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What’s the difference between women and Magic the Gathering    02/27/24  (29)
Wife cooking Hamburger Helper right now. Libs apoplectic.    02/27/24  (10)
Alasdair MacIntyre: “the new dark ages which are already upon us”    02/27/24  (53)
“Precious” actress Gabourey Sidibe is pregnant with twins (pics)    02/27/24  (7)
"Blinded by the eclipse? Call Morgan & Morgan, lawyers for the people!"    02/27/24  (8)
Disco Fries cornering the market in drive-thru at Wendy's    02/27/24  (1)
Does benzo even drive?    02/27/24  (4)
Cute brunette perplexed by Japanese ice cream not melting    02/27/24  (18)
Does any poaster have a smaller carbon footprint than Benzo?    02/27/24  (6)
will there always be an england? FRONTLINE ep from 1986:    02/27/24  (2)
My fiancee is getting a silverado (TSINAH)    02/27/24  (29)
Wendy’s to implement dynamic price changes throughout the day based on demand    02/27/24  (42)
tired of ppl calling me broke/a pauper. i already know i am. (benzo)    02/27/24  (2)
Need Wilbur’s take on the guy who set himself on fire in front of Israel embas    02/27/24  (2)
was FFVIIR actually good, or just fan service for weeb dorks?    02/27/24  (4)
*Frosty prices scrolling on ticker as 80s pit traders in suspenders bark orders    02/27/24  (1)
NYT: cooperating with Ukrainian spies has been 180 for the US    02/27/24  (49)
Prediction: if BTC breaches ATH it will shoot right to 160k    02/27/24  (12)
Dylan Roof writes better than many lawyers    02/27/24  (16)
Candy Ride just made two funny poasts in a row. Alert the media!    02/27/24  (8)
'Spearchucker' Jones and 'Hot Lips' Houlihan    02/27/24  (1)
OYT should I get a cat and try to bang the sitter?    02/27/24  (1)
Movie Idea: TMNT, but turtles named after contract attorneys instead of artists    02/27/24  (7)
lots of inhouse lawyers are MILFS    02/27/24  (7)
You havn't really lived until you've crushed ciswomen in sports as a trans-man    02/27/24  (3)
Bukele for President of the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
   02/27/24  (1)
Greatest cinematic achievement was splinter training in his cage in TMNT (1990)    02/27/24  (8)
My life is over    02/27/24  (4)
Dana Bash: "John, you go in that chair in the corner. Don't move."    02/27/24  (1)
My Console History (doodikoff)    02/27/24  (38)
lawyers are cowards. that's why they're mostly lib. it's a coward's ideology    02/27/24  (5)
Every trans dies, not every trans really lives    02/27/24  (1)
Josh Allen’s GF since HS dumped him to live the Sex in the City life in NYC    02/27/24  (26)
Worst is when PhD students bitch to biglawyers about how "stressed" they are    02/27/24  (6)
Just bullied a trans kid of color. Libs your response?    02/27/24  (3)
My 2 court appointed attorneys are Jewish and Indian respectively tp    02/27/24  (1)
Study: Nutting in Women Top Influence in Long-term Pair Bonding    02/27/24  (5)
Nurgle Is an incredible polyglot YouTuber. Vid of him speaking Swahili itt    02/27/24  (7)
Magic Chad: invoke prejudice; shrew gf: eliminate prejudice    02/27/24  (7)
Rob Riggle arrested for murder.    02/27/24  (1)
Guy tries to rob San Diego mortgage bank but in house lawyers karate stops him    02/27/24  (8)
770 Eastern Parkway was colloquially known as the "boring Chabad"    02/27/24  (6)
fani and freddie    02/27/24  (1)
Dark Brandon sending your golden retriever to bosintang place    02/27/24  (3)
DITC (diggin' in the Chabad) rap crew    02/27/24  (4)
hegemon stomping ricky to death in elevator as imogen heap - hide and seek plays    02/27/24  (7)
Rate these Xbox Series X "setups" vs PS5 setups    02/27/24  (9)
Gisele was cheating on Brady with her trainer WHILE MARRIED    02/27/24  (56)
Drake Mallard stepping on a scale “the Jews did this”    02/27/24  (56)
why have there been no law/darts crossovers, 180 is important to both    02/27/24  (6)
I met up with the nullo spammer IRL, he’s actually pretty chill    02/27/24  (3)
Who would win in a TDNW vs nyuug Octagon fight to the death?    02/27/24  (16)
Rank these languages as easiest to learn: French, Spanish, Italian    02/27/24  (11)
Another bad day for TDNW, hey man why doesn't your friend RSF ever vouch for you    02/27/24  (6)
Surge pricing is bs. Xoers bill 100% of time in office after 8 pm but thats diff    02/27/24  (2)
GF said "dating was fun" in X international city    02/27/24  (15)
Welcome to MPA's Daily Gallery of Horrors!    02/27/24  (156)
Russia now has rail land bridge from Rostov to Crimea    02/27/24  (6)
anyone know where i can chat with some septic queer lawyers with anxiety & gout?    02/27/24  (3)
Zman’s take on Aaron Bushnell itt    02/27/24  (9)
Reminder: If Trump is convicted next month he’s not eligible for ballot    02/27/24  (27)
Help me optimize my job income without burnout?    02/27/24  (7)
Tsinah setting off firecrackers next to his puppy as "training"    02/27/24  (10)
LJL @ biglawyers who commute from hoboken    02/27/24  (3)
found a picture of benzo tp (TSINAH dont click)    02/27/24  (6)
Reminder: Alan Alda was seen as such a GIGA TURBO FAGGOT in the 80s that    02/27/24  (23)
‘Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.’: accurate but misleading    02/27/24  (4)
TSINAH is the only poaster with a golden retriever puppy    02/27/24  (3)
"I have three lawyers on retainer!" shouts man on NYC subway    02/27/24  (4)
Has anyone ever been genuinely impressed by a shrew's travel stories    02/27/24  (20)
everyone loves lawyers many love a rat faced man    02/27/24  (2)
Any FOB NOWAGs or balding dork lawyers have an opinion on FSU Pike?    02/27/24  (2)
Why do board whites have such a loser mentality with American Jews dominating    02/27/24  (17)
TSINAH's puppy mastering "suck it" command    02/27/24  (1)
Biden goes on Seth Meyers to clear up dementia claims    02/27/24  (82)
TRUMPMOS always blaming other Americans for their problems    02/27/24  (2)
PAID POASTERS: What's your monthly contribution to your XO retirement fund?    02/27/24  (1)
Avdiivka collapse sure seemed fortuitously timed    02/27/24  (1)
As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a poaster    02/27/24  (2)
lawyers do u use roman or italic parantheses when enclosing italicized text?    02/27/24  (2)
What's the point of gymnastics? So you flip around and shit. Why?    02/27/24  (4)
biglawyers is this true re tracking software?    02/27/24  (19)
tired of ppl calling me brilliant/a genius. i already know i am. (benzo)    02/27/24  (9)
all women aren't fun    02/27/24  (3)
(((Krugman))): White rural rage is greatest threat to US democracy    02/27/24  (26)
Not now I'm jacking off to these pics of a racist lawyers Asian wife    02/27/24  (2)
*Tsinah pulling up next to a new silverado in his 92 civic*    02/27/24  (1)
Serious ?: who is acting POTUS right now?    02/27/24  (20)
selection of your best “work product” on display at your memorial service    02/27/24  (22)
BMBL earnings report "women are 180!"    02/27/24  (2)
any other lawyers feel like horrible massive frauds    02/27/24  (10)
millennial women have the cognitive abilities of four year old males at this poi    02/27/24  (11)
Bushnell was the most Reddit brained retarded gay tranny communist in existence    02/27/24  (15)
Dan Crenshaw on Bushnell: I lost my eye    02/27/24  (1)
Turned $1500 crypto gain into $100 los taking qs    02/27/24  (1)
Not a lawmo. Warren Sapp was obviously lying about Wade/Willis. Disbarred?    02/27/24  (2)
John Kerry: I spoke about Vietnam. In Congress.    02/27/24  (1)
Anyone who talks about “schtick” on here is a faggot who should die    02/27/24  (1)
Who was the genius who made Israel and Ukraine aid part of the same bill?    02/27/24  (3)
Found a pic of bushnell in heaven    02/27/24  (1)
Lol what is this SOL staking bullshit?    02/27/24  (13)
DISCUSS: If affairs warranted disbarment there would be no lawyers.    02/27/24  (2)
TSINAH what should I do friend?    02/27/24  (1)
"Hey cons, what happened to your red wave?' by Volodomyr Zelenskyy    02/27/24  (1)
Do biglawyers join local bar associations or are they too good for that    02/27/24  (6)
balding geek lawyers, get ITT and tell me how much you want to kill yourself    02/27/24  (3)
benzo genuinely believes himself to be a genius    02/27/24  (2)
Putin offers truce: Ukrainian cities can keep their absurd spellings    02/27/24  (1)
are inhouse lawyers "real" lawyers?    02/27/24  (5)
Are you doing what you want? If not then why? You easily can    02/27/24  (1)
Zelenskyiev announces exciting new program: “Adopt A Ukrainian Tank” (LINK)    02/27/24  (4)
Skip "work" today then pull out a 100k and head to casino    02/27/24  (3)
evan39 it's all flame..in perfect πŸ₯° shape and eat what I want..    02/27/24  (6)
Active duty IDF soldier self-immolates at Western Wall    02/27/24  (1)
(((people))) telling you you can't are lying πŸ€₯ to you to eliminate bettors    02/27/24  (1)
It's all been so simple all along you could have done it all&have been lied to    02/27/24  (1)
Krugman: Joe Biden is the greatest President in US history (NYT)    02/27/24  (1)
Who has hotter wives.......Biglaw lawyers or Cops&Firefighters?    02/27/24  (5)
Stephen King: alcoholic Jack Torrance had “two, maybe three beers a night”    02/27/24  (1)
litigation = endless literal arguing w/ other lawyers about technical law shit?    02/27/24  (20)
Just voted for DONALD J TRUMP (TSINAH)    02/27/24  (2)
What apps do you use for Notes/Brainstorming?    02/27/24  (10)
*literally lights self on fire* “FREE PALESTINE!” Israel: Nah.    02/27/24  (2)
Do any lawyers here actually read for leisure?    02/27/24  (8)
TV show: High School girls give fashion/lifestyle makeovers to Biglawyers    02/27/24  (6)
That dood really lit himself on fire    02/27/24  (3)
Biglawyers, please poast your nits ITT in honor of Rodge Cohen's passing    02/27/24  (5)
FBI Director Fani Willis eyefucking you in your office    02/27/24  (1)
Someone do a crypto giveaway pls    02/27/24  (1)
Lame duck Biden's Solicitor General saying "ya honuh," just stalling for time    02/27/24  (1)
EPSON makes good printers    02/27/24  (1)
Need TBF's take on the self-immolating communist    02/27/24  (28)
Gays and trannies have turned me into an atheist    02/27/24  (1)
Tucker really did say "waving in migrants like a third base coach" tonight    02/27/24  (22)
hes a kike, hes a jew, hes a leach / gotta different scam every day of the week    02/27/24  (2)
Reminder: US military flat out told Trump “no” repeatedly    02/27/24  (88)
Hey rach, fix your dying website you kike faggot    02/27/24  (2)
When life gives you AIDS, make lawman8s    02/27/24  (60)
Which of these Georgia Lawyers is Idris Elba tp?    02/27/24  (4)
Rach please end the ban on Jewish poasters using monikers we can recognize    02/27/24  (1)
lawyers push paper, who gives a fuck how they order the steak    02/27/24  (6)
Has "knowledge management" ever worked in Biglaw to improve efficiency?    02/27/24  (20)
The Fire Golem of Prague    02/27/24  (2)
new non-Jewish poaster, first day    02/27/24  (1)
DHS officials giving iPhones, pumo account credentials to arriving illegals    02/27/24  (1)
NYT: Deporting illegals will cause inflation by raising wages for Americans    02/27/24  (17)
The Israeli embassy guards points his gun at you in anger as you die selflessly    02/27/24  (1)
Buyers trying to terminate contract and demanding $25K due diligence $ back    02/27/24  (98)

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