form babby    05/16/19  (51)
*tsinah flipping the 1 back to a zero* on his days wo threatening someone calend    05/20/19  (51)
Breaking Bad is probably the only show that stuck the landing well    05/21/19  (50)
The Irish are a migratory branch of Basque Spaniards:    05/17/19  (50)
NBAmos - who will be the top 5 players in the league 4 years from now?    05/16/19  (49)
Knowing what we know today, would you have invaded Iraq in 2003?    05/17/19  (49)
ITT: Compare TSINAH's heatmap to Github's heatmap    05/17/19  (49)
Are whites the only group into nature and outdoor adventures?    05/19/19  (48)
Rate Dan Bilzerian's girlfriend (hint: she's a 10)    05/17/19  (48)
Abortion kills mostly niggers    05/20/19  (47)
Somali War Criminal Drives Uber In NoVa, Has 4.89 Rating (Link)    05/17/19  (47)
Thousands of Africans take over Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris    05/20/19  (47)
An actual Iran INVASION is highly unlikely - would take 500K troops or so    05/16/19  (47)
Anyone ever fly on an Embraer 190?    05/17/19  (46)
ITT: replace one word from a famous movie title with "jew bastard"    05/18/19  (46)
Reminder: I have 40 iq points on tsinah (benzo)    05/19/19  (45)
John Wick 3 might be the worst movie I have ever seen holy shit    05/21/19  (45)
Check out this dude freaking out after his car gets slightly bumped (vid)    05/20/19  (44)
Is Portland a good place to raise a family?    05/17/19  (43)
The "Unions are antiquated" meme and its consequences    05/14/19  (43)
is wearing a tie w a button-down collar prole    05/20/19  (42)
Internet is annoyingly expensive without a roommate    05/20/19  (42)
Is learning foreign languages flame    05/19/19  (42)
jfc boxxy weighs like 190lbs now @ 5'4    05/16/19  (41)
Just bought $1M house in NYC. My neighbor looks/sounds like a Sopranos character    05/18/19  (40)
Morehouse College commencement speaker will pay off all of c/o 2019's loans    05/20/19  (39)
Has anyone seen this “How Far is Tattoo Far” show on MTV? Best show on tv    05/20/19  (39)
Rate this shrew's pro-abortion FB post    05/16/19  (39)
interesting lack of car talk on xo, wonder (((why)))    05/16/19  (39)
TSINAH claims that the only reliable way to blank poasts is archive entire bort?    05/18/19  (39)
Never ending abortion debate is yet another reason why humanity sucks    05/20/19  (38)
NYT: China isn't bad & we should let them build all our network infrastructure    05/19/19  (38)
Friend has chill wild rabbit that lives in his yard & he feeds it apples    05/19/19  (38)
Visited Are Country this weekend. It's 180 and like going back in time    05/21/19  (38)
China and Islam will be the biggest pains in the ass of the 21st Century    05/20/19  (38)
Why are old people (90+) lives worth the same as young for murder?    05/16/19  (37)
After watching Biden's rally, Trump is in trouble ... video    05/18/19  (37)
School has become unbearable for parents.    05/14/19  (37)
Anyone else get sad at night?    05/15/19  (37)
Five Families    05/20/19  (36)
Black Women in Chicago, Getting Things Done: How rest of the US can follow (NYT    05/20/19  (36)
Cop who cited me 4 moving violation fuct up my address info on ticket.    05/15/19  (35)
REMEMBER THESE FACES: These 25 Republicans Just Voted to BAN ABORTION in Alabama    05/17/19  (35)
What percentage of lawyers are actually good writers?    05/17/19  (35)
GoT Finale LEAKED. Its even worse than you fucking thought it would be. SPOILERS    05/19/19  (35)
I need a wife. I want all your dating tips and tricks.    05/21/19  (35)
Trump: “I will not get the United States into a pointless foreign war”    05/17/19  (34)
James Charles, From ‘CoverBoy’ to Canceled [NYT]    05/20/19  (34)
Rate this $2M home in SF BAY AREA    05/14/19  (34)
"this fedora keeps paying for itself" MPA thought as he matched with a bumble 3    05/20/19  (34)
Buttigieg: We should remove Thomas Jefferson's name and likeness off everything    05/19/19  (34)
reminder: only about 1 in 50 men are legit 6'2+    05/16/19  (34)
Worse finale: LOST or GOT?    05/21/19  (34)
Name a celebrity whose death would upset you the most    05/14/19  (34)
whats the fattiest beef you can buy with dignity?    05/14/19  (33)
whatever happened to the opioid epidemic? did we solve it or just lose interest?    05/18/19  (32)
Need some1 to tell me *exactly* what Islam is wrong about    05/20/19  (32)
You're literally insane if you don't think China and the US won't fight a war.    05/17/19  (32)
πŸ’€πŸ˜Ύ GRUMPY CAT IS DEAD πŸ˜ΎπŸ’€    05/18/19  (32)
Alabama abortion bill causing an xo civil war    05/17/19  (31)
18 year old kid poses as doctor. This is hilarity.    05/21/19  (31)
RATE this guy's life. He died. 30 y/o. Are country. Military. Owned a biz.    05/17/19  (31)
Rate this shocking video of a homeless encampment in LA    05/17/19  (31)
Millennials are FUCKED (LINKEDIN POST)    05/20/19  (31)
I would leave my wife to fuck [INSERT NAME]    05/14/19  (30)
TSINAH is using a webcrawler to pull info and commit it to github    05/15/19  (30)
The humiliation and degradation of domestic travel    05/19/19  (30)
don’t understand why boxing is so hard. just block them when they try to punch    05/17/19  (30)
NBAmos: Why didn't older players practice shooting as much as Curry/Harden?    05/21/19  (30)
Police: Dobson HS basketball coach admitted to having sex with several girls on    05/19/19  (30)
Traveling in India is dystopian    05/18/19  (29)
Got my Ancestry DNA results (no black or Jew)    05/15/19  (29)
The dmv is literally hell on earth    05/17/19  (29)
Would you rather have $10 billion right now or a guarantee of reaching age 70?    05/14/19  (29)
Selfless Conversationalist + Active Listening = Charismatic    05/14/19  (29)
What makes refrigerators cost $9K?    05/14/19  (29)
criticizing Israel now a 'hate crime' in Florida    05/17/19  (29)
What will historians call the shitlib phenomenon?    05/20/19  (28)
how has ARE Reptile not been outed? Tulane Law, Chase Bank, QE    05/17/19  (28)
Why aren't liberals as focused on INEQUALITY OF ABILITY    05/20/19  (28)
$1 million per year, but Patrick Ewing has sex with you every day.    05/15/19  (28)
Two people take selfies with Daenarys Targarean hiking in the woods after finale    05/20/19  (28)
switching to the NOPOISON lifestyle. what changes can I expect    05/19/19  (28)
Just bought 100 LTC    05/19/19  (28)
Any reason not to get the Pixel 3a?    05/17/19  (28)
Travel bros where to stay in LONDON?    05/18/19  (28)
Most detailed AIDS map ever created (NPR)    05/19/19  (28)
Mitt Romney πŸ”ͺ Trump on Senate floor.    05/15/19  (28)
So is my Huawei fucked?    05/20/19  (27)
many poasters are clearly masters of different poasting styles, which is ur fav    05/15/19  (27)
Guy who changed name to "United CEO" got free flights for years (link)    05/16/19  (27)
What is the xo credited Taco Bell order?    05/19/19  (27)
how the fuck are people here meeting libs IRL?    05/18/19  (27)
Amazon converting its employee base to 1099s under guise of funding startups    05/14/19  (27)
6'3" aspie HYPS prole gettin crushed in early 30s    05/19/19  (27)